Kid’s Book Review: Lulu and the Brontosaurus

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lulu_brontosaurus_Kids_book_reviewLulu and the Brontosaurus
Simon and Schuster Canada
Age 5-8, 8-12
128 pages
written by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Lane Smith

Synopsis from Simon and Schuster Canada:

It’s Lulu’s birthday and she’s decided she’d like a pet brontosaurus as a present. When Lulu’s parents tell her that’s not possible, Lulu gets very upset. She does not like it when things don’t go her way. So she takes matters into her own hands and storms off into the forest to find herself a new pet. In the forest Lulu encounters a number of animals; a snake, a tiger, a bear, all of whom don’t particularly impress her. And then she finds him…a beautiful, long-necked, gentle, graceful brontosaurus. And he completely agrees with Lulu that having a pet would be a wonderful thing, indeed! Lulu thinks she’s gotten her birthday wish at last. Until she realizes that Mr. Brontosaurus thinks that she would make an ideal pet for him!

All three of my kids loved the story of Lulu and the Brontosaurus, as did I. As a parent I encounter the gimmes often around birthdays and other holidays like Christmas. Lulu’s story is one we could all relate too, though we don’t give in to gifts like Lulu’s parents do. I liked how Lulu learned on her own that her selfish and mean behaviour wasn’t the best way to get what she wanted. The twist of having the Brontosaurus looking for a pet too was a great surprise (don’t tell your kids if you get this book). My 3-year old couldn’t help but sing Lulu’s song as we read the story. Even now the song comes out during free play; it’s very infectious and fun.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get a bronto-bronto-bronto Brontosaurus for a pet.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get a bronto-bronto-bronto Brontosaurus for a pet.

Lulu and the Brontosaurus is a light-hearted, fun read for those reading beginning chapter books. The book itself is an unusual shape and the story is a nice balance of copy and illustrations. The use of different font and font size help to create emphasis on Lulu’s song, which is sung throughout the story. The book also offers 3 alternate endings. You could read the story and choose an ending or read them all. My kids loved voting on which ending they preferred.

Visit Simon and Schuster Canada‘s site to read an except from chapter 1 or to see visually how the book looks inside.

You can add Lulu and the Brontosaurus to your personal library by visiting your local book store or visiting Simon and Schuster Canada.. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations. What are you reading with your kids?

I have to thank Michelle at Simon and Schuster Canada for my review copy.

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