How to Induce Labor in 5 Simple Ways

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If you’ve decided to read this post, I can probably guess why. You’re 36+ weeks pregnant; your feet are swollen, your back aches, and you’re ready to have a baby ASAP!  Say goodbye to your big belly and hello to some newborn snuggles. Let’s talk about how to induce labor in 5 simple ways!

I’ve been there too. I always know I’m close to delivery when I’m begging for what is one of the most challenging things our bodies go through! 

When I get to that point, I start trying everything under the sun to induce labor naturally. Believe me; I’ve tried it all! Inducing labor at home isn’t a pure science, but here are the 5 things that I always try!

Inducing Labor at Home: Is it Safe? 

Inducing Labor at Home

Remember, before you do anything pregnancy-related at home you should always talk to your doctor. They will be able to recommend what is safe to try and what isn’t. 

Every pregnancy is different, and though many mommas have tried these items with some success, your body may respond to them differently! 

I know that right now it may seem like it’ll be years before your baby arrives, but the day will be here soon! The most important thing is that you and the baby are safe!

Everything on this list should be perfectly safe to try, but having a quick chat with your doctor is always a good idea! 

Natural Ways to Induce Labor

There are 5 basic things that you can try: eating certain foods, exercise, pressure points, essential oils and sex!

Foods that induce labor

Foods that induce labor

When I’m pregnant I love to eat! Thank goodness one of the simple natural ways to induce labor is by eating certain foods. 

The most common food with success is anything with spice. Get the glass of milk ready and see how much heat you can handle!

The other food I’ve heard can help is pineapple! Eat some fresh pineapple with your meals, make a pineapple smoothie with frozen pineapple, or mix some canned pineapple chunks with your favorite yogurt. Yum!

You can also look into certain teas made specifically for putting women into labor. Even if it doesn’t work, a good cup of tea can help you relax which can also get your body ready!

Be very careful when using foods that induce labor like castor oil or anything similar. You may have good results, but they may not be good for you or the baby’s body. 

Exercise to Induce Labor

Exercise to Induce Labor

Using exercise to induce labor is usually at the top of my list. As hard as it is with your big belly, try to keep moving as much as your body allows. 

Listen to your body and make sure that you aren’t doing too much. You don’t have to run a marathon to get your baby out! Even from pregnancy to pregnancy, you may notice your body can handle different things, so pay attention to all the signs.

My first pregnancy was really easy and I was able to go on a long walk every day to move my body along. Walking is great because not only are you moving, but gravity can help naturally move the baby down.

My second pregnancy was the opposite. I tried to do yoga most of the pregnancy, which is great for the birth experience, but by the end of my pregnancy, I was barely able to move. So I switched out the yoga for bouncing on an exercise ball

Every little movement helps, so do what you can!

Pressure Points to Induce Labor


The next thing that you can try is a nice massage! Put your feet up and let your spouse or someone else give you a good foot rub. 

There are specific pressure points to induce labor which is why most doctors actually recommend against too much foot-rubbing too early in the pregnancy. 

You can find tons of videos and articles about acupressure and how to hit the points that may help send your body a signal that it’s baby time.

It’s definitely worth a shot!

Essential Oils that Induce Labor

Essential Oils that Induce Labor

I love some good essential oils and there are rumors that some oils can help your body move through the labor process easier! 

Not only do they help your body, but they also can help you relax. Relaxation is key to starting labor! Women often go into labor in their sleep because of how much babies respond to a calm momma. 

Try out one of these oils in a roller or diffuse to give your body an extra boost towards delivery:

● Rose

● Clary sage

● Jasmine

● Lavender

● Ylang ylang

● Peppermint

● Geranium 

Sex to Induce Labor

Sex to Induce Labor

At about 38 weeks with my most recent pregnancy, I was getting pretty miserable. I was practically begging my doctor for advice at the appointment and here’s what she said.

“Everything is essentially a wive’s tale except for one thing: sex.”

Sex and nipple stimulation are the only things that have been medically shown to help put a women in labor. The hormones can help soften the cervix and any nipple stimulation may be able to start contractions. 

It might be the last thing on your list with how you are feeling, but it should be at the top of your list of how to induce labor naturally! 

How to Induce Labor Naturally

So what’s the consensus? There are lots of ways that people have found to induce labor. I’m sure that you’ve heard from friends and family all sorts of things that they were doing when they went into labor. 

For me, the things that I think can help the most are foods, exercise, essential oils, a good foot rub, and sex.

But more than anything else, it always helps just to take a breath and relax. Your baby will be here before you know it and this time will feel like nothing at all. 

Try nothing, or try everything if it makes you feel better. At the worst you’ll just be keeping yourself busy, but at best you might be helping your little one arrive at last. 

Sharing is Caring!

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