Books for Babies: I Love You More and More

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I Love You More and More
Tiger Tales / Publishers Group Canada
By Nicky Benson, illustrated by Jonny Lambert
32 pages
age 0-3, 3-5

Synopsis from Publishers Group Canada:

I love you more than the stars love to sparkle in the sky…Bear loves Cub more than trees, mountains, and stars. As they explore the world together, Bear’s love for Cub just grows, and grows, and grows!

Mother’s Day always has me thinking of the special bond between a child and a mother. I Love You More and More touches on this bond as Bear expresses a growing love for cub, a feeling any mother can relate too. Trying to explain the complex emotion of love to Cub, Bear compares the feeling to experiences Cub can relate too, like the waterfall the two enjoy splashing in or the fun fish have swimming in the water.

The illustrations follow Bear and Cub hanging out, just spending time together. The words like the thoughts running through Bear’s head while watching Cub. I Love You More and More is a lovely tale of unconditional maternal and paternal love.

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