Books for Kids: The Hueys in None the Number

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The Hueys in None the Number. A Counting Adventure
Harper Collins
age 3-5, 5-8
By Oliver Jeffers
32 pages

Synopsis from Harper Collins Canada:

Meet the Hueys – a fabulously quirky group of characters from international bestselling, award-winning author/illustrator, Oliver Jeffers, creator of How to Catch a Star and Lost and Found. The thing about the Hueys was that they loved numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3… Wait! 0? Is ‘none’ a number? Join the Hueys for a counting conundrum! This witty and lively pictorial debate makes numbers interesting and fun!

Oliver Jeffers takes his simple illustrations and fun stories and applies them to early concepts in his book The Hueys in None the Number. A Counting Adventure. Like most counting books the Hueys count some of the things they see in their world, such as the fishermen waiting for a bus or the number of tantrums Kevin has each day. But the counting starts from nothing. You start with none and then you add one and when you take it all away again you’re left with none.

Jeffers even includes a little bit at the end of the book on the concept of none being a true number. The Hueys in None the Number. A Counting Adventure takes a fun approach to numbers and counting while still keeping the concept. Each page illustrates the number with the numeric version highlighted. Which begs the question, when counting with your kids at home do you start at zero or one?

Kid will love the child-like thinking and humour of the Hueys and you can find them in other books by Oliver Jeffers, such as The New Jumper and It Wasn’t Me.

You can find a copy of The Hueys in Noe the Number. A Counting Adventure at your local bookstore or at Harper Collins Canada. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

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