Books for Kids: King Pig

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King Pig
Scholastic Canada
age 3-5
by Nick Bland
32 pages

 Synopsis from Scholastic Canada:

King Pig is grand ruler of the sheep. He can make the sheep do anything he pleases…whenever he wants… but can he make them like him?

Everyone wants to be liked. Sometimes kids get confused as to what makes someone like them. I see this often in our school yard, demanding and commanding just like King Pig. There’s a difference between having people hang out with you and do things for you because you demand them to versus them being with you because they choose to. King Pig illustrates the benefits of kindness in earning friendship and that it’s never to late to turn over a new leaf. This is a lesson both kids and adults can learn. King Pig is also a great book for young kids transitioning from interactions at home with a more forgiving family, to a group setting like a play group or starting school.

You can find a copy of King Pig by visiting your local bookstore or Scholastic Canada. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

Sharing is Caring!

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