159 Easy State Trivia Questions And Answers

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The United States of America is ranked as the third largest country globally. It’s just behind Russia and Canada in terms of the area. It is a massive nation with a varied, fascinating landscape and environment.

What makes the United States even more fascinating is that it is divided into many states, and each has distinctive features in demography, economy, politics, and culture — not to mention the charming and breathtaking attractions each can proudly boast of.

Indeed, it is a place with some gorgeous sights and home to some of the most intriguing facts worldwide. And some of those may be little known to you or those around you.

A great way to get to know these states that make up the U.S. is by tossing out some easy state trivia questions and answers!

Hungry to further your knowledge about the different states and have a total blast as you do so? Then read on for our # easy state trivia questions and answers!

What Are Easy State Trivia Q&As?

What Are Easy State Trivia Q&As

Trivia games are an easy way to engage in a fun activity with peers, family members, and even workmates. What makes trivia double the fun is this:

  1. It’s a game that everyone will enjoy — it’s a great activity that allows people to get to know each other better, encourage stronger bonds, and have a fantastic time together.
  2. You all also learn something new — your knowledge is enhanced, and you all have a good time while learning (you won’t even feel you’re learning because you’ll be busy having a blast!).

Easy state trivia questions and answers are a trivia game that comes hand in hand with a geographical twist! It’s all about the 50 states of America, and it’s a highly appealing game for anyone and everyone interested in geography.

It’s also an excellent way to get others more interested in the topic!

How To Play?

Easy state trivia is played like regular trivia — just, well, focused on the various states.

  1. Prepare a set of questions (and answers!) about the different states – our list can help you out here!
  2. Print it out. Have a copy of the questions and answers to use as an answer key.
  3. Have each question be on a separate piece of paper or small card, fold each of these individually, and place all of them together in one container.
  4. Take turns drawing from the container and asking each other the trivia questions!
  5. Alternatively, instead of #4, you can choose to do it in teams, with each team trying to stump the other with their trivia knowledge

The one with the correct answers wins!

You can even raise the stakes and win a prize — or even play for chore duties, the first cut of the pie, or even have a consequence for each wrong answer, like a dare! The possibilities are endless.

When To Play?

The beauty of trivia games is that they can be played practically anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re spending an evening together or hosting a game night at home or on a road trip with family, trivia games are a minimal effort, maximum fun sort of deal — one that will entertain everyone and something you’ll come away with armed with all kinds of tidbits of knowledge about the United States.

Why It’s A Great Activity?

As we mentioned above, trivia games are fantastic because they’re an easy way to have a total blast with each other while also enriching the mind. It’s a handy game that can also be played whenever and wherever the mood strikes.

Easy state trivia is a superb way to encourage people to learn more and make us all love learning. It’s a fun activity that will pique the interest of knowing more about geography and the 50 states of America.

And the best reason this is a great activity is that trivia is a great bonding tool that will help strengthen relationships because you’ll share an awesome experience.

It’s likewise a cool real-life learning tool, which will help everyone develop good sportsmanship, embrace a little friendly competition, encourage teamwork, and have a great time, win or lose.

Ready for some trivia? Let’s do this!

159 Easy State Trivia

159 Easy State Trivia

It’s all fun and games and a lot of geographical facts!

Easy State Trivia: Let’s take it easy with this simple yet very informative trivia!

We’ve collected several easy state trivia questions and answers that touch on simple facts in these different areas.

This set of trivia questions can be used if you are playing with younger people (like kids!) or as a way to kick off what is sure to be an increasingly competitive game with your family or peers.

These trivia questions are concentrated on essential knowledge, which is about geography and some easily recognizable terms and monikers.

They are all about facts that many may have already encountered, whether at school or during easy searches online. If you want to play a simple and casual little game of state trivia, this is a perfect way to go about it.

You’ll get to test each other’s basic knowledge of states and at the same time have a relaxed time — after all, most if not all of these trivia questions and answers are considered commonly known, and you won’t have to put too much pressure on the brain to come up with most of the right answers!

So if you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, grab some of these easy state trivia questions and answers and enjoy! You can also use this to start a thrilling state trivia game night – start things off easy before moving on to the more complicated stuff.

Which state is considered the home of most telescopes in the world?


Death Valley is in the U.S. state of this name?


Which state is home to the only active diamond mine in the U.S.?


What U.S. state borders these five rivers: the Guadalupe, Trinity, Rio Grande, Brazos, and Colorado?


Which state is home to George Washington Carver, who was the one to discover more than 300 uses for peanuts?


What is considered the longest river in the United States?

Missouri River”

“In which state is the longest coastline in the U.S., 6,640 miles, greater than all other states combined?


“What state in the U.S. is bordered by Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming?


“In which state can you find the “General Sherman,” a 3,500-year-old tree and a stand of bristlecone pines 4,000 years old are the world’s oldest living things?


“Which six states border the Great Lakes?

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio”

“Which state is the home of the world’s largest silver nugget (1,840 pounds), discovered in 1894 near Aspen?


“Which of the Great Lakes can be found in its entirety within the U.S. border?

Lake Michigan”

“Which state is considered home to the U.S. spacecraft launchings from Cape Canaveral, formerly known as Cape Kennedy?


“Lake Okeechobee is located in what state in America?


“Which state is the home of the Girl Scouts, founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912?


“What is the smallest state in the United States?

Rhode Island”

“Which state is home to the first American cookbook, published in Hartford in 1796: American Cookery by Amelia Simmons?


“Pierre is the capital of what American state?

South Dakota”

“Which state is considered the home of the first log cabins in North America, which were built in 1683 by Swedish immigrants?


“What is the tallest mountain in America?

Mount McKinley”

“Which state is home to the only royal palace in the U.S. (Iolani)?


“The people rule” is the motto of which American state?


“Which state is home to the longest main street in America, 33 miles, in Island Park?


“Which state was the first to join the original 13 states?


“Which state is the location of the shortest and steepest railroad in the U.S., Dubuque: 60° incline, 296 feet?


“Which state carries the nickname “The Heart of Dixie”?


“Which state is the home of Helium, which was discovered in 1905?


“Which state is the location of the first science museum established?

South Carolina”

“Which state is home to the tallest building in the U.S., Sears Tower, in Chicago?


“In which state was the location of the first revolving restaurant ever established?


“Which state is home to the famous car race: the Indy 500?


“What is the capital of Virginia?


“Which state is the home of the largest underground cave globally: 300 miles long, the Mammoth-Flint Cave system?


“The first college to establish coeducation can be found in which state?


“Which state is the home of most crawfish: 98% of the world’s crawfish?


“Which is the only state with a different design on the front and back of its flag?


“Which state is the home of the first World Series?


“What is the capital city of the state of Alaska?


“Which state is home to the Cereal Bowl of America?


“Which popular tourist attraction is Arizona well-known for?

The Grand Canyon”

“Which state is the location of the most easterly point in the U.S., West Quoddy Head?


“The flag of which state contains the family crests of the families Calvert and Crossland?


“Which state is home to the first umbrella factory in America?


“The Mountain Bluebird is the official bird of which state?


“Which state is the location of the oldest rock in the world, 3.8 billion years old?


“Which former U.S. president was born in the state of Arkansas?

Bill Clinton”

“Which state is home to Coca-Cola, first bottled in 1894 in Vicksburg?


“Which state is home to the Grasshopper Glacier?


“Which of these Ivy League schools can be found in Connecticut?


“Which state is the location of the only roller skating museum in the world?


More Easy State Trivia: Why stop now when you’re all on a roll?

We understand you because trivia games really can be highly addictive. So you may have already gone through all the trivia questions above, and you’re having so much fun that you are all hankering for more. Once you start, you just can’t stop! Don’t worry — we’ve got you.

These are even more straightforward and easily known facts about the different states in America. We’re talking state capitals, state flowers, places when some significant events occurred, names of some well-known landmarks, and more.

This is why we’ve gathered more easy-state questions and answers for your enjoyment.

If you’re already having a lot of fun, who says the fun has to stop now? Arm yourself with this set of more easy trivia about states, and you won’t have to cut off the good times just yet. Why stop now when every person is eager for more?

The simple answer is — you don’t have to stop just yet! You’ve got enough trivia on hand to go another few rounds, much to everyone’s delight. With these, no one can ever say that you’re a party pooper who puts a stop to the fun when everyone’s already on a roll!

“What is the name of the capital city of Delaware?


“Which animal can be seen on the state flag of California?


“Which state is home to Mark Twain and some of his characters, such as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn?


“What is the name of the mountain range in Colorado?

the Rocky Mountains”

“Which state is the location of the rare fish such as the Devils Hole pup, found only in Devils Hole, and other rare fish from prehistoric lakes?


“What is the state flower of Hawaii?

Hibiscus flower.”

“Which state is home to artificial rain, which was first used near Concord in 1947 to fight a forest fire?

New Hampshire”

“Which park in Illinois is home to Cloud Gate (aka the Bean)?

Millennium Park”

“In which state did George Washington take the oath of office back on April 30th of 1789?

New York”

“Maine is the only state that shares its border with only one other state. What is that state that Maine borders?

New Hampshire”

“Which state is said to be the home of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America on Roanoake Island in 1587?

North Carolina”

“How many of the Great Lakes are bordered by Michigan?


“Which state is home to the world’s first drive-in movie theater, built in 1933 near Camden?

New Jersey”

“What is the capital city of the state of Iowa?

Des Moines”

“Which state is home to the “Smokey Bear,” which was a cub orphaned by fire in 1950 and buried in Smokey Bear Historical State Park in 1976?

New Mexico”

“Which animal can be seen on the state flag of Louisiana?

A pelican.”

“Which state is considered the geographic center of North America?

North Dakota”

“What is the name of the capital city of Minnesota?

St. Paul”

“In which state did the first electric traffic lights, invented and installed in 1914, originate?


“What is the nickname of Mississippi?

The Magnolia State”

“From which state came the first magazine in America: the American Magazine, published in Philadelphia for three months in 1741?


“What is the name of the capital city of Nebraska?


“Which state is the location of the Rhode Island Red chickens, which were first bred in 1854; the start of poultry as a primary American industry?

Rhode Island”

“What is a common nickname that Las Vegas is known for?

Sin City”

“In which stated did the first parking meter, installed in 1935, originate?


“Which famous landmark can be found in Missouri?

St. Louis Arch”

“Which state is home to the world’s smallest park, totaling 452 inches, created in Portland on St. Patrick’s Day for snail races and leprechauns?


“What is the nickname of Montana that was given to the state for its fossilized dinosaur eggs and rich mineral deposits?

Treasure State”

“Which state is the home of the first tea farm in the U.S., created in 1890 near Summerville?

South Carolina”

“New Hampshire’s capital city shares its name with a variety of which fruit?

A grape.”

“In which state can you find the world’s largest natural, indoor warm water pool, Evans’ Plunge in Hot Springs?

South Dakota”

“Which city in New Jersey is home to the longest boardwalk in the world?

Atlantic City”

“Which state is the location of Rainbow Bridge, the largest natural stone bridge in the world, 290 feet high, 275 feet across?


“What is the state animal of Oregon?

A beaver.”

“Which state is home to the most significant maple syrup production in the U.S.?


“What common chocolate brand shares its name with one of the cities of Pennsylvania?


“Which state is the location of the only full-length statue of George Washington, placed in 1796?


“In which state can you find Graceland, the estate and gravesite of Elvis Presley?


“What is the state bird of North Carolina called?

A cardinal.”

“Which state is the location of NASA, headquarters for all piloted U.S. space projects?


“What dance style shares the name of a city in South Carolina?


“Which state is home to Boeing, a leader in space and aircraft?


“Which famous landmark can be found in South Dakota?

Mount Rushmore”

“Which state is the home of Marbles; most of the country’s glass marbles are made around Parkersburg.

West Virginia”

“What is the capital city of Virginia?


“Which popular soft drink was invented in Texas?

Dr. Pepper”

“Which state is the home of the typewriter, invented in 1867?


“What is the Texas state flower?


“Which state is the home of the “Register of the Desert,” a huge granite boulder covering 27 acres with 5,000 early pioneer names carved on it?


“What is the capital city of North Dakota?


Fascinating Easy State Trivia: These facts will certainly capture your interest!

Alright, you may have been playing and still want to keep going. Maybe things are getting a little competitive, and you want to change things. Perhaps people are interested in those intriguing facts about the different states.

The thing is, you’re seeing a hunger for state trivia that focuses more not on the purely geographical but more on the, well, more fun stuff. Well, we hear you — and we’ve got your back.

Our collection of fascinating easy state trivia questions and answers is filled with little facts and tidbits about the various states that many will find genuinely intriguing (as the names say!).

We’re not talking about borders and capitals anymore, although there’s still some of that sprinkled in. But we’re also onto the good stuff — think Kool-Aid, Jack Daniels, flat-top mountains. And that’s only just the beginning.

Suppose you and your family or peers (or whomever you are playing with) are interested in knowing about these unusual and even lesser-known facts.

In that case, these fascinating easy, state trivia questions and answers are tailor-made for you. Raise the stakes or raise the fun levels with this set of trivia about the American states.

“What state is the world’s popcorn capital?


“Q. Kentucky used to be part of what other state until 1792?


“Q. In what middle of America state was Kool-Aid invented?


“In what state was Jack Daniels Whiskey born?


“What state is known as the driest state?


“The town of Battle Creek, in what state, produces the most cereal?


“In what state does the film Weird Science take place?


“What state was the only in history to turn down the Olympics?


“Which state has the only flag that’s not rectangular shaped?


“Where can you find Lake Winnebago?


“What is the largest U.S. state by landmass?


“In which state would you find the most significant number of endangered species?


“How many states have a border with Mexico?


“How many U.S. states are landlocked?


“How long is the Niagara Falls Channel?

36 miles.”

“What is the largest lake in the U.S.?

Lake Superior”

“Which state has the nickname ‘The Land of 1,000 Lakes’?


“Where would you find the mountain, Mauna Kea?


“Where would you find Crater Lake?


“Which states don’t share a border with any other U.S. state?

Alaska and Hawaii”

“Where can you find Great Canyon Park?


“Which U.S. state is known as ‘The Garden State?

New Jersey”

“What is the highest point of the U.S.?


“What is the flattest state in the U.S.?


“Which U.S. state has the most significant number of rivers?


“Which is the least populated U.S. state?


“What is the lowest point of the U.S.?

Death Valley”

“Where can you find the world’s largest flat-top mountain?

The Grand Mesa in Colorado”

“What desert is Las Vegas located in?

The Mojave Desert”

Not-So-Easy State Trivia: Time to take it up a notch with all things state-side!

Are you guys in it for more than just a way to pass the time, and are things getting a little competitive? Are you seeking to raise the stakes and up the level of difficulty? Is everyone ready to accept the challenge?

Did you breeze through the first sets of trivia and are looking for a more challenging fare? Or do you simply want to stump each other a little more? Whatever your reason, these not-so-easy state trivia questions and answers will fit the bill!

This set of trivia is perfect for those ready for the next level. These can be some make-or-break questions that can decide the game — or at the very least, these trivia can get you all racking your brains even more.

Trying to guess or figure out the answers can also lead to many laughs! Plus, it’s also a way to enrich each other’s knowledge about the various states in America.

Don’t be afraid to whip these out, especially if your group is game for a more challenging time while still having a total blast. These not-so-easy state trivia questions and answers are the key to upping the stakes and the fun!

“Which river ended up flowing backward after three earthquakes in the 1800s?

The Mississippi River”

“Which city is closer to the North Pole – Rome or New York?


“How many large islands make up the main islands of Hawaii?


“Where would you find the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’?

The Outer Banks”

“Which U.S. state could fit the world’s entire population inside?


“What’s the name of the deepest canyon in the world, and where would you find it?

Hells Canyon, found in Oregon.”

“Which two cities are separated by Niagara Falls?

Ontario and New York”

“Where was one of the highest temperatures ever recorded?

Death Valley”

“What is the name of the oldest town in Texas?


“What national park spreads across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho?

Yellowstone National park”

“What is the largest island on Lake Superior called?

Isle Royale”

“Which is the only U.S. state whose name starts with the letter ‘P’?


“Which U.S. state is both the easternmost and westernmost state?


“What are the only 2 U.S. state capitals that have names that rhyme?

Boston Austin”

“Which is located further west – Nevada or California?


“True or false – Canada has more residents than California?

False – California has a population of 39 million, whereas Canada has only 36 million people living there.”

“What is considered to be the highest point in Oregon?

Mount Hood”

“How many Finger Lakes are there?


“Which city has a more significant number of Jewish people living in it than Tel Aviv, Israel?

New York”

“Where will you end up if you head east, north, or west in Stamford or Connecticut?

New York State”

“What is the name of the world’s shortest river, and where is it located?

The Roe River is found in Montana and only runs for 200 feet”

“Which is the only U.S. state capital that does not have a McDonald’s?

Montpelier, Vermont”

“Where is the only remaining Corn Palace in the U.S. located?

Mitchell, South Dakota”

“Which is the only U.S. state which is triply landlocked?


“Which U.S. state is considered to be scientifically flatter than a pancake?


“Which is the only U.S. state with only syllables in its name?


“What was the first national monument called?

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming”

“Where will you find the four largest cities in America?

Sitka, Juneau, Wrangell, and Anchorage in Alaska”

“Which state is bordered by Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska?


“Which U.S. state does not observe daylight savings?


There you go. Hope you have a grand old time with some of the most intriguing state trivia questions and answers.

We are sure you will all add to your state knowledge with these fun new facts! What other trivia about the fifty states do you know? Add it into the mix!

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