6 Books for Kids: All About Love

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Reading with your kids is all about spending time together; it’s an expression of love. Even kids old enough to read on their own love having mom or dad read to them. Whether is for Valentine’s Day or just another Monday, these books about love are sure to give everyone warm fuzzies.

The Hug
EM_books_about_love_valentine_kids_4By Lesley Simpson, illustrated by Yayo
Annick Press
Age 2-4 (boardbook)

First published in 1985, this new board book edition of THE HUG revisits the story of one lonely hug. Feeling unneeded, the hug sets out to become something different. It uses its large round shape to turn itself into different things but maybe all the hug really needs is a little practice to remember how good it feels to give—and receive—hugs!

Bear in Love
EM_books_about_love_valentine_kids_5By Samantha Davis, illustrated by Sophie Fatus
Blue Apple Books (Raincost Books)
Age 3+

Just one look was all it took for Bear to fall in love with Bunny. But how should Bear show this love? With candy? Or song and dance? With delightful illustrations by award-winning artist Sophie Fatus, warm and witty words perfectly express how love casts its spell on man—and beast!

A Secret Sparkling Valentine
EM_books_about_love_valentine_kids_2By Elizabeth Spurr, illustrated by Colleen Madden
Sterling Publishing
Age 2-5 (boardbook)

“Hearts that twinkle, hearts that shine”…step inside this sparkly valentine! A wonderland awaits in this enchanting story. Enter a glittering garden filled with bluebirds, waterfalls, and a very special heart. The book includes a place to sign your name if you’re giving it as a gift to your valentine.

Panda’s Valentine Day
EM_books_about_love_valentine_kids_1By Tara Jaye Morrow, illustrated by Aaron Boyd
Sterling Publishing
Age 3-5

For Panda, Valentine’s Day means making the best card ever for his Mama— one that’s pretty and fun and with lots of love inside, just like her. But nothing he does works out quite right: the heart’s uneven, the red ribbon tears, and the beads won’t glue. Then Mama shows him: it’s the love you share that really makes a card—and Valentine’s Day—special.

Zero Kisses for Me
EM_books_about_love_valentine_kids_3By Manuela Monari, illustrated by Virginie Soumagnac
Tundra Books
Age 4-7

“Zero kisses for me” is a declaration of independence from a youngster who has a family of fond, affectionate relatives. Sometimes kisses are sticky or perfume-y or just plain yucky, and, besides, they’re for babies. They’re not dignified for someone who’s growing up. But in Zero Kisses for Me, one child finds that you can never outgrow a goodnight kiss.

Love Bugs
EM_books_about_love_valentine_kids_6By Maryjo Koch
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Age 6+

You don’t have to be an entomologist to appreciate the wonderfully realistic watercolor insect images found inside Maryjo Koch’s Love Bugs. Offering a “bug-eyed view of love and courtship,” Love Bugs presents more than 25 images of dancing dragonflies and bouncing beetles paired with romantic prose.

Sharing is Caring!

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