12 Fun Girls Birthday Party Ideas

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Do you have a daughter having a birthday soon and trying to find the perfect party theme? Well, here are 12 fun girls birthday party ideas to help you plan the perfect party. 

Girls Birthday Party Ideas 

Girls are so much fun when it comes to birthday parties. I love how they can have simple birthdays, but yet have so much fun! Here are 12 fun girls’ birthday party ideas they will love!

12 Fun Girls Birthday Party Ideas

12 Fun Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Tea party

12 Fun Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Girls love to have tea parties, so why not have a tea party birthday party? This is a super fun party to plan. Start looking now at your local antique stores for teacups to help make this party a hit or even the thrift store! When you send out the invites, encourage the girls to come dressed in “tea party attire” for a fun day of tea. 

Then the day of the birthday party, make some different flavors of lemonade to serve, some sweet treats and a few veggies and that’s all you will really need.  Be sure to decorate for the tea party as if they are the royal family. The girls will love it! As party favors have each girl take home their teacup to remember the fun day. 

Mermaid party

Up next on the list of our 12 fun girls’ birthday party ideas is a mermaid party. This one is fun to do if you have a pool.  Have the girls come and be mermaids as they swim around and play mermaid games.  Don’t have a pool or it’s wintertime? No problem, there are really fun mermaid themed decorations out there as well as fun mermaid games the girls will love. 

Spa party

What girl doesn’t love a spa day? Run to the store and grab everything you need for manicures and pedicures. I love to grab cheap nail polish in a bunch of colors so they can be as creative as they want to be.  When we do spa days the girls have a blast pretending to be nail artists on one another. Just be sure you put something down on the floor in case you have spills and have lots of nail polish remover on hand for those mistakes. 

Cowgirl party

12 Fun Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Little girls love to play dress-up, so why not grab some stick horse and have everyone come dressed up as cowgirls to the cowgirl party.  If you know a local horse owner, maybe take the girls to pet horses while you are at it. 

Art Party

Grab a bunch of canvas, paints, and brushes and have an art party. Girls love the be creative and make something when they get together.  If you are feeling really motivated, have a local artist come and teach the girls how to paint a picture. 

Outdoor Movie Party

We couldn’t mention an outdoor movie on our list of 12 fun girls birthday party ideas! This is great for older girls who want to hang out. Grab a projector and a white sheet and watch an outdoor movie while roasting s’mores. Simple and fun. The girls will love it. 

Karaoke Party

“Girls just wanna have fun,” and they certainly will at a Karaoke party. Even girls who are a little more reserved and shy love karaoke parties as they watch everyone else dance around and belt out the words to the latest and greatest popular songs. 

Ice Cream Party 

12 Fun Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties don’t have to be elaborate, sometimes it is fun to just hang out with each other. If this is what your daughter wants, then have an ice cream party birthday. Grab a bunch of flavors of ice cream and toppings and let the girls go crazy chatting laughing and eating ice cream. 

Murder Mystery Party

If you are looking for an out of the box party idea, then look no further because a murder mystery party is what you should do.  A murder mystery is when everyone comes in character to a dinner party where someone just happens to die.  The group then spends the night trying to figure out who is the murder while everyone stays in character.  If you have girls who love to act, this is the perfect party for them. They will have an absolute blast. 

Unicorn Party

Have you seen some of the gorgeous unicorn cakes these days? So why not order one today and have a unicorn party.  Girls of all ages love unicorns, so grab some unicorn headbands and have a unicorn party.  There are so many fun unicorn decorations and party games out there that your daughter will have lots to choose from. 

Hotel Slumber Party

We couldn’t mention a popular new party idea sweeping the nation, it’s a hotel slumber party. This is when your daughter picks a few of her closest friends and you rent a room at a hotel and have a slumber party.  The girls can go swimming in the pool, order room service and just have fun with one another. Of course, you are there to supervise this fun birthday party idea. 

Pool Party

12 Fun Girls Birthday Party Ideas

If your daughter has a summer birthday, there is no easier party to do than a pool party.  Let the girls get together and swim for a few hours and hang out and eat ice cream. If you don’t have a pool check into renting some space at a local pool in your area. 

There you have it! 12 fun girls birthday party ideas that your girls will love! Don’t forget to download our birthday party planner to help you plan the party! 

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