101 Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids And Adults

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Gobble, gobble. ‘Tis the season for giving thanks – and eating a lot of yummy food! Make gatherings with family and friends even more special and the turkey and pumpkin pie even tastier by gobbling up a bunch of Thanksgiving riddles. Thanksgiving, after all, is a time when family and friends gather around to share a meal (or two or more) and bask in the glow of each other’s company. Bring in some fun, strengthen connections, and make your time together even more memorable with these Thanksgiving riddles for kids and adults!

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with family and friends over a good, hearty meal. But what comes right at the end of the meal at Thanksgiving? The letter “G” — plus a ton of downtime as you sit happily with happy tummies, reveling in each other’s company. That is the perfect time to engage and entertain with some super funny (and punny!) Thanksgiving riddles that people of all ages are sure to enjoy.

If you have got a sharp mind as well as a witty sense of humor, and you’re always up for a little fun challenge, then get ready to lap up our collection of Thanksgiving riddles. These vary in difficulty, from easy-peasy ones to head-scratching ones and whole lotta laughter and fun in between, and are perfect for sharing with the whole group.

So whether you’re all gathered around the dining table post-meal or chatting with each other on the couch in a pleasant food coma, take some time to share these Thanksgiving riddles with those nearest and dearest to your heart. Everyone will definitely have a blast answering these riddles and trying to stump each other out — and it can even become a new tradition that will bond you and your loved ones even more and make each gathering more memorable!

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101 Thanksgiving Riddles

Thanksgiving is rich with traditions that ensure a happy, joyful time bonding with loved ones. Add a lot of fun and a lot of puns with these Thanksgiving riddles for kids and adults – and start a new tradition that everyone will look forward to each time the holidays come around!

Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids

Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids

Kids love being entertained, and they also definitely enjoy entertaining others! That’s why these Thanksgiving riddles will make for a great activity for children during Thanksgiving gatherings with family and loved ones. Don’t forget to remind the children to read the Thanksgiving riddles slowly and to think very hard before answering; after all, the first answer that enters their mind may very well not be the answer to the riddle at hand.

Our collection of Thanksgiving riddles for kids has riddles that kids of all ages will definitely enjoy — from simple ones that the youngest child can appreciate and even remember so they can share it to others, to more layered ones that older children will totally get a kick out of. Engage the kids present at your Thanksgiving dinner with this list of cute and hilarious thanksgiving riddles for kids. If you used to find it quite the challenge to keep kids entertained at gatherings, fret no more because kids adore riddles! This holiday season, let the wheels in their heads spin and keep them engaged and entertained by challenging them so they can show off all that they know about turkeys and Thanksgiving.

Let the kids have an awesome time with these Thanksgiving riddles for kids!

Q:- “Thanksgiving is here, everyone grab a chair, for it’s time to eat a tasty bird who flies through the air. What bird is it?”

Answer: Turkey

Q:- “The annual tradition each and every Thanksgiving Day is watching the great team sport the Lions and Cowboys play. What is it?”

Answer: A football

Q:- “It has ears but it cannot hear, and it has flakes but it has no hair. What is it?”

Answer: Corn.

Q:- ”If a tur-key has a key, and a don-key also has a key, what would you expect a monkey to have?”

Answer: A banana

Q:- “I am a 12-letter word, 2 compound words, and people celebrate me in the fall. What am I?”

Answer: Thanksgiving

Q:- “What is red and has feathers all over?”

Answer: A turkey blushing

Q:- “I can be crushed, baked, carved, and you can see me everywhere on Thanksgiving. What am I?”

Answer: A pumpkin

Q:- “I can be a sweet potato or an apple, I can be warm or cold, but one thing is for sure I am delicious and loved by so many. What am I?”

Answer: A pie

Q:- “What smells the best every Thanksgiving dinner?”

Answer: Your nose!

Q:- “What animal has the worst eating habits?”

Answer: The turkey, because it gobbles everything up!

Q:- “What happened when the turkey got into a fight?”

Answer: He got the stuffing knocked out of him.

Q:- “Why didn’t the Pilgrims tell each other their secrets in the cornfield?”

Answer: Because the corn had ears.

Q:- “If you feel scared on Halloween, jolly on Christmas, how do you feel on Thanksgiving?”

Answer: Stuffed

Q:- “Most people eat me, and that is no surprise. I taste great as chips and also as fries. What am I?”

Answer: A potato.

Q:- “It’s something I spy with my little eye. I’m an orange squash that is baked in a pie. What am I?”

Answer: A pumpkin.

Q:- “What is big, stuffed, and brown all over?”

Answer: A stuffed and roasted turkey

Q:- “What has feathers, is the star of a November feast and goes up and down?”

Answer: A turkey in an elevator

Q:- “If roses are red, violets are blue, what is stuffed, brown and blue?”

Answer: A turkey holding its breath

Q:- “Why is it that the turkey didn’t finish its dessert?”

Answer: Because it was already stuffed.

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Q:- “What is Dracula’s all-time favorite holiday?”

Answer: Fangsgiving.

Q:- “What part of the turkey does a drummer love the most?”

Answer: The drumsticks.

Q:- “I am a key that can fly and gobble but can’t open a door. What am I?”

Answer: A tur-key

Q:- “Which of the Thanksgiving beverages is considered to be sad?”

Answer: Apple sigh-der.

Q:- “When the Pilgrims walked off their boat into the new world, on what did they stand?”

Answer: Their feet

Q:- “If you like sweet side dishes, then I will make you a happy fellow as I have sweet potatoes as well as sugar and marshmallow. What am I?”

Answer: Candied yams.

Q:- “What did the pumpkin say to the turkey on Thanksgiving?”

Answer: You’re lucky you’re only eaten on one holiday! This is my second one in a month!

Q:- “What sound does a limping turkey make?”

Answer: “Wobble, wobble!”

Q:- “What is the difference between a chicken and a turkey?”

Answer: The turkey is stuffed.

Q:- “There’s lots of this at Thanksgiving but you don’t want it to be wasted because its meat’s really juicy, just so long as it has been basted. What is it?”

Answer: Turkey

Q:- “What is the most favorite sport of pumpkins and gourds?”

Answer: Squash

Q:- “Why did the turkey decide to cross the road?”

Answer: To prove that he wasn’t a chicken!

Q:- “Why did the turkey cross the road twice?”

Answer: To prove he wasn’t chicken (scared)!

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Q:- “Why did the pilgrim cross the road?”

Answer: Because he was actually chasing the turkey!

Q:- “Why did the chewing gum cross the road?”

Answer: It was stuck on the turkey’s foot!

Q:- “What is brown, big, and red all over?”

Answer: A turkey with a scoop of cranberry sauce.

Q:- “You see this festive event along the street on this very special day, from Felix to Mickey to Dora and Bugs Bunny, all of the people will make way. What is it?”

Answer: The Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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Q:- “What is hard, oddly-shaped and brings you good fortune on Thanksgiving?”

Answer: A wishbone

Q:- “It’s eaten at Thanksgiving as part of the main course. It gets added to your plate in the form of a sauce. What is it?”

Answer: Cranberry

Q:- “If you want to picture fall, then my image would be best. I am a horn that is filled with all the season’s harvest. What am I?”

Answer: Cornucopia.

Q:- “How can you tell which part of the turkey is the left side?”

Answer: It’s the part that was not eaten

Q:- ”What will you get if you cross a turkey and a monkey?”

Answer: A banana that gobbles.

Q:- “Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?”

Answer: The outside.

Q:- “Is it possible for a turkey to fly higher than an ostrich?”

Answer: Yes, because ostriches don’t fly.

Q:- “Where do you find a turkey with no legs?”

Answer: Exactly where you left it

Q:- “At the Thanksgiving table, which of these is not like the other: Sweet potato, apples, carrots or onions?”

Answer: Apples, all remaining are root vegetables

Q:- “What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?”

Answer: The letter “g”

Q:- “We came over in the Mayflower, crossed the ocean on a ship using the power of the wind and were taught how to grow food by those who were there before us. Who are we?”

Answer: The Pilgrims

Q:- ”Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?”

Answer: Yes, because a building can’t jump at all.

Q:- “What do you call a turkey on the day after Thanksgiving?”

Answer: Lucky.

Q:- “What do you call it when it’s raining turkey and birds?”

Answer: Fowl weather

Q:- “When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?”

Answer: In the dictionary

Q:- “If the turkey says gobble, gobble, gobble, and a peach says cobbler, cobbler, cobbler, what would a computer say?”

Answer: Google, google, google

Q:- “What’s the favorite food of mathematicians for Thanksgiving?”

Answer: Pumpkin pi

Q:- “What do you call a running turkey?”

Answer: Fast food

Thanksgiving Riddles For Adults

Thanksgiving Riddles For Adults

So, you may be thinking right now that riddles are just for kids. Well, think again! Riddles are a great way to engage a group and get those competitive juices flowing in a good-natured way. And a Thanksgiving gathering will definitely get a spike in the fun factor and get a whole lotta laughs when thanksgiving riddles for adults come into play!

Surprise family and friends with a little friendly competition and a lot of hilarity with Thanksgiving riddles for adults. Our collection of riddles touch on music, cooking, and other Thanksgiving themes that are familiar to grown-ups of all ages. You will totally grin and even burst out laughing as you read these Thanksgiving riddles aloud at your Thanksgiving get-together.

Whether you are the designated Thanksgiving host or one of the guests at a gathering, you will definitely be the one everyone will remember as the “thought-provoking one” or the “hilarious one who made me bust my sides laughing” come Thanksgiving day. Make the already memorable holiday even more memorable by filling it with fun and laughter and strengthening connections with these hilarious and challenging Thanksgiving riddles for adults. These Thanksgiving riddles will surely go well with a warm, happy Thanksgiving feast with family and loved ones.

Our collection of Thanksgiving riddles for adults are sure to add excitement, joy, and laughter to this memorable day. Add a lot of fun and a whole lotta puns with these Thanksgiving riddles and jokes for adults!

Q:- “Where do turkeys go if they want to dance?”

Answer: The Butter Ball.

Q:- “What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?”

Answer: The turkey trot

Q:- ”What is the main difference between Thanksgiving and April Fools’ Day?”

Answer: On one, you are thankful and on the other, you are prankful.

Q:- “I am everywhere at Thanksgiving ready to be tried, I wanna get away but I got dressed and now I can’t fly. What am I?”

Answer: Turkey

Q:- “What’s a turkey’s favorite Thanksgiving food?”

Answer: Nothing; it’s already stuffed.

Q:- “Which hand should you butter your roll with during the Thanksgiving dinner?”

Answer: Neither. You should use a knife!

Q:- “What do May flowers bring if April showers bring May flowers?”

Answer: Pilgrims

Q:- “What do you get when a turkey lays an egg on top of a barn?”

Answer: An eggroll

Q:- “What is the name of the cranberry that isn’t happy?”

Answer: Blueberry

Q:- “I am frequently at Thanksgiving dinner. I have ears, but I cannot hear. My outside is good, but my inside gets thrown away. What am I?”

Answer: Corn

Q:- “I can be hot or cold, I can be made with fruit, vegetable, or meat, but either way you see it, on a Thanksgiving table I will be a treat. What am I?”

Answer: Pie

Q:- “What is a baby turkey called?”

Answer: A peeping Tom

Q:- “What sound does a turkey’s phone make?”

Answer: “Wing, wing”

Q:- ”How is it possible that a turkey can end up with 3 legs even though it has only 2 legs?”

Answer: Because it had grown another foot

Q:- “Why do pilgrims’ pants always fall down?”

Answer: Because they wear their belt buckle on their hat

Q:- “What’s always in the middle of the table every Thanksgiving?”

Answer: The letter “B.”

Q:- “What genre of music did Pilgrims like best?”

Answer: Plymouth rock.

Q:- “What’s has feathers, a bowed head, and kneels?”

Answer: A turkey praying to not be eaten

Q:- ”How did the chicken, the pheasant, turkey, duck, and goose get into deep trouble?”

Answer: It’s because of their fowl language.

Q:- “Why is Johnny always getting low grades every Thanksgiving?”

Answer: Because everything is marked down after the holidays.

Q:- “What has feathers, a beak, and is dressed?”

Answer: A Thanksgiving turkey.

Q:- “It is a kitchen appliance but it is not trying to boast. In November at Thanksgiving, your delicious turkey is what it roasts. What is it?”

Answer: An oven

Q:- “What’s blue and covered with lots of feathers?”

Answer: A turkey holding its breath.

Q:- “Grandma and Grandpa had a total of six children. Each of those children grew up and had four children of their own. Those children grew up and had two children each. Everyone will join the Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. How many people will be at the table?”

Answer: 80 people.

Q:- “You reap what you sow because of this, remove the first three letters, and it becomes an object you can wear. What is it?”

Answer: harVEST.

Q:- “Why did the turkey end up in the oven dressed and killed?”

Answer: Because there was fowl play, he ended up dead

Q:- ”Why was the Plymouth Rock that brave?”

Answer: It’s because it was a little bold-er.

Q:- “What has feathers, is wild and ready for a party?”

Answer: A dressed turkey

Q:- “How would you be able to call a pet squash?”

Answer: Call it anything you want because it won’t hear you!

Q:- “Why did the turkey get arrested and put into jail?”

Answer: Because of its fowl attitude

Q:- “Where do turkeys come from if apples and pears come from a tree?”

Answer: The poul-tree.

Q:- “Why don’t you like eating fish on Thanksgiving?”

Answer: It’s because Thanksgiving Day never falls on a Fry-Day.

Q:- “If you will be carving the turkey with an electric cutter, what kind of battery will it need when it runs out of power?”

Answer: None. Because it’s electric-powered.

Q:- “What are you going to get if you breed a turkey with an octopus?”

Answer: Eight feather dusters.

Q:- “It’s a flower, but it doesn’t bloom; it sounds like a month and float over water. What is it?”

Answer: Mayflower.

Q:- “What do grateful, thankful, wonderful and joyful have all in common?”

Answer: They are all stuffed. (“ful”)

Q:- “If it took 3 women 4 hours to roast a turkey, how long would it take 4 women to roast the same turkey?”

Answer: None the turkey is already roasted

Q:- “What do the Pilgrims, Indians and Puritans have in common?”

Answer: The letter “I”

Q:- “Why did mom put the leftover turkey in the fridge instead of throwing it away?”

Answer: Because she didn’t want it to go to waist.

Q:- “What’s something you can never eat at Thanksgiving dinner?”

Answer: Thanksgiving breakfast and lunch.

Q:- “If you cross a key with a fowl, you get a turkey. What would you get if you cross a turkey with fire?”

Answer: A roasted turkey!

Q:- “Why did the Pilgrim decide to eat the candle?”

Answer: Because he wanted a light snack.

Q:- “Why do Turkeys gobble, gobble?”

Answer: They never learned good table manners!

Q:- “Why did the cranberries turn red?”

Answer: Because they saw the turkey dressing!

Q:- “Why did they let the turkey join the Thanksgiving band?”

Answer: Because he had the drum sticks

Q:- “What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?”

Answer: Your teeth

Q:- “How can you tell the difference between a male and female turkey?”

Answer: The male has a beer belly

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends, and this provides a perfect opportunity for everyone to have a ton of fun bonding over the challenge, thought, and hilarity that riddles bring. Let these Thanksgiving riddles for kids and adults create an atmosphere of fun and create meaningful memories too for both the younger ones and the grown-ups alike. After all, Thanksgiving is about gratitude, relaxation, and togetherness. Our Thanksgiving riddles are the perfect ingredient to add to that mix!

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