95+ Funny banana jokes for Adults {Must Read}

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What would you say if I asked you what your favorite fruit is?

Well, for me, it’s a ripe, yellow banana. This fruit is loved by many – all thanks to its sweet taste. And did I mention how this versatile fruit can also be used in baking and cooking to make your favorite cookies or pies?

Now, coming to jokes, we all love it. Jokes are something that can brighten up your mood any day, no matter how bad of a mood you are in. It brings smiles to people of all ages.

So, when bananas and jokes are combined, they ought to be the best ones, right?

Today, I’m going to share some hilarious banana jokes for you that you can share with your friends. But hey, here’s a word of caution. Don’t share these with kids or when kids are around. Why? Because these jokes are meant only for adults.

Yes, I know, that got you already excited. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the riddles.

Short Banana Jokes for Adults

Short Banana Jokes for Adults

Do you find it hard to remember jokes that are on the longer side?

Don’t worry. Here, I have come up with some of the most rib-tickling banana jokes that are short and easy to remember.

You can read them yourself and have a great time, or share them with your banana-loving adult friends and have a blast together.

Why did the banana go to therapy?

It couldn’t peel with its emotions.

What do you call two bananas?

A pair-a-dise.

How does a banana answer the phone?


What’s a banana’s favorite dance?

The banana split.

Why was the banana sad?

It couldn’t find its bunch.

What do you call a banana with a sunburn?

A peel-y hot fruit.

How do you make a banana split?

Run away with it.

Why did the banana go to school?

It wanted to be a smart banana.

What’s a banana’s favorite hobby?


Why did the banana put sunscreen on its nose?

It didn’t want to peel.

What do you call a banana that tells jokes?

A funny fruit.

How does a banana answer a difficult question?

It takes a moment to peel it over.

Why did the banana go out with the prune?

It couldn’t find a date.

What’s a banana’s favorite movie?

Banana Jones and the Last Crusade.

How does a banana keep its skin smooth?

With a peel-off mask.

What did the banana say to the doctor?

“I’m not peeling well.”

Why did the banana go to the party?

It heard it was a-peel-ing.

What’s a banana’s favorite music?

Yellow Submarine.

How does a banana answer the door?

“Orange you glad to see me?”

Why did the banana break up with the grape?

It couldn’t handle the raisin drama.

Banana Jokes for Adults

Banana Jokes for Adults

Banana is that one fruit that has always been seen from a dirty angle – if you know what I mean! And so, there is no dearth of double-meaning, naughty jokes around this yellow fruit.

And I have added this section just for that. Here, you can find the naughtiest banana jokes of all time that are meant just for dirty-minded people like you and me!

Keep reading.

What do you call a banana who’s a great conversationalist?

A banana smoothie.

Why can’t bananas stay quiet when they’re in a lot of pain?

They only know how to bellow.

What exercise equipment do bananas use the most?

A peeloton bike.

Why was the banana so popular?

Everyone thought he was really sweet.

What store is always filled with bananas on black Friday?

Banana Republic.

Why was the monkey so happy after he ate the banana?

He was happy that he had a fruitful day.

Why was the banana such a good ballet dancer?

She really knew how to do a good split.

If farmer A sells apples, farmer B sells bananas, what does farmer C sell?


What did the monkey say when his father asked him if he liked eating bananas?

I like them a bunch!

What did the banana quiz contestant say when the presenter asked him if he was sure about one of his answers?

I know I’m right; I can peel it in my soul.

What did a green banana’s father say when he expressed his wish to marry a yellow banana?

You should go for it because she is the ripe one.

What did the ghost call his son when he was dressed up as a banana for Halloween?


What is the chemical formula for a banana?

BaNa 2.

What do you call a banana who can’t decide between coffee or tea?

Banana split.

Why didn’t the banana cross the road?

It can’t walk — it’s a banana, silly!

What do you call a banana that likes to dance?

A banana shake.

What did the mommy banana say to the baby banana?

“You give me all the peels.”

Knock-Knock Banana Jokes for Adults

Knock-Knock Banana Jokes for Adults

Now, who doesn’t like knock-knock jokes? These jokes are my all-time favorite. They are highly interactive and engaging. And they can make you laugh like no one’s watching.

I have a huge collection of knock-knock banana jokes that are full of double-meanings, perfect for sharing with your gang. Read on.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again?

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Banana split so ice creamed!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce in, it’s cold out here!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Avocado who?

Avocado a headache, I need a banana!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Atch who?

Bless you, you must have caught the banana fever!

Hilarious Banana Jokes and Puns for Grown-Ups

Hilarious Banana Jokes and Puns for Grown-Ups

Perhaps your pal is having a difficult day, or perhaps your partner is upset about something. What’s an excellent way to make them laugh? Through some hilarious jokes, obviously!

Such jokes become even funnier when they’re themed. So, let’s dive in and hear funny banana jokes to crack around your buddies.

What happened when the banana team defeated the Fruit Championship?

All the fans in the stadium went bananas, of course!

What does a banana call its grandmother affectionately?


When the banana was making positive life decisions, what did the apple say to them as words of motivation?

I’m so proud of you for taking a step in the ripe direction.

When the ice cream and banana were planning to steal from the pantry, what did the banana say to the ice cream?

All the profits will be equally split between the two of us.

What happened when most of the fruits on the banana split committee realized that the banana was a good mascot for their brand?

They came to a split decision.

How can you identify an optimist?

When you see an older person buying green bananas.

What happens if a banana hears a hilarious joke?

They break out into sidesplitting laughter.

What is yellow in color and can go 30 miles an hour?

A banana inside a washing machine.

What caused the baby banana to become so spoiled?

His mama left him out in the sun for too long.

Why does a banana never feel lonely?

Because they all hang out in bunches.

What’s the simplest way to make a banana split?

You just cut it in half.

What is the best thing you can put in a banana cream pie?

Your teeth, of course!

If a crocodile is responsible for making shoes, what do you think a banana makes?


What kind of school does a banana go to?

They go to sundae school.

Which fruit is the hippiest?

The hippiest fruit is a bae-nae-nae.

How does a monkey keep itself safe while going down a flight of stairs?

The monkey stays safe by holding on to the banana-ester.

Do you know what I say to my bananas before leaving the house?

I say, “I am going, bananas.”

What caused the banana so much disappointment?

He was disappointed because someone mistook him for a plantain.

Why was the banana seen with a prune?

It’s because he could not get a date.

Why did the banana pay a visit to the hair parlor?

It’s because she had split ends.

Why was the ice cream socially canceled?

It was canceled because the banana split with the ice cream.

What genre of literature does a banana like to read?

Non-fiction, of course.

When do you think the trail mix will have enough cash to purchase a map?

Once the banana chips in.

What is something that always points north and is yellow?

A magnetic banana.

Why do you think a banana doesn’t snore?

It’s because they don’t wish to wake up the rest of the bunch.

What does a banana say when they answer the phone?

They answer, saying, “yellow!”

Why did the plantain get called to the principal’s office?

Because it went bananas during class.

Why can a banana not yell higher?

Because it can only be yellow.

Why did the monkey end up liking the banana?

Because it had great appeal.

How did the banana fall ill?

It fell sick because it had yellow fever.

Name a former politician who is fond of bananas.

Al Gore-illa.

Where does a banana go to buy its clothes?

It goes to the Banana Republic.

What is a category of jokes that a banana likes to crack?

Sidesplitting jokes.

My boss accused me of “acting the monkey” at work, and ?

I almost choked on my banana.

Do you know what type of key is used to open a banana?

A monkey!

Why can’t the whipped cream locate the banana at the gathering?

Because it split.

What is the name given to two bananas?

They’re called a pair of slippers.

How did one banana greet the other banana when they met for the very first time?

It said, “Yellow, nice to meet you!”

Why do you think the banana received so many Valentine’s Day cards?

Because it was extremely sweet.

Why do you think the girl kept falling off her bike?

Because she kept slipping off the banana seat.

Why do you think the banana failed the driving test?

Because it kept peeling out.

Why did the banana have to visit the doctor?

Because it wasn’t peeling well.

One should always be extra kind to a banana. Why do you think that is?

It’s because you shouldn’t hurt their peelings.

Why is it crucial for a banana to put on sunscreen?

Because it peels.

What position did the banana take during the Tour de France?

It was riding with the peel-oton.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Ice cream. Ice cream, who?

Ice cream if you won’t eat my banana split!

What are two bananas called when they are friends with a monkey?

They’re known as a bunch of idiots.

What happens to unripe bananas when they think about ripe bananas?

They go green with envy.

Do you know what a ghost’s favorite fruit is?


After listening to your joke,

I’m peeling much better.

When is the right time for a banana peel to get married?

At the ripe time.

Why did the banana peel work out more than the doctor advised?

Because she liked to peel the burn.

What do you think the banana peel did as soon as she received her Christmas present?

She peeled off the wrapping paper.

Why do most people call banana bread lazy?

Because they loaf around the neighborhood.

Why did the banana bread not sell any of his art?

It’s because he was a crumbly artist.

Why was Anna not allowed to visit the grocery store?

Because she was caught stealing a bunch of fruits, they had to ban Anna.


I like jokes that are theme-based. And I like banana jokes for adults even more as they are about my preferred fruit and are dirty!

Now that you have finished reading my list of banana jokes, did you enjoy reading them? Which section of jokes was your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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