Trail Mix Recipes: School Snack Ideas

When thinking about school snacks it’s a balance to make sure they are easy to pack, tasty and nutritious. In our house, Trail Mix has become a go-to snack. Even when creating a trail mix without nuts (because of school regulations), trail mix can still be a great protein source. Trail mix meets all of my requirements for snack time, is easy to make and easy to transport – to school, work, or when travelling.

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4 Kitchen Essentials That You May Not Realize You Need

I love to cook. I love to bake. It’s probably because I really love to eat, but beyond that, I do enjoy creating with food.

There are certain kitchen essentials that are a must. essential_kitchen_toolsAn investment piece like my KitchenAid mixer was a want that has become a need and my dream appliance is a double oven. This article lists a slow cooker and immersion blender as must-haves and I completely agree.

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8 Tips on Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

It’s only August and already I am anxious about sending my son to kindergarten for the first time.
While we may have sent him to preschool a few mornings a week last year, this is the real deal.

In order to get him ready, I have already started preparing for the middle of September when he takes those ‘big boy’ steps through the school’s front doors. If you are a new school mama like me, here are a few ideas to help your child get ready.

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