15 Ways to Celebrate May the 4th

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If you live in a geeky household like I do than your family is probably looking forward to May the 4th.  To put you into the Jedi mindset, here are 15 ideas to add the force into our celebration.

Ready Your Lightsaber. No Jedi is complete without their lightsaber and East Coast Mommy shares an easy way to make your own lightsabers using pool noodles.

Fly a Secret Mission. If luck has you in Disney World or Disneyland for May the 4th than a visit to the Star Tours ride for a 3D simulated adventure would be in order and the kids will love Star Wars Jedi Training Academy.

Discover Darth Vader’s Parenting Skills. When we’re introduced to Princess Leia she’s already a rebel but there’s here early years. Vader’s Little Princess takes a tongue and cheek look into life of Darth Vader as a parent.

Strike Back at the Empire. Create a mini bowling game, striking down the evil empire in one bowl. Craft Interrupted modifies one of those mini plastic bowling sets your kids might already own. If you don’t have a bowling set handy, Play Me Mama Crafts upcycles a few YOP yogurt drink bottles for stormtropper pins.

Attack the Death Star. Re-enact your own destruction scene with Tethered 2 Home’s Death Star piñata.

Build a Yoda. Bring Yoda or C3PO or R2D2 home with these free printable 3D models from Cube Craft.

Make Princess Leia Buns. Love the look of Princess Leia’s signature hairdo? Recreate them in the form of tasty cinnamon buns. We made a delicious  batch on our BBQ. You can also try other delights like Wookie Pies and Yoda Soda, found in the Wookie Cookies Star Wars Cookbook.

Dress Like a Jedi. Get into character with Under the Sycamore’s Star Wars costume ideas, including Princess Leia, Yoda, and Obi Wan Kenobi

Bend and Stretch, Star Wars Style. Let’s start with the Downward Facing Wookie. Even yoga enthusiast can celebrate May the 4th thanks to these Star Wars yoga poses shared by You Will Not Believe.

Speak Like Yoda You Must. Turn casual dinner conversation into yoda speak. If you need some help enter your sentence into this Yoda-Speak Generator.

Battle the Dark Side. Take down the evil empire in this fun elastic shooting game idea from The Nerd Craft Librarian.

Test Your Star Wars Knowledge. So you think you know everything Star Wars? The Review Wire puts you to the test with their free printable trivia pages. You can create your own trivia competition by asking questions from books like the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia or Star Wars Year by Year.

Fix R2D2. From laser blast burns to falling debris dents, R2D2 sure gets into a lot of scrapes. See who has the steadier hand fixing R2D2 in this updated version of the class Operation game.

Build Your LEGO Fleet. You could go out and buy a new Star Wars LEGO set (there certainly are a number of them) or you could use your family’s large set of LEGO pieces to build your own mini ships. Deck Designs shares a collection of downloadble photo step-by-step instructions to make yourself.

Bake Star War Sweets. Enjoy treats made with Williams Sonoma’s special Star Wars shaped cookie cutters. If you don’t want to invest in specialized cutters, The Secret Adventures of Sugarbelle shares how to create Star Wars cookies using everyday cutters (and a whole lot of talent).

May the 4th be with you!

Sharing is Caring!

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