Books for Kids: Smart About Sharks

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Smart About Sharks
Flying Eye Books / Raincoast Books
Illustrated by Owen Davey
40 pages
age 5-8

Synopsis from Raincoast Books:

It’s time to learn about the sea’s most feared (and most misunderstood) residents: sharks! Owen Davey returns to nonfiction to explain the mysteries of those denizens of the deep. Some deadly, some not-so-deadly, and almost all just generally misunderstood. Exciting and detailed illustrations fill the page and educate young readers about these thrilling residents of the sea!

Smart About Sharks

perfectly illustrates that learning about nature doesn’t have to be eye-rollingly boring. The art work has a very retro artist feel versus something scientific and textbook like. It’s these illustrations that will draw kids in but the little tidbit and facts will keep them hooked. You’ll discover various types of sharks, how they compare, how they hunt, even a few myths.

Did you know that surfers wear shark tooth necklaces when in the water as a form of protection from sharks? This is based on a legend about a warrior who battled a shark and emerged with just the necklace, a sign of his win.

Smart About Sharks could easily be read from start to finish but the table of contents and classification index makes it easy for young readers to jump right into an area that interests them most. This will surely be a book read and reread in your child’s library, whether she has a fascination with sharks or just picking up new and interesting facts.

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You can find a copy of Smart About Sharks from Raincoast Books or your local bookstore. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

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