The Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life!

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Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and dragging a bit not feeling productive at all? I used to be the same way until I started following a simple morning routine to help jump start my day!

Since being more intentional each morning I find myself 110% more productive, have more energy, and feel like I can accomplish everything life throw at me! 

Are you ready to upgrade your mornings with a more international mommy morning routine?

The Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

Why Create a Morning Routine?

You might find yourself wondering, “Why should I create a morning routine?”

The first reason is in my opinion the first hour or two that you are up set the whole tone for your day. 

If you get up and get moving marking things off your to-do list you are going to be motivated to continue to get things down throughout the day. 

If you drag yourself out of bed stumble to feed the kids breakfast and sit in your PJS and scroll social media, you might feel like having a lazy day that day. (Not that this is a bad thing sometimes… We all need days like this on occasion.)

On the days where I drag myself out of bed when the kids get up I feel like I am stressed and behind before my day even gets started making me have zero motivation. 

Creating a morning routine helps set the tone for your day and gets your day off to a fantastic start!

How to Create a Morning Routine?

Creating a morning routine can be simple. It does not have to be a long list filled with 100 things you need to do before 8 am. 

It does not have to be waking up at 5 am if you are not a morning person. Creating a morning routine is a few simple things that allow you to get some things done, have some me time, and rejuvenate your soul for the day that is ahead. 

Customize your morning routine to fit you and your lifestyle.

Sample Mommy Morning Routine I love

My mommy morning routine is simple and includes a few basic things I like to get done each day. When I stick to my routine I am more motivated and productive throughout the whole day and feel like I am a better mom to my kids. 

Wake up before the kids

Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

Waking up before the kids is a must in your morning routine. 

It is so hard waking from your blissful sleep when you are being bombarded with kids needing to go to the bathroom, sippy cups needing juice, and little ones asking for pancakes in the morning. 

If you wake up even 30 minutes before your kids this allows you to have some “me time” and a few moments of quiet before the rush of the day. 

I love to wake up when my husband wakes up… At 5:30 am. Yes, you heard that right… But here’s the deal when I do, I am almost guaranteed 1.5 hours of time to get things done before the littles are up. 

If you are not a morning person, do not feel like you have to get up crazy early before the kids. Start with 15 minutes before the kids and slowly try to wake up a little earlier to allow more time for you. 

Drink water

Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

Drinking water helps get your system going in the morning. So pour yourself a nice glass of water and drink up. 


Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

When you wake up early you are able to exercise without the kids. Say bye-bye to that double jogger that you hate pushing and say hello to your favorite music or Podcast!

Getting out and exercise not only will help you stay fit but will also help your mind and soul. 

It is one of the best stress releases that is out there. 

So go outside, go for a run or a walk, ride your bike, or do some yoga. The most important thing is that you get your body moving in the morning. 

Get ready

Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever noticed that moms are usually the last ones that get ready for the day? It is not that we are lazy, but it is the fact that we put everyone else ahead of ourselves. 

We make sure everyone else’s hair is done and their clothes are clean and then we are throwing on whatever we can find as we are rushing out the door. 

So when creating your simple morning routine, put you on the list!

Take a shower, do your hair, find something you can’t wait to put on, and put on your makeup. 

By spending the time to take care of yourself you are basically telling yourself and everyone else that you are important! 

Personal growth

Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

The next thing I like to add to my morning routine is to do something that encourages personal growth. 

If you are religious, this might mean doing some spiritual reading or studying. 

This could be meditating. 

It could even mean reading a self-help book or studying something you are interested in. 

I love to throw journaling into personal growth.

Whatever you decide to do pick something that makes you grow spiritually, educationally, or in another way! 

Do a Simple Task

Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

In my morning routine, I love to add in a simple task. This could be making my bed, emptying the dishwasher, or starting a load of laundry. These tasks all take less than 5 minutes but help start the tone for your day. 

I know when my bed is made I am ready to conquer the world. And when I start a load of laundry first things in the morning I am more likely to continue to do the laundry throughout the day.

Whatever your task is, make sure it is simple and takes just a few minutes of time. 

Make a to-do list

Mommy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

The last thing you will want to do in your simple morning routine is to make a to-do list. 

This is not some crazy hard list that you will never accomplish, but it is your must-do items for the day with a few other items on it. 

I love to add what we are having for dinner on there so I can prep that early in the day as well. 

There you have it! Your very simple morning routine that will seriously change your life! What will you add to your morning routine? Share in the comments!

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