Kids Book Review: Good News Bad News

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Good News Bad News
Chronicle Books/Raincoast Books
age 3-5
Written and illustrated by Jeff Mack
40 pages

Synopsis from Raincoast Books:

Good news, Rabbit and Mouse are going on a picnic. Bad news, it is starting to rain. Good news, Rabbit has an umbrella. Bad news, the stormy winds blow the umbrella (and Mouse!) into a tree. So begins this clever story about two friends with very different dispositions. Using just four words, Jeff Mack has created a text with remarkable flair that is both funny and touching, and pairs perfectly with his energetic, and hilarious, illustrations.

Some kids have the ability to always see the silver lining while for others everything is doom and gloom. Good News Bad News illustrates how, if you look, you can usually find something good out of something bad. The two friends, with opposite personalities, make Good News Bad News a fun back-and-forth read. The story also reminds us that our negative outlook on things can impact those around us, as can our positive thinking. Perhaps after reading we can all try to be more like Rabbit, looking for a little bit of good news in events that don’t really seem so good.

You can find a copy of Good News Bad News by visiting your local bookstore or Raincoast Books. Visit our Kid’s Books section for other great book recommendations.

I have to thank Raincoast Books for my review copy.


Sharing is Caring!