Fun and Simple Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Do you have kids at home? Do you want to make this Halloween the best Halloween ever?

Well, you have landed on the right page!

Kids love Halloween, no matter their age. The trick or treating, the Halloween costumes, the spooky decorations, and, of course, the candies – all these are some of their favorite Halloween things.

But did you know that making Halloween crafts with little adult supervision at times can make them all the happier and more excited, too?

Yes. Kids love it when they get to get their hands on crafty things. I’m a mother to a toddler, and she loves it when I ask her to help me in baking or making crafts.

Halloween is already their favorite occasion, and they will enjoy a lot making paper bag monsters, candy corn tissue paper crafts, or hanging bats.

I have so many interesting ideas to share with you!

So, if you are looking for the best Halloween crafts for kids, look no further. Just read till the end of this article, and you will know how you can make this Halloween special for your little pumpkins.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Do you know what kids love the most?

Your time!

Yes. No matter how expensive gifts you buy for them when they grow up, they are going to remember the times you were with them in person.

The times when you played with them, made them laugh with your funny jokes, told them stories, and did new things together. And they are going to treasure them forever.

So, how about you gift your time to your kiddo this Halloween by guiding them in making some spooktacular crafts?

To get the best Halloween-themed craft ideas for kids, keep reading!

Pom Pom Ghosts

Supplies Needed:

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Ghosts don’t always have to be scary. In fact, these ghosts are just downright cute! These pom pom ghosts are perfect as a preschool art project. 

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  • To begin you will want to grab all your supplies. 
  • You will want to draw or trace the shape of your ghost on your piece of paper. 
  • Then you will connect your pom pom ball to the end of your clothespin. 
  • Next, dip your pom pom ball into the white paint. 
  • Then have your child dab the pom pom ball in the ghost that you traced. 
  • Once they have dabbed their ghost as much as they want, sit aside and let it dry. 
  • After it is dry, have them cut out a ghost mouth and eyes and glue it on the ghost! 
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This is such an easy and fun project for younger kids! 

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Paper Bag Monsters

Supplies Needed:

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If you want your kids to really express their creativity these paper bag monsters are a perfect way! 

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  • Grab some paper bags and let your kids begin decorating them. This can include painting, drawing on, or cutting paper and gluing it onto the paper bag. 
  • Encourage them to make eyes, teeth, tongues, horns, or whatever other features they want their monster to have. 
  • Once they are done, let the glue dry and then let them have a monster puppet show with their paper bag monsters.

The best thing about this Halloween craft for kids is that there is no wrong way to make these paper bag monsters. 

Candy Corn Tissue Paper Craft

Supplies Needed:

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This candy corn tissue papercraft is an easy fun project for kids of all ages. 

  • First, you will want to trace a giant-sized candy corn on your white piece of paper. 
  • Next, draw two lines horizontally in your candy corn (just like the candy corn candy. 
  • Cut out your candy corn. 
  • Cut your tissue paper into small squares. 
  • Then dip one piece of tissue paper at a time into the glue sticking it in the right section of the candy corn. (Orange on the bottom, yellow in the middle, and white on the top)
  • Once you have covered your candy corn in tissue paper you now have a candy corn tissue paper decoration to display on the fridge. 
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Witch Hat

Supplies Needed:

This is a great simple Halloween craft for kids. With just a few simple steps they will have a cute witch hat to pin up on the wall or fridge. 

  • Begin by cutting 1 ½ inches off the bottom of the black construction paper. Set aside. 
  • With the remaining black paper, cut a big triangle in the black paper. This will be the top of the hat.
  • Glue the rectangle to the bottom of the hat. 
  • Next, have your kids cut stripes or dots (whatever they want really) to decorate their witch hat. 
  • Let them glue these onto their witch hat. 

Tin Can Bowling 

Supplies Needed:

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If your kids are looking for Halloween crafts for kids that are dual-purpose, this is the perfect project. The best thing about this project is that it is used from recycled materials and most of the items you have on hand. 

  • To begin you will need to gather 10 empty cans that are all the same size. 
  • Rinse, clean, and dry these cans really well. 
  • Next, have your kids decide how they will decorate their cans. Will they make all pumpkins, some mummies, so ghosts, etc. 
  • Have them color the base of the can the color for what they decide. 
  • After they have painted them, let them dry. 
  • Next have them paint or use markers to draw on the final details of the cans such as faces, wrapping the mummy in toilet paper, etc. 
  • Once the cans are dry your kids can stack 4 cans on the bottom, 3 on top of that, 2 and then one to make a tin can bowling game. 

Your kids will have hours of fun playing with these. This is of course best played outside because crashing cans might get kind of loud! 

Pumpkin Pots

Supplies Needed:

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If you want a project that will last or a craft that you can give to someone these pumpkin pots are a great idea. 

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  • To begin you will want to grab some terracotta pots. If you are making a pumpkin pot family, then grab some that are all different sizes. 
  • After you have your pots you will want to paint them orange and let dry. 
  • Once they are dry, you will want to pain with the black pain faces onto the pots. These can be silly or scary, whatever you decide! Set aside to dry. 
  • Next, add soil to the pots, then add seeds or the plant. 
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Now you have cute pumpkin pots to display in the yard or let your kids give them to friends and neighbors. I guarantee they will love this project! 

Coffee Filter Ghost Lollipop

Supplies Needed:

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If you are looking for an edible and quick Halloween craft for kids this is it! There is no drying time and the whole project takes less than 5 minutes. 

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  • To begin, you will want to take 2 coffee filters and cover the top of the lollipop with them. 
  • Secure it in place with a tiny rubber band. 
  • Tie your thin ribbon on top of the rubber band. 
  • Draw on your ghost face. 
  • Fluff the ghost body (coffee filters)
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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Hanging Bat

Supplies Needed:

·  Cardboard tube or an empty toilet paper roll

·  Black pipe cleaners

·  Brown or black Tempera paint

·  Paintbrush

·  Scissors

·  Brown or black construction paper

·  Single hole punch

·  Googly eyes

·  Glue

·  Bat wing template (optional)

·  Marker

Your kids are going to love making this spooky Halloween bat craft that they can use for decorating their rooms. And if your kids are a fan of Batman, getting crafty with this one will be one of their best Halloween memories. You can trust me on this!

  • Start by painting your cardboard tube or empty toilet paper roll in the color black or brown and leave it to dry.
  • Take the construction paper and draw some bat wings on it. You can make use of a bat wing template if you don’t want to draw them on your own.
  • Now cut the wings and use the glue to attach them onto the back of the empty toilet paper roll or cardboard tube, whichever you are using.
  • To make bat ears, take the construction paper again and cut out some small triangles.
  • Take the glue and use it to paste the bat ears on the bat. Attach the googly eyes, too.
  • Take the marker and draw the bat mouth.
  • Punch two small holes in the bottom of your toiler paper roll or cardboard tube. This is the place for bat legs.
  • Take a black pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Now, take the end of one-half pipe cleaner and twist it through the punched hole. Do the same with the other half-pipe cleaner.
  • Snip off the last one or half inch of each leg to make bat feet. Now wrap it around the bottom of each bat leg.
  • As you are going to hang this bat, you need to make a hook by folding the middle portion of the bat foot.
  • It’s time to hang your handmade bat for Halloween!

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:

  • Black cardstock
  • Large paper plates
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Orange paint
  • Single hole punch
  • Glue

Pumpkin is an important part of Halloween celebrations. This pumpkin craft is easy to make, and your kids are going to have a fun time making it!

  • Take the paper plates, paint them orange, and leave them to dry.
  • Take the black cardstock and cut out some pumpkin face features such as the nose, mouth, and eyes. If you don’t want to dram them on your own, you can also use templates.
  • Glue the pumpkin face features to the orange plates. Let your kids mix and match the mouth, nose, and eyes to make different faces.
  • Punch a hole on top of each of your orange paper plates.
  • Cut the green pipe cleaner two inches of it, and twist it around your finger.
  • Slide the pipe cleaner through the hole and make a knot in the back. This will keep the plates in place and prevent them from falling out.
  • And your paper plate pumpkin is ready! Use them in your Halloween decorations to showcase your kids’ creativity.


Making crafts is always fun. And when you are going for a Halloween-theme craft, it becomes all the more exciting.

All the crafts described here are kid-friendly and easy to make. And you only need a handful of supplies to bring them to life.

So, which of these Halloween crafts for kids seemed the easiest to you? Which of them are you going to assist your kids in making this Halloween?

Let me know in the comments!

Sharing is Caring!

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