67 Cool Hunter Names For Boys And Girls

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The thrill of the hunt is something that many find hard to resist. After all, hunting takes a lot of instinct, planning, and precision. Whether it be animals on the hunt for prey or humans on the hunt for food, hunting is something that requires much skill and cunning to stage a triumphant and fruitful attack.

It’s no wonder that hunting has been a fascination, passion, and even obsession throughout our history as a people. It is also something that prominently features in mythology and fairy tales. So it comes as no surprise that hunting has inspired a wide range of baby names that are among the most impactful and memorable.

Hunter names are intriguing, striking, and, let’s face it—they’re super cool! Hunter names are able to strike that perfect balance of rugged appeal and undeniable warmth. Fierce and formidable, poignant and charming, hunter names are definitely as fascinating as the act of hunting itself and would make for superb name options for your baby boy or baby girl.

67 Hunter Names For Your Little One

Check out these fierce, poignant, and super cool hunter names that would make for fantastic name options for your baby boy or baby girl.

Hunter Names For Boys

Hunter Names For Boys

A great source of hunter names is mythology. Take a look at the name Actaeon. In Greek mythology, Actaeon is the hunter who saw the goddess Artemis bathing and was then transformed into a stag and eaten by his own hounds. It’s a unique name with a unique meaning behind it.


Still, in the vein of hunter names from mythology, another unusual option is the name Apsat. This name comes from “a-psaaf,” an Abkhaz word meaning “bird.” In the mythology that the people of Georgia follow, Apsat is the name of a pantheon of hunting deities. Apsat is also a patron of fish and birds.


Arawn is a strong pick among hunter names for boys. It is the name of the Welsh god of hunting and the underworld. It is said to be analogous to “Arubianus,” the theorem that means “God of the plowed field.” Arawn is a cool-sounding name that you can choose for your son.


Aristaeus is among the hunter names with roots in mythology. This is the name of Apollo and Cyrene’s son, and he is one of the Greek gods of the hunt. Aristaeus is credited with having discovered useful arts such as beekeeping. Though he is a minor figure in Athens, in Boeotia he is very prominent.


Greek mythology is very rich in hunter names, and one prominent one is Artemas. Artemas is the masculine variation of “Artemis,” which is the name of the goddess of the hunt. This Greek mythological moniker has a historical and mythological ring to it and is among the popular hunter names from mythology.


If you are looking for hunter names that are long, complex, and certainly unforgettable, check out the name Canowicakte. This unique moniker carries the meaning of “forest hunter,” and a cute nickname that your son can have is “Canoe.”


Cernunnos is another one of the longer and more complex hunter names. This name stems from Celtic mythology, the traditional moniker of the horned god of hunting. Cernunnos is depicted as being seated in a cross-legged position with a stag’s antlers and holding a purse full of coins.


No list of hunter names for boys would be complete without the name Chase, because after all, no hunt is complete without the name Chase! Chase means “to hunt.” It is among the most popular hunter names for baby boys. An alternate variation of this name is “Chace,” which is a more uncommon spelling of the name, popularized by Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford.


Chasen used to be a surname but has since started catching on as a personal name for boys. It is a longer, expanded variation of the popular hunter name “Chase.” Chasen also means “to hunt” and is a good pick among hunter names if you are looking for names that follow the trend of two-syllable names that end in “N.”


For bold, majestic hunter names for boys, try the name Cocidius. This name has the meaning of “mythical hunter god.” It is the name of the mythological god of hunting and war who is worshipped in the northern part of Britain. He is depicted as having arms flung wide open and legs planted firmly on the ground.


Are you looking for hunter names that have a touch of class and sophistication? A fantastic choice would be Fowler. This name was initially a surname that was used for “wild bird hunters.” It is now considered among the chic names for boys. A locality that is on the Stikine River in British Columbia is named Fowler.


Grosvenor is a hunter name that has a stately, upper-class vibe about it. This name means “great hunter” or “the master huntsman” and was initially a surname derived from Hugh Le Grand of the Norman-French family.

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Hearne is yet another one of the hunter names for boys that has a mythical association. This name carries the meaning of “mythical hunter.” It is rapidly rising in popularity in British and American culture and beyond.

  • HUNT

When it comes to hunter names, Hunt is a name that would be at the top of the list. This straightforward moniker simply and directly means “hunt.” Hunt has been around for quite a while now but hasn’t gained as much popularity as “Hunter,” possibly due to the name being a tad blunt. However, it’s an edgy name that carries a lot of impacts.


Hunter is another name that has a major presence in any list of hunter names for boys. This name means exactly the word, which is “hunter” or “one who hunts.” It is a strong name with a macho vibe, but what makes it stand out among other macho names is the gentle masculinity that comes with it. Hunter is a consistent presence among the top names for boys and has begun to gain traction as a girl’s name as well.


If you like the names “Hunt” or “Hunter” but would like something a bit more prim and formal, why not consider the name Huntington? This name has the meaning of “hunter’s settlement” and has a proper, stately charm about it.


If you like names ending in “LY,” then a good option among hunter names for boys would be Huntley. This name carries the meaning of “hunter of the meadow.” Huntley has quite a few notable name-bearers, such as English actor Huntley Wright, Canadian actor Huntley Gordon, and American manufacturer and politician Huntley Nowel Spaulding.


For hunter names that are very unusual and intricate, an excellent option would be Khonvoum. In Bambuti Pygmy, Khonvoum, the supreme god and creator, is named Khonvoum. He is also considered the god of the hunt and carries with him a bow that is made out of snakes, which mortals see as a rainbow. This is a bold name with a fascinating meaning behind it.


Lelantos is another hunter name with roots in mythology. This is the name of CEous and Phoebe’s son and is known as the God of Air and the hunter’s skill when it comes to stalking prey. Lelantos comes from “lentho” or “lanthano,” which are Greek words that mean “to escape unnoticed” or “move unseen.”


Makya is a perfect name for those looking for short and sweet hunter names for boys. This sweetly simple two-syllable name has the meaning of “eagle hunter.” Makya is a beautiful moniker that is very popular within Native American communities.


Are you hunting for hunter names for boys that have a connection to the cosmos? A superb pick would be Mixcoatl. In Mesoamerican cultures, Mixcoatl is the name of the God of the Hunt, who is identified with the heavens, stars, and the Milky Way. He is likewise the patron deity of Otomi as well as the Chichimecs and all groups descending from the Chichimecs. Mixcoatl is an unusual moniker that definitely makes a mark.


Nodens is the name of a Celtic god who is associated with hunting and healing. This Celtic god is equated with the Roman gods Silvanus, Mercury, Neptune, and Mars. Nodens is considered among the most accessible hunter names for boys.

  • ODIN

A definite standout among hunter names for boys would be Odin. Rooted in mythology, Odin is the name of the father of Thor. He appears in many forms, one of which is the leader of the Wild Hunt, which is a procession of the dead passing through the wintry sky.


If very unusual and complex names are what you desire, a good choice among hunter names would be Opochtli. In Aztec mythology, Opochtli is the moniker of the god of hunting and fishing. It’s a bit challenging to pronounce but certainly memorable. A cool nickname your child can use is “Opoch.”


Oringo is an excellent option for those who are looking for hunter names that are appealing and have a laid-back charm. This name is African in origin and carries the meaning of “he who likes to hunt.” Oringo is an effortlessly cool hunter name you can choose for your little boy.


Orion is a name that truly shines among hunter names for boys. Stemming from Greek mythology, Orion is the moniker of a hunter who pursued Atlas’ daughters. He was killed later on by Artemis, and then Zeus turned him into one of the brightest constellations found in the sky.


For hunter names with laid-back, casual energy about them, check out the name Rigel. This is the name of the lovely blue star that marks the hunter’s left foot and is found in the Orion constellation. Rigel is among the brightest stars in the sky and would make for a great name for your precious little starling.


Sidon is a hunter name that has a youthful and friendly vibe about it. This name hails from Greece and was derived from Sidonia, which is a Phoenician port city. Sidon carries the meaning of “fish hunting.”


Tapio is a hunter name that is short and unusual. This is said to be the name of an East Finnish hunting god who is featured quite prominently in Kalevala. The hunters would pray to Tapio prior to each hunt for them to succeed in their endeavors. An urban center in Espoo City is named Tapio.


This name has the meaning of “hunter.” A famous bearer of this name is Hollywood actress Charlize Theron. Enigmatic and appealing, Theron is a fantastic option when it comes to hunter names.

  • TODD

If you seek hunter names that have a timeless charm about them, an excellent pick would be Todd. Todd was initially a surname that was used for “fox hunters.” In the 1970s, it became among the most popular beach boy names, and to this day, the name Todd is a beloved choice when it comes to names for baby boys.


For parents who love the outdoors, a stellar option among hunter names would be Woodman. Woodman used to be an English surname that had the meaning of “hunter.” Now, it is a solid, strong, and masculine hunter name that is perfect for your future outdoorsy little boy.

Hunter Names For Girls

Hunter Names For Girls

Let’s start this list of hunter names for girls with the very pretty and intricate Arnakuagsak. This is the goddess’s name; she was responsible for making sure that hunters caught enough food for them to sustain themselves. She is worshipped primarily in Greenland and is said to be the equivalent of the Canadian goddess Sedna.


No list of hunter names for girls would be complete without the name Artemis. Artemis is the name of a key figure in Greek mythology. She is Apollo’s twin sister, among the 12 deities who reside on Mount Olympus, and the ancient goddess of the hunt, animals, wilderness, and childbirth. Artemis means “goddess of the hunt,” and this is one of the standout hunter names for girls.


If you fancy hunter names for girls with Greek mythology roots, a lovely one to consider is Atalanta. Atalanta is the name of a virgin huntress and Meleager’s beloved. Her father had wanted a son, not a daughter, and so he left her to die on the mountaintop, where she took the oath of virginity and became a renowned huntress.


Are you looking for new, fresh hunter names for girls? Auryon is an American huntress baby name that has just recently emerged. This name has a certain aristocratic charm about it and is a rare, intriguing moniker you can choose for your little girl.


Greek mythology has an abundance of hunter names, among which is Bendis. Bendis is the name of the Thracian goddess of hunts and moons. She is identified with the Greek goddess Artemis and is accompanied by maenads.


Among hunter names for girls, Brielle is one that has traditional roots and a distinctly modern vibe. Though it may sound like a trendy, short variation of the name “Gabrielle,” Brielle is actually a standalone name. It has the meaning of “hunting grounds” and is of Mexican roots.


For parents who are searching for long and complex names for their baby girl, a good option among hunter names is Britomartis. This was the name of a figure in Minoan mythology who was the goddess of hunting and the mountains. In Greek mythology, she is a mountain nymph recognized by the Greeks as Aegina’s invisible patroness.


Fierce and ferocious, Cyrene is a name that is perfect for your little girl, who will grow up strong and brave. This hunter’s name is the moniker of Hypseus’ daughter, and she was well-known to be a fierce huntress. Nonnys referred to her as a “deer-chasing second Artemis, the girl lion killer.” Cyrene was said to have been not a mortal but a nymph.

  • DALI

For a name that is short, simple, and full of charm and sweetness, Dali is a wonderful option among hunter names for girls. Dali is a goddess of the hunt who is likewise associated with horned beasts found in the mountains.


Chic and elegant, Devana is a fabulous, stylish option among hunter names for girls. This is the name of the Slavic goddess of the hunt, who is considered the equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana. Devana is said to mean “virgin” or “maiden” and can also mean “brave.”


Diana is a graceful, mesmerizing name that reigns supreme among hunter names for girls. This is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt. Diana is an incredibly popular name for baby girls and is a stellar name option for your little goddess. A very famous namesake is Diana, Princess of Wales. An equally lovely variation of the name is “Diane.”


For parents who choose to march to the beat of their own drums and aren’t concerned about conforming to the latest trends, a lovely and unique option among hunter names is Fianna. This name carries the meaning of “warrior huntress.”


For a hunter name for your baby girl that is unusual and intriguing, take a look at the name Flidais. Flidais is the name of the goddess of hunting, animals, and woodlands. She is said to be similar to the Roman goddess Diana and the Greek goddess Artemis. Flidais rode a deer chariot and was in possession of the magical Cow of Plenty.


Kacela is a name full of feminine grace, which is a beautiful contrast to the meaning the name carries, “hunter.” This pretty huntress name is a very attractive option you can consider for your bundle of joy.


Your baby girl is your little princess and the one you cherish the most. You want to protect her as much as possible. So if you want all those bad boys to stay away from her, a fantastic name you can choose for her is Kainda. This sweet, delicate name has the formidable meaning of “hunter’s daughter.”


Do you fancy hunter names for girls that have a dainty, gentle charm about them? A superb pick would be the melodious Mielikki. Mielikki is the god of forests and hunting. She is a very skilled healer who can heal animal paws quickly. The name comes from “mielu,” a Finnish word meaning “luck.”


A top pick would be Neith, a hunter name that is short in form and overflowing in grace and charm. Neith is the name of the Egyptian goddess of the hunt. This name has the meaning of “divine mother.”


Nerrivik is a huntress name that is uncommon and memorable. In Inuit mythology, this is the name of the sea mother, who is considered the patroness of fishermen and hunters and the provider of food for Inuit people. It is believed that she married the storm god, who once created a sea storm when Nerrivik’s relatives were on a hunt. As she went to save her people, she lost a hand.


Nujalik is another lovely hunter name for girls that is rooted in Inuit mythology. This is the name of the goddess of hunting in the land. With its fierce sound and fierce meaning, it is no wonder Nujalik is among the more popular names for girls in Canada.


Among hunter names for girls, Pakhet is a name that stands out because of its uniqueness as well as its intriguing meaning. Pakhet is the name of a goddess of war and hunting who is feline-headed and would kill snakes with her very sharp claws. She is a regional lioness deity who is associated with those who went hunting near water at the desert’s boundary.


Sweet and formidable all at once, Sedna is a strong choice when it comes to hunter names for girls. In Inuit mythology, Sedna is the name of the Mother of the Sea or Mistress of the Sea. She is hailed as the goddess of sea hunting and marine animals and is known by other names like “Takánakapsâluk,” “Takannaaluk,” and “Arnapkapfaaluk.”


For parents who are fond of bowhunting and plan on teaching their little ones how to weigh a bow in the future, Skadi is a cool name you can choose for your baby girl among hunter names. Skadi is the name of a goddess associated with bow hunting. A variation of this name is “Skaði,” the goddess of bowhunting and skiing who was married to a god named Njoror to compensate for murdering her father.


Are you on the lookout for hunter names that are super adorable for baby girls and can grow with them as they grow too? A superb choice would be Winda. This name is darling and adorable while also having a sophisticated, feminine charm. Winda carries the meaning of “hunter.”


Still trying to find that perfect, uncommon name for your baby girl? A good pick among hunter names would be Zambadi. This rare name carries the meaning of “hunter” and can be shortened to the cool nickname “Zamb.”


For those seeking hunter names for girls with a distinguished, classic air about them, a fantastic pick would be Zarola. Zarola is a rare and stunning name that holds the meaning of “hunter.” This striking name would make for a gorgeous choice for your baby girl.

If you want a bold and beautiful name, fierce and warm, striking and poignant, all at the same time, then hunter names are a great bet. Take your pick from among our list of hunter names and give your baby a name that will most certainly create an impact.

Unisex Hunter Names

Unisex Hunter Names

Do you not want to give your baby a gender-specific name? Are you looking for a name that is unique and transcends beyond the boundary of gender?

Then this section is for you!

Here is a list of the most amazing gender-neutral names for your little bundle of joy. Read on.


Are you into archery? Do you want your little one to have the same passion for this game?

If so, then Archer would be a good name for them. It has its roots in the English language and comes with a cool vibe. Archie would be a good nickname with this first name.

  • ASP

If you like short and trendy names, you can name your baby Asp. It has a dashing vibe to it, which makes it all the more appealing.

Did you know that Asp is a kind of cobra that you mostly get to see in Egypt and that it can hunt prey three times bigger than them?


The name Betelgeuse is taken from the Arabic language. It has a poshness to it that many names lack.

It refers to the famous hunter Orion and translates to a hunter’s shoulder. The latter is a popular Arabic title reserved for hunters.


If you have read the Bible, you may already know who Caine was. He is infamous for being the first murderer in the world.

But Caine can be a good hunter name for your baby boy or girl. With its biblical Hebrew roots, it holds the meaning of a spear hunter.


Falcon is a sexy hunter name for your kiddo. Although it sounds more like a male name, it can be given to girls too, all thanks to its gender neutrality.

It refers to a large bird that you can train to retrieve their hunting skills.


I find Irish names to be clean with a calm vibe. And the name Fiagai is no exception to that. Originating in Irish culture, Fiagai sounds very sophisticated. You can choose this name if you like its overall vibe, no matter what the gender of your baby is.

It holds the meaning of a hunter.


Are you into literature? Have you read “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” written by Shakespeare?

In that, you can find a mention of Herne. According to Celtic mythology, Herne is the god of wild hunting. His antlers have given him great honor as they associate him with a deer.


I have a great liking for German names, as I find them to be classy. Jaecar is one such name.

It has a certain elegance in its pronunciation, and it seems like it belongs to someone from a high-class family.

Jaecar has the meaning of hunter. Jae would be a perfect nickname to go with it.


If you want to give someone a unique name that no other girl or boy in their class would carry, Lubdhaka is the name for you!

It sounds super exotic, with its roots in the Sanskrit language, and holds the meaning of a hunter.

  • LYNX

If you want your baby boy or girl to bear a name that has that X-factor, Lynx would be a good name.

It has an edge to it that sounds appealing to parents looking for badass names. Lynx refers to a wild cat that symbolizes protection as well as hunting.


If you look at mythological stories or fiction, you will find that most of them have at least one hunter character in them. And they seem to have some honorable and striking character qualities.

Many parents want their kids to embody agility, wit, and bravery. If you are one of them, giving your little one a hunter’s name would be a good thing to do.

I hope you like my list of names that stand for hunters. Which of the names did you shortlist?

Let me know in the comments!

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