Mirena Crash: The Mirena IUD Side Effects After Removal

Well – THAT I was not expecting.  Off on my holiday – sun, sand and fun and WHAMO.

Silly me, I had the Mirena IUD removed a couple of weeks prior to leaving for our vacation. I have had a rough ride with Mirena from the get go and was nothing but thrilled to move on from my 5 year old friend, Mirena. (Yes, I kept it for the entire 5 years.)

It came out of nowhere. I went to bed feeling relaxed and happy to be on holidays, woke up with a crushing, heavy, almost suffocating feeling of blah. Not just any blah, but I need to go home now because I cannot stand this feeling anymore blah.

That was day one.

After a 12 hour journey home, I hid from pretty much everything for 4 days. I had no idea where this anxiety, this weight, this hell was coming from. Then it hit me.

Mirena, you got me.

Sure enough, I searched her out on Google and it happens. They even have a name for it: The Mirena Crash.

Apparently, after having the Mirena IUD removed, some women experience “The Mirena Crash”. Some women. This woman.

I won’t lie. It sucked. But 4 days later, back to normal. Thank you very much.

Would love to hear from you if you experienced “The Mirena Crash”. How long did it last, what helped? For me, just letting it be, giving myself some space and waiting it out was what I needed.

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Cassy says:

I had Mirena removed 10/15/09, and I have not stopped bleeding and get heavy gushes and clotting daily and I’ve contemplated on going to the hospital several times. I’m relieved to hear that there are others experiencing this but can someone tell me how long this will last? I can’t take it anymore, I’m scared to leave my house knowing that I could gush at any moment. Luckily the cramping has stopped, it was really bad the first week but the bleeding is INSANE!!!

Sola says:

Three month later, I almost recovered from my Mirena removal.After the removal, I bled 13 days straight, with clots like the baseball ball, used night pads, adults diaper and mostly stayed home. Three weeks later , I ended up in an emergency room .I told doctor there ,that I must going crazy. I was very cold, shaky (no fever), had migraine for five days after bleeding stopped, at night suffered from leg cramps and restless leg syndrome. Also, I was awakened many times from numb hands and like I was shocked in my chest area. It was scary! My anemia was near the point that required a blood transfusion. After three days of iron pills and multivitamins, my migraine was gone. Since, I could not tolerate iron pills, and refused having an ablasia or hysterectomy, I found a holistic medicine doctor, who takes care of body as a whole (not just symptoms) and monitors me closely. My hemoglobin lever is almost normal, three month later. Heaving IUD and post- removal time was most frustrating and terrifying time of my life. I will be very caution with everything what goes into my body. Ladies, be your own health advocate and do as much research about medicine or devices as you have access on !!!!

Shannon says:

I had mine out Otober 19th and started my period on the 22nd and bled for 10 days straight. My hubby and I are also trying to conceive. Started my period again on the 6th (only had a few days rest in between) adn right now as we speak I feel like I need to go to the hospital. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my entire life. I have gushes of blood and it comes on so unexpected and my left ovary feels like its going to burst. Tylenol IB profen, Midol, nothing works. This pain will not go away. I have blood clots the size of quarters every time i go to the restroom. I dont know what to do I can’t take this anymore its so painful!

Morgan says:

I had mine removed January 10th, I had my period right before so I have bled for 15 days. Of course after it was removed I bled the most. No one told me about a Mirena Crash, but I decided to look it up because i have had a huge overwhelming feeling of blah! I feel nothing and everything. I want to cry but I don’t cry. I want to do things with my family and go places then i just sit in the same spot in my robe and do nothing. I have never felt so lifeless. It sucks! My doctor told me that I should take prenatal pills for 3 months and I should feel better. Level out the hormones. Some moments are better then others. We shall see.

Kirsty says:

There’s actually a pill your gyno can give you that can make your regular eriod come back. My doctor recommended I come back and see him in his office if I had that problem :)Good luck trying to conceive thats so exciting!

Janis says:

Hi, I have been searching online for answers to try and calm my anxiety. I had the Mirena removed last week and feeling very anxious. The reason I had my Mirena removed is because I started losing my hair which has been devastating. Evryone has been telling me it is stress and preminapousal but then I put two and two together and thought it could be the Mirena. Thinking back I started asking the hair dresser about the hair thinning maybe 2 months after I put it in. I know there is know hard evidence this is what the problem is but I’m taking a chance by taking it out. My question is, did you see any hair growth after taking it out?

Chtistina says:

Wow, this is all so horrifying. I am at that 5 year mark myslef, and getting more scared by the day. All of these stories are helpful, as far as preparation, but it doesn’t help my mental state much. I too have been losing my hair for the last five years, and reading this is what just made me realize it could be Mirena. I have not had a great 5 years with this thing in me, but it did do it’s job, I can say that much. I have had really bad cramps, some times even to the point of incapacitation. I can’t move or do anything, just lay on the couch for 2 hours till the pain goes away. Sometimes my period is really heavy, and goes for a week, and sometimes it’s very light, and only lasts 2-3 days. I even went one month without, that was scary, because I thought I might have an ectopic pregnancy. Turned out to be nothing. I am worried about how my body’s gonna take the removal now. Also can’t help but notice how many of us Mirena users suffer from Anemia… coincidence?

Kirsty says:

My doctor said it can take up to 3-4 months to get my regular period back, but he also said that within that time frame if I didn’t get it back to normal to go and see him in his office and he would give me a pill that would get it back to normal. He said it was something similiar to birth control. Hope my answer helped :)

ebony says:

I had my mirena removed two weeks ago. I having experience horrible migraines appetite loss and extreme fatigue. In Sept 2009 out Jan 2012

Kaya says:

I had the mirena for a year and four months. I honestly can say I have been unsure if it was a help to me or just a headache because though you all are experiencing similar Things as in hair loss and things I Juss spot from time to time Im very moody. I gain weight but not as much and I want to gain a little of something because I’m very small. I get margines and sever sharp pain in my stomach. However when I spoke to my physician she told me its normal. Im confused of what to do. Leave it in or remove it.

Foluke says:

I fixed my mirena in June, 2009. Prior to this I always had fantastic skin. Exactly 6 months after insertion, I stopped getting my periods and I started to get one acne a day. I really didn’t take too much notice of this because each of these acne disappeared only to be replaced by another. As of July, I started to realize this was no ordinary acne I was dealing with, this was something way serious. Bottomline, my face is horrific! I finally realized what the problem was and confirmed my worst fear! It was mirena!!! Well, I finally took it out after I started getting yeast infections that never went away (the infection would disappear or 2 days and come back with full force!) This went on for 2 full months. Finally I took it out exactly one month ago October 16, 2010. I am yet to recover from the acne, in fact, it’s gotten much worse! I am unable to find info on the internet about how long it took for peoples’ acne to disappear after acne removal. Can anyone please supply this info. My doctor mentioned that it does take a while for the hormones to be dispelled, but how long are we talking about? 6 months? 1 year? It’s unbearable, and I struggle to put up a bold face like it doesnt affect me, but it does. I have these big pimples all over both cheeks, even my 5 year old son, said “Mum, why do you have all these strange things on your face?” Could I answer him? Not really. Someone please help, I need some kind of time-line to look forward to. Thanks everyone.

Shannon says:

My experiences with Mirena have been somewhat similar to a lot of the testimonies I’ve read so far. Unfortunately I too have gone through the hair loss, the unstable emotional roller coaster, weight gain of about 10 to 15 lbs, very low libido and lack of energy. I’ve not had mine removed yet, but I’m scheduled to go this week. I realize it will be a while before my body gets back to normal, but the outcome of removing this IUD has to be better than keeping it at this point. For me I can say the only upside from getting the Mirena was lighter periods and less cramping.

tasha says:

Im not the only one going through this..I got my Mirena two months ago and the last month Ive been having mood swings like nobody’s business, first I was irreatable to just depressed. And Ive also been sooo tired where I don’t even want to get out of bed.But has anybody had any chest pains from it? they’re starting to come on more frequently.(at least once a day to two days apart)Im going to talk to my doctor about it when I go in for my suns nine month vist.

jjdesiere says:

I am in the same exact boat. I had the mirena put in exactlt 6 months ago and the last 3 months my acne has gotten much worse. I just went to the dermatologist after realizing it was from the mirena to see if I could still have iut in and take care of the acne. He perscribed me a blood pressure med that makes me feel sick and drowsysoo I talked to a dooc today and they said the male hormone is causing acne and you will never gert better if you dont resolve the problem not just cover it up with another drug. So I called today to get the mirena taken OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never would have done this if they told me it could cause acne one of the most painful ugly acne not just a pimple and PLEASE I am 30 should not be dealing with acne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n @ more days the mirena is gone I pray for my body to go back to normal QUICK!!!!

Raquel LV says:

The acne may also be coming from unstable hormones all together. You need to do a total detox. The best way to do this is to get some Kangen Water. It has a very alkaline 8.0 to 9.5 ph. Drinking it makes your body less acidic. Also get the other waters. 2.5 and 5.5 beauty water. Do a google search and try to find someone near you who has it. Otherwise contact me atcheerio7458@yahoo and” mailto:cheerio7458@yahoo and”>cheerio7458@yahoo and”>cheerio7458@yahoo and I can help. This has helped my skin greatly. I also removed the Mirena because of pain REALLY REALLY bad pain and went to ER and everything. I am hoping not to crash but am also having my hair fall out. Try the water it really helps!!!!

Crystal says:

Can anyone tell me if the acne, mood swings, and WEIGHT GAIN went away after removal? I want mine out, I am starting to feel like a complete nut case (a fat bumpy faced nutcase). Please someone post if these things went away.

Paulie says:

It all goes away almost instantly. Then it will kinda come back but not near as bad. I simply feel lighter and way more normal. However yesterday my breasts got extremely sore, almost like I am pregnant, but that is not likely. I got my IUD removed 1 month ago. The acne is most definitly better

Tiffany says:

I had my mirena taken out 11/8/11 after 3 1/2 years. These postings made me a bit nervous. Im sorry that so many women have had problems with the mirena. Ths only problem I had with the mirena was low libido and possible weight gain (might be lack of exercise). I decided to take if oug b/c I didnt want to not have a period. The mirena crash is so real for 3 days I was every negative emotion in the book. My libido is up already after the crash and I have light bleeding. It has only been 4 days but so far all is well.

Heather says:

Hey. I just had my Mirena removed on Wed. It was a quick lil pain.. and then over.. I blinked and it was over.. DOnt be afraid to get it removed- call ur Dr… Do it now.. before it causes more problems… Goodluck!

gayle says:

I only lasted 3 months with Mirena. I had it removed today, Anxiety, unbearable monthly cramps that went on forever and recently Ive been developing wicked bruises all over my body. I feel so relieved to have it gone.

Ashley says:

I have had the IUD in place for a little over a year. I am so miserable most days that I could just cry. Not to mention ruining my life. The emotional roller coaster for me is taking a toll on my son and the rest of my family. They wonder if I’m going crazy. I feel bad every day because I treat my son and boyfriend like crap. I’m sorry that all of you have to go through it too, but I;m sure glad I’m not the only one. Sharing your stories has helped me make up my mind to get this stupid IUD out. I hope one day I will feel better and my family will be able to forgive me.
Other symptoms include: Cramping, bad acne, extremely low libido to the point where I don’t want to be touched at all…..but really I want to have the libido back!! I get my IUD taken out 12/17.2010. And I can’t wait.

Jeanne says:

Last night I had a moment of clarity! I had/have reached the bottom of the psychological barrel. After six months of PURE emotional craziness, I was going to declare that I needed to be admitted into the hospital. My kids have witnessed me having a meltdown, my husband a couple of times, and I had one at work and feel as if my job is now at rish. Six months ago I was hit with a terrible case of depression. I took a week off of work and sought daily help so that I could function. After a day-long test it was determined that I have major depression (bipolar), ADD, and an anxiety disorder that morphs itself into OCD (I am fixated on negative thoughts and cannot control or stop them). Antidepressants don’t help, they just make me feel worse! I’ve never had this happen and I’ve been living a nightmare and could not foresee a way out. That is until I decided to do research on possible side effects of Mirena. HOLY COW!!! I haven’t felt this happy in months! SO MANY WOMEN FEEL THE SAME WAY!! All of the symptoms many describe are exactly the same ones that led the shrinks to believe I have each of the disorders listed above – feelings of pure emptiness, trouble concentrating, anxiety attacks and continuous negative thoughts that I cannot stop or control. It has been just over a year since I got Mirena – and now I am making an appt to get this out of me. I was a fun-loving easy-going woman a year ago and I’ve turned into this lunatic that feels like she’s in a box with no way out! Thank you, ladies, for saving my life! I don’t care about the “crash” – can’t be any worse than what I’ve been going through!

Gina says:

Thank you! I can’t say much more than that right now. I’m sitting here, reading all this, and just crying. I’m so happy that I’m not crazy. I AM sorry that it took me so long to make the connection. Since my daughter was born six years ago I’ve been depressed, figured it was postpartum, and have been on just about every antidepressant out there (all of which did a great job at numbing me for a while, but long term never really helped). I never made the connection – I had my IUD put in a few months after my daughter was born, and that’s when the nightmare began. I don’t want to look back, I just want this thing out. My husband has been saying for years how “he wants me back” all the time thinking it was the antidepressants causing the changes in me. I weaned myself off the anti-depressants over the last month and I think I’m finally experiencing the true side effects of the Mirena (I’m ready to have myself committed). I’m calling my doctor this morning and look forward to a happier life without Mirena. Thank you soooooo much for sharing your story!

M says:

Holy crap! You just described me in a nutshell in this sentence: I was a fun-loving easy-going woman a year ago and I’ve turned into this lunatic that feels like she’s in a box with no way out! That’s me. I thought I couuld ride this out and honestly don’t have some of the symptoms others do but I have started to get migraine-type headaches, much more emotional but the worst part is how moody I have been. I can’t afford to have another kid and hated to be on the pill but I will go back to that so that I don’t have to deal with these headaches, the mood swings, and the crazy emotional wreck I feel like I have been lately. Thanks everyone. I have an appointment for Friday to, I hope, get it out OR get a referral to an OB to get it out.

Elizabeth says:

I had a mirena in 2004, primarily to control my periods which at the time were lasting for up to a month and extremely heavy. I was not happy to control them with the pill as it sent my moods CRAZY. My doctor explained to me that because the mirena is delivering hormones directly to the uterus the hormones would not have to pass through my whole system and would therefore not affect my moods like the pill did. In my case she was right, it was a dream once it was in, with my periods reduced to virtually nothing for 7 years. Looking back I did lose a lot of hair some years ago which confused me at the time but now I see that it was probably mirena. However the hair loss stopped and all grew back whilst the mirena was still in! I had no weight gain or acne problems with it either. I had the mirena taken out 4 weeks ago, and experienced moderate bleeding for about 10 days. No mood problems at all. I am still experiencing mild headaches, which is what brought me to this site, as I now realise its probably a side effect of ‘the crash’. While I had it in I was happy to recommend it to others, and in fact I still would.

Sarah says:

My experience was much like yours, I loved the Mirena, didn’t have huge problems with it, my libido was great, etc. However I was on antidepressants before I even had the Mirena in. The only negative side effect I had, which I didn’t realize was due to the Mirena until much later, is FACIAL HAIR. I started getting coarse, dark hairs on and under my chin, on my neck and sideburns…which I’d pluck daily, at least 30 a day. Ugh. I had the mirena out about 2 wks ago and am still plucking, but hoping that it’ll go away once the hormones are completely out of my system.
Today I was a bit freaked out though…I had a leep procedure done the same time I had my mirena removed, and this morn when I woke up I had to run to the toilet because of the gush of blood, and then I passed a large clot. After reading online it could be from either the leep or mirena removal, not sure, but I’m going to monitor closely to make sure I’m ok. Haven’t had any other issues though, no headaches or anything.

lisa says:

Shocked at reading all of these reports & afraid to say i have suffered most of the above too..
I’m sure it may work for some, as yes we are all different, but listen to your body… it does tell you something after all. Cant beleive i’ve had the mirena twice now (having the 1st removed as was having pain in my hip area & wanted to remove all possible causes..) Again the first few months have been pretty good.. but yes have had day after day of feeling somehow just -anyhow- almost hard to put my finger on just what is wrong…. i’ve gone from a gym loving energetic woman to a sluggish heavy mumsy looking middle aged blob.. i could stay in bed almost everyday, cant be bothered with anything, nothing really excites me, it’s terrible. Booking to have mine removed first thing tomo, bring on the crash! As when you hit bottom the good news is… there is only one way left to go! UP!! sick of big sore boil like spots on my face, back & chest.. fed up with severe headaches & no energy.
Thanks to all on here that have left such honest reviews… you may well have just turned my life around.
Will keep you posted. Lisa

Amber says:

I had Mirena for just under two years, and I had absolutly no problems with it. I recently had it removed, had a bit of spotting and feeling bloated. I highly recommend this product, safest method of birth control.

Traci says:

Ok. I have had the product twice. The first time after my first child in 2004 and didn’t have periods for 3 years. I got it taken out and it was uncomfortable and bled a little, but it was fine. Got pregnant with my 2nd child 9 months later in 6/2008. I had the new one put in in May 2010 just before my 2nd child turned 2. The pain was horrific! Not like the first time at all!! I bled for 5 months. Totally defeating the purpose of having it. I got it taken out on 10/12/10 and have been bleeding like CRAZY, blood clots, etc. This is scary. I know everyone reacts differently, but it’s the same drug and I’m the same person and it is light years apart.
I loved Mirena the first time, but will never use it again. Its not worth it!!!

Beth says:

Hey ladies,
Its so subjective to compare the “crash” merina puts onto. A woman because everyone is so different..and I feel for all you ladies who have endured the misery! I am 19 and had merina inserted because I have a severe case of endometreosis. My obgyno suggessted it because no pills worked (irritability and so on) and I was just a. Hormonal wreak at only 13 when my journey of bad periods began. I had the IUD inserted in august after a laproscopy surgery for my ‘endo and I love my merina..remember the bad side effects can last up to 6 doesn’t work overnight and its no magic pill or device. I sympathise towards the ladies who’ve gained weight and so on, but remember its hormonal and you put the food to your mouth-not your iud (mind you I’m not a thin miss speaking out I ca relate) its an expensive method if your wanting purely birth control and I think all these side effectd suck–myself I blead for 5 weeks after and occasionaly I get a yeast infection or bleeding during sex or in my urine (haha and I’m saying its worth it) but let it settle in you before you go hog wild on how its horrible. Our bodies naturally take time to adapt for a forign device in us..we are woman- we’re sensitive!
Remember to those wanting to try it out or who have been suggested by your doc-
You will come across more ranting reviews of how BAD something is before how great it is.

Keep an open mind, and again to all those who’ve had the crash or agony I feel for you sincerly and all the best in whatever form of Birth control you and your doctor decide to use

Jaimi says:

Alot of women (such as myself) have given it time. I have had Mirena for 13 months and the side effects are only getting worse. I agree that you should wait it out, but in some cases it is just miserable to do so.

Laurie says:

I waited 2 years now! I have severe back pain, menstrual cramps all the time! Bloating headaches, I gave it time I didn’t get it for birth control I have 3 kids and I’m done. I have very bad periods, and this was supposed to stop the heavy flow and pain! It did I still bleed for 2 weeks but it’s not heavy! But I don’t like the mood swings the pimples all over the headaches ect. The only good thing is I didn’t gain extra weight! But I hadn’t lost any either!! It’s not for everyone nut I say from my experience if you get it in then at least give it a year.

Kristy says:

Wow I thought I was the only one having these issues. I have had the mirena for 2 yrs now. It hurt like hell getting it put in, I had small issues the first 2 weeks. After that I loved it until about 9 months ago. I gained A LOT of weight, major mood swings, acne and now I have acne on my scalp!! Never in my life have I had it there. I just recently started bleeding painfully after all this time. I’m in pain every day. I have headaches, lower back pain, bleeding that won’t stop, feeling tired ALL the time, I can’t sleep more than 5 hrs and the list goes on. I got this IUD because my periods would bed ride me until it past. I was told this is the best way to go and now all this happens. Yes everyone is different but so many seem to be having the same problems. I am calling the doc this week to schedule the removal. I thought it was just lack of sleep, but after reading so many women with the same problems it’s for the best.

Jess says:

Wow…I came here looking for what would happen to get a mirena removed for baby #2. Everyone has been so negative. I have had NO problems- no period, no cramps, no nothing with my mirena. Why on earth would you ladies rain on this girl’s parade? The girl you’ve commented on had a good experienve- the first I’ve come across on this board. It’s helped her.

You’re wondering why you’ve gained weighted? Try sleeping more than 4r hours at hingt. You’re tired all the time? Did you get your mirena inserted after a child? Welcome to parenthood.

If anyone here is looking for a different opinion:
I got my mirena as soon as possible after my first child. Insertion was uncomfortable, but less uncomfortable than a pap. Little to no bleeding. and no period/bleeding since. No other sypmtoms that I’m aware of. Came here looking for what I could expect with removoal but these are obviously all horror stories, to be taken with a grain of salt.

Kristin says:

For those of you that have had good experiences, you are very lucky. I got the mirena almost five years ago. I had terrible cramps in the beginning that had me back at the doctor’s office wanting it removed. He told me the cramping was normal and pretty much mace me feel lime I was being a baby about it. I had constant spotting for entire five years, and again my doctor kept telling me it was normal. Three years into having the iud I had hairloss so severe I had to go thru all kinds of testing. I told my primary doc about hairloss and my gyno and neither mentioned it cld be from iud. I wish I saw this site years ago because it cld have saved me a lot of money, sanity, and damage to my body. In october 2011 I ended up in the er with a ruptured ovarian cyst. During my recovery mygyno still found it unnecessary to remove the iud. Needless to say oi ended up back in the er ten days later with a massive infection and I had to have the iud removed immediately. Once removed the sharp stabbing pains I had been experiencing for weeks suddenly stopped. The hospital fixed me up with antibiotics. Since the mirena was taken out ive developed severe complications. Complications that have led to a ctscan of my brain to check for a brain tumor. Negative thank god. An emergency mri of my brain stem to detect nerve damage, stroke, seizures, or lesions….all negative thank god. Im experiencing migraines each week…unexplained. Ive developed bouts of binocular diplopia….double vision, thirty times a day. At first they thought it was tied to migraines but have sjnce ruled that out. Today they still havent figured out what is going on and ive been scared to death for the last month. I want to thank everyone that posted on this site. I feel there is a good chance my recent problems cld be tied to the removal of my iud, as my symptoms started within a week. I used to reccommend that people get the iud….. But never again…i havent had children yet, but I do want to..i just hope the mirena hasnt created complications that willxmake that impossible.

Tori says:

I had a very similar experience with mirena, and am now ready for my second child. Little bit of pain going in, light peroids, that lead to no periods, and a little bit of pain taking it out after 2.5yrs. Now I am 3 weeks post mirena, and I am wondering what happens now? I have cramping (just the last couple of days), and keep waiting for the peroid to start but it hasn’t. How long did it take for your peroids to resume after getting it taken out?


Lisa says:

Hey girls,
I have had mine for 3 years and I LOVE IT!!!! No side effects. The best thing I have ever done for myself:) I plan on having a new one in 2 years!!!!!!!

Kelly says:

Hi Everyone,

I had mine in for 5 years and I never had any side effects from it. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I am concerned however about how long it will take to concieve not that I have had it removed. The only thing I did not like was how bad it hurt when it was put in. That was horrible, but in the long run it was worth it to not have my period for the last 4 years. Good luck to everyone out there having problems with it.

Joanna says:

I had mine in for the full five years and never had any problems with it. I’m so sad to read about all the horrid issues others have had. But EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. I removed mine in October and my only concern now is that I have not had any bleeding or cramping or even spotting since. I’ve taken two pregnancy tests over a peroid of one month and they have both been negative so that rules out pregnancy. If anyone has any info on this then I’d gladly appreciate it!

Theresa says:

I have had the Mirena for 18 months. I am 34 years old and I compete in runs including marathons and I run at least 20 miles/week. I eat healthy and am constantly running after my 2 girls under 5 years old. I lost all of my baby weight plus more after my first child. However, 8 weeks after my second daughter, I had the iud inserted 18 months ago and I have been on this terrible weight loss/gain roller coaster. I feel and look bloated much of the time and my thighs are still considerably larger than they should be at this point in my athletic stability. I am tired of the feelings of being pregnant and looking pregnant. I am having mine removed tomorrow. Hopefully my energy level will increase and I will begin to loose the weight. I am hoping to quality for the Baker to Vegas Law Enforcement relay 2011 since I did not qualify last year due to a sluggish time. Wish me luck ladies.

julie says:

I have had mirena in for a little over 3 years and have had a very positive experience with it…but my Dr. Did suggest that I come in if I was not liking it or if it was uncomfortable. I am getting it removed…I have gained nearly 20 lbs. With no change in eating habits exercise. And we will be trying for baby #2 soon!

casey says:

I had my mirena taken out surgically last month due to the strings being retracted, one that perforated my cervix and the other that was entangled with a polup (sp?). While I enjoyed not having a period for the five years it was in, my husband noted that I was constantly moody and crabby. I also had no sex drive during the time it was in. Outside of that, not too bad. When they removed the mirena, I had them insert another IUD that lasts 10 years and doesn’t have hormones (I can’t think of the name but it starts with the letter P) since the pill brought me two babies. The only complaint I have about post removal is the sudden and severe breakouts on my face, chest, and back. I can only hope that this is caused by my hormones getting back into check and praying it won’t last…

Erika says:

I just had my mine removed on Monday after 5 years. The actual removal was done at my annual exam. I was sooo nervous and had mini attacks all a.m.about the removal. I can honestly say “IT WAS NOTHING” I felt a little tug and that was it. It took less then 30 seconds.
It is sad to hear about all the BAD things that come with the Mirena. I was a happy lady with it. I did have spotting for 3 months upon insertion but I had 5 years of no bleeding. 2 days after the removal I have started to bleed. I am happy to hear that this is common and will take on what ever crash comes. We all have our reasons for putting it in and we have to all weigh the side effects for ourselves.

Marleigh says:

I got the mirena about 1 and a half years ago. I new that after my second son was born that I would experience deprression because I did with my first son. I was given an antidepresent by my dr. and after that I decided to go ahead and get the mirena inserted. I experienced lots of irritability but I have a history of depression so it was something that I have learned to deal with. I have gained about 20 pounds since I had the mirena inserted and I feel so fat and unhappy. We just moved recently and with the move and getting settled in money is very tight. I have been without my antidepressant for a little over a weak now. I am now seeing, clear as day the many negative full blown side of the mirena. I am a big fat zitty emotional wreck. If you experience any emotional side effects with regular birth control then I would not try the mirena. I am going to the dr. soon to talk about having this removed, well demanding that it be removed. I want to get the pargard put in. The iud with no hormones if there is anyone who has paragard and can inform me of there experience with it it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who posted their mirena experiences. I guess I am not insane after all.

Jessica says:

I just wanted to let you know that I have had the paragard and I now have the mirena. The paragard is a very painful IUD. You can feel it inside you and my periods were heavy and long and filled with horrible cramps. I am also in the process of getting the mirena removed. (Have to wait til my doctor comes back from vacation!) I have gained 10 pounds, headaches, bloating, emotional, and I have been bleeding for the past 6 months with a couple of sparatic weeks off. I don’t know what Iam going to do for birth control after this because the pill makes me crazy, but I can’t have this anymore. Not looking forward to the crash though! I’ve never heard of that!!

Kristina says:

I got the mirena Dec.2008 and It was fine but after the first year I started to get side effects like acne on my back and pain in my left shoulder that I didnt know was linked with the mirena until I read other girls have had the side effect. I didn’t like all the side effects I was reading on the internet about menopause in 20 year olds and a lot more! So I went to the ob/gyn and had it removed March 14th, 2011. that was a couple days ago and I just started bleeding really bad today and I feel like crap! I never had heavy periods any way I just want myself to go beck to normal! And my Doc. doesn’t seem to think that any of my side effects are from the Mirena I hope hes wrong and all my symptoms go way! I Iam running a marathon in Oct. and I hope none of this silly Mirena crap slows me down!

Belinda says:

Hi, I have had the Mirena for 3 years now. I have loved evry minute of it until recently. i havent had a perod for a good couple of years. How good is that. In the last 12 months I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and need to use a cpap machine at night to sleep. this is due to the absolute exhaustion I have had over the last few years. It initially work but have become ic=ncreasingly more tired again. To the point that I cant sit and watch tv , read book or play games with the kids because I will fall asleep. After a friend commenting on feeling as lethargis as me she pointed out her s started after having the Mirena inserted. I am devasted by this as I thought it was brillant. After reading many comments by women on a few pages I have realised I have had a lot of side affests. I have had painful,itchy blister type pimples on my face that no matter what I use , they wont go away. I have been on antidepressants for years but it has gotten worse in the last couple with me having to increase medication. Looks like my dream contaception is my devil in disguise. my problem is , i am about to go on a holiday to Fiji. Do I have it taken out now so I dont fall asleep every 5 mins and risk the possible mirena crash. I think I might wait. better the devil you know. Would I reccommend it. definatly worth trying. i found the first 3 months hard but seemed to be smooth sailing after that. Just give it 3-4 months and be awar of what may happen. Good luck

Nikki says:


I had my Mirena put in 2 weeks after my daughter was born in June 2007 and blamed every single symptom on being a new mom.
I didn’t get the severe headaches or migraines but I did get;

-sores on my face, back and chest (i’ve never had skin problems and these weren’t pimples they were like sores)

– extremely tired, (my daughter never woke me up in the middle of the night, i breastfed and coslept so I always had at least 8 hours sleep if not more)
i was not motivated to do anything!!

-foggy head, which sounds weird and is extremely hard to explain but it’s like i was slow…slow to process things people said to me such as an implied joke…i felt like i was suddenly stupid.

-poor memory

-no sex whole life i was the one who wanted sex every other day, if not every day…this turned into once every 2 weeks and i didnt even care if it was longer than that…

-weight issues..from cravings and lack of only 15 pounds more than my prepreg weight but i couldnt loose the weight for anything!

-not depression, but i havent been as happy or fun as i used to be, ive just been so tired and blah! for the past 2 years!

-some pain during sex (part of the reason i didnt want to do it as much)

-cyst on my cervix

I had Mirena removed 2 weeks ago and within days I was taking my daughter out sliding (twice) and felt happy and clear headed. I had energy and wanted to do things again. My sex drive is recovering and my cyst has shrunk a bit.

BUT now the past 3 days I’ve had severe headaches, crying for no reason, and I’m extremely tired and irritable. How long does the crash last?

I can’t wait until the crash is over but at least now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m so relieved that my symptoms can all be attributed to this little foreign object and I look forward to getting better and being the mom and wife that I can be. :D

I’ve been on the pill and then had Mirena (which I used because it was supposed to be a very small dose of hormones compared to the pill, yet symptoms are worse?)

Anyways I’ve learned my lesson and will never mess up my hormones with medication. Getting fitted for a diaphragm and that will be my birth control from this point on.

Jennifer says:

So good to have found this site. I too think I am experiencing the infamous crash. I had the Mirena for 3 years and had it taken out 2 1/2 weeks ago. I felt good the last week but last night and today I feel like the whole world came crashing down on me. I have the feeling of my heart wanting to jump out of my chest, racing!! Crying, actually sobbing and just wanting to curl up and not exist for the moment. I have 2 young daughters and of course that would not be possible but if given the chance would probably sleep for days. If everything goes well, I should be getting my 1st period on Tuesday. Not sure if you start to feel better after that. Here’s hoping that we all get back to feeling great!

Kirsten says:

holy crap! I’m not nuts. I had the Mirena in for only 7 months. During that time I continued to bleed, gained 15 lbs, and felt bloated and crappy at least half of each month. I had the IUD removed and 1 week later began bleeding like a stuck pig. MD put me on BC- which helped after a few days, but then it began again. it has been 10 days now of bleeding, clots, cramps, and depression. No one told me this could be a reaction to the IUD. I have been sure I was dying of some rare and horrible disorder. Thank you for all your posts. I can’t wait to get back to “normal.”

Taryn says:

I had my Mirena for about two years. LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I will definitely get it again. But. I just had it taken out (accidentally by the gyno, thanks doc!) and neither my husband nor I were quite ready for the side effects. The day it came out, I was depressed and extremely sad. Sad because this thing that was my saviour is now gone. Silly, I know! But you all know what I’m talking about when we get emotional over the silliest things! It has been out for about three weeks and I still have a little bit of dried blood discharge, which is fine with me. But what’s not so fine is my constant mood swings. I’ve been feeling so empty and neglected and, ‘woe is Taryn’ and I HATE this feeling. It’s all about me me me. Yes, I’m a selfish person, but I’m not THAT selfish and I can’t stand it! It’s all I can do to not make it about me. Now it’s starting to take a toll on my husband. So now that we talked about it, I need him to be just a little more compassionate and understanding than he normally is. I can slowly feel things getting back to normal. I love Mirena; it’s been nothing but wonderful for me, I just wish that the side effects after the removal weren’t so severe.
The only negative outcome from the removal is my mood swings. I haven’t had any acne breakouts, weight gain or loss and my sex drive is still the same. I guess I’m doing pretty good!

Katie says:

Thank you all so much for writing about your experiences! I am twenty-six years old and have had the Mirena IUD for about two years and seven months. I have been experiencing what I’m now convinced are my version of its side effects (mild depression mixed with terrible mood swings and general irritability, the worst acne of my life, no libido AND pain during and after sex, moderate to severe anxiety, lack of energy, and the brain fog described in several of these posts) for at least ten months, and I am finally scheduled to have my Mirena removed in four days. It just occurred to me today that there may be some unexpected consequences of removal, and I’m so glad I found this blog and everyone’s responses. As it seems I’ve had basically the full range of negative responses to Mirena so far, I’m willing to bet I should prepare my husband and I as well as I can for the crash.
While I know it’s true that women experience a great range of side effects and severities with all forms of birth control, but for me and every one of my female personal friends, what I’ve experienced with Mirena is beyond the pale. I hope everyone of you who has been dealing with this mess is feeling better already or soon, and thank you so much for sharing your experience here.

Vanessa says:

I was always uncomfortable with the idea of an IUD, but I knew women who had good experiences so I gave Mirena a go. Similar to some of you, I did not want hormones and this seemed like a very minor amount for a great payoff. I expected some cramping, but all indicators were that it would be over by 3 months. Well, it was 7 months this month, and I still was getting stabbing, wake-me-in-the-night cramps like I have never known. It really felt like my uterus was trying to get rid of the foreign invader. My doctor is great, but she simply instructed my to keep taking ibuprofin for the cramps, and said that it could take up to NINE months for the cramping to stop. NINE? Not worth it! I realize now that my fatigue and foggy head, which I attributed to fighting off winter flu and colds, could very well have been side effects too. My acupuncturist helped me to put all the signs together, to realize that I was looking for permission to “fail” to adapt, and I had the damn thing out this morning. My main lesson to learn from this is to trust myself and my own body. I hope I do not experience the “after effects” described here, but now I feel prepared in case. I would highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat the hormonal imbalances this devices can cause (even if you decide not to take it out for medical or personal reasons).

Juicy says:

I have had my mirena in for almost 5 years.
Loved it! Other then Horrible Cramping the day it was inserted, it has been wonderful.
Now I am debating if I should have another one put in when I have this one taken out.
I will be 40 years old when this one comes out, and I was trying to find out
1. if there is pain associated with the removal?
2. Are there side affects to having one put in at age 40?
3. Can a new one be put in at the same time the 1st one is taken out?
4. Would there be less pain associated with a 2nd one being put in since my body is already used to having one for 5 years.

Needless to say, I am scarred to death now about having it removed. Im so afraid of the pain and possible side effects.!

Jackie says:

Juicy, I think I had one put in when I was 39 or 40. It was great because I never had to go through the monthly bleeding but I was constantly moody and arguing with my boyfriend at the time. When we broke up, I had removed months later but decided two weeks later to have it put back in. From what I recalled during the removal visit that it hurted so badly. He had to dilate me with those metal hegar dilators. I was in tears during the procedure. I don’t mean to acre you but maybe it was because it was a rough male GYN doctor or because it (IUD) was scarred up and stuck up the cervix or maybe because my uterus is “inverted”, or angled to the side instead of upright. Having inserted back after two weeks was no problem. Im 44 and now having all the symptoms described on his page. It’s coming out for good!!!
I dont think I could wait a month to see my OB doc. Her schedule is so backed up but because of my previous experience with removal, I am willing to wait. Good luck!!!

Angie says:

I wish that I would have done some research on this thing before having it . inserted. I am getting it out today and I just feel so relieved, but also I feel stupid. Man, how could I have done this to myself? I have packed on like 40-50# and Oh God….the smell!!!!!! That “smell” down there is just ugh, it’s gross! I have had to sprinkle deodorant powder in that area. I have sat next to people with my legs closed together and I think that they have noticed. And I just think that it’s sort of “unnatural” to not have a period, for so long and not be pregnant (or menopausal). So what now? What is this Mirena “crash” thing I got to worry about? You know there should be some kind of lawsuit about this thing. I am just hoping that the thing is removed without incident.

Tabitha says:

I just wanted to put my input in on this one…I have has my mirena for 3 years now and I have LOVED it!..I have had absolutely no problems with it what-so-ever no weight gain, loss of libido, and surely no “crazy” feelings. I am getting mine removied on the 11th of march because my hustband and I are going to try for baby number 3 but I will get another one after of that I am sure, it is the easiest and most efffective BC I have ever taken. BTW I havent has a period in 3 years, AMAZING!…no to put down anyone I just wanted to put a good note out there too…everyones body is different, just because one person has bad symptoms most definately does not mean everyone will. Just keep that in mind :)

Cheryl says:

My first 3 years were pretty good too. So maybe Bayer needs to specify a 3-year limit instead of 5.

Shelley says:

Have had in for 8 years now and not a single problem!

Gretchen says:

My first 2 1/2 years were great. I recommended the Mirena to so many people. I loved not having a period. I thought the changes in my body were due to having a child. What really got me researching was the horrible dry eyes I developed. I mentioned to my eye doc, but she just said to use artificial tears. A year passed, and the dry eye got horrible-couldn’t wear contacts for very long, and even with them out it hurt my eyes. Chalked it up to allergies until I read about Mirena side effects. Then things started to make sense: weight gain, inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise, dry eye, heart palpitations, irritability, etc. I had my Mirena removed 3 weeks ago. The day I had it removed, the doc ran labs. HDL was pretty low (another reported side effect). Now 3 weeks later, my otherwise normal blood pressure has risen drastically (read that hormonal imbalances can cause a rise in blood pressure). I still can’t lose weight despite a low carb diet and doing Zumba several days a week. I bled for the first few days after insertion, but I haven’t had a period since then. I just saw my doctor today, and she said to wait it out through a cycle, but if I don’t have a cycle in the next few weeks we may have to “jumpstart” it. That Mirena is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for a lot of people. I think it’s great some of you haven’t had side effects. I know my friend claims she hasn’t. Still, I think sometimes you don’t realize the side effects are related, or they aren’t prevalent enough to worry you. The weight gain has a lot more to do with hormonal imbalances than us “putting the food to your mouth” like one poster commented. The side effects are real and dangerous. I just really think more research needs to be done on it for everyone’s safety. People thought Phen/Phen was great at first too. The Mirena hasn’t been around long enough. Good luck to those of you who love it, and I hope you continue to stay happy with it. Hang in there to those of you who have experienced the havoc it can potentially cause.

Michelle says:

Good point, Tabitha! I know people who have had LOTS of wonderful things to say about the Mirena IUD. It absolutely depends on your body.

sara says:

I had the mirena in for 3 years. Noticed almost immediate weight gain at least a dress size despite no change in what I was eating. I hated the way I looked so much I have hardly any photo’s of myself for the last 3 years and would not have even considered wearing a bathing costume in public – shame for my 2 young children. Also suffered terrible dry skin to my hand and feet which was only relieved with steroid cream from my doctor. I’ve also noticed my hair has been in worse condition slower to grow and more damaged – even my hairdresser commented and said I should see my doctor. I also experienced the foggy feeling some days getting my words muddled up – very embarassing! Doctors put it all down to a busy life and age! but I finally insisted on having the mirena removed as I was unconvinced it was all normal. I had it out about 6 weeks ago and within days felt better. I’ve already lost weight which is very noticeable despite no change in my diet. I’ve just finished my first period which was very heavy but I always did have heavy periods and I was particularly hormonal/stressed which I have never been before with my periods (hoping this was a one off). The only good thing about the mirena was that it stopped my periods for 3 years but after all said I’d rather have them back thanks! I feel upset that 3 years of my life have been affected by this – I wouldn’t recommend this as a form of contraception.

Fliffles says:

i had the Mirena in for 4.5 years before having it removed. i loved it for 4 of those years. then i got an infection in my vagina that turned into Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (about 6 months ago), and my entire life went to hell shortly after. after 4 nearly care-free years with the Mirena, i started breaking out with cystic, itchy and painful acne everywhere. i had raging yeast infections and BV that no medication would stop. i got panic attacks like i never have before. i went to endless OBGYNs and other docs (dermys, endocrine dudes, etc) with my symptoms – they ALL INSISTED my IUD had nothing to do with my symptoms. only when i returned to my midwife (1000 miles away from where i live now) did she think my symptoms all had to do with the Mirena. within 2 days of her removing it, my acne stopped! my panic/anxiety problems are considerably more manageable. after reading all these posts, i’m starting to wonder if the IUD is the reason i’ve been such a bitch to my hubby the last several years, not to mention my dead libido. i am doing boric acid suppositories to deal with my yeast infection/BV issues, hopefully that will be taken care of soon. i look forward to a proper shag when this is all over!!

i know the Mirena works for some people. it did for me, for a while. but when i got PID everything changed and my health spiraled down at an alarming speed. it’s been 2 weeks since i had it taken out. i had a bit of bleeding after for about 4 days, but nothing major. my ovaries are feeling pretty crampy, i’m hoping things are just trying to normalise back up in there. i can’t wait to have a period again.

Susan says:

Ladies-I had my Mirena for about 1 1/2 years. I experienced all the mood swings, low libido, gained 20 plus pounds, acne ourbreks, lower back pain, cramping, headaches, constant annoying bleeding, the works. I had the IUD removed 2 days ago and start BC pills the same day. I have been having some bright red, moderately heavy bleeding. Had a melt down after having our taxes done tonight. I have been on vacation this week and had plenty of sleep, yet I feel like I constantly want to nap. I figured I would notice a change in how I feel. Although, I feel emotional and the bleeding is a pain. I still feel like a million bucks compared to having the IUD in. I always felt a low dull pain/pressure in my pelvic area. I would not reccomend this for of BC to anyone. And for those that have recently had theirs removed……
CHEERS, it can only get better now!

YOUR turn!  What has been your experience with the Mirena IUD?  Add your comments below:

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  1. Heather Tyson April 14, 2012 at 12:18 am - Reply

    I’m getting my iud out in two Weeks. I’ve had it in for a month short of 5 years. I’ve loved it in. no periods, no cramping no bleeding. After reading this blog i’m worried about getting it out. I have seen spotting this past year. I’m getting it out because my husband and I want to have another child. I can only hope that I don’t experience the crash.

  2. P.A.M April 14, 2012 at 3:28 am - Reply

    I had my mirena [IUD]removed on February 27 2012. Before having the IUD removed I was losing hair my hair is now very thin and my skin wasn’t as smooth as it was before the Mirena and my libido was not just low it was gone I would be so upset when my husband touched me I wanted to cry sometimes i did. I kept it in the 5 years and as the 5 years gotten closer I began to have anxiety attacks so bad that I felt weak and faint all the time. I went to the ER after tests they diagnosed me with motion sickness. once the IUD was removed within 3 days I was in the hospital for chest discomfort and think all kinds of negative thoughts I was thinking I was dying and couldn’t control my thoughts and trying hard to hide it from my family. After the hospital stay I didn’t have an heart attack in fact i was put on Metformins, an aspirin a day and a cholesterol. The symptoms slowed but I would feel like I was losing it all the time. I began to do some research and end up here. I am still suffering from anxiety and panic attacks that happens often and from time to time the negative thoughts try to get the best of me everyday living is filled with praying to be my self again. Now I am having dull pains in my left under breast and armpit and shoulder area all this happened to me after removing the mirena. Do anyone have some advice for me

    • Lenore June 8, 2017 at 12:53 pm - Reply

      Omg six months in my hair is falling out just had mine removed four days ago bleeding heavy.

  3. March 29, 2012 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Since you changed your blog page, my previous comment has disappeared, but that’s cool, I’ll just provide the update I promised anyway. I got my IUD removed eight days ago and still have not experienced any sort of “crash”. I suppose there were a couple of moments where I felt more emotional than I needed to, but overall I’m feeling GRRRREAT!!!! As many women have stated, I feel more energetic, lighter, and I’m seeing improvement in my skin. I’m five pounds lighter, but I think that was just water weight because I haven’t lost much more than that so far. I still have the stupid pooch, but it’s only been eight days, so I’m looking forward to how my clothes fit this summer. After reading all of these stories, I was getting a little scared about what was to come after having the thing removed, but with the way I feel at this very moment I know it was worth it – even if the “crash” is still looming before me.

  4. kristinman March 25, 2012 at 2:07 am - Reply

    Anyone had bad odor from vagina after having mirena put in? I have had mine for over 4 yrs and that started about a week after insertion. Ready to get this dumb thing out but scared to death after reading all these horror stories.

    • stephanie June 6, 2015 at 11:10 am - Reply

      I did, i had mine short 2 months of the 5 yr mark because i could not take the pain anymore, i noticed the odor disappeared after my first shower after removal. Best thing i have done.

  5. Onlyme March 30, 2012 at 1:27 am - Reply

    Well, I had my mirena placed 3 and a half years ago and other than a lot of bleeding the first 6 mos, mirena worked perfectly and I never felt any different with it in. However my husband and I want to start trying for our third child and I just had mirena removed 2 days ago and I am bleeding harder than I EVER have in my life. I never got cramps before other than when I was pregnant and I have mind numbing cramps. I too was close to going to the emergency room until I read all these comments and am now assuming this is normal. What sucks is we are getting ready to go to a waterpark vacation next week. I sure hope this stops before then!

  6. Tiff March 31, 2012 at 1:37 am - Reply

    I have had my IUD for 3yrs now, I am 38 and had gastric bypass 2 yrs ago. So I lost 103 lbs but have put 20 back on, I am now so freakin tired I just can’t figure out what is the problem I have always had energy, I was thinking that the fatigue and moodiness was all from my gastric bypass and the hair loss. Due to these are all side affects from a gastric bypass but now reading this makes me think twice. Now I looked this up because I went to the doctor this week and she cannot find my IUD plus I have had severe headaches which always happended around my cycle time. I never had the cramps or bleeding badly before with my cycle ever just bad headeaches and back pain. Now I am worried because I don’t know where my IUD is and I have to have an ultrsound done. I am really concidering on taking this thing out just because I want to have energy. I have never been a mooody depressed person and I am feeling like crap these days just no energy. Has anyone ever dealth with the issue of the doctor not being able to find your IUD???l

  7. peanut April 1, 2012 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    I had my IUD removed on Wednesday and started right on BIrth control. Then I ended up in the ER on Friday with horrible gushing bleeding. I thought I was having a miscarriage. They said it was withdrawl from the Pogesterone. Now my breasts are so sore and swollen. Thinking I am pregnant but too early to take a test. ANy thoughts?

  8. Lauren Smith April 3, 2012 at 6:37 am - Reply

    I have had my marina iud for about a year and I have experienced a few symptoms (low libido, mild acne, sever yeast infections) I became depressed after a few months of having it in, but having a history of depression I knew what I was dealing with. Once on anti depression medication I have been so much happier! In fact I have lost over 20 pounds being able to get up and out of the house. I hope to be able to keep the iud in for as long as I can as I love having no periods and the acne isnt all that bad (I work with deep fryers so the acne could be from that) still not really wanting to have sex, but my husband and I are working on that together, wink wink! I’m sad that lots of you has problems with this and hope that they will get better. In glad that there are at least a few women out there who had a positive experience with it and hope that the next person to read this blog will see that I too have enjoyed having it. Thank you for all the stories good and bad!

  9. GENS April 4, 2012 at 1:34 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena removed 1 week ago, and started the pill the same day. I have not has any bleeding or any mood changes. Should I be expecting something soon? I feel a lot less bloated and noticed I can’t hold my pee AT ALL…like I have peed my pants trying to get to the bathroom (that has never happened to me)so I was wondering if anyone has had that same issue?? I am hoping I don’t “Crash” …any advice ??

  10. Jocie April 4, 2012 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    Im on way today to have my Mirena taken out. I got it in Oct 2008. I only have abt 1 yr and half left. I am very scared to go today, but I can not take the constant cramps and shooting pains everyday!! Im hoping I will loose the “baby weight” which I still have not been able to loose since my son was born in sept 2008. I dont think I should be reading these comments, because they are scaring me. But I will let everyone know how it is. The 1 thing I can say is, Count me OUT for a new Mirena!!

  11. Thorr777 April 6, 2012 at 11:13 pm - Reply

    I just got my mirena removed on monday I had it in for 14 months. On it I haven’t had my period at all, I’ve been irritably and moody. Now, I’m exhausted, faited once, been told now that I’m anemic, my doctor tried to give me depression pills, pain in my chest, anxious, forgettful, my eye sight is messed up I can’t forcus on things for very long that are written down, I cried all day yesterday. I can’t shake this feeling of being drugged up. I almost threw up yesterday too. I will never get mirena again. Last thing my doctor tried to get me to take a pill for birth control. I’ll break it down like this. I’ve tricked my body into thinking it’s been pregnant for a little over a year now. Then suddenly instead of the lower levels of the hormone dose that your body gives after labor, the hormones in mirena are not giving high doses, my body is in shock because it beliefs I’ve had a misscarriage. Taking more drugs to compensate like birth control, is not in my plan. I’ll do things the old fashioned way thank you very much.

  12. rbprbp April 7, 2012 at 2:26 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena almost 5 years. when taking it out the strings had been sucked up into my uterus and then my uterus was blocked my many polyps that had grown. those had to be cut out before they could go find the strings for removal of the IUD. while i had a pretty easy 4+ years with it in – the weight gain might have been natural and the low libido who knows… but getting it out with the surprises made me not be able to face putting the new one in given my stress on what might be growing inside me while i passed my 5 years! good luck!

  13. Alyssa Gallegos April 9, 2012 at 2:28 am - Reply

    I want this thing OUT! Like asap I got it put in two years ago after my daughter was 6 weeks old and it was fine at first then started the yeast infections. I swear they go away for a week and are back. It lik eats away at my skin and makes sex painful. I’m done with it! I have so many of the symptoms that others have. I wish I knew about thus before. The convinience is nice, but hey if me and the hubi have another baby then we do. So long as I stop swelling itching and burning. Illl be back to post what happens!

  14. Darcey April 9, 2012 at 5:48 am - Reply

    Price only had my iud for 10 months. I have gained nearly 40lbs, I’ve experienced all the symptoms listed above including migraines that have now lead to brain lesions. Of course doctor said I’d had nothing to do with my symptoms and my weight gain is my own fault, he even went so far as to walk out of the office on me. I am in such a bad place now because I hurt all the time and continue to gain weight regardless of what I do. I want to remove the I’d ASAP, but am concerned because I had it put in to control a period that went on forever, over a month with out letting up. I don’t want to go back to that, but at the same time, if I don’t, what will happen to me? My symptoms in my head are getting worse as I rarely have a moment with no headache:( is there any alternatives that will control the bleeding that won’t drive me crazy or to death at the same time? Everyone else I talk to makes me feel like I’m stupid or crazy….

  15. heather a m April 9, 2012 at 7:41 am - Reply

    Had my Mirena removed 1 week ago, after 5 years. It came out easily. I have not had any bleeding or cramping, yet. I feel great. Hope I don’t crash. It sounds aweful.

  16. Charleen April 9, 2012 at 10:39 am - Reply

    I got my IUD removed om March 27th 2012. I had it about 12 years. Since 2009, i have experienced some bleedings, many fibroids, an extreme sensitivity of my body.
    After trying to schrink my fibroids with an injection of liquids used to stop the development of tumors. I got an average result cause my hormans are unbalanced.

    I used the Milk Thistle to help my liver to eliminate the Oestrogens, and the Serrapeptase (on an empty stomack 2h30 without food). The fibroids have quite deseapered (good stuff!). The Serrapeptase (120U) is a natural blood cleaner from the Silk worm. It destroys only dead tissus. It s good for veins in the legs too.
    I was quite good but the bleedings restart and I have important back pain. The fibroids was good (I did a sonar) so I went to the conclusion it was my IUD.

    One day after I removed it : I got the Mirena Crash !
    During 2 weeks, I experienced some huge blood knots. It’s the linen of my endometre. The uterus does like a huge cleaning to get rid off the progestin. 10 days after the bleeding is less important. I am not at the end of the Crash yet !
    I don t advise anybody to get an IUD except if you have no choice. It s like a poison in your body.
    I will try to see an accupuncturist to rebalance my hormons. I keep you posted !

  17. Dionne April 9, 2012 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    I had my Mirena for 2 years and 2 months. The good things about it were that after the first 8 months, I had next to no periods and I didn’t fall pregnant, which is what most of us want the Mirena for.

    The bad things were that my hair started falling out, my tummy ached all the time, I never knew when I was going to bleed or not, I sweated like mad and I always felt very emotional. I also seemed to lose my sex drive and get a lot of spots around the time I would have expected a period. And had episodes of fatigue regularly. Kind of similar to some of the symptoms my menopausal mother has experienced.

    I’ve had the Mirena removed. It’s been five days and so far, no horrific bleed or crippling pain, but it’s early days I guess. Mirena did its job by preventing me from falling pregnant but who knows what else it did to me? I honestly believe it’ll be withdrawn in the next five years, and in 20 years we’ll all be shocked that something with such horrid side effects was a commonplace prescription.

    Anyone worrying over the feeling of removal though, don’t. If it’s a straightforward removal at your doctor’s surgery, it’s painless. I was so worried, nervous and shaking, but it’s nothing. Not even as uncomfortable as a smear test. At worst, it created the same kind of icky sensation when someone puts their finger in your bellybutton. For about one second. Then it was done.

  18. Cindy Warne April 11, 2012 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    I had a Mirena coil from the age of 40 (I am now 53). The first two were fabulous and it cured my long heavy periods and reduced my PMT. I recently decided to have one last one to help me through my menopause. It was a difficult insertion, one was ‘faulty’ and another had to be fitted, very painful. Since 15th March, I have been in terrible pain and could not feel my threads. I ended up in hospital over the Easter weekend. After several scans the coil is still in place but the threads were cut too short. I have discovered one ovarian cyst, cysts in my cervix and two fibroids. Apparently no action needs to be taken and have been told to manage the pain which should settle and worry about removal of coil in 3 or 5 years time! Help, I don’t know what to do, should it stay or should it go???

  19. Charleen April 11, 2012 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    I post an update (see my previous post)… I stop bleeding yesterday 2 weeks after I removed the IUD.

    I always take multi-vitamins and Milk Whistle. Apparently, the linen of the endometer is renewed. (the blood knot are not periods it s the linen).

    After I finished my 1st Micronor (Micro pills), I will ask for Depo-Provera (injectable). It s a progestative injectable birth control which protects you 3 months (very cool).

    Hope to see soon the acupuncturist to balance my hormons.

  20. Charleen April 11, 2012 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    When you have ovarian cyst or fibroids, the IUD will increase the problem. SO NO IUD !

    Try as I did the Serrapeptase, as it desolve dead tissus after few months all this maybe gone (no side effect with this blood cleaner).

    After 50, you need to take multi vitamins for women… this may help and eat healthy food.

  21. MsMissy April 12, 2012 at 2:48 am - Reply

    i am working on getting my IUD removed asap. i have had so much weight gain since having it put in in december 2009 and its only in my stomach and it honestly looks like i am about 5 months pregnant. i dont have a family doctor though, so the clinic was pretty rude to me when i went today and asked for it to be removed. but hopefully they figure it out soon. i just really hope i dont get the crash after as i have 2 small children that need me mobile. does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can go about getting it removed asap? thanks.

  22. arms April 14, 2012 at 4:21 am - Reply

    I now have gotten the Mirena removed a little over a month ago. I really enjoyed the Mirena for the first 4 years even though my hair was thinning I gained weight and my sex drive went out the window. I kept an bacteria infection. About 1 month before removal I began to have panic attacks and I couldn’t sleep in my bed at night. I have no proof but I kept thinking that it was the Mirena that was causing the problem. Once removed I bled clots and had some pain. with in 2 day I had a sever panic attack all my emotions went crazy. I began to think crazy and negative things that was controlling my mind and my thoughts. The doctors haven’t found anything wrong with me, but I know that it is anxiety and stress because I have done a lot of research on anxiety and I have lots of the symptoms that are listed as an side effects. What can I do to find myself the true me again?

    • Veli July 18, 2016 at 3:41 am - Reply

      Hi Arms,
      I have very similar story to yours, After almost 3 years with Mirena, I started to get “crazy”. Panic attack, which I haven’t experienced before, anxiety… After reading in Internet that this could be the Mirena… I decided to remove it. So, I am already a week without the MIrena, honestly I don’t miss it at all. The thing is that I am still not filling that good. I see your post is almost 2 years old. If you can share your experience during the after removal period with Mirena, would be really useful. I hope that you are already doing well! Thanks in advance!

      • Tonton June 22, 2017 at 7:10 am - Reply


        How are you feeling now with removal? Have you returned to normal yet? Are you still feeling off? Thank you!

  23. MichelleM April 14, 2012 at 6:12 am - Reply

    I think I am going to have it removed.. I have been experiencing a lot of the same side effects : dry eyes (thought was allergies,butI dont get them), tired, had an increase in sex-but only when I was by myself (sex hurt to much during and after with husband), hair loss, more white hair (only 26), hard yo fall asleep, but tired all the time, cant seem to lose weight even with diet and exercise, depressed and mood swings, and the biggest thing for me is the ACNE! I would keep the other side effects as long as I didnt get the acne. Was never one to have any – and it just keeps getting worse! Its embarrassing ..I want it out, but not sure what birth control to go to next..
    I had the patch before I got pregnant.. I didn’t have acne. But I did gain weight… what would you ladies suggest??

  24. Sasha Marie April 14, 2012 at 9:17 pm - Reply

    I have endomitriosis, & adinomyosis. I got the mirena to stop the bleeding from the adinomyosis. This is the 6th mirena in 4 years. It hurts. And the doc cut the string too short so now it needs to be surgically removed. I’m an emotional wreak. I can’t lose weight. I hate this. I get ovarian cysts now too that are like baseballs rupturing inside me. The pain is crippling. It feels like I’m going to die. I’m scared, terrified to get it removed, but can’t live with it anymore. :'(

  25. ambeelee April 15, 2012 at 6:42 am - Reply

    i had my Mirena in for 5 years, and no problems at all other than a tiny bit of spotting once a month, I had it removed 3-4 weeks ago and have suffered mood swings, depression, really sore and swollen breasts and anxiety since, really hope this crash will pass soon, but as for the mirena, it worked well for me, and was removal was quick and not very painful.

    • Anje February 18, 2016 at 1:25 pm - Reply

      Hi I was just wondering how you are doing now? I had my iud for 5 years and loved athough I did always feel bloated and gained about 15 pounds that wouldn’t come off. I had it removed about 2 months ago and I am having joint pain but I think that may be because I am also retaining water? My fingers look like sausages. I just want to feel back to normal and get to a comfortable wt for me. I also just feel blah but maybe it’s because of the wt. I thought maybe you would have some suggestions or a time frame so I can k ow what to do to help or what to expect. Thank you so much and hope you are doing well.

      • Tonton June 22, 2017 at 7:09 am - Reply


        How are you feeling now with removal? Have you returned to normal yet? Are you still feeling off? Thank you!

  26. Katherine M April 16, 2012 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    While I am outraged and saddened that many other women had bad experiences with IUD, I feel validated that I am not the only one. I hated chalking up my mood swings to “hormone shifts” to my fiance, who has been wonderfully patient with me throughout this. I had the mirena for about 6 months and always felt a bit off about it – the office staff made it seem like a miracle solution to everything with no side effects. But I started to have persistent yeast infections, vaginal dryness, low libido, increased appetite because of the progesterone, and mood swings. When I called to schedule an appointment to talk about it getting removed, the receptionist (!!!) said in a judgmental tone “the one you got 6 months ago? Well, it’s up to you…” Gee, thanks for letting me know it’s my choice.

    I got it removed 2 weeks ago, things were okay for a couple days but then I got a mega-heavy period 2 days after. I called the on-call physician because it was the weekend, who said it was normal and my body will “self-correct”. Now it’s been 10 days – I thought it went away after 7 but it would come back with clots and bright red blood the past couple of mornings after sex or even with blowing my nose or sneezing! And it’s the darkest blood I’ve ever had. I’m waiting for the NP who did the insertion and removal to call me back…just to ask how normal this is, why it’s happening physiologically, and to let her know that I am switching providers because her office was consistently misleading or judgmental about this whole thing.

    Thanks for giving me a forum to vent about this!

  27. Verno April 16, 2012 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    I am having the Mirena removed today and after reading these comments…I am HORRIFIED. The Mirena has been wonderful for me and my husband! After the birth of our first child, I had it inserted and it has been such a blessing ever since. I have had it in for a little over a year and have had NONE of the horrible side effects listed here. I am having it removed because we are ready for another baby. I was looking for information of what to expect after it was removed and have not found this to helpful in my case. I am proof that it can work for some people. I agree that insertion was awful, the cramping was the worst…but definitely worth it in the long run. For those of you who have had a positive experience with the Mirena and have had it removed, what can I expect after removal?

  28. Kathy Sullivan April 16, 2012 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    I had my Mirena in for 6 years. I had nothing but a great experience. My periods stopped. No more mood swings from periods either. I had it removed summer of 2011. Last week I got my first period from it and it’s a doozy!! Extreme clotting, have to wear a tampon and a pad and change every couple of hours. No cramps though. Last Monday I cried all day and was pretty blah for a few days as well staying on the couch for most of the time. Haven’t gone to the gym for a week. My mood is fine now but am still bleeding a lot. I’m 53 so I’m hoping this will be the end!! But I loved it for the most part. Although reading some of the other symptoms I did have dry red eyes a lot. My hair was thinning but I thought that was my age. Luckily I have a lot of hair. I would do it again if my new insurance would cough up the $800 for a new one!

  29. Katherine M April 17, 2012 at 12:45 am - Reply

    I posted earlier today…just an update might be informative to some folks. I went to have an ultrasound at my GYN office after I called about the bleeding and clots…one clot was so big and oddly shaped like a fetus with a cord so I flipped out a little. It turned out it really was just a big clot and with one that followed. I have/had a hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary about 1″ around, filled with fluid and blood. They say it will not affect my fertility and that it will go away on its own but prescribed 10 days of provera (progesterone – the same hormone that’s in mirena) to stop the bleeding for now, but after that i will get another heavy period. I think they just want to break up the bleeding but it’s lighter now so I might hold off on more hormones…

    They said the cyst has nothing to do with the Mirena but I still have to investigate that. Somehow I don’t believe there’s no association…

  30. carcar April 18, 2012 at 9:10 am - Reply

    I had the mirena for just under 5 yrs had a history of depression mostly from having three kids in three yrs. I was hospitalized twice while I still had it. I thought I was nutz, heck I was a one point. I never started putting the depression and panic attack symptoms relating to mirena until about a yr after it was out. I thought I was just a depressed person who would never be able to enjoy life again. The reason I am adding my experience is because it has now been almost 3 yrs since it was taken out during a surgical procedure to remove cancer on my cervix. I was reading this and reading the crash side effects, I am truely beginning to believe the headache I have had every day for years and years has something to do with this. I live with a minor headache every day about 5-10 days a month it impairs me from daily function. I still tired most days and I sleep well every night. Thank you all so much for the insight. I am going to get checked for anemia and other things as well. It is sad to say but I got it put in 6 wks after my 3 rd child and never really got to enjoy my babies after that 1 st yr on mirena. Very sad wish I would’ve known. It would have prevented alot of mental anguish not to mention humiliation between my husband and I over the past 8 years of our 9 yr marriage. At least he loves me whole heartedly and knew I would find my way back to him. All I can say is Wow, oh, and my periods to this day are still wacked. I have steadily had my period 10-15 days later every month for two years, Wondering if they will ever be the same. PMS is horrible every month for last year. Its almost like it got better just to get worse again. Just fyi, i have had hormones checked several times. I am going to be checkec for other causes of headaches and e treme tiredness. Like anemia 🙂

  31. Charleen April 18, 2012 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    Update n 2:
    I already posted (if u re curious about). I have removed my mirena and after a very bad crash due to the renewal of the linen of my endometer (huge blood knot).
    I am back to normal and even feel very well :
    – back pain gone,
    – no bleeding
    – feel so much energy (no more stress!)
    – my skin is beautiful
    – sex is good no pain (yes !)
    I restart my diet and do gym everydays.
    I have an injection of depo-provera every 3 month for the birth control.

    Mirena has too much side effect on many of us. Hope u take the good decision and remove it forever.
    Be free !

  32. Sad face April 21, 2012 at 2:39 am - Reply

    Every negative side effect all you women have suffered with mirena in, I am now suffering with but the only difference is its post removal. I’m wondering whats going on. Didn’t have any of these problems when it was in only after. I had it in for 3 years.

  33. Charleen April 21, 2012 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Answer to Sad Face : Why same symptoms after the removal …
    When u have an IUD it s like this u were pregnant during 3 years, so you may be feel stress.
    Take multi vitamins during a while (Emergen-c in little bag), drink much water (especially if you feel like your body puffy) and maybe a progestative birth control.
    For the puffyness, it s cause after a removal especially if you have blood knot your body wants more water so … he keeps the water. When u drink it stops (cool!)
    This will help.

  34. Apryl April 22, 2012 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    I had mine for 3 months. Horrible mood swings, lumpy belly, insomnia, sore knees and elbows, and one day my left cheek, hand and foot went numb. I pulled that little alien out of me yesterday and am more than glad to be rid of it. A foreign object implanted in my body was the worst idea I have ever had! Maybe it was all in my head but I feel like myself again and that is all that matters!

  35. bambala April 24, 2012 at 3:37 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena for 5 years. I LOVED it. No periods, minimal cramps, minimal weight gain, no extra acne, no mood swings. It didn’t hurt that much going in and It there was no pain coming out (I have had a child)The Mirena was a blessing in my case.
    I had it removed 3 weeks ago now. OMG!! I had a Crash and half, I could barely function for about 3 days. Lethargic, heavy feeling, bad cramps….I am usually so energetic and bouncy it was kinda scary! My colleagues were worried about me. And I was convinced my period was on it’s way cause of the cramps.
    Anyway, here I am a week after that crash and am coming back to myself…. Still haven’t started bleeding….not looking forward to that again….Who knows maybe I am menopausal and I won’t have to worry about it! (A girl can hope)
    I haven’t had any miraculous weight loss either.

  36. MKeys April 24, 2012 at 6:01 am - Reply

    I had Mirena for 4 years. Just married 2 months ago. I had it removed. I am now sad. Sweating, aggravated, jittery, anxious. Hmmm. My back hurts so bad I can hardly stand it. My neck. I don’t know how much I need to complain because it does not good. I will continue in my pain.

  37. Sarah R. April 24, 2012 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    I had my i.u.d. for about 3 1/2 yrs. After it went in, I never had a period again. No acne, minimal weight gain & no pain. My breasts were sore all the time though…I just had it removed about 1 week ago, my friends all bled like stuck pigs (thats what they said) I have only had light pink spotting this week. BUT, I feel SUPER tired allll the time, alll day long. Also, I cant sleep at all due to restless legs and arms…sooo annoying. Oh ya, almost forgot about non-stop uterine cramping since day 1 of removal…

  38. NikkiJ April 27, 2012 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    I had the mirena fitted 3 years ago due to the fact I couldn’t take the oral pill as it caused migraines, depression, acne and weight gain. My periods were so painful I was taking time off work so my Dr suggested the mirena.

    It has been the best thing I have ever done. I had it fitted under general an for the first 24 hrs was a little tender however other than that I’ve had no issues. I get periods every 24 days and my periods are light and pain free. I occasionally get PMT and have issues with fainting when exercising if I don’t eat enough the week before my period, but that was standard prior to the Mirena.

    Marketing gurus out there always say you are more likely to talk about it if you’ve had a bad experience so I felt I should write another good news story. I have other friends also on the Mirena and they also think it’s great.

  39. StephyAgain May 26, 2012 at 3:21 am - Reply

    Well, I had mine removed yesterday! The spectrum was uncomfy and then there was a sharp pain as she pulled it out but then it was doneee!
    I had my period (ish? if that’s what you’d call the Mirena spotting) last week so no clots or anything much yet except for some discharge (ew. but not as bad as normal).
    I guess we’ll see how it goes the next few weeks!

  40. T Green April 29, 2012 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    I have dealt with most of these symptoms and I am calling up my doctor and having my Mirena removed ASAP.

  41. tressie May 26, 2012 at 6:21 am - Reply

    Hi I’m 20 years old and I had the iud for a month and got it in Jan of 2012 since then I got it removed in march I felt pain a lot and had really bad mood swings but any way I had my period once in march for a hole seven days then it quit well April came I spoted once and nothing since I’m no prego and I’m gaining weight and its going on 39 days since I last had a period can some one help me out if they have had this I’m not stressd and I have been to the docture and they dnt kno what’s going on?

    • Tonton June 22, 2017 at 7:21 am - Reply

      Hi Tressie,

      I have a situation similar to yours. I’m just wondering if you can update me today on what continued. Have you been able to get back to 100%. It sounds like there are constant problems after removal…


  42. MichelleK May 4, 2012 at 11:58 pm - Reply

    Hi so I also have an intresting story…I had an IUD for 5 years after my son was born, I took the IUD option because I wanted more kids right away but I needed to get over my sons medical issues without any surprise pregnacies. “I also didn’t love life on the IUD”.
    When I had it removed(ready for baby number 2) I was trilled I was exspecting within two weeks of having it removed!! I had pretty normal pregnancy issues( so I thought)
    My horrors began after my child was born I was put on bed rest from all the bleeding…I’m talking non stop for months. I went for ultrasounds and countless dr. apts. STILL no reason for this my, she suggested trying different birth controls to help regulate a cycle, which with may trials and a shit load (sorry) of patience, finally a birth contol worked! I lived life, one happy camper like I use too! until about a month ago back to the bleeding, cramps, swollen everything, my head back in the clouds JUST BLAH!.
    So I guess what I am getting at is it possible that these symtoms can take this long to be removed from your body….please keep in mind over these two years I have totally changed trying to not feel like death I go to the gym all the time eat every healthy thing you can think of. I can relate to all your stories please let me know if there is light at the end of this whindy tunnel.

  43. Annnie May 5, 2012 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    I have had the Mirena in for 8 years. best thing I ever did. No periods, no ruined clothes, and no wearing black undies forever.
    Had it removed Dec 2011as Started to get migraines. Migraines have stopped and now April/May 2012 have been bleeding non stop. I am now in week 4 and shows no sign of tailing off. Contemplating putting it back and sufferance the migraines TBh!

  44. Kelley R May 6, 2012 at 12:54 am - Reply

    First off, this message board may have saved my life. Sounds melodramatic….but true. I had my IUD for 8 years and had removed last October. I had very few side effects during the 8 years, but what a horrible roller coaster ride for the past 7 months. I would describe my crash a being completely ‘totaled’. The kind where your car does not make a comeback. Thank goodness I found this article and the comments attached. It’s only now that I have glimpses of myself..but it has taken forever! No one told me that this may happen…no doctor that i went to could help me. I had constant spotting for almost 3 months and then now 2 periods as others have described. Painful and heavy! However, that was nothing compared to the emotional side effects, the anxiety, the depression and exhaustion. My sincere hope is that other doctors can become more aware and help those of us that are lost in a sea of hopelessness and a result of this crash. My best to you all and hang in there!!

  45. recruiter830 May 10, 2012 at 5:11 am - Reply

    I have had Mirena for over 2 years now. The first 6 months were difficult as this is the normal adjustment period for mirena placement. Your body has to get adjusted to the slow release of hormones that weren’t there before, causing mood swings, outbursts, feelings of anger, rage, depression..all normal.Then my cycle became regulated monthly but shorter and lighter. Of course I have since had side effects, acne, cramping, nausea, bloating, excessive weight gain 30 pounds plus.,difficulty losing weight and hair loss. Remember this IUD tricks the body into believing you are pregnant to prevent pregnancy.So a lot of your complaints will be similar to pregnancy symptoms.All women are different so if you are having symptoms above and beyond these symptoms yes seek professional help. I am just recently starting to have yeast infections and BV recurrently. I am having chest pains on occasion with shortness of breath,memory loss,no libido, sometimes I feel like I’ve aged overnight. I am 38 and feel 70. It takes me a longer time to get ready or to react to things. Driving is even becoming a problem..slower reaction time. I feel like I’m operating in slow motion. My moods are pretty consistent. I’m happy but just notice a big difference in my perception being off (can grab for something but miss it because the object is not exactly where I think it is.) I’m constantly misplacing things or forgetting to do things. Starting to having burning eyes, blurry vision .Recently, I have been contemplating whether to have it removed. It works if it does not move around. It’s 100% effective. They say 99 but I know it works it’s just a shame that it has to come with all of the side effects. NUVA ring almost killed me I had a heart attack and mild stroke. Birth control pills were not strong enough for me because I was super fertile.So not sure what I will decide next probably just tie my tubes and be done with it.I have 3 children and I do not plan to have anymore. Do what’s best for you. Follow your heart and listen to your body. If you’re not happy ,nobody around you will be truly happy. The only way to know if it is for you is to try it.If it becomes unbearable remove it and decide what to do next.Best wishes!!

  46. Charnethia May 10, 2012 at 4:16 pm - Reply

    I have had heavy, painful periods for years so my GYN recommended I have the Mirena put in to help control my periods. I had my Mirena in for 2 years. I started cramping with the Mirena and I was not even on my period. Those cramps were almost worse than the ones I experienced when I bled on my period.
    I must admit that in addition to the cramping when I was not on my period I also experienced thinning of my hair. At first I thought it was stress, but I have not had any real stress for a long time and my hair which had always been long and thick was getting very very thin. The final straw was when I was oiling my scalp (I am African American) and I found an area about the size of a silver dollar with no hair. I decided it was time to get the IUD out!!! I always had the most beautiful hair…now, I am on a prayer believing that it will grow back in.
    I also had periods every 10-14 days. They were not very heavy, but I was still bleeding.
    Needless to say, the Mirena might work for some, but for me the bad definitely outweighed the good. I had mine removed 30 April 2012 and I feel so much better knowing this poison stick is out of me!

    • priscilla August 31, 2016 at 7:38 am - Reply

      Omg I had my IUD out yesterday Aug 30 omg I feel pain and cramp in feel like a heavy period coming omg

  47. Karen M May 10, 2012 at 5:34 pm - Reply

    I originally went to the OBGYN because I was having periods for about 10 days long, heavy for 7 of them, every 2 weeks or so. I was ready to have a hystorectomy. I’ve had my kids, so let’s shut the factory down! OBGYN was awesome, and gave me options instead of jumping the queue. Mirena was the first. For almost the whole first year there was bleeding and pain and instant bloating! I thought I was going nutty, but a friend had the Mirena also, and she said it can take about a year. I waited and eventually my period stopped all together. YAY! Note: in the past decade, I have gone the ringer: my 2 girls are 19 mos apart and I had left my husband before my youngest was 1 yr. We had been evacuated from our home in under 5 mins for 10 days from a forest fire (didn’t lose much thankfully), I moved to a new city, was suffering from PTSD, post partum, and hella stress of being a single parent. By the time I got to the Mirena stage, I was seeing a Psychiatrist for depression. Then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, not clinical depression (my body is just broken). I work full time and my kids are now 11 and 9.5 (my eldest just got her first period the other day!!). I have had the Mirena in for 4 yrs and have an appt next month to have it removed. I’m creaping up to 39, so I’m searching for info about going for another round. After having read everyone’s stories, I have more questions than ever! I’m wondering now if I could regain a bit of energy without it, as every killojoule helps with FM. Is it the best for me now? Will I regain all the hell of my former periods (did you know that as we age and get to perimenopause that we’ll get our periods for longer, heavier, and more often?!!). I’m very glad to read about the acne, although I’ve not had much on my face or my back, but on my neck or hairline -they look like hives/mosquito bites. I’ve lost hair, but I have so much in the first place and go through shedding stages in the spring anyways. All the symptoms (save for the bloating, cramping, any bleeding etc) can be related to my FM. I have to see my GP anyways before seeing the OBGYN (different one than I first had -she moved away, boo!), so I’ll be asking a ton of questions. Maybe I’ll call the Psychiatrist too, who also happens to be our city’s leader in FM research, about the fallout of not having it/crash. Other than the first year, and the bloating, I’ve loved not having my period! Will totally get my kids on it if/when they become sexually active -no grandbabies for me for a looong time. I also don’t want to have any more. So much to think about. Oh and the OBGYN prescribed Cytotec (sp?) that helps enduce labour. I was enduced with my first and that was HELL. Also says to take advil/motrin/tylenol before hand (old OBGYN asked if I had taken some before the insertion and I replied no. She giggled like Glinda the good witch in Wizard of Oz and said ‘oh, you always take tylenol before coming to the gynocologist, silly!’)

  48. Danielle G May 14, 2012 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    Well I just had my Mirena removed a week ago after 2 year of no sex drive, migraines that I had never had prior, painful cramping after sex, weight gain that I could not explain, and acne that I’ve never had. Mirena was a great way to prevent pregnancy because I never even had a scare, but I had enough with all the symptoms. I went to my local Planned Parenthood to have it removed a week ago. I was terrifying before I went in because of all of the horrible stories I had been reading about terrible bleeding, moods, and everything else after removal. Not to mention how much it hurt when I had it put in. Well the doctor had me lay back and inserted the speculum and she asked me to cough and as soon as I did she pulled it out. No pain at all. I asked her right after if I could start birth control pills that day because I was thinking that they may help with the post symptoms I had been hearing about. I am happy to report that I have had absolutely no bleeding, cramps, headaches, and I feel great!!! I couldn’t imagine going through all of the other side affects that I’ve heard may happen, but I just wanted you ladies to know that not all removals are bad. I feel 10 times better with it removed and I look forward to feeling sexy again.

  49. Shea Linville-McCoy June 21, 2012 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    I have had the Mirena for 2 1/2 years. I had no idea, it may be causing the Dry eye, dizziness, weight gain, dry mouth, dry hands/feet, hairloss, brittle nails, etc… and when I say dry hands and feet, I dont mean dry skin. It feels like all the moisture is being sucked out from the instide out, a feeling like no other. Praying for everyone with this IUD. God Bless.

  50. ANE May 16, 2012 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    I’ve had Mirina for about two years. I too had horrible acne on my back, chest and face after putting it in, even though I had clear skin my whole life before Mirina. That went away after about six months. I don’t have a period, which I really like! Mostly I’ve like Mirina, but the one side effect I can’t stand, the reason I’m getting it removed, is that I’ve gained 10 lbs. I’m 90% sure Mirina is the reason for my weight gain because I work out five times week for at least an hour or more. I eat a VERY healthy diet, and also tried to limit my calorie intake to 1200 calories a day for a month, but I didn’t lose one single ounce of weight.
    I was always suspicious that it was Mirina, but kept blaming myself that I was doing something wrong. At my breaking point of frustration I scheduled an apt with a Naturopathic Dr. to see if there was something wrong with me. After listening to my story and testing my thyroid, she too believed it to be weight gain related to birth control. Her point was that although Mirina is not known to make you gain weight, birth control in general is very widely known to make you gain weight, so it is probably just a matter of time until this gets listed as a known side effect for the product. Lucky us, we get to be the guinea pigs.
    I’m only 29 and haven’t ever struggled with weight prior to Mirina. I’ve been actively working to lose weight for 8 months, but no progress. At some point enough is enough, and a girl has to take matters into her own hands. Despite the fact my gyno doctor doesn’t think it is the Mirnia I’m getting it removed! I’m positive this is the problem. I’m very excited to show my gyno doc. and all the skeptical doctors out there that we women know our bodies better than they do, and that they should listen to us more. Just because the side effect is not on a box doesn’t mean it’s not a side effect for me, or for anyone else.
    I’m going to make darn sure that when I finally lose the Mirina weight that I let my gyno doc. knows she was wrong. I encourage you ladies to do the same. Maybe if the doctors hear first hand from their patients that this is a REAL problem, they will be able to give more educated advice to others. I wish someone had told me Mirina made you gain weight because I would have never put it in in the first place.
    If you’re okay with a few months of major bodily changes (acne, cramps, bleeding) and a little weight gain Mirina may be the product for you. The changes go away, but the weight keeps creeping up overtime. I will miss not having a period, but I think I’m going to like having my thin figure back more. 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

  51. sarah598 May 17, 2012 at 1:52 am - Reply

    I’m sorry there are so many bad experiences with Mirena, but my experience was perfectly fine! It did its job for 3 yrs, had it removed with no issues or “crashes” and conceived a month later! We all know we are more likely to tell a bad story than I good and frankly when I read all of these comments before I had it removed I became very frightened. Luckily, in my case, everything went smoothly according to removal, hormonal adjustments and then conceiving. Good luck!

  52. J.S. May 18, 2012 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    My experience with Mirena wasn’t too terrible. i kept it in for pretty much the full 5 years, minus a few months. I did have a lowered sex drive, moodiness, and acne whie on Mirena, but nothing so bad that I thought it was a big problem. I had my Mirena removed Feb. 1, 2012, and did experience a bit of a crash, but nothing worse than imbalanced hormones could account for. Also, I have heard reports of many women trying to concieve once Mirena is removed, but not having any luck. I would like to let everyone know that it IS possible to get pregnant after Mirena! I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said that everything looks fine…. I hope this makes things a bit easier for some of you to bear, knowing that it can, and will, get better!

  53. J.S. May 18, 2012 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    One other thing I forgot to mention, my doctor recomended that I start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid immediately after having the Mirena removed. She said it would help with the “crash” symptoms, and help my body regulate itself faster. I followed her advice, and for me, it worked!

  54. Kristi09 May 19, 2012 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    As I sit here reading all of your comments I am crying because I know that others have had the same problems that I have had. I had mirena put in Oct. of 09 after my second daughter was born. I choose it because I did not want to deal with taking a pill everyday and thought this was perfect. At first everything was fine until my headaches started the week before my period was to start and my knees felt like I had been hit with a baseball bat. Finally I had it removed the first part of this month May 2012 and I was not ready for what I am going through now. On Mother’s day I was ready to go to bed and started hurting so bad I could not go to sleep. Around 1:30 am I was hugging the toilet and it got to the point I was just dry heaving. This went on for 4 hrs and I was praying for the pain to end. Sometime the next morning I took a midol and slept. I was ok except I started bleeding again which I had been doing on and off for the last two weeks. I called my doctor and his nurse said I don’t think there is a connection between the removal and this episode but if you don’t feel better next week call back. LOL yeah right! Again this morning I woke up at 4am with the same exact symptoms but this time my husband helped. He got me some midol and a heating pad and sent me back to bed. After 3 hours I am starting to feel better, but I don’t know how long this will last and how much more I can take of it. Looking back I have also had the low libido and the mood swings. Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories because I know I am not crazy.

  55. Laura A June 19, 2012 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    Like I said I had from 1-12-11 to 4-25-12.
    I removed it & was fine but I had the crash on 6-13, last week. I went to the DR yesterday & she didn’t do much fro me. She just took blood work to check my hormone levels. Before I went in I did some research on effects of Mirena, some people have experienced low levels of progesterone after removal because the synthetic hormone is releasing it in the body & the body stops producing it naturally. I asked her about this & she dismissed me. I then contacted a person who has been through this experience & they confirmed that in deed I was probably low in progesterone. I went & bought a bioidentical progesterone at a health food store. I had not been sleeping for 4 days & was experiencing depression & anxiety. Once I rubbed the progesterone in my symptoms improved allot. Last night I slept soundly. This person told me I need to do a 21 cleanse by a company called Standard Process. I’m following their advice as the DR’s don’t have a clue. I find myself being my own health advocate & it’s very scary to be going through this.

    • Shenell July 29, 2016 at 6:15 pm - Reply

      I know this is like 4 yrs later but I feel like what I’ve been going, thru the mirena crash. I was just wondering if that progesterone worked for you? I’m getting desperate to find something that will help. I was dealing with anxiety & panic attacks for the past 4 months. Add terms getting the mirena removed 2 months before the symptoms started. I hope all is well with you now. Thanks

  56. Marquita June 21, 2012 at 12:22 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena put in Jan 17 2012 and just had it removed June 17 2012. So exactly 5 months i had it in before all this craziness started. In the beginning it was great. I have always suffered from long heavy flowing periods. When i got Mirena put in I bled for about 5.days and then just started gettinged normal periods. But then out of nowhere i started having full blown panic attacks. I have never had one in my life and i thought i was dying. My throat felt like it closed up and i couldnt breath, i had chest pains and the shakes. I just didnt feel right. I had my husband take me to the ER and they ran test but said they couldnt find anything. They gave me adivan for thr anxiety attack and semt me home. My mother in law suggested i do some research on Mirena and thats where i found all the stories of women having the exact same complications i was having. So i had it removed but now i have had another full blown attack while out to dinner with my husband and 6 month old son. I need to know how long will it take for my body to get back to normal. This is extremely scary for me and my husband. I have had nausea, vomiting, panic attacks, and everything. I camt make another ER trip for an anxiety attack. Any suggestions? Please help!

  57. miss Bowen May 21, 2012 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    Hi There,
    I am so glad i came across this site, as this seems to be the most up to date, I am really looking for some advice please ladies,

    I had my Mirena fitted on 28\08\2009 I must admit i didnt do a great deal of research into it before i had it done, i just trusted what the Doctors advice, As i dont have any children and i didnt want any either, However I have noticed so many changes in myself since having it and i’ve gone back numerous times to tell them about these changes.

    one day i’m up the next i’m down, I put on loads of weight! (although I dont eat properly anyway). so proabaly cant fully blame the Mirena.

    I have had the same sexual partner now for the last 2 years he’s not overly endowed however he isnt small either and during sexual intercourse the pain i experience is emmense!!! it makes me not want to carry on it hurts so much and takes all the enjoyment out of it . Once the pain was so severe that i had to stop, it made me phyically sick and i was on the bathrrom floor in so much pain and no matter if i’ve experienced pain during the sex i bleed heavily after and for a few days!!! Has anyone else experienced this? Sex isnt meant to be painful right???

    Another thing i have noticed which bothers me daily is hair growth and i dont mean on my head either !!!!! 🙁 I seem to be getting them on my chin, neck, breast areas and the fair hair on my face is a little to excessive for my liking too !!! Again has anyone else experienced this? I’m a young looking 30 year old with facial hair !!!!!

    acne oh yes i have that to, feeling down and energyless all the time, painful stabbing pains in 1 side, bacterial vaginosis (BV) had that more times than i can remember !!!! I cant be bothered to get out of bed somedays, :S !!!! again not normal actions of a 30 year old!!!!!

    Recently i have ungone a number of tests at the doctors and hospial and finally i have been told that i have Polycistic ovaries ???? still unsure what this is as the print out the doctor gave me was half missing,

    All he did say to me was it is because i’m clinicly obese that’s the reason behind my excess hair and my pcos ??? :s I am 5ft 6 half inces big frame,,,, i was 15 st 11 in january this year i am now 13st 6 ( hardly obese is it???) i have been trying to loose weight for myself anyway as my confidence has gone, but a friend of mine has it to and shes a size 8 so i’m more than confussed !!!

    I have been to my doctors several times and expressed my on going concerns but nothing has been suggested or done. i am due to see the nurse again today at 3 so i guess i will just have to see what she thinks wish me luck, Thanks for reading and any advice greatly appreciated love sj xxxx

  58. Jayde May 22, 2012 at 4:36 pm - Reply


    I’m 19 years old and had the coil fitted 13/12/2011, it was absolutely fine until about 2 weeks ago. I was in absolute agony so I had it removed last wednesday, it was a massive relief… at first. I came on my period the next day but am experiencing inconsistent severe cramping in my left ovary and top of my left leg where it meets the vaginal area. Three times I have been to seek medical help but my tests show I am fine. I feel like I’m over reacting, is this just part of the mirena crash after removal???? The pain is less often now!

  59. Mirenasucks! May 22, 2012 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    I have had the Mirina coil for seven months now. The doctor told me it would be fine as the hormones are localised to the uterus. She did not discuss the side effects and recommended it to me even though I was asking for a none-hormonal form of contraception after my son was born. I had to get it put in under general anesthetic due to post traumatic stress from getting a coil inserted before I had a baby. I woke up to find a leaflet full of side effects next to my bed and the same doctor standing over me saying -you will feel crazy for a couple of weeks because of all the hormones. My health visitor says she thinks mirina is cheaper for the NHS and thats why they push it. I started with headaches a couple of days later, also anxiety attacks, depressive moods, none existent libido, pain during sex, worsening of exema that had started when I was on the pill. Then strands of my hair started coming out in the shower. I had been trying to lose the baby weight and was doing so well on the Harcombe diet that I was really happy about it. Then suddenly, without changing my diet or exercise the weight loss stopped for six weeks then I inexplicably gained over half a stone. I had to start taking the pill as well just to stop the headaches, and have since gained more weight. I feel like I’m pregnant, have no energy and at one point counted fourteen acne spots just in my hairline. I have noticed a strong smell down below despite good personal hygeine, and all my doctor said for ages was give it time, or that side effect is very rare- as if I was just reading them off the list then thinking I had them. Its like they think the side effects don’t exist! Im finally getting mine out tomorrow and I cant wait to be rid of it but slightly nervous about this crash thing! I just want to know what Im like now without hormones after having my baby, coz i’ve changed into someone I hate and all I want to do is curl up and eat chocolate- Which I have now started doing as I have lost all moral since even eight hours excercise a week makes no difference to my weight- and I mean weights, squats, cardio with weights, running etc. Im not a woos when it comes to working out! But this coil has destroyed my resolve coz despite all that i’m still getting fatter. I think people should be made fully aware of what this thing can do so they can make an informed decision. That’s seven months i’ll never get back- but its gone as of tomorrow. Goodbye Mirena! And good riddance!

  60. Kavita May 22, 2012 at 8:29 pm - Reply

    Hi Everyone, I am 32 years old and had the Mirena inserted in June 2008 after the birth of my son. I have had no problems other than acne for most of the last 4 years. In the last six months, however, I have been having dizziness, a faint feeling, shortness of breath, a need to use the bathroom urgently and fluctuations in my blood pressure. I have seen many doctors, including my OBGYN and none have pointed to the Mirena as a cause. (The drs treated me for a host of issues ranging from failing lungs to depression).

    I also have PCOS and my OBGYN said it would be ok to go back on Yasmin while still having the Mirena, since Yasmin helped with my PCOS prior to pregnancy.

    I have decided to remove the Mirena and I have an appointment on Thursday (24 May). After reading all of your posts I am truly scared of what may happen to me after.

    Does anyone have tips on how I should prepare?

  61. Julie Griffith May 24, 2012 at 5:38 am - Reply

    Ok , so I was thinking I could remove this thng myself….But not Im terrified of the after effects. Ive had mine for a little over 5 years and will be removing it soon because im ready to try for our baby girl. But I have to say that ive had NO PROBLEMS with my Mirena ( well maybe a little weight gain) but it was totally worth not having a period for 5 years. But now Im terrified of severe bleeding and cramps after removal. Guess we’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck…

  62. Stephy May 24, 2012 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    I had Mirena put in April of 2008 a few months after having my second child. I picked Mirena because I needed the reliable BC that I wouldn’t have to take at the same time (I was on the pill and using condoms when I got prego with both of my kids -_- ) and also because I was still nursing and was told it wouldn’t effect my milk supply.
    So I go to get it in. Pain worse than labor… I passed out from the cramping and blood pressure changes before I even left the offices. Barely made it home and spent the next 2 weeks going through the worst cramping. I bled for almost 6 months but was told that it was normal. I started to feel depressed. I went from super organized and clean (I have mild OCD) to not even having the energy to get up and take care of my kids. I have eczema and had a spot on my leg start to get bad that has remained consistent this entire time (it’s been 4 years). I’ve had a continual yeast infection/vaginal infection almost constantly despite keeping myself VERY clean. I will randomly start spotting but it’s like this disgusting brown, I barely see red anymore when I get my period. I feel disgusting! I went from being so upbeat and energetic and just a little quirky to living in this hell that I feel I can never get out of this black hole.
    I’ve been in therapy, my marriage is suffering, my kids are suffering. The only reason I hadn’t gotten it out was because we don’t have insurance so we didn’t want to have to pay the doctor visit but it’s gotten to the point I can’t take it anymore and we made the appointment.
    I’m going in tonight to get this bitch out and part of me is worried about how much worse the “Crash” will be but the other part of me just thinks “F it. Can’t be any worse than what I’ve been dealing with for 4 years.”
    For those that didn’t have any issues with it, I’m happy for you but don’t discount other peoples’ experiences saying that we were lazy or it was all in our head or we are just looking for a scapegoat for our problems.
    I’ll keep you posted on how things go after today!

  63. Brendi May 25, 2012 at 1:44 am - Reply

    I had bad side effects with Mirena. I had dizziness, acne, mood swings, and my sides would get sharp cramps. I also couldn’t lose weight with it, even with exercise, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. BUT my body is very sensitive with birth control in general, my sister is on her second one and has no ill effects and loves it. My OB said that in every 100 mirena users about 5 dislike it and want it out. I kept it in for 5 years and feel free and relieved to have it out. I’m happier and feel better about my body.

  64. DeeRae June 1, 2012 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    Hi Ladies,
    After having the IUD for 5 years, yesterday I had to have my Mirena surgically removed. I experienced a rare case where a large fibroid grew around the IUD :(. However during the five years of living with the IUD, I did experience hair loss, low libido, and acne. Other than that, I don’t know if my emotional roll-a-coster was related to the Mirena, or life itself.

    I am prayful that I will not experience any issues after my Mirena removal, as mentioned in some of the post, but it is important to be well-informed about various issues which may occur.

    Thanks for sharing your stories and I will keep you posted

  65. JamieGer June 3, 2012 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    I had my iud in for 3 in a half years. I had 2 surgeries to remove ovarian cyst during that time so I chose to get the iud removed. Right after I began bleeding which lasted for 8 days and was the worst “period” of my life. I suffered from blinding miagrianes and I am still having them a month in a half later. Restless leg syndrome and the jitters started pretty fast after the removal. I was and still am very emotional. I went on the pill because my obgyn wants me to have regular periods to see if we can get the ovarian cyst to go away by themselves without having to remove my ovaries. I have yet to have a period since I stopped bleeding from the removal. I’m not pregnant due to the fact I haven’t had sex in months. I just don’t get why nothing is working and why I crashed so hard from the mirena.

  66. amanda mitchell June 4, 2012 at 7:39 am - Reply

    I had the marena in for 4y & 3m, we want to get pregnant again but there is complications due to taking the marena out!! When I had it inserted I imidiatly stop menstruating and had a really GOOD experiance with it, except for gaining weight, my skin was very oily, mood swings & low libido at times, & suddenly no deodarent could keep me dry my arm pits were always wet no matter what I did then my dr removed first had so much pain and bleeded for 2 weeks, stopped for 4 days and started again for a 12 days! It was horrible heavy bleeding with clots…dark blood and sometimes pieces that looked like liver…!! I will never put it back….. Good luck & think twice before putting the marena in!

  67. M Ludlow June 6, 2012 at 11:02 am - Reply

    Hi Amanda,
    I had all of the same side effects you were having so FINALLY, after researching for weeks I had it removed yesterday. I am not looking forward to the “Mirena crash”, but I’m hoping I’ll eventually get back to my old self. I’m only in day 2 of the post-removal stage – how many days does it take before you typically start bleeding and “crashing”?

  68. Paulalr June 7, 2012 at 3:16 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena in for 5 years, then I had it replace when it came time to remove it. I had the same one put back in. Then I became this naturalist health nut and discovered that I didn’t want the artificial hormone in me. So I had it taken out about 2 months ago. While I had it in, I only experience vaginal dryness and itchiness, which I didn’t know was caused fromt eh Mirena until I had spoken to a different doctor about it. Since I have had it taken out, I thought the dryness and itchiness would go away but it hasn’t. Not only is it dry, but is is inflammed. It’s very puffy an painful down there. I don’t know if this is caused from removal or if something else is going on. My Gynecologist said I had an infection right after removal and put me on antibiotics. The inflammation didn’t start until jsut about a month ago, long after the antibiotics were done. I also have a really hard time enjoying sex, because of the dryness and it’s very hard to climax. HELP! Anyone else experience this?

  69. Michelle L. June 7, 2012 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    Ive had the Mirena put in in 2008. Very very painful to put i and the pain of cramping lasted for months upon months I decided to keep it in hoping that it got better and it did…my three biggest issues with it is severe hair loss, lack of energy which me me tired faster, and 30 plus pounds of weight gain..I have had some numbness to my leg and hands and now started experiencing hip and joint pain out of nowhere.. went to mu ob/gyn for annual exam…I talked to ber about ny haor loss and brittle braking nail that has all of a sudden gotten worst..she blamed it on the lack of sunshine..and encouraged me to keep the Mirena in.I am scheduled to have this nightmare taking out in two weeks and trying to prepare myself for the pain that will be associated with removal and also what I’m reading about with the crash…thank you all for your stories and posting because I really didn’t understand what was happening to me and why my hair started falling out.
    I wish you all the best in returning fully back to normal before the iud.

  70. AmandaPhilo1991 June 9, 2012 at 12:04 am - Reply

    For those of that this worked well for, awesome. Over the last 2 1/2 years it’s be slowly making my life a Hell, and it’s gaining momentum until next week, when it will be out of my body-FOREVER. I don’t know the exact dates my symptoms have occured, but I was told so many times, oh it’s nothing. Can’t be from the mirena. Bogus.

    Problems since insertion of Mirena birth control.

    1.Weight gain loss
    3. excess hair growth in a seemingly male patter
    6.constant vaginal itching and yeast infections/bacterial vaginosis
    8. CONSTANT fatigue
    9. anxiety
    10. rare – blurred vision or seeing ‘spots’ pains in my side-which as ive read from other ‘victims’ has a lot to do with ovarian cysts
    12. Seemingly constant hunger, even when i’ve just eaten. (Ties in with weight gain)
    13. skin rashes, dryness, oil increase and acne
    14. Breast tenderness
    15. Ceased periods
    16.shortness of breath
    17.increased vaginal discharge
    18.’foggy’ feeling when i try to think, forgetfulness
    19. insomnia
    20. INSANE mood swings

    And my doctor thinks I’m over reacting.
    I’m so glad i’m not insane like everyone else thinks.

    • Diane December 12, 2016 at 9:00 pm - Reply

      Hi Amanda, How have you made out without having the Mirena? I’m having all the same symptoms that you have had. I’ve had the Mirena for two years now and I just had it removed today.

  71. hattaway7 June 11, 2012 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    I have had this IUD for 5 years this month and just called the doc after reading all this. I have been so scared about it hurting or finding out that it has grown to something. Im glad to say that I havent had the most horrible times some of you have had. But i have in the last 2 months been over emotional. Everything gets to me im sad one min then I could bite your head off. Little over a year ago I did start get high blood pressure and anxiety. It was like I was bad embarassed but i wasnt. I work at school so Im thankful I get to be at home during this but I have two kids at home with me. Does anyone have any ideas that could help me be better prepared the day it comes out and the days after?

  72. AngieBrckr June 14, 2012 at 4:23 am - Reply

    So I had iud placed in July 2010 . Was thrilled about not having a period. But then BAM acne,mood swings,Insulin resistance, panic attacks, hair loss, no libido, weight gain, and nooo energy. Had it removed 2 weeks ago but not the easy way. Mine had traveled up into my uterus and they had to dialate my cervix and pull it out with a scope. Mind you I was not put under for this either. Crying in pain. But now I am definitely still felling the crash ….a little anxiety and panicky feelings and crabby answer random bleeding. Just hope all this ends soon cuz I want to be.ME again.

  73. LAmeagan June 15, 2012 at 11:00 am - Reply

    Wow. I wish I had done more research on the Mirena before I had it put in. I’ve had it for a little over a year. For awhile I thought it was a miracle – in fact, I would say that until very recently I didn’t even consider the possibility that the IUD was the cause of my depression struggles and the overall “feeling of blah” so many of you ladies have referred to. I am in my early 30s and have never had acne like I have for the past year. I saw someone say on another message board that she felt as though the entire aging process had accelerated since being on the Mirena – I couldn’t have said this better. I had simply attributed this to moving back to this US after years of a ‘work hard/play hard’ lifestyle abroad. All that said, it’s really the depression that has me desperate to remove this thing from my body. My appt is Monday – relief cannot come soon enough. I’ve struggled with depression before (which is why I think it took so long for me to consider that it might be this little plastic demon in my uterus) but this, quite frankly, this is intolerable and I am this close to being unable to function.

  74. Laura A June 15, 2012 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    I am having such a horrible health nightmare with the Mirena.I It has been the biggest life altering mistake I have ever made in my life. I’m 43 years old &I had it inserted in January of 2011 because of heavy periods with the copper IUD. A little after a year this March I started getting insomnia, really bad that I couldn’t function at work or have a normal life with my family. I went to my primary care doctor & she prescribed Ambiem, along with anti-depressants. I was distraught, as I have not had a history of depression.I suffered for all of march and part of April, until it dawned on me that it could be Mirena. I googled it & sure enough all the websites gave me plenty to read. I had my OBYN remove it on the 25th of April of this year.She asked me why I wanted it removed & gave her some lame excuse. She then responded by telling me the the hormone in the Mirena doesn’t leave the uterus. She removed it after I insisted. 2 days later the first & only period came down. All of May was great. I was gradually getting back to my old self the dperession lifted, though I don’t know if it was from Mirena or Ambien. My sleep was back to normal and my anxiety was way down compared to with Mirena. I could actually function at work & enjoy my family. However, this second week of June has been a real nightmare. My insomnia came back last night, as the dark cloud, not as strong but am aware of my mood change. To add to a already difficult situation, my hair is falling out much more than when I had Mirena, I am so alarmed & my blood pressure is up.I have lost 14 pounds since I began this ordeal and ask myself if it’s ever going to end? All I can think of is my 2 beautiful daughters & son that need me. It is scaring me to death to know that I may not be healthy for them. I’m afraid to go back to my doctor, for I fear she is going to think Im depressed again & want to prescribe me medications. I don’t know if I’m going through the so called Mirena crash 7 weeks after the removal but I really wish God could help with with a miracle & give me back my health

  75. Laura A June 16, 2012 at 12:22 am - Reply

    I would like some advice and feedback from anyone who has had similar symptoms as I have. I really want to believe that I will overcome this nightmare & that others have survived it. Please post any information that can be helpful!!

  76. Laura A June 16, 2012 at 12:23 am - Reply

    I would like some advice and feedback from anyone who has had similar symptoms as I have. I really want to believe that I will overcome this nightmare & that others have survived it. Please post any information that can be helpful!!

  77. Babs June 17, 2012 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    I am 54 & just had my Mirena removed after 4 years. It was a wonderful 4 years. No cramps, no periods, no pregnancies. I just started bleeding (3 days after removal) & was hoping to be completely done with menopause, periods, etc. my FSH is 70 so the numbers look good. Can anyone tell me if the spotting is possibly a period (the thought of gettin pregnant 54 makes me shudder!) or simply my body reacting to the Mirena being out?

  78. melinda hudson June 18, 2012 at 3:53 am - Reply

    i had my mirena in for 3 and a half years then me and my husband decided that we wanted to have another baby i had the mirena taken out the end of april and we still havent been able to conceive. i did have some of the side effects that yall r talking about such as the hair loss. i hope the mirena has nothing to do with us not being able to have another baby. but the mirena did do its job and i had no problem with it while i had it. it does just depend on our body. but has anyone else had a problem conceiving?

  79. Simmone May 30, 2012 at 6:37 am - Reply

    I have had my merina in for 3 yrs now and certainly havent had a smooth trip with it. When it was first put i i had my period constantly for 3 months and my dr told me to perserveer, in which i did and have since never had a regular period and when i get them i have them from 10-25 days. I have had many other problems not related to the merina like a tumor on my cervix etc so backwards and forwards from the gyno regularly. So after 3yrs of severe cramping and sharp pains and weight gain i gave in and approached my gyno to have it taken out. So yesterday they have attempted to take it out and where unsucessfull in there attempt even resorted to clamping and moving my cervix and pulling my uterus out straight and putting the plastic like cork screw in to try and hook up the coil to remove it. So i am now having to go and have surgery to have it removed as they cant find it inside me but can find it on a ultrasound. I had it put in after our second child as they said it would be the safest thing for my milk to continue feeding him how ever within 2 weeks of having it put in my son had a severe out break of infintile acne one of the worst cases my dr had seen and all the creams and antibiotics in the world couldnt fix it i had to give up feeding him due to the hormones that were being produced due to the iud within 1 week of him being on a bottle and no longer feeding off my milk his skin cleared 110% better than it was. My gyno has recomended that they day he takse my merina out he will start me straight away on yasmin, however i have herd many contriversial reviews about this pill also i will give it ago. So my fingers are crossed to have it out within the next month.

  80. Veriditas May 30, 2012 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    I am beginning to recover.

    I am glad, as well, that I found all of you and that you’ve shared your stories. It has helped so much. So this is mine: Back in November of 2011 I got a terrible yeast infection and UTI. I thought that perhaps my lubricant was old and had caused the issue – it’s organic and has only a certain shelf life. The infection happened again in December. Then in January. By this time I thought that my boyfriend may have cheated on me and had given me some terrible STD. I went to Planned Parenthood and they did every possible blood test and I was negative for everything. Again the same in February. And let me mention that these infections only happened after intercourse – which had dwindled down to once a month because I just couldn’t seem to recover and would have a recurrence every time! I went online to find out if it was related to perimenopause and that’s when I read other stories about recurrent infections in women who had the Mirena. Eureka!
    I also found out that my hair loss and breakouts were related. My hair had been almost down to my waist and I had to have it all cut off last summer as it had turned to broken off fuzz. I thought that this was also because of perimenopause and the fact that I color my hair.
    I had deep, painful blemishes that would not go away – not many – but they were very deep, large and hard, but still full of dried sebum when extracted.
    I absolutely had terrible anxiety attacks. They would wake me in the middle of the night.
    I would perspire like mad and my hands would shake for no reason.
    I, too, had not really changed my eating habits but gained 20 lbs over the past 2 years. I just thought that I was getting older and was going through the change. I am 51.
    Thanks to all the great information and with great excitement I decided that I would have that foreign body removed from mine! I was really happy to know that my symptoms were shared with others and caused by the Mirena.
    But then, I crashed. I read all about the symptoms while having it but hadn’t read about the removal issues. Had to look again and found that it actually had it’s own title – the Mirena Crash. Nice.
    The removal was painful for me. Short, but I did almost feel like I would black out. But it was only a second. This information is just so you know what you might expect.
    I spotted for a day or two initially. But my brain fog cleared withing 24 hours – I actually didn’t realize how ‘foggy’ I was until it lifted. A very nice occurrence. However, after 4 days I started what I thought was just going to be a period – but it was the worst flooding and clotting I had ever experienced. I have had 2 miscarriages and with one hemorrhaged, so I knew that that wasn’t happening. Still, I threw clots the size of key limes every morning for nine days and had cramps like I was a teenager again for 11 days. As of yesterday the ‘period’ stopped and I have had cramps on the right ovarian side only today.
    I am absolutely going to find the supplements mentioned and plan to do some deep detox treatments – colonics and green juices – to try to get rid of the invading hormones.
    I will try to follow up with my progress and let every one know what has worked and what hasn’t and to update change as I experience it.
    Thank you all so much for sharing. I, too, thought that something was terribly wrong with me, but now see hope.
    Better days are coming!

    • Tonton June 22, 2017 at 7:55 am - Reply

      Hi there!

      Are you feeling any better these days. How did the rest of your recover come along? Very eager to find out! I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel
      All the best,

  81. Rhonda1996 May 31, 2012 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    No we are not crazy! I got mine after second child (july 2008) and blamed all my symptoms on life with new baby. After the first year I knew I was sick with something but thought I would just get better. Doctors dismissed me and told me I had too many symptoms – acne, mood swings, extreme fatigue, zero libido, and I just couldn’t lose my baby weight. I also had extreme brain fog, no memory, no motivation, and experienced air hunger every day. I got no help bc blood tests were always normal. In other words, docs thought I was nuts. Did I mention panic attacks too? They always offered me anti depressants. But there was light at the end of my tunnel.

    The best thing that could have happened to me happened at 31
    months post insertion. I had a pulmonary embolism. Finally I had
    proof that something was just not right in my body. This thing had to
    come from somewhere. So after many tests, scans, and medications,
    doc finally says that mirena did this to me and acts like I should know this already. He says you have to be careful with all hormones. What makes me so mad is the fact that my ob/gym told me that the mirena would not cause this and insisted that I keep it after my pulmonary embolism! So now I’m 8 months post mirena and feel a lot better. Not 100%, still have belly, but motivated to work on it. To those with no trouble, congrats – you really dodged a bullet. Do not discount a woman’s intuition.

  82. tdouglas June 1, 2012 at 2:28 am - Reply

    I got this because I knew 3 people who had it put it and had no pain with insertion and no problems. I personaly liked the 99.99% effectiveness since I had a child at 15 and didn’t need any more for at least 5 years. I got mine put in 8/14/0, I was 19 and it was the worst most horrible experience, so painful. I was told i might feel little cramping like a period, and I would spot for 3 months, and somethin like 1 in a thousand get an infection afterwards. first the things they use to hold you open hurt they were spread so far. Then that little do dat that holds your cervix where they say you’ll feel a little cramping, was like child birth contractions pain!! Then when he pushed the button thing to release the mirena in me I felt a very painful electric shot run up the left side of my body and down the right side. I immediately felt flushed and light headed I had to sit there for 30min before getting up. I had to pull the car over on the way home I felt like I was gonna pass out again. Then a few days later I got an infection in my uterus. It was so painful I couldn’t move, i looked 5 months pregnant it was swollen and hot to the touch. They gave me antibotics, and the option to remove it. I was went through so much getting it put in I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. at the 1 month check up I still was in pain and they adjusted it by pulling on the strings slightly and trimming them. That helped, for the most part. I was constantly bleeding for the first 3 months. And continously spotting for another 6, enough to always have to use a panty liner. Annoying. I haven’t had any other side effects other than during sex 90% of the time its uncomfortable during certian positions. And sometimes bright red bleeding after, like it punctured something, not like period bleeding. I have spotting (I don’t even call it a period) about every other month for about 2 -3 days. Which is awesome compaired to the very heavy, very long 10-14 day period I had before! I’m married now, our 1 year anniversary is next week and we want to get pregnant, I’m so horrified about having it removed I’ve been putting it off, for 6 months now. I would really like to be put out during it. 🙁 I’m also woried that it will take at least 6 months for me to go back to normal, and very worried about scar tissue in my uterus and not being able to get pregnant again. I am having huge anxiety about the removal and now reading what most people experienced after renewal, I’m really freaking out. can anyone tell me how the actual removal went?

  83. Aut June 28, 2012 at 4:54 pm - Reply

    I too want to get my mirena out! I have had mine for 2 years- My periods never went away- some months Ill bleed for 5 days and some for 14 days- If im stressed at all Ill start my period, ive just moved and am on my 3rd week of on again off again periods. Ive gained 15 pounds and exercise daily and eat pretty well and my weight wont change, I also have noticed an increase in black facial hair on my chin. Im starting to see a pattern and realize that this IUD is not for me!

  84. Karen Alton June 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    I have had the IUD for since my son was born,(got it put in April 2010 & removed June 2012) & I absolutely love it! It is the best birth control out there! I got it removed a week ago, but still then i wouldn’t change it for nothing! I didn’t have a period for 2 years, I haven’t had a problem with the Mirena at all! It seems to be the best birth control & I wouldn’t hesitate to go and spend another $400 on birth control because I absolutely love it! I don’t have to worry about using condoms and the condom breaks, I don’t have to worry about taking a little tinny pill everyday, i don’t have to worry about chaning a patch every week! I just personally loved the mirena! Like I said I got my IUD taken out about a week ago now, & I have not yet bleed what so ever! My doctor did tell me to use condoms while having sex because of the fact I was on brith control for so long, that my body needs to get regulated again! She wants to wait about 3 months before I get pregnant because if I was to get pregnant again rightt away within the first 3 months there could be problems wrong with the baby such as: Spina Bifida, down syndrome, anything along those lines! But I don’t know why everyone is having problems with there IUD!! I understand that’s everyone’s body is different, but 99% of the cases I have read everyone has had a problem!! I didn’t have a problem & I wish all the girls that have posted on here could say something good about the IUD!! I wouldn’t use any other birth control!

  85. PaulaMom June 29, 2012 at 1:56 am - Reply

    I had my Merina for 4.5 years. I did not have a single problem or period the entire time. I’m 48 and the doctor did bloodwork and informed me that I was post menopause and that I could have it removed. I had it removed three weeks ago, the first week felt fine. Then started lightly spotting and wore a pad for two weeks with dark spotting. Tonight I am traveling for business and started bleeding heavier than a normal period with lots of clotting. I’m shocked since I was told I’m done with menopause… what is causing the bleeding? I also have felt extremely lethargic and having lower back and hip pain, and oddly…my memory is horrible! Odd? I wish I knew what to do!

  86. sarahysell June 30, 2012 at 3:41 pm - Reply



  87. Rebeccaf July 2, 2012 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    To all of you who had success with Mirena IUD, I’m glad you did. I just wish I was one of the lucky ones!
    This is my experience with Mirena. I am 48 years old and have been suffering with heavy and frequent periods. I got to the point of becoming very anemic. My ob/gyn suggested having the Mirena inserted to control the bleeding. I had it put in November 2011. As far as the bleeding is concerned, Mirena has done the job very well! But that is where the benefit ends. I have had previous bouts with depression. I was concerned about my depression returning because of the hormone. I was told that the hormone released is so small that it should not affect me. Also, prior to having it inserted, I knew that one of the side effects was ovarian cysts. My ultrasound prior to the insertion showed small ovarian cysts, one on each ovary. When I asked her about that and the side effect of the Mirena of cysts, she told me that shouldn’t be a problem either.
    Well since having the Mirena IUD inserted in November, my depression has returned with a vengeance. I started taking an antidepressant in February that I had used with success previously. My mood had leveled off, but I crashed in May. I’ve had mood swings, crying at the drop of a hat, obsessive thoughts that I know are irrational but can’t stop them. I’m not exactly suicidal, but I don’t want to live like this. Another symptom that has cropped up in the past month or so is severe abdominal pain. The first time it happened, I thought I was having an appendicitis attack. It comes and goes and it’s quite bothersome. I wonder if the cysts that were there prior to the insertion have grown.
    Well I just called to make an appointment to have the IUD removed. It will be coming out TODAY! I only hope I have quick relief because I can’t stand living like this and it’s unfair to those around me to have me acting irrationally. I’ll come back and post about my progress.

  88. Hate mirena July 5, 2012 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    Wow i cant belive all this i had mirena inserted 7monthd ago and thought it was the best choice that night i thought i was going to die i was sweating so much the bed was soaked yes sound exagerating but its true my boyfriend woke me up all scared then it went away , im never in the mood for sex and not only that but i spot almost everyday! I go trough liners like crazy period! Heavier that ever i swear i can soak a super tampon in 2hours and still stain my pants its the worst thing ever in 20years old & though mirena was the best choice to take care of myself & prevent pregnancy but i swear it has ruined my life mood swings depression so much anxiety i can go on with a list its worst recently i noticed how i fight with my boyfriend so much were at the point of breaking up cause of my mood swings & depression he didnt belive me it was cause of mirena until we read all this but its all too late now mirena ruined my life & i want it out of me but im more scared to get it taken out cause og the so called “mirena crash” im 20 & dealing with this is a nightmare

  89. cammy May 16, 2014 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    I had the mirena for the full five years, I had it removed 8 months ago. I get normal side affects for period, but it only last a day or two and is very light. Is this normal? Im starting to get a little concerned.

  90. Marisa May 18, 2014 at 10:25 am - Reply

    I have been reading so many horror stories about the Mirena removal that I rescheduled my appointment to remove it numerous of times.. I’ve had the IUD for about 4 1/2 years now and the best thing about it is not getting pregnant with it or having any physical complications in that time period. During the four years with the IUD I’ve experienced weight gain(as with any BC), headaches, nausea, and VERY frequent yeast infections. Removing this BC was a breeze! There was an instant relief of feeling bloated. I had slight cramping for about two minutes then I felt normal again. Today is day 3 since I’ve been Mirena-free and I haven’t seen any blood or abnormal discharge, felt any cramping, depression, mood swings, nothing. I feel awesome! I am super excited to see the weight loss that supposedly comes with removal.

    My advice to all you ladies that have doubts is this… keep in mind that everyone is different. The way your body reacts may be different from the way mine did or Sally’s or Teresa’s. So don’t let the horror stories spook you out like I did. I don’t regret getting the Mirena nor taking it out.

    Hopefully this helps ease you curious souls that are reading a bunch of Blogs trying to see what to expect.(I know the feeling because thats exactly what I was doing lol)

    Good luck!

  91. Anna May 21, 2014 at 8:46 am - Reply

    I had my iud in for 4 years I got it removed may 8th now it’s the 21 and I have not stopes bleeding and I have been a huge B word but I wanted to know is it normal I had no problems when my iud was in but now holy crap should I be worried

  92. Debbie June 1, 2014 at 5:48 am - Reply

    I got a Mirena in 2006 for heavy bleeding. The first 6 weeks I almost went to the ER to have it removed on a couple of occasions. But suddenly it settled in and I can’t say enough good things about it. I rarely had a period and if I did it was only spotting. I didn’t get any cramping or side effects that some of you are talking about. I recently had it removed after 8 years. A totally painless procedure that lasted maybe 1 minute. I had some slight bleeding which lasted a day then it stopped. A week later I had some more slight bleeding but nothing to worry about. It’s now been almost 2 weeks since it’s been out and I feel no different than when it was in. My experience with the Mirena was a great one and I would recommend it to anybody. But I guess maybe I was one of the lucky ones.

  93. Galina June 16, 2014 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    I had mirena removed 4 month ago and a few days after i had a long period with big blood clots and heavy flow. Also i felt very dizzy and tired all the time. Now the dizziness have gone but i still have acne spots and lactating breasts. I had mirena for about a year and gained lots of weight with it.I went from a size 10(UK) to a 14. While i had the IUD in i thought that i was overeating and it made me to start counting calories and cycling.The weight did not shift despite my all efforts. I really hope that this weight and all the side effects will go away soon. This type of contraception is not for everyone

  94. Sravani June 17, 2014 at 11:58 pm - Reply

    I removed my IUD after 4 years on 04/19/14 with a mild surgical process. When doctor tried to remove my IUD the string came off and she was not able to take it out. So she removed it on my next appointment by looking at it through ultra sound. After 2 days I got my periods like almost normal ,but bleeding for extra 2 more days.even with my IUD, I used to get my periods very regular. But I didn’t get my periods till now after removing that and I m not preagnant. Does this happen or is there something to be worried of.

  95. Nalinee June 18, 2014 at 1:30 am - Reply

    It is almost comforting to hear/read that I AM NOT CRAZY!!!
    I have had the mirena inserted in 2011. I have experienced hair loss, moodiness (my kids think I’m the Wicked Witch that has come to life), weight gain , headaches, lethargy, tearfulness and general apathy. I seem to have lost my zest for life.

    I am having mine removed on Saturday (21/06/14) – and although I am not looking forward to the possible mirena crash – I am just glad to be getting rid of this horrid little thing that has made my life very unpleasant for the past 2 1/2 years.

    All you women are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences and for making me feel human.

    Mirena is not for everyone – the ladies (like myself) who have had an unpleasant experience know that the unpleasantness of the side effects are real (not imagined/not in your head) – it really is UNPLEASANT!!

    I would not recommend Mirena to anyone.

  96. AngelFace June 22, 2014 at 11:08 am - Reply

    To be honest, I had no problems with my IUD in the 5 years that I had it. I finally decided to try for baby #2. Had it removed on 5/8/2014, the first week was great, then it happened. I crashed so hard. Anxiety & panic attacks, no bleeding, constipated, uncontrollable crying for no reason. My poor boyfriend and son have been going through hell for the past month. I swear they know me by name at the ER. I have been poked and prodded and what not just so I can figure out what’s wrong with me. Docs all said the same thing, “it’s not the Mirena”. Ok fine then what’s wrong with me. They all made me feel like I was going crazy. So they shoot me up with anxiety and nausea meds and sent me on my merry way. Til my last visit to the ER when the doctor made me feel like I wasn’t crazy, bless him. He gave me a natural mineral cleanse. Didn’t help with all the anxiety, but now I’m regular. I still get anxiety every morning, I was doin doing self induced vomiting just so I could feel better but I’m on day 2 of talking myself out of it. It takes me at least 4 hours to relax my body so the anxiety stops. I still cry everyday but the doc said that it was normal. Oh yeah I was put on so many pills, the ER doc took me off of them because I kept throwing them up. FINALLY, after weeks of not knowing the cause I got a hormone test done. Showed my levels are low. So now I get to see my gyno and go from there. I drink herbal stress relief tea and take long showers. I know this will pass, soon rather than later, but geez it’s taking forever. I got laid off from my full time job over this. I would not recommend the Mirena to anyone EVER! It will turn your whole world upside down within a blink of an eye. Do your research ladies first. Hoping to feel better real soon. Don’t know how much more of this I can take. I just want my life back.

  97. Maria Mora June 29, 2014 at 7:48 pm - Reply

    Got Mirena for exactly 5 years. During this time I had awful acne but never thought it was the Mirena. Had peelings, laser treatments and no result. When I completed the 5th year I decided to “detox” my body from contraceptives for 2-3 months to see how it Improved my face (and also hair). 10 days later my face showed improvement and so did my hair. Hated to have my period again and I started to have cramps which I never had. Now, three months after, my face feels better (the scars of course continue ), hair looks better, I recover my libido but still feeling anxious and irritated. On my way for my third period… I can feel it coming. It hurts like crazy and my breast is very sensible. Hope this helps… Still, I love the fact that I didn’t have my period for 5 years… Good luck!

  98. Sylvia July 15, 2014 at 5:27 am - Reply

    I too got Mirena 2 years ago and never bother to read about side affects

    I know I could get PMS and sometimes very bad, usually controlled by exercise. Until recently when I been working out and notice nothing feels right, diet, starvation and exercising everyday. To struggle to drop a pound! . After reading other stories. And hearing about the ugly deep like no other all over my face and chest … I realize it was my IUD. AND here I am at 430 am reading about pain post IUD REMOVAL because my brain feels likes it’s going to explode! I never have felt so much pain w a headache before 🙁
    I got my IUD removed just 4 days ago. And now feeling severe headaches
    I need to research more about this Crash
    But I had the sucker removed because my PMS. OR MOODSWINGS. WHATEVER IT is. Did get worse w Mirena!
    I’m on regular estrogen and progesterone hormone pill to see if this helps w my moods. I’m a mother of 3. And work full time plus!
    So on top of keeping Afloat w Low dose Zoloft so I don’t flip out on my family

    And I’m looking forward to getting some pounds off and my skin clear w occasional zit. Cause there’s were deep and right on my cheek apples. I hated it. I thought makeup. But why always in the same spot. It was like the zit that would not leave.

  99. Elisa July 18, 2014 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    I had Mirena inserted on 11/10/2011 and am due to have it out on 8/6/2014. While I enjoyed not having a period or cramping for all this time, still, I suffered from the side effects and symptoms that every woman has written. To put it in easy-to-follow reading:

    1. Alopecia – like, out of nowhere. Freaked me out. It’s gone now, thank goodness.

    2. Weight gain of about 7 pounds. I am a marathoner and a 5:37 mile runner so my training is hard, frequent, and quality. During periods of training I should have been at 116/115lbs., but I was climbing and am up to 125 pounds. Not normal.

    3. Hair thinning. Clumps in the shower every day.

    4. Bloat like no one’s business and never goes away.

    5. Engorged breasts about once a month or every two months. Big, heavy, uncomfortable, tender, and giant. Would last about a week and then go back to normal.

    6. Acne everywhere. I just found one inside my ear and flipped out, actually, almost passed out. It was huge and I didn’t know what it was until I looked with a mirror. I was mortified.

    7. Higher body temperature. I’m hot all the time. I’m only 33.

    8. Heavy feeling when running. Even when I feel like I can do speedwork, my body won’t go.

    9. Crave food. Any kind. Not normal.

    10. Irritability

    11. Moodiness

    12. The smell of sweat changed. I now smell like wet clothes all the time. So gross. I used to have a sweet smell and a healthy glow. Now I look like I belong in an alley somewhere.

    13. Feet swell.

    14. Ovarian/pelvic pain

    15. Headaches

    I can’t think of any more, but this is everything that has transpired after year one of Mirena. The withdrawals sounds awful, but at least they are temporary. Going back to Seasonique – if they still make it.

    Women – my thoughts and prayers are with you all. We will make it. We are survivors.

    • Susie Q. January 30, 2017 at 1:16 pm - Reply

      I haven’t laughed out loud in a long time due to this “Mirena depression.” I’m reading though these old blogs to comfort me so I know I’m not alone. Hundreds and hundreds of women testifying and I come across yours and it made me literate laugh out loud. I had my Mirena taken out on Friday 01/27/17 and your post made me laugh: “I look like I belong in an alley somewhere.” I know exactly what you went through. I too suffered from this oily problem. Not trying to be mean at all. Just wanted you to know after years of not being able to laugh, this made my day. Thank you.

  100. Jordan July 18, 2014 at 9:29 pm - Reply

    I just want to add
    I have seen 12 Drs in the last 3.5 years
    Because I have had so many problems!
    Breast pain lead to lumps and removal, sever hairloss, body rashes like bumps on head and neck, extreme roller coaster weight loss and gain (up 74 pounds in the last year) anxiety and drepression, chest pains that brought upon very high blood pressure like 193/135 was my highest) then had echo which showed one enlarged ventricle, loss of feeling in arms and hands, severe swelling in legs from knees down, difficulty sleeping, severe knee pain to the point of inability to do stairs which lead to an Ortho appt and MRI and be told that total replacement is required in 1-3 years, and more…
    It was up til last week that my BFF sent me an article about Mirena and Silicone provisioning. Which lead to four hours straight of internet research!!!!!
    All of my symptoms (except knees and bumps on head and neck) have been individual, like I would get one, then it would stop and something else would start…
    Moral of the story, I got ithe Mirena removed yesterday afternoon.
    About two hours after it was removed I was so angry, yelling at my kids (more than normal), and today I have zero tolerance with everything, lashing out at my kids and my dentist… Acting bipolar?!?!

    So that is why I am here!

    Things have to get better right
    I got the Mirena removed so all the other shit that was destroying my life, my family would get better!!!

    But my oldest daughter yelled back at me today “go get that thing put back in, you are nuts”

    I feel nuts
    I feel out of control

    I just started to get the acne on my face in the last few weeks.

    I feel like I am losing it

    Why aren’t dr’s straight with me!! Is it all for $$$?

    Please reply
    Please help
    Please email.

    Thank you

  101. AngelFace July 29, 2014 at 12:54 pm - Reply


    Here’s an update from my previous post! I have been in out of doctors, and have had so much blood work done. Had Mirena out on May 8th, and for a month and a half I went through hell! Finally my Anxiety, and ALL my craziness have gone away, overnight! Feel like myself again. HOWEVER, I still have not had a menstrual cycle. It’s been 3 months, and nothing. I have read that for some it had come back right away. After many blood tests the docs have told me that my overies stopped working and that I will not be able to concieve and that I am going through early menopause. WTF??? I’m 36!!! One test showed my estrogen levels were high and progestron levels were low, a week later my blood work showed that my estrogen levels were low. I’m so confused! Doc says if my period does not come back in 6 months to go back and see her. Whatever, taking natural hormone balance supplements to see if it speeds up the process. I really wanted a baby, but I guess this will not happen for me. 🙁 Mirena has really screwed up my life! Anyone else experience this? I’m at a loss! 🙁

  102. Elizabeth July 30, 2014 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    I got my Mirena removed in late February of this year. I had my Mirena in for 5 years before having it taken out. While I had my Mirena in, I didn’t have any side effects and rarely had a period. After I got it removed, I felt fine until this month. Over July 4th weekend, I ended up at the Urgent Care because I felt like I couldn’t get my breath, my body was shaking, and I was having a panic attack. At the time, the doctor told me I just had a virus. Then, this week I returned to the Urgent Care because I have felt panicked all the time, really tired and just don’t feel like doing anything, uneasy stomach/gurgling noise when bending over, low sex drive, chlaustophobia, worried all the time, irritable, fogginess, feelings of depression, etc. This time, the doctor told me it could be a hormonal imbalance due to having my Mirena removed in February. I started looking up the side effects after getting the Mirena removed and came across all the articles on the Mirena Crash. It fits all my symptoms, but it seems like most people experienced it immediately after getting the Mirena removed, but I got mine removed 3-4 months ago. Some days are better than others, but hoping it goes away soon. I had already cut alcohol because I didn’t think I could handle it with all the symptoms and feelings I have been having. I have only been able to drink 1/2-3/4 cup of coffee since I started having the symptoms, but read that coffee can trigger the symptoms too, so starting tomorrow I am going to cut that as well. Hopefully I am not the only one that it has taken this long for the symptoms of the Mirena Crash to start and hopefully they go away soon. My fiance and I have been trying to get pregnant (with our second) since February, but so far no luck.

  103. sharon August 1, 2014 at 2:47 am - Reply

    Just had mirena coil removed after just 10 yes of it being put it!I WAS PETRIFIED hence delayed removal. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FINE!threads were v.short which added to my worry but it was QUICK AND OUT B.4 U KNOW IT.LOADS OF SIDE EFFECTS MENTIONED.SOOO RELIEVED ITS OUT. REMOVAL REALLY WAS OK!.!.

  104. Amber August 8, 2014 at 10:22 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena removed yesterday (after having it in for 2 years and experiencing the same symptoms as what I have read…mood swings…emotional roller coaster…etc). My dr had to do use a sono to find it which meant several tries of “feeling around” for it with various instruments. Side effects have been lots of lower back pain and minor bleeding so far. I’m glad I stumbled onto this article because I didn’t think there would be a “crash”! But I don’t feel like doing anything!!

  105. Vivi August 17, 2014 at 6:24 am - Reply

    Well I’ve been on Mirena for two years now and it’s been almost 4 months now that I had it removed. I’ve been trying for another baby but no luck yet. Seriously this thing is beginning to scare the crap out of me. The heavy bleeding have been unbearable. Sometimes I feel nauseousness, weak, tired and fatigue. This feeling is horrible. I think it’s time to see my OB. If I had known this would be the outcome I would not have taken this Mirena, though doctors recommend it. Honestly. I will not recommend this product to anyone.

  106. Brittney September 29, 2014 at 11:37 am - Reply

    I find the previous comments to be very interesting since I experienced COMPLETELY different symptoms since my IUD removal. I had it in for four and a half years. I planned on getting it removed a bit early because I wanted to lose the weight it made me gain. My GYN ended up having to surgical remove it since it was close to perforating my uterus (thank God it didn’t). Once it was removed, the next day I started bleeding very, very lightly almost to the point I didn’t notice. I only bled for about two days. That was the least of my bitter sweet experience. For some reason the removal of the IUD had a bazaar effect on my hormones because I felt like a teenage boy. I am always “in the mood” and its not the normal “in the mood” feeling it’s very intense to the point where if I walk, it’s a wrap! I’ve been feeling like this for a little over a week now since the removal. Though I have been enjoying this and my husband has been overly happy and excited to come home everyday after work, it’s becoming overwhelming. I have even had positive mood changes. I never feel irritated or down about anything. It’s like my doc injected me with a long term dose of endorphins or something. I’ve been prancing around the house happier than ever even in negative situations. I’ve lost five pounds already and eating great. I guess I can’t complain being excessively happy and horny 24/7, but its still a bit concerning since I know I’m not naturally like this.

  107. Stacey October 27, 2014 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    I got my iud 5 mos after my son was born, I thought with two children and a husband I can’t keep my hands off of it was the safest option until we were ready to conceive again. It was killer going in, but after that it was fine. I had bad periods, rupturing cyst, hair lose, weight gain, exhaustion!!!! Urinary track infections, b.v infections, lose of sex drive, constipation , my hair was falling out and my curls that I’ve had my whole life were getting straighter,,mood swings, bad anger issues, and I never thought it could be my marina. I thought maybe I was having a thyroid issue, I went to 6 different doctors, many many tests that were all normal , over three years. I was put on many different kinds of antidepressants and a hormone to help with my periods. I just thought my body changed horribly after having my second child and I lost the person I once was. A few weeks ago my neighbor told me the story of how she had an IUD in the horrible side effects a pause, at that moment I froze that was me in a nutshell. Could it be? The birth-control I had chosen, was ruining my life and me! I removed my iud two weeks ago, and many , things have changed. My sex drive is back , times 100! It’s all I want to do, I’m a bit weepy, cramps, nausea, but I have been having regular bm’s! ( which I HAVNT in years) i’m having horrid head aches, back pain and just a blah blah feeling, but I know it will get better. My iud, had changed me, I thought the person I was , was lost. But I have faith she’s coming back. It feels so good , knowing I’m not alone and I found the real problem. Listen to your body. God bless you all . Contact me if you want to talk,

  108. Sara Grieshop October 28, 2014 at 10:28 pm - Reply

    I’ve read and reread this blog post a few times, and I am thankful that so many others have posted. When i first got the mirena iud, i was promised “dream birth control”, but it really was a nightmare. In addition to severe debilitating depression (that wrecked my life), anxiety, mood swings, and other psychological problems, i have constant bleeding. Its not severe, its just constant and it hasnt gone away after the removal. Im afraid that the side effects of mirena will be with me a long time to come.

    Mirena almost cost me my scholarship to college, my job, and my sanity. Now that its been out fora month, im starting to recover, but it is very slow. At this point, i may have to quit graduate school for a while because i cannot handle the stress well. Mirena stole a year of my life, and i feel so powerless about it.

  109. Daniela November 8, 2014 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    I did not have the mirena for very long. I kept hearing bad things happen like blood clots and other scary things so i just decided to take it out. The next day istarted bleeding super heavy, am still now bleeding huge balls of blood. I dont know how long this will last. But itruely regret getting the IUD. Would not recommend it. Its not normal for a women to not go through her menstual cycle every month. Ask your self where is all that blood going. Its not going to end up good after so long of not bleeding.

  110. MariaBinsk November 12, 2014 at 10:22 am - Reply

    The mirena causes serious damage to the female body, and the only way to get rid of these side effects for good is to remove the mirena and take natural supplements, herbs and foods and consider natural therapies that will eliminate estrogen dominance, help restore the balance of progesterone and estrogen hormones, and detoxify the body from all the toxins present in mirena such as silicone and copper. mirenadetox has been immensely helpful to my recovery and I seriously recommend it

  111. AngelFace November 15, 2014 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    So here is my last update, I had posted back in July about everything the doc had told me. So a recap, ObGyn told me that my ovaries stopped working and that I was in early menopause and that I would not be able to conceive because I had no eggs (LH) They wanted to put me on Hormone balance pills. I told them no, that I didn’t need anymore hormones pumped into my body. So I decided to deal with this on my own. After my body had flushed all the shock out of my body I started taking hormone balance supplements. I still didn’t get a period, It had been nearly 5 months. So I was introduced to Femmenescence MacaHarmony to help with hormone balance and reproductivity. I got period within 2 weeks of taking them. For those who didn’t read my post, Mirena out on May 8th; May 18th body went in to shock, anxiety, panic, you name it I had it for nearly a month and a half; no menstrual cycle. October 11th got a full cycle. According to my Ptracker, I was suppose to start my period 2 days ago. For some reason something told me to take a PG test, but instead I took an ovulation test (I don’t know why…lol) I got a positive very quickly. I thought no way because I’m suppose to be menstruating, so I got a pregnancy test, took that and I got a positive so fast it kinda made my head spin. So off to the doc on Monday to confirm. So to my Gyno who told me I would never be able to conceive, kiss my ass. Even if it’s a false positive, I still have hope that I can. 😀

  112. Rene December 6, 2014 at 11:52 am - Reply

    Ok ladies…. After 4 years of being on mirena I had it taken out. When I had my second child I put it in. Became a complete crazy person… Depressed, axciouse. Enraged. Not good. Went into a week program thinking I was crazy. They put me on personality disorder meds. Now 4 years later I am researching what happened. My marriage is failing due to my so called illness.. When really I think the Mirena started this horrible downward spiral. Now I have it out. Still on meds. Will take 6 weeks to see what happens with my hormones… Now I am scared that I will feel horrible again due to having it taken out. Anyway. My husband thinks I need to go to an inpatient hospital. When truly I believe that now that the it’d is out I will be able to get off these mess that I probably didn’t need to begin with. Wish me luck. Good luck to you all

  113. Leah December 13, 2014 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    Amazing how i thought Mirena was the answer to my birth control issues, but in actuality it turned into 9 years of difficulty for me. I had my first one put in a few months after the birth of our third child and was very happy with it. I was moody and tired, but who isn’t with 3 children under 4? However over time I become very sad, angry, and struggled over the years with some severe bouts of depression. Smiling was not something I did easily. I have sought counseling and debated going on meds, but was always concerned that was just masking my problem. I had a second Mirena put in after the first 5 years but hadn’t started to put anything together yet. However, I had noticed my hair falling out especially since the second iud was put in. It has gotten so bad that I started researching causes and ran across Mirena causing the same problem in other women. Well, I finally decided to have it removed after 9 years. I bled some, but not too badly compared to some other posts here. However, I did suffer the “crash” – there was a day 2 1/2 weeks out that I truly felt I was in full panic mode all day-could not function. I was completely hopeless. Two days later I got my first period which seemed normal based on my pre-Mirena days. After I survived that awful day, I have felt as though a fog of anger, depression, and negative thinking has FINALLY lifted for me! I truly haven’t smiled or laughed this much in years. It has helped my family life where I am much more patient with children and husband. I feel like a new person and I am so glad I decided to have it removed, even if my hair doesn’t grow back. Sometimes I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop where I go back to my old ways, but it has been a few weeks and I still feel so much better. I will avoid anything that adds hormones to my body after realizing that those 9 years were not who I really am. I am just grateful it didn’t tear my family apart as I thought I would at times.

  114. Nicole December 22, 2014 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    a NIGHTMARE was born!
    Having the IUD inserted sounded like a dream…your bloody “days” are are happily looking forward to be protected for the upcoming 5 years of not getting pregnant and have not anymore to think about getting a daily pill and spending a monthly amount for the birth control! Yeah yeah….IF THIS WOULD BE IT! YESSS…it would be very nice! Buuuuut…of course there is a BUT, a big fat one! WHAT IF????
    YOU all of a sudden gain more and more weight…without knowing why….checking on your daily food..working more and harder out..trying to be as healthy as were never before in your life SOOO sporty!..but NOTHING gain and gain and GAIN more WEIGHT….
    THEEEENN…..your SKIN..gets worse and worse and worse….starting up with some pimple on your face…noticing that there are plenty more of them arising not just there, also on your scalp, ears, neck, chest, arms and back…more and more and more!! You look like a 13 year old child that is in her biggest TEENAGE ACNE PHASE! BUUUT YOU are 30tie YEARS of AGE!!! You try everything….buy the most expensive TONIC’s, Crémes, Soaps, Drops, Pads, Scrubbers etc.etc…you buy the whole SKIN CARE section at a pharmacy..nothing helps! You go to Skin Doctors, Dermatologists, Pharmacists, you make LASER spend a hell of a lot of money for having your beautiful skin back! But NOTHING helps…you try Grandmothers recipe with putting EGGS and CITRONS on your skin before going to bed…you read 10000 of books of being healthy and looking go and get SPA TREATMENTS…take YOGA Lessons to relax watch all the SKIN TREATMENT SHOWS on TV and adjust your whole lifestyle..buuuut NOTHING changes…NOTHING works…NOTHING helps!!! YOU are DESPERATE! MORE AND MORE! YOU do not understand WHY!!! It’s like somebody CURSED you! Do I have to live a life with ACNE SKIN?? Do I HAVE TO SPEND every month a lot of money for MAKE UP? Every time I look in the mirror I could throw up….that’s how BAD I look like with my bare skin! People look weird at me…as If I am unhealthy…on drugs…or an alcoholic that gets this bad skin due to the fact of having a bad life style….You are the complete opposite! But you can not prove it! Everyday there are more and more pimples coming up! Your skin looks nod just horrible red, with 10000 of Scars in your face (the outcome of scratching because it bites you so much!) also you can’t go anymore to the beach or you are shy to be naked around your boyfriend or in public because you look soooo bad…..! Do I now have to hide my whole body all the time! Wearing warm clothes in the hottest Summer Time at 90 Degrees? Is this now my life? Putting my hair in my FACE to not get seen by others? Disappearing little by little more and more cause of shyness showing my pimpled body?

    At the same time…gaining more and MORE WEIGHT! Started by 5 pounds more..could be ok….but then gaining 10 more pounds…for no reason! You are active! You eat healthy! You care for everything…but instead of losing weight because you care so gain 10 more! This is it! Too much! Finish!!! WHat is WRONG with me???????!!!!!
    People are telling me that I have to exercise MORE, even though I go 3 times a week to the gym and walk all the time plenty of stairs up and down…I do not eat any FAST FOOD OR SWEETS, I do not drink any ALCOHOL, I do not even smoke or take any drug, it does NOT MAKE ANY SENSE that I have such a BAD SKIN and have become such an incredible WEIGHT GAIN !

    Also….your hair started to thin out on both sides of your head! Right where your scalp begins….it is just gone…about 3 inches on the left and on the right! For no REASON! Your hair dresser wants to sell you 10000 of products to find other reasons why this happened..your GYM wants to sell you fitness trainers to get back in shape and all the Doctors/Stores/People/Internet?/TV around you want to sell you their products!

    NOBODY EVVVER metioned your BIRTH CONTROL ! and that id could be BAD for you!

    You never considered it ether, because of the GOOD EFFECT it still has…(no bleeding anymore and save protection for a long time) you do not even have the time to consider this! You’re life is too busy…you just notice that you look awful and have to change your skin…bot how!!!!????????????
    Can NOBODY HELP??????!!!! AM I AN ALIEN?!?!?!?!?!?????????

    Finally…your HUSBAND says “What about your IUD” ? AHHHHHHHH!!! THIS IS IT!!!!

    RESEARCH AND RESEARCH AND RESEARCH for about 2 years did not help ANYTHING! I SPEND A FORTUNE FOR ALL of this DOCTORS/PROCEDURES and RPODUCTS!! I CONSIDERED everything…..and FINALY…my HUSBAND who dose not know wanything about skin care….serves the SOLUTION!!!


  115. KB December 31, 2014 at 4:28 am - Reply

    I had my Mireia IUD in for five years when it was time too take it out I had it replaced with a new one and had that one in for almost 3 years. I experenced no period for the most part of the almost eight years, and when I did it was light and only lasted for a day or so. I had pain sometimes during sex as well as after, it was painful!
    I decided that I could not take it any more so on 12/08/14 I took out my IUD myself ” yes my myself” I know it sounds crazy! I called my OBGYN and told her she did not think to much of it. When I took it out I did not bleed at all, 2 days later I had sex with my husband and after had a bright red blood that lasted for about 4 hour and stopped. for the fist week I felt great then by week 2 I “CRASHED” I am extremely bloated like I look like I am 3 months pregnant. I feel dizzy, have bad mood swings, have extremely bad acne like I have never in my life, I am depressed don’t want to leave my house, I feel sick. The worst part of it all is that I wish I was pregnant I have taken like 100 test all negtive or I wish I would get my perido I feel like I am crazy and I wish I never put the thing in my body! I am scared that I had it in for so long that my body is just all out of whack and I can’t take it any more, I don’t feel like me!

  116. Nicole January 1, 2015 at 6:40 pm - Reply


  117. Robbin January 8, 2015 at 9:46 pm - Reply

    Here’s my story:
    Mirena inserted 4/10/2011; removed 1/2/2015
    My main incentive for choosing it was control for very heavy bleeding/clotting during lengthy 10-12 day periods every month.
    For the first few months, I noticed zero change in my periods.
    Then, I gradually began to have diminished periods, both in terms of flow, clotting, and duration.
    But within the first year, I would say my periods began to return more to normal.
    Though there was the occasional month without a heavy/clotting period and just spotting, as time went on, periods began to last for weeks on end.
    About a year ago, I had periods that were last for 3-4 weeks before stopping for a week or two, then would begin again.
    During November and December 2014, I bled every day without exception.
    Though it wasn’t the heavy/clotting kind of period, it was noticeable and required at least a couple pantiliners every day.
    I finally contact my PCP as he had told me at last year’s annual exam that I should notify him if I had long-lasting periods again.
    I went to see him for an exam.
    He determined the Mirena was dislodged, and though he could remove it at his office, he could not insert a new one.
    A pregnancy test was done, and having not heard the result, I’m assuming it was negative.
    Therefore, he sent me to a gynecologist.
    She agreed that the Mirena was dislodged and should be removed, which she did during that very visit, and it went just fine.
    However, she informed me that a new Mirena (which she, my PCP, and I had agreed upon) was not on-site and had to be pre-approved through my insurance and then delivered to their office at a later date.
    I have had no bleeding other than a bright red/pink tinge on the toilet paper a couple hours after removal.
    I have also had zero cramping.
    However, I have had definite breast tenderness and enlargement in the last couple days, to the point that I feel as if I’m pregnant.
    I’m also experiencing significant back discomfort for more than the last 24 hours, getting worse with every passing hour.
    I have other symptoms of pregnancy, too, but after reading everyone’s posts on this blog for the last hour and a half, I’m wondering if I’m also experiencing the Mirena Crash.
    Though another pregnancy test was done the day of the removal and it was negative, I was quite worried about being pregnant with these new symptoms, so I performed a home test yesterday.
    Thankfully, it was negative, but I still feel like I could be…
    Some other items of note:
    I have had frequent headaches over the last few years (during which I’ve had the MIrena), with a definite flare in the last week or so since removal.
    Though I have a lot of long, thick hair, my boyfriend always remarks at how much hair winds up in the drain after my showers.
    I still experience occasional pimple break-outs, even though I’m 45.
    My skin has dried out tremendously, and I now have a couple patches of excema after never had an issue with it in my life.
    And I’ve gain approximately 15 pounds since the MIrena was inserted.
    I guess I will actually be relieved to have some bleeding rather than being pregnant since my children and 21 and 17!
    All in all, my experience with Mirena wasn’t as terrible as some, but certainly not what it was touted to be, that being significant decrease in periods.
    Good luck to those who are reading this blog.

  118. Amanda Ramirez January 11, 2015 at 7:14 am - Reply

    After reading all these I want to share my Mirena experience too. The past 2 yrs I have tried almost every bc out there, for my “endometriosis” which now they say is “pelvic floor dysfunction” which still doesnt explain my ovarian pains, anyway everytime I have synthetic hormones in me I get the same result…foggy head (cant think straight), extreme fatigue, back/neck/foot pain, swelling in right ankle, constant vaginal burning/dryness, etc etc.
    Saw a new female gyne who suggested Mirena and figured Ive tried everything else lets give it a try! Placement was painful, I had cramping and bleeding for like 3 days. Had it in for 3 months, still bled every day!! Sometimes light, sometimes heavier, usually brown blood (ew!) Between the feminine products and new panties all the time it got expensive! So my period the 3rd mo was heavy, bright red blood and it lasted 10 days! Never really went away it just reduced, about that time I noticed the bloody discharge smelled unusual (wtf!) And I started having sharp pains in ovaries and crampy feeling in uterus area. The next day I felt even worse, those familiar symptoms also came bk…body pain, extreme brain fog, this time with sharp pains in chest (sternum area, not heart), shaky/weak feeling, accelerated heart beat, nausea. Now I know these are signs of SHOCK…have had anaphylactic shock and toxic shock. This is how I felt, and I started to panic! This started on a Wed and on Fri I went to the dr in TEARS begging them to take it out, there was clearly an infection. My bp was up but temp was low so they ruled out infection, but I know my body and I asked for them to do a culture when they took it out, both were done in less than 3mins and all the weakness/dizziness/nausea/anxiety was GONE. The dr said the IUD wouldnt cause infection but sex can, either std or bacterial and they would give me results in 3 days, (which can be lethal if you have systemic infection) So 3 days with it out, I still have light bleeding, body ache, restless legs, slight fatigue and tummy tenderness. My point is, please listen to your bodies! Drs and medical science are not always right! They go by books, if that symptom isnt in their books, they discredit it. Please do your research, ask questions, rread forums! Its your body….the more natural the better!

  119. Amanda Ramirez January 12, 2015 at 6:05 am - Reply

    Update on my removal: I have the same heavy bleeding, clotting and cramping that everyone else experienced. Its like the heaviest period you’ve ever had! Im going to get a bottle of iron pills now…! 🙁

  120. stephanie January 20, 2015 at 10:24 am - Reply

    I had my mirena taken out a month ago i was feeling fine but the last couple od days im hot cold no energy cant eat or sleep puking cramping and loose stools sorry for the image really freaking out is this normal or what

  121. Danielle January 21, 2015 at 11:11 am - Reply

    I have had the most horrific experiences with Mirena. I had it inserted in September and didn’t stop bleeding, until, oh, wait, that’s right I am still bleeding. After much argument with my doctor I finally had it removed yesterday. I am feeling terrified of what will happen next and am very concerned about the possibility of increased bleeding as I am so tired of this. I just want it to end and feel like I am in some crazy trap. I have bought over 1,000 tampons since September and I just want this to end!!! I almost feel as though I am at the end of my rope. How are women supposed to tolerate this? Why is this drug still on the market? I don’t understand how any reputable ob/gyn could recommend such a life altering medication. I am so depressed.

  122. Michelle January 25, 2015 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    I had my Mirena inserted March 2011 after my son was born. I just had it removed Jan 5th 2015 so my husband and I could try for baby #2. Reading some of the comments and the horrific experience I have had since removal has shed alot of light for me. I bled from Jan 8th to Jan 23rd. I thought I was going to go nuts! Now the migraines have set in. Looking back on things I went through while the Mirena was in, I now realize were related. I never had any mental health issues till after my Mirena was inserted. I had to go on meds for depression and anxiety. I now know the Mirena was the culprit. My libido was non-existent and this was also related. It never crossed my mind until now that the IUD was causing all of this turmoil in my life. I am looking forward to my hormones leveling out and I pray that we are able to conceive very soon. Also, if you experience the prolonged bleeding, it is best to start taking an iron supplement, prenatal vit, and I added Vit B12 for an extra energy boost. Good Luck to all Mirena victims.

  123. Kim February 5, 2015 at 7:44 pm - Reply

    Had Mirena inserted aug 2013 – had a vasovagal response ( passed out twice )

    Had minor cramping for 2 days – had 2 light periods then no periods. (No spotting just a couple or few sharp cramps each month – no biggie)

    Sound good? Well that’s not the whole story
    Horrible smell, libido at zero, hair and skin changed (not as bad as stuff others have experienced) migraines started after about 5 months ; around then I noticed horrible anxiety about going in to work – I would dread going in and talking to anyone – this company is owned by my family – it’s not like I could get fired – looking at the tasks that made me uncomfortable nervous and feeling trapped (like I have read others testimonials saying) I now have no idea what the big deal was
    Then I started researching more – saw others had this psychotic stuff going on – then my breasts were really sore all of the time – after 7 months found a couple large lumps in breast – dr checked said both breasts were full of cysts with the 2 larger ones especially notable – biopsy was fibroid – as far as I knew never had before

    She agreed mirena should be removed and did so at that visit – barely felt a thing

    Had minor spotting then regular period went back on pill psycho-me is gone, migraines are less frequent bad odour gone
    I lasted 8 1/2 months with it
    After about 5 months I started having horrid urges to urinate, am really bloated
    Finally got blood tests done – no infection – dr asked about fibroids in uterus – said I didn’t have an issue with before – she said if a lot or big enough can put pressure on bladder even thought I might be pregnant – skipped a month of pills and got my regular medium heavy flow with nasty cramps – so back on pill I am
    Scheduled for ultrasound – think I will get tubes tied – definitely not feeling myself – have began walking more drinking more water and eating more veggies. Yet feel worse
    Too bad the side effects suck I liked not having a period and only minor cramps

  124. Casey February 16, 2015 at 11:16 am - Reply

    Hi Ladies,
    I have had Mirena in twice. First in May of 2014, and then taken out and a new one replaced in July 2014. I am part of the 3% where the device has been expelled from the uterus. I went in for my follow up a month after it being put in the first time after experiencing unbearable contraction like cramping and pains for weeks. I was determined to stick it out and knew I would have to go through some symptoms. At the follow up visit, my Gyno was surprised to see it half way out, she said the contraction like pains I experienced were because my uterus was literally pushing and contracting the device out. Crazy, I know. Even crazier, I was still wanting to give it another try so had a second one put in the same day. Talk about pain… maybe I’m pathetic when it comes to that, but after both insertions I remember leaving the doctors office feeling nauseous, dizzy, hot and clammy, and in so much cramping pain that I couldn’t even make it down the hallway. I sat in the bathroom and waited until my husband could come and pick me up. I had never wanted my own bed so badly. Needless to say, I was aware of these painful cramps which after the second insertion a few days later I was back to my normal self. A little spotting here and there, no periods. It was great. About 5 months after insertion, I had noticed I had a gradual weight gain which now 7 months later I’ve gained 10 lbs, had a significant amount of hair loss, crazy hormonal mood swings, and cyst like acne on my face and jawline and acne on my back and chest. Sure we are all warned of the symptoms in advance, but in my head I kind of just went “yea yea yea”, it cant be that bad. And to me, it wasn’t worth it. So today I had Mirena removed. I felt a little hot and clammy afterwards and feel blah right now. But I am looking forward to my body and hormones regulating back to normal. To me, this form of birth control was not worth the side effects. As a woman in the late 20’s, when you see yourself in the mirror heavier than normal, with a receeded hairline and face full of acne and know you cant do much about it, It gets depressing. Needless to say I am also on weight watchers and had lost 16 lbs prior to Mirena, which literally has made it impossible to lose weight even with proper diet and exercise. Too bad we cant choose our own cocktail of symptoms. Apparently my body is ultra sensitive. And yes, it is so important to remember that every woman’s body is different. Like I said, I am part of that 3% that experienced expulsion. Mirena: tried it, not for me.

  125. Sama February 21, 2015 at 6:21 pm - Reply

    I had my IUD placed Augest 21, 2009 and removed Augest 14, 2014 in the 5 years I had it I never had one problem no cramping no infections no weight gain no period nothing literally it was like the perfect birth control. My only problem is I have not gotten my period if over 5 years already even after the IUD removal. The doctors can’t tell me anything about it and I’m scared for my future I mean I do want more kids can any one help me with this dilemma? Has this happened to anyone else?

  126. Korie February 22, 2015 at 5:18 pm - Reply

    OMG!!!!! The mirena crash is real.
    IUD insertion: 11/2010
    Removal: 2/11/2015
    I am s glad I googled this. My symptoms are a little different then the many post I have read but overall these post confirm my feelings! I AM GOING CRAZY!!!!! My emotions and hormones are a mess.
    Ok, so i removed mines so my husband and I could try having a baby. I spotted for a few days but nothing big and on 2/13 my husband and I had coitus and I havent bled since. I have, however, had symptoms of pregnancy but a blood test and several urine test have been negative. I have nausea, heartburn, headaches, fatigue and to top it all off I got a cold….and a bad one at that..that came from no where. I am an emotional mess, I’m depressed, anxious and the whole 9. I DID NOT HAVE ANY SIGNIFICANT PROBLEMS WITH THE MIRENA. I thought is was great except for the lower abdominal pain I would get occasionally but it was severe…I mean go to the ER severe. Since its removal I have been fine. Please share if you have had any similar experience.

  127. Krystal February 25, 2015 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    Like many of you I also used to Mirena for 4 long years. I just removed, yes ladies I removed it myself, yesterday and I am hoping some of these symptoms will subside after awhile. I have an appt tomorrow to look at alternate solutions.While I have had no weight gain I am severely bloated at times. I am a fitness model and that doesn’t really translate well in pictures and at photo shoots to have a fit body with a pregnant looking belly. I also experience a horrible rash around my hips and buttocks area that seems to come when my period is supposed to occur. Its the same pimple like descriptions that most of you are describing just not on my face. Definitely have experience loss of hair, thank goodness I have a head full or I would seriously be bald.
    Sex is extremely uncomfortable and often leaves me in tears, which definitely ruins the mood. Speaking of mood, I feel insane most the time and very fatigued….. Unlike many I was not told of any side affects. NONE. Just that I might cramp a bit after insertion. This little device has been ruining my life, and I want it back. Hence the removal. Hoping I do not “crash”. I hope other women researching Birth controls get to this information before they make the worse decision of their life. DO NOT USE THIS DEVICE.

  128. daisy March 5, 2015 at 12:29 pm - Reply

    Mirena Is Horrible Horrible Horrible… I had it for 2 years and was the most miserable, unhappy, person in the world. I feel like I missed out on the first 2 years of my daughters life 🙁 I suffered from extreme bloating all of the time ( I looked 9 months pregnant) I gained 10 pounds on top of the baby weight I didn’t have a chance to loose since I got it in right after my daughter was born. I got BV twice and each month would be a repeat of sore breast’s for a week, severe lower back pain for the next week ( I didn’t have back labor with either of my kids) light period for the next week and then extreme depression for the last week ( I hated my life, job, no one cared about me, I yelled all the time had no patience and didn’t enjoy anything. My kids would do the cutest things and I had no feelings what so ever. I finally had it removed on Tues after hubby got a vasectomy ( it didn’t hurt at all ) and immediately I felt lighter and happier. I did get a migrane the first day but that went away quickly with maxalt. The bloating was gone instantly and my head was clear. I have been laughing and playing with the kids and feel 100% better. I started spotting right away and now 4 days later I am bleeding heavily and clotting. I pray this will not last long and be the major extent of my recovery from that horrible thing and I can get back to my old self asap. I have tried the depo needle and it’s know to cause osteo perosis ( not sure of the spelling) and made me gain weight. mirena just messes with your body and mind, and the only other I tried was the pill ( which at this point seems to be the safest form of birth control. Please ladies don’t ever get this its not safe

  129. Rashmi March 5, 2015 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    All your comments have only made me realise that I’m not wrong in wanting to get the mirena removed ASAP! I had it inserted in March 2014 after a surgery to remove ovarian cysts. The docs felt that Mirena would help by thinning the uterine wall and keeping me virtually period-free which will prevent re-formation of the cysts.
    I was happy at first. But I started having terrible mood swings barely 3 months later. The weight gain has been significantly high! I have dizziness that I can’t understand. I have been depressed, angry and highly irritable – this is so uncharacteristic of me. My husband, child and parents have been worried for me. Then I started having palpitations and registered a spike in BP. The latest blood tests show dangerously low HDL levels. I’ve been pushed into high risk category for heart attack. I’ve had a serious bout of nausea and acidity every month for the last 12 months. My physician recommends removing the mirena. I’very scheduled an appointment with my gynaec. I hope to get this thing out before my symptoms worsen.

  130. Maiken March 8, 2015 at 7:46 am - Reply

    (I’m Danish, so you will have to excuse my English) I’m sitting here with such a relief. Like many others of you, I thought I was going mad, and now it all makes sense!! Side effects from Mirena, and my side effects could have been written by any of you, as they are so like you descripe.

    What I cant get over, is why aren’t the doctors aware of these sewere side effects. The are not excactly mild ones, just blowing over. They are rather life althering and quite scary – I mean they are turning us women into monsters, as it is hard to control your anger, when you are such a mess on the inside.

    Is it just in Denmark, that doctors seem to be so ignorant to the fact that ARE so many side effects to the IUD ??

  131. Kim March 9, 2015 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    Wow, I went on the internet searching for occurences of bleeding after Mirena removal. I had no idea there were so many horrible experiences out there with this IUD. Honestly, I was on the pill for many years and wanted to stop. My doctor told me about Mirena and it sounded great. I had 2 in 9 years. Never had a single problem, no weight gain, no headaches, nothing. I loved the fact that I had very minimal periods over the entire time. I could tell over time that the hormones were wearing off because, at the end of the 5 years, my periods got a bit heavier and lasted more like 3-5 days rather than 1 or 2. I had it removed last Thursday (it is now Monday) and I have been bleeding since removal.

    I am now worried about this ‘crash’ so many of you speak of… I hope I don’t get it… but I’ll post back if I do. Thanks!!!

  132. Allison March 11, 2015 at 12:54 pm - Reply

    I had my IUD put in on May 22nd, 2014. I gained nearly 20lbs despite eating well and exercising regularly as I normally do.

    I had it removed February 26, 2015. The bleeding began on February 27th. On March 7th in the evening it stopped. On the morning of March 8th I began cramping, but there was no bleeding. As I was about to have a shower I felt something falling out of me. It was a clot larger than the size of my fist. Then the amount of blood that poured out was insane. I was filling a super tampon every five minutes.

    I went to the hospital and I am now on Cyclen (birth control pills) to regulate my hormones. Aleve (Naproxen) has helped to control the bleeding, which is now 1 super tampon per hour I would say.

    I am frustrated and exhausted. I keep wondering when this hell will end.

  133. Taylor March 17, 2015 at 9:23 pm - Reply

    I’ve had the Mirena for going on 4 years and am having it removed tomorrow. I do not recommend this method of birth control what so ever. The first year or so was okay. But ever since, I’ve lost my energy. Nothing excites me anymore. I go through spurts of depression & anxiety. I’ve gotten huge boils on my face and back, as well as normal acne that was never there. I didn’t realize what was causing it until recently, and after reading your comments with very similar symptoms, I know I’m making the right decision to have it removed. I can’t wait to have my life back. Bring on the crash!!

  134. Katlyn March 18, 2015 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    Wow. I read ALL these horrible mirena stories on multiple sights. Stuff that starts from the beginning of their IUD. I have never experienced any of this. I had my Mirena inserted as soon as I could, which was when my doctor told me to, after I had my son. I had him in March, bled for a month straight after birth, and had to wait for a regular period before having inserted around June during my second period after birth. I spotted one week after Mirena and never had a period or cramp. No hair loss, no weight gain. In fact I lost weight after my son to weight less than I did before I got pregnant with him and I’ve maintained my weight. I don’t work out nor do I diet and I’ve been able to keep an est 130 at 5’6″ while being on the Mirena. I also have hoshimotos which is a Thyroid disorder and a history of ovarian cyst both of which have been in remission/dormant since Mirena. All these stories about post mirena are freaking me out since I wish to remove it this summer and try to conceive with my Fiance. I’m taking everything into consideration, knowing that everybody is different and unique in their own ways, I just hope my post mirena is a lot smoother than these stories like my 4 years on mirena have been. We’ll see but I feel sorry for everyone whose had a problem on mirena. It has been my best friend for four years. One I’d recommend to a lot of people.

  135. Amanda March 25, 2015 at 6:55 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena inserted 9/1/14 and removed yesterday (3/24/15). I have a history of endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I know what periods feel like but this little demon device from hell knocked me down for the entire time I had it. It was placed correctly and no infections but the bleeding and cramping were unending for me. I did the daily light spotting for the first 4 months (Sept to December). In the 5th month (January) I had a regular (for me) period (regular being massively heavy, 10-14 days long, softball sized clots, and cramps that make labor contractions laughable). After that I started having a regular for me period start every other week. The bleeding from the prior period hadn’t stopped when the next period began. I was in agony. My removal was almost as bad as the insertion. Even despite having multiple ultrasounds done and the cords being in place and everything seemingly normal,one of the tips of the device implanted in my uterine wall. When it was removed, the Mirena torn a small amount of my uterine lining with it. It was not perforated all the way through my uterine wall, but left a spot so weak that now I have to have a hysterectomy.

  136. Sonia SG March 26, 2015 at 9:06 am - Reply

    I just had my mirena removed on Monday and I feel horrible. I have horrible cramping and bleeding. I passed a blood clot the size of a lemon and was so frightened when it came out, if felt like I had just gave birth without the contractions. I cant stand the cramping that is constant and the headaches. Since getting the mirena inserted I have gained so much weight and lost so much hair I cry. with my last pregnancy I didn’t even weigh this much. I am 5 ft and I weighed with my pregnancy 140lbs. Since the insertion of my mirena I weighed a constant 177lbs and tried weightloss. nothing worked. Since it is already 5 years I decided to have it out and give my body a break. I pray my hair grows back and my weight will be a healthy one. It has been a week since the removal and I am still bleeding. I have an apt. to see my gyno and I hope all will be alright. Please research all kinds of medication and birthcontrol. Take care all.

  137. valerie March 31, 2015 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    I am so terrified after reading all this. I am getting my mirena removed tomorrow 4/1/2015. I had it put in 8/15/2010. So almost 5 years. I am having it removed so that I can have another baby. I had a lot of problems with it In and am glad to be getting it oUt. I had a lot of hair loss not necessarily noticeable to anyone but me but I used to have really thick pretty hair now it’s thinner and coarse. I have also had period issues with it. The last period I had was on August of 2012. Almost 3 years ago. I get really bad stomach cramps and migraines. I hope that I don’t have the crash. Thanks for all the insight. Praying for everyone who doesn’t know about this and those who suffer with the mirena.

  138. mishay April 2, 2015 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    hello ladies,
    I thought I was by myself before I read up on the mirena side effects on the internet. Let me tell you how my nightmare began….
    On Monday, I had just arrived to work and was sitting in my office feeling normal like I always had until I broke out in a sweat, began having heart palpitations, overall weakness, feeling like I was going to jump out of my skin! I began to take deep slow breaths until I calmed down. After I calmed down, I still felt very “edgy” the entire day as if someone had been giving my shots of adrenaline the entire day. I went to the er that night, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with my labs or ekg. They sent me home with nothing saying that it was stress. I literally stayed in the bed from that Monday night until that Wednesday evening after having continuous anxiety attacks throughout those days, I literally felt like I was going crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore and went back to the ER Wednesday evening and told them to please figure out what was going on with me. The refused to say that it was the IUD but that is the only thing along with other side effects that were occurring out of nowhere. They sent me home this time with some pain medicine for the chest pains and anxiety medication to take as needed. They told me again it was stress, but I’m not crazy. I have made an appointment to get it removed in three days, I want to be normal again. I didn’t feel like myself at all. I felt as if someone had poisoned me. I hope after removal of the iud, I will feel like myself again.

  139. Ria April 14, 2015 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    I have had the Mirena for 3 months going on 4 and I feel horrible. Right now I have cramps in my lower abdomen. There have been times where I have actually felt something poking me which I should have NOTHING poking me, it had to be Mirena. I was looking for the strings and I couldn’t find them, I did research and I found out that hey sometimes curl. One night during intercourse I felt a very sharp pain in my right side during one thrust, I waited to see if it would get better or fade but no I had to tell my guy to stop. Another night I was feeling for the strings and felt poking, this time it was my finger that was being poked. I do not think this should have been that way.

    Right now back to the point that I am experiencing cramps, I think I will go to the ER to have it removed tonight!

  140. Lina April 22, 2015 at 7:33 pm - Reply

    Dear All Mirena Users,
    I have tried Mirena for over a year and have suffered severe cramping, more bleeding and an intense lower back pain for a year. At first I didn’t see the connection between my symptoms and the Mirena. I went to my regular doctor and said I think I have kidney stones due to my severe constant lower back pain. They tested me and found no kidney stones but bacteria in the urine – got antibiotics for it. I had an x-ray done of my lower back and they saw a problem with a lower disk. This was not news to me since I already knew of my disk slippage that had happened 17 years ago. I asked if they thought the Mirena could effect my back, making it worse, but they said no we do not believe that is the case. But I followed their advice and I started physical therapy and have finished my sessions without any less lower back pain. Since the back pain gets worse during my period I went to see my obgyn to make sure the Mirena was in place. It looked good and they were telling me that it is rare to have back pain complications from the Mirena. Before I put it in I specifically asked about side effects and the doctor said it can take up to 6 months to adjust to it, but in general most women love it and it makes your periods lighter. They had never really heard of back pain, joint pain and anxiety caused by the Mirena. Well here I am and I just came down with a severe bladder infection with lots of blood in my urine and high fever. I am not sure yet if I have a bladder infection or if it is a kidney infection….will find out soon from the doctors. I can’t help to think…….could the Mirena be my major problem causing my constant back pain? In addition I also suffer from horrible acne and weight gain from the Mirena. I have probably gained 10 pounds since I put it in last year. I am a full time working mother and have two kids. I have a busy life and I am tired of feeling run down all the time with a severe lower back pain – I have made the decision to have my Mirena removed. I will let you know how it goes. They will do it tomorrow.

  141. Georgia April 23, 2015 at 12:44 am - Reply

    Mirena – works for some not for others – if it works for you that’s great, but if it doesn’t – read on:

    Unfortunately this birth control device did not work for me. I am in my early 20’s and just to clarify I don’t have any children. My moments of regret started during insertion (May 2012) – honestly I’m not going to lie, it was very painful and I experienced terrible cramps for the couple of days which followed. What didn’t help was the nurse who was holding my hand added “I’m surprised you got one, usually it’s only for women who have already had kids”. Whether this is true or not I don’t know, but it was news to me. I do also quite clearly recall the doctor assuring me there we no side effects for the Mirena just a week out from insertion… funny that.

    I spotted for about 6 months which really took a lot of energy out of me. Once I got past the initial bleeding, right up until the end of last year actually things seemed fine.
    But this year things started going downhill pretty fast, and it took researching (on forums such as this) to find what I now believe to be the root cause.

    My main symptoms have included: frequent chest pain; severe stomach cramps; feeling of anxiety (not usually an anxious person); lethargic (extremely extremely tired); nausea; decreased libido; weight gain (due to a massively increased appetite).

    What has scared me the most from the above has been the chest pains. The feeling is crushing/stabbing. I have been to a doctor about the pain (not relating it to Mirena at the time) where they ran an ECG scan (measures the activity of the heart) to be certain it was nothing serious… and found nothing. The doctor actually gave me some Gaviscon (most expensive Gaviscon i’ve ever had!!). If you are reading this and you also experience random chest pain – give Gaviscon a try, I find this relieves the pain.
    Whether it be heartburn or something more serious, it is not a pleasant feeling to experience at all. I find if I breathe in deeply too fast, or laugh too hard this tends to bring it on more suddenly – at the moment I feel it at least once every few days (soon to pass, fingers crossed!).

    Mirena Removal – 3 Years laters… so I made the decision to get mine removed a couple of days ago. It did Not hurt – to my absolute relief. I started spotting an hour or so later, and have been on what seems like my period ever since (haven’t had one since those first 6 months of initial spotting eeeek). Luckily I haven’t experienced any clots.
    What I am experiencing so far though is a loss of appetite (complete opposite to when it was in :S), feeling quite sick and very faint – especially today… Until about an hour ago I didn’t put down the faint feeling down to having it removed, but after reading a few of your comments here about this so called “Mirena Crash” this is probably (again) the culprit. I’m going to keep up the water intake and just get lots of sleep – this so called crash will hopefully sort itself out soon enough.

    If you are on here reading this – experiencing a lot of these ‘side effects’ and are thinking of having this Mirena removed – well you have probably already answered your own question. Listen to your body – as crazy as that may sound. If something does not seem right, it probably isn’t – and we can’t all be crazy ;). Remember it works for some, not for others. Best of luck.

  142. sarah April 23, 2015 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    I had two kids and wanted a simple birth control and lighter periods. My sister got mirena and has no issues. I have had my period just about everyday since mirena. Light but everyday!! It’s so annoying. So birth control who needs it when you have bleeding everyday. No libido, hair loss, headaches, rapid heart rate, weight gain, acne, every month a new symptom. I am getting it removed. But now I fear the crash. Good grief. What a mess.

  143. Darlene May 5, 2015 at 7:43 am - Reply

    I have had my Mirena in for 7 months now, I had it put in to control very heavy periods. My first attempt to have it inserted was unsuccessful and extremely painful, whilst I have a child I didnt have a natural birth so my cervix had never been opened and basically wouldn’t let the doctor in! So I had to go under to have it inserted. Initially some cramping and bleeding for about two weeks and then things seemed to settle however I soon developed cronic and disabling pain, first in my right hip and then throughout my body, the joint and muscle pain has been so bad and I never tied it in with the Mirena until now. I have been seeing doctors and specialists and have had every test under the sun, first they though rheumatoid arthritis but blood tests showed nothing. I have been taking slow release oxycontine, endone, panadine forte and anti inflamatories EVERY day for 6 months now just to be able to move, I am 44 and feel like I’m 100. Getting out of a chair or rolling over in bed is so painful im almost in tears, my knees, ankles, hip, elbows and hands are so painful. I finally did some research and found a number of blogs with women who have had the exact same problems and now I think about it this all started 3 weeks after I got the Mirena. I’ve booked in to have it removed tomorrow. I had no idea there would be a crash. Oh well it can’t be any worse than what I’ve been thru im just praying the crash is short and that my pain dissapears soon so I can return to a normal life.

  144. Pat May 6, 2015 at 2:47 am - Reply

    I am 40 years old and had the Mirena inserted to try and control my epilepsy (as recommended by my neuro and my gynae). Firstly, it didn’t and my seizures were worse. Secondly, I bled for 2 months solid and thereafter for half of every month thereafter. It has now been 8 months and I have literally had a period 3 times in the past 30 days with an offensive smell. I was also starting to get headaches – something I had never suffered from. In March I was admitted into a psychiatric hospital where I was diagnosed with bi-polar, PTSD, chronic anxiety disorder and severe borderline personality disorder (say what???). I decided I wanted this contraption out of me and yesterday I made the move. The gynae advised me that this happens to about 2% of woman on the Mirena (really??? – doesn’t look like that from all the comments above). I felt no pain on the removal and actually felt “lighter”. Today however, I am feeling flat, nauseous and having terrible period and back pains. The gynae also advised me that the Mirena had caused an infection, for which I am now being treated with antibiotics. I have had two children and can honestly say that the Mirena has had the most awful impact on me, my health, my state of mind and I would never recommend it to anyone as a method of birth control.

  145. Cynthia May 8, 2015 at 10:51 am - Reply

    I had mirena placed in spring of 2012. Placement was uncomfortable and the cramping I felt reminded me of a mild labor contraction. Nonetheless it was over in a few minutes. I cramped pretty badly for the next month on and off and spotted for 3 months, also sporadically. 3 years later, I have gained about 15lbs and feel bloated a lot. Very fatigued and I feel like I can exercise all I want and my weight stays the same. I had it removed which was also uncomfortable. The dr who inserted it clipped my strings too short so the dr removing it couldn’t locate them. An extra tool and some uncomfortable probing and out it came. I haven’t bled since and I feel great. My sex drive is in crazy overdrive, but we are also ttc so it works out. I didn’t hate mirena, but the weight plateau/gain was not cool and I also constantly felt like I was pregnant or having pregnancy symptoms. I won’t get it again, but I don’t believe it’s awful like some of the posts here make it sound.

  146. Alicia May 10, 2015 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    I have read this forum over and over from top to bottom a few times just to keep my hopes high and my sanity clear. I had the mirena inserted in April 2012 when my daughter was 18 months old. Inserting it was torture and I was in severe pain after. I remember almost passing out and throwing up. (I should have seen the red flag there) I had severe abdominal pain for about 3 months and bled brown blood for about 3 months as well where the doctors office said “it’s normal” sex drive was still there although slipping away gradually, but was non existent almost because of the pain when my husband and I did try. I found myself crying more, raging with mood swings, didn’t put any weight on although I didn’t keep any off, either. This went on for over a year.. Then, in December of 2013, I started having a severe anxiety attack like I felt like I was dying. I went to the ER 3 different times because I felt awful. They said nothing was wrong and sent me on my way. Since my anxiety went out of control, I slipped into deep depression where I was hopeless. My husband hated the IUD and swore all along its what caused my mood swings and seriously almost wrecked our marriage. I researched side effects jan 1st 2014 of mirena and found it caused anxiety and depression. I went to the bathroom and ripped it out. I had no idea what the mirena crash was. Just when I thought my depression was bad, it got worse. I wouldn’t, COULDNT eat, felt like my daughter didn’t need me, and life was better without me. I NEVER suffered from depression or anxiety before and I’ve been through some HARD times in my life and tragic things… Back to the story, I had to be checked into a clinic because I was too far gone I couldn’t handle it on my own. I didn’t want to die, but the irrational thoughts scared me. They diagnosed me with major depression. I was on Zoloft and it made me feel worse. I did get pregnant because I needed hope and needed something. They kept me on medication and never blamed the mirena.. I’ve been on three anti depressants that made me feel worse. Now I know why.. I didn’t need them. I had the mirena crash and I’ve been taking anti depressants for a year now.. I finally got off of them and felt a million dollars better until I had a hiccup.. On April 20th, I took a plan B pill that is a MEGA hormone pill that has the same synthetic hormones that the mirena did. Guess what happened to me? 🙁 I am having a HARD time, but these stories keep me going along with faith my family And my little girls. If anyone needs to reach out, please do to me… it always helps to have a support group.

  147. jamie May 14, 2015 at 10:18 am - Reply

    I appreciate so much everyone sharing their experiencesall US women are very complex especially with our hormones and finding the right thing that works with everyone’s individual chemicals and hormones is very difficultI’ve used the mirena then went to the paragard the bleeding on my period was just too much so I went back to the mirena a year ago just got it removed hoping that it has been the cause of a lot escalating issues over the last few years that has gotten to the point where I just can’t bear it anymore with anxiety rollercoaster of negative emotions 9trigger temper and after the point where it’s now interfering with my work lifeI’m not positive but it all seems to make sense that this could have been causing the last few years of my life of miseryI’m ready to get back to my old self againand getting the Mirena out without the synthetic hormones being put into my body hopefullyis at least a big puzzle piece of getting back to normal

  148. Yvonne May 18, 2015 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    I had the Mirena removed in March and I am now experiencing weird chest pains, feels like an electrical shock to my chest. last seconds and goes away. comes and goes. I am scared and afraid of this symptom, My period has not come back to normal yet it is light and only lasting 2 to 3 days. I got pimple here and there too. Never used to have them. On top of that I get palpitations on and off. my energy is not there. I get tired easily. Just want to sit down or lay down all day. I feel really bad on some days. Can anyone tell me what to do to stop the symptoms?

    • Jolene June 7, 2015 at 8:02 pm - Reply

      Yvonne, you should really go to the doctor and have that checked out. It could be your hormones working its way back to normal or something serious like clotting. You should always have chest pain checked out.

  149. Johni June 6, 2015 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    I just got my IUD removed less than a week ago and have had nothing but issues. Massive headaches, loss of appetite, zero energy, extreme mood swings and horrible cramping with super light cramping. I didn’t really experience weight gain, didn’t really ever have acne, but I’m surely glad I got this thing out!

  150. Katie June 6, 2015 at 12:50 pm - Reply


    Thank you for the post. I had it removed the first week of March. I experienced significant hair loss from May 15 until recently. Now I’m exhausted! I’m a runner and this morning I struggled to complete one mile. I really have to work at placing one foot in front of the of the other. I’m exhausted and finding it difficult to get off the couch. I hope that this is over soon!!!!!

  151. Jolene June 7, 2015 at 7:52 pm - Reply

    I think this is really important for all women who use hormone based birth control to think about. Yes, some women – and we all know at least one – never have issues with birth control, Postpartum depression, etc.. But then there is the rest of us – like me! I have always been sensitive to oral contraceptives, I mean they would make me crazy, it was like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. I also have a family history of thyroid disease, and autoimmune disease. I had Mirena inserted after my doctor thought it would help with the heavy bleeding I had. Well yeah, it made my periods lighter, but I was having light two week periods, then nothing for two weeks and then bleeding again. I was having crazy mood swings, crying all of the time, weird random migraines, severe leg pain in my left leg and also right breast. NO energy at all, bad acne, and not only that, but my face just looked horrible. No weight gain though! I had the Mirena removed 3 weeks ago after having it in for almost 8 months. I honestly have to say, that was the worst 8 months ever! Some women on here have gotten defensive, and are very quick to defend Mirena, but that is not what this is about. If it worked for you then great, this post is about women who have had the “crash” or bad side effects. After a week of getting it removed I actually had energy, cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. I felt somewhat normal. The only thing is that I still have the leg and breast pain which is very concerning to me. I am getting it checked out soon to make sure I do not have blood clots, Which is a known side effect of hormones, and yes it can kill you. I just want everyone to be careful of what they put in their bodies. While this may work for some, it does not mean it will work for you, and I wish I would have never got it put in. I went to the Mirena web page and clicked on the link for Doctors, its information that the doctors can read about the product, so basically doctors are just regurgitating what they read on here and have no idea what the hell they are doing. I say this because I get migraines and was concerned before the doctor but it in that it might add to the migraines, to which she replied, “no, no this will help with your migraines.” What a liar, it specifically states on the Mirena page not to give to women who have a history of migraines. Found this out after I had it put in when I was looking for answers as to why I felt so bad. A good friend asked me about it and stated Ive been sick since I had the IUD put in, and that its not normal for you not to bleed, that is what women do, we shed an egg every month, when you mess with nature who knows what can happen. She was right!

  152. heather June 16, 2015 at 3:16 am - Reply

    The mirena IUD seems a scary thing after reading all these comments I’ll share my story as it is a little different.

    I had mine inserted in 2012 without any real problems. I had very regular spotting, usually every couple of weeks for up to 10 or 12 days. Didn’t have any noticable mood swings, increased appetite, yeast infections or such things, although sometime a bad smell. Now that I read about hair loss, I have been losing a lot lately, but never connected it to the IUD. About three weeks ago I had quite bad stomach cramps and started to bleed like I would have with a period in the past (not just the spotting I was used to). I felt for the strings and they were sitting just inside the vaginal opening, much lower than where they previously sat. So, for some unknown reason, my IUD dislodged after almost three years, which is very uncommon (it’s usually within the first three months). I had it removed immediately and my period ended a couple of days later. Haven’t started bleeding or spotting at all again and there have been no gushes as others have described. I have felt quite deflated for the last few weeks but related this to something else. My biggest issue, and the reason that I found this blog, is that I have had this terrible burning sensation in my crotch area for the last weeks. I haven’t had any noticeable discharge and put the burning sensation down to changes in acidity due to the removal of the hormone. I’m hoping it goes away soon because it’s not very comfortable.

  153. Kym June 18, 2015 at 8:30 pm - Reply

    I am 42 and have merina in for 10 years (first one for 5 years and 2nd one for 5 years).. A few months ago hubby had snip so I can either get it out or get another. It’s been amazing with no side effect and next to no period (hence my hesitation in getting it out).. The only possible side effect is significant weight gain… The diet and weight gain don’t stack up… Probably should have put on some. It not as much as I have. Anyone out there got there mirena removed and lost some weight? Not sure what to do.. But other than that it’s been gr8! Ps have had 1 friend got pregnant on it and another get terrible acne.. So it just depends I think. Needing advice

  154. Dia June 23, 2015 at 11:43 am - Reply

    I received the Mirena in June 2010, after the birth of my son that April. I had severe cramping and some bleeding in the few days after the insertion. As a sufferer of PCOS, I was excited to hear that the Mirena should help with the minimization of growing cysts, and should virtually eliminate the awful monthly cycles I was accustomed to. I had always had very harsh bleeding, and cramps from hell. So the thought of NOT having that as much was music to my ears. Well, turns out that I am one of the very few that DON’T get to have their periods stop… Literally, in the 5 years I have had the Mirena, I have had MAYBE a handful of months where I didn’t have awful cramping or a cycle. I have always battled my weight, but the weight I have put on since the insertion has been awful. I am now heavier than I have EVER been, despite trying to exercise (when I can find the energy) and eating right. Oh! And the depression…… Yikes – I’ve battled it most of my adult life, but after starting this thing, I have had to up my dosage of Lexapro, and still have panic attacks and severe bouts of depression – almost ending my marriage. My 5 year old son told me he never knows if I am going to be happy or angry, and that breaks my heart. I didn’t even think that any of that could be a result of the Mirena. Just a couple weeks ago, I had a laparoscopy to try and find out why I’ve been having so much lower abdominal/ovarian pain, and also had a tubal ligation at the same time. I have my post op tomorrow afternoon, to get the results, and will also have my Mirena removed as well. I will be glad to have it gone, but now I am terrified of the “crash.” I am praying that the effects of the removal are a piece of cake compared to the monthly pain, bloating and cramping I have…

  155. Ali July 8, 2015 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    I am 52 and have worn two consecutive Mirena IUD’s since 2003 to control heavy, heavy bleeding. The first was removed in 2008 and another inserted while I was in surgery. This one I wore past five years (with my OB/GYN’s permission) and just had it removed a few days ago.

    While I wore the Mirena’s for 12 years, things were pretty good. Some cramping, no acne, some mood swings etc. Some of the sypmtoms were normal as I was peri-menopausal but nothing too bad. I am heavy so I wonder if some of the weight I carry is related to the 12 years with Mirena…

    Since it was removed a few days ago, I have light bleeding but haven’t experienced any other symptoms.

    I’ve read each entry on this blog and I really, really hope somebody can answer my quesitons:

    1) How long after removal did the problems (clotting etc..) begin and how long did they last?
    2)Did anyone have just a few complications after removal (nothing too serious)
    3) Since I’m 52, and close to menopause, will I escape the clotting?


  156. kate July 12, 2015 at 9:19 am - Reply

    I have had my mirena in for just over a year now and after having a few bad symptoms, I am over it. It is now to the point where I bleed for 2 weeks (atleast) at a time. I got it due to the promise of helping with chronic cramps every month…unfortuntely this has not helped and is maybe worse.

    I am just wanting to know if anyone else has had it removed after a year and if they still had the Mirena Crash??

    I think I will just stick to the pill and condoms instead of all these ‘miracle contraceptives’ that dont seem to work well for me.

  157. Paula July 16, 2015 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    Omg I’m so glad I came across this before getting my iud removed. My only symptom that I know of is weight gain, But that’s enough. I read too many bad things to want to keep this. I’ve had it for roughly four years. First three months I had random cramps then nothing. Just weight gain that I lost once but am unable to lose again. Getting a massive variety of supplements and prenatal so I can hopefully bypass the worst of the crash. Only thing unaffected is my sex drive. Hope that doesn’t get affected. Time to get the tubes tied!

  158. Lynda July 17, 2015 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    Just had my Mirena removed two weeks ago. Bleeding has subsided for the most part. Within the last week I began to have splitting headaches with flashbacks of horrible PMS headaches. Gosh, I haven’t had one of those for years. Also having intermittent moderate to severe depression. Thankfully it comes and goes. Does anyone know the best method of treatment for the “Mirena Crash” (post removal)? Prenatal vitamins, natural progesterone cream? Anything??????

    • Lynda July 17, 2015 at 7:13 pm - Reply

      PS Also just turned 54 and in the “Big M” according to my GYN. Just happy to have it gone!!!!!

  159. Shannon July 20, 2015 at 5:01 am - Reply

    I have had 3 Mirenas spanning almost 11 years and had absolutely zero bad side effects. No periods, no issues. Honestly the best thing I’ve ever had. Just had it out to start trying for a baby. I am 4 days post removal and so far have only experienced watery blood / brownish discharge. Wondering when this will stop but so far that’s all the issues I’ve had.

  160. J.J. July 22, 2015 at 7:40 am - Reply

    I am so thankful to have found this website. I have had all the same symptoms, but never tied it to the Mirena until my ever so patient boyfriend started researching it and discovered all these side effects, which he has seen first hand. Bloating, acne or boils, hair loss, some facial hair, severe cramping, back pain, exhausted daily, can’t sleep well, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, severe mood swings, headaches, loss of appetite, easily bruising, sore joints, mild weight gain, and the list goes on. I had the Mirena put in 3 years ago and loved it, no periods, and 99.9% effective. I am 39 and done having babies. I have 2 boys I am so thankful for and proud of. Thank goodness they love me so much. In the last 3 yrs. I have been hospitalized more than once, took off 3 mos. of work due to anxiety and panic attacks, separated from my long term companion, couldn’t keep a boyfriend, very irritable, diagnosed at one point bi-polar and put on all kinds of medicine for the above symptoms that I have never had to take before. Some hormone replacement for hair loss, another for hair growth and acne, anti-depressants & anxiety medicine, medicine for arthritis, and sleeping pills. My head felt cloudy and not like myself for a long time. Severe lower cramping and bloating sometimes daily. 6 days ago I had the Mirena taken out and am so thankful. I did experience the Mirena Crash and think the symptoms are finally subsiding. I was very irritable, depressed, weak, exhausted, and achy body like I had the flew.
    Thank you everyone for your posts, good to know some of us have exprienced the same effects and there is hope. J

    • MadAtMirena August 17, 2016 at 12:28 pm - Reply

      JJ – did your hair stop falling out? Did it grow back? I had lost so much hair to this stupid IUD … is there any hope?

  161. Suzaane July 23, 2015 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    I had my Mirena inserted in November 2014 after I had problems with Depo Provera and bleeding and extreme weight gain. The cramping and nonstop bleeding on Mirena were so severe I would double over at work and be unable to work (I am a massage therapist). I was bleeding through 8 super plus tampons a day and it felt like someone was digging fingernails into my left ovary. Doctor never mentioned this side effect and her response was “oh well that happens.” I became extremely depressed and had no energy – either from the hormones or the loss of blood, not sure since the doctor refused to admit that they were related at all to the Mirena which she had talked me into. She just said it would be worse if I had chosen the non-hormonal one. Had the Mirena removed on 2/23/2015. STILL BLEEDING as of 7/23/2015. Different doc prescribed a round of birth control pills and that stopped the bleeding for about 2 weeks, but now it is back for the last 3 1/2 weeks. Mirena was the worst choice for me and pretty much destroyed the relationship I was in because I was so freaked out about the side effects that I no longer even felt sexual. I would rather take my chances and go with an abortion if needed than ever go back on the Mirena or any other hormonal birth control.

  162. Lynnie July 28, 2015 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    I’m 54, just had my second Mirena removed after 7 years! The first one was inserted to help with heavy periods and worked brilliantly! It was removed during surgery on my bladder & replaced with second one! I’ve honestly had no side effects & have been very happy with it!
    BUT, I have experienced lots of the symptoms mentioned by other nearly all of which I have attributed to the pre-menopause! I’m on another site where woman who have never even had a Mirena experience weight gain, depression, hair loss, lack of sleep, hot sweats etc and this is all normal for woman during menopause years which can last between 2 – 15 years!
    I am now post menopausal so hopefully will not get a “crash”.
    Watch this space if I do I will report back

  163. jennie July 29, 2015 at 10:32 pm - Reply

    So I had my IUD put in after the birth of my daughter 4 years ago. Since then I have a a period every month that last about 2 weeks. I have sleeping issue and have also gained 30 pounds. I recently decided that it was time to get it removed. I made my appt. and I was thrilled to finally be free of this tiny little bugger. Everything is going fine until the doctor tries to remove it! I have had 2 kids and I am pretty good with pain. She tried twice and it was not moving I screamed both times then she had another doctor come in and give it a tug. Still two tugs later and extreme pain this little thing is not coming out. Now the doctor is worried that the IUD is embedded so she wants me to see an OB-GYN.
    I was able to be seen the next day. As soon as I enter the room I knew this doctor was just going to rip this device out of me. I came in thinking that they would check and make sure this thing had not moved or was embedded. The pain was unbearable I was screaming and crying my body was shaking. She tugged, tugged and tugged I could not believe that she was still trying to pull this thing out. She was finally able to remove it I have never been in so much pain in my life.
    I asked her if it was suppose to be that painful and difficult to remove. She only responded that most are not that uncomfortable. Her I am like bitch it felt like you just ripped out my insides.
    Know I am worried that there was an issue and she forcefully removed it. Hopefully my body is able to recover but I will never be putting or taking any kind or hormone again.

  164. Annette August 3, 2015 at 10:46 am - Reply

    I’m 56 years old and I had the Mirena placed for painful cramps and excessive bleeding. Today it was removed after 5 years. Mirena gave me my life back. Gone were the painful, excruciating cramps and the Heavy bleeding. I have been reading about the ” Mirena Crash” comments and I’m a bit apprehensive. But I also read about how awful Mirena is and I have to say, Mirena was my life saver. For 5 years I have remained healthy and happy. Hopefully if there is a crash, and I’m feeling funky or blah I’ll take a walk, ride my bike or go swimming. I refuse to attack the Mirena IUD.
    I’ll get back to you guys in about a week to let you all know if I crashed. Remember folks Mirena isn’t for everyone. Luckily for me Mirena was my panacea for all that ailed me gynecolologically speaking!!!!

    • Felicia October 8, 2015 at 5:12 pm - Reply

      any update? I dont see where you updated in a week.

  165. Shelby August 17, 2015 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    I have had the mirena going on 4 years. The only real problem I had was at the beginning when I bled for about 6m. My OB said that was normal because my body has a foreign object in it and its trying to get it out.after that I have had a handful of spotting every couple of months but no real bleeding. I have gained weight and I do get moody and hot but I don’t think I would blame the IUD for that, Im ready to take it out now and am very scared about the crash now that I have read these testimonials. Pray for me!

  166. Kate August 19, 2015 at 1:11 pm - Reply

    I had the Mirena implanted in Nov 2014 and had it removed in July 2015 because I bled the entire time and developed ovarian cysts. I believe I’ve experienced “the Mirena Crash” because of the extremely heaving bleeding and clotting. But again, after a few days of no bleeding, the bleeding is back. Very frustrating.

  167. koreena August 20, 2015 at 11:50 am - Reply

    I got the mirena implanted april of 2012 and everything was fine actually perfect until may of 2015. Since May 2015 I have regained my period and have had spotting every day up until august 20th(today). I have also had massive mood swings and my obgyn cannot schedule an appointment until September 20th. I am seriously thinking about taking it out myself before i go back to work with the school year approaching, now that I have heard about this “crash.”

  168. Eva August 22, 2015 at 3:54 am - Reply

    Hi there, i’m almost 28 years old and I had the mirena coil in for just over 3 years, my doctor recommended I switch to it from the copper coil as I was struggling with heavy periods and depression from it.. I wish I had never listened to them.

    Swapping them was straightforward enough, a little uncomfortable but fine, i felt immediately better and for a year or so after didn’t have any major problems, other than some mild anxiety. Gradually over the course of the next 2 years the anxiety worsened to the point where i would wake up with panic attacks every morning, i’d be constantly exhausted, have headaches, cry over nothing, my skin was disgusting and i lost all interest in being intimate with my husband. I felt as if i couldn’t function or be the wife and mother that i want to be.

    2 months ago i went to my doctor to ask for it to be removed, she couldn’t find it.. i waited 2 weeks for a scan which showed that fortunately it was still where it was meant to be, but the strings had been cut too short (I’m sure they were fine before so I have no idea what happened).

    I made another appointment and had 2 nurses try to remove it, which they couldn’t, so a week later my doctor – instead of referring me to hospital – decided to try again! She made a joke that she was certain she could have removed it and that it looked as if she was lying.. sent me home to await my hopsital referral for surgical removal.

    2 weeks ago I had it removed under general anasthetic, procedure was quick and relatively painless just some cramping and bleeding afterwards, the bleeding has stopped now.

    However, although my anxiety went initially, it has returned over the past couple of mornings and i’ve been struggling to control it – I think it coincides when I am due on my period, but i am yet to have one. My husband had a more ‘serious’ operation recently and I need to care for him and my daughter, I am due to start full time work again this Monday, and I just want to have it under control. I’ve been taking Kalms, rhodiola, drinking tons of water and chamomile tea and eating as cleanly as possible – I don’t want to take the antidepressants the doctor has given me, I can’t afford to make it worse. I’ve read that 5-HTP is effective, although it can make you drowsy so be careful if you’re driving!

    It seems like there is no immediate fix to this – if anyone would like to message me and keep in touch about concerns or to track getting better i’d love to hear from you, a lot of forums i read don’t have very recent posts. My e-mail is

    Take care of yourselves, and remember, it won’t last forever!

    ~ Eva

  169. bunny August 27, 2015 at 10:02 am - Reply

    I had the Mirena put in about 4 months ago I bled All the way until today.I had excruciating pain during sex I was having severe hormonal issues So I came to the clinic I’m got it removed today. My doctor said that the way my uterus was lined The Marina was pushing up into it every time We had sex. So the doctor took it out and I am very dizzy and very weak.The first month that I had the Mirena inside me I had severe migraines that would not go away I spent more money on tampons Than I would have ever imagined. I do not recommend the IUD to anyone It really messes you up. I am having some cramps And dizziness but I hope to improve within the week. Good luck to anyone who had the IUD I would suggest you get it removed ASAP I’ve also heard that it imbeds into your body And people have to get it surgically removed So good luck and I hope If anyone is thinking about getting the IUD you will quickly change your mind It was the worst Birth control I’ve ever had

  170. Elaine September 9, 2015 at 11:03 am - Reply

    I have to beautiful daughter. I had my youngest April 12 2014.September 17 2014 I got the Mirena and got it taken out Febuary 20 2015 due to having it poke me and having pains in my ovarie It is September 9 2015 and I am still having pain in my ovarie all the time not to mention I haven’t had a period since May 2015 but that’s problem because I still be my daughter some.Why am I still hurting in my ovaries I figured after I got the Mirena out my ovarie would stop hurting and it’s always on left side never on right. And I am not on any birth control now.Please help ladies.

    • Sandra November 1, 2015 at 1:15 am - Reply

      Elaine, I had the same problem, always on my left side, iv spoken to a number of woman who have had the same , even after my complete hysterectomy I’m still getting pains on my left side, my doc doesn’t know why, so I might look at having an MRI, may be it might see what’s going on,I think that it might be scarring tissue, but good luck and best wishes x

  171. Samantha September 11, 2015 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    So many comments wow! I had the mirena for 4 years the first 2 weren’t bad …the second 2 were awful. ..horrible anxiety ..mood swings…no interest in sex..depression. .. so I decided to remove it and instantly felt normal I was energized.. happy..felt like myself again. more depression …after 2 days I started bleeding.. a week later some big clots and I suffered the CRASH it was awful I am still bleeding after 2 weeks and have had horrible mood swings on and off and a little anxiety …today I feel normal again so I hope its over and the bleeding stops soon! I used to recommend this but after figuring out the mirena caused all this I say NO WAY

  172. Michelle September 28, 2015 at 11:00 pm - Reply

    So Annette- August 3rd– how are you travelling???? I’m 55yrs old and about to have my Mirena of 5 years removed. I also have had a brilliant experience and the 4 months of continual bleeding and blood clots, which confined me to the house, all disappeared once the Mirena was fitted. No periods or symptoms — perhaps lowered libido but that could have been age or menopause, one couldn’t tell. It has been a live savour for me. I wouldn’t recommend playing with your hormones to anyone as im sure there is a price to pay but I was desperate. Having it removed in a month——- so curious as to how you went Annette ???

  173. Sacha October 8, 2015 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    I really wanted the Mirena to be my solution to not having periods, or at least less of them. I managed 6 months but my periods became almost constant every two weeks.
    No depression, no weight gain, no acne, just near-constant bleeding, so I took it out this week.

    Now, holy crap, am I HORNY! To the point of distraction. I’m a mom in my 40’s and it’s almost uncomfortable. It’s been three days since it was removed and all I think about is sex. I went looking online for possible side-effects of removing it and didn’t see this problem listed. After reading the above postings, I guess I am grateful that this is my only problem.

  174. Rachel October 14, 2015 at 7:52 am - Reply

    I had the mirena put in may 2012 ,the first year it was great, by the second year I started to get acne bad, moody, losing alot of hair and sharp pains in my stomach. As of August 2015 I had it removed, had my first period on the second day of having it out lasted 5 days. Next month (Sept) again had my period lasted 5 days,then at the end of the month (Sept) i had some what i would call spotting. Now its October and no period yet. I have taken HPT and all came back negative. Is it normal to miss a month of no period? I am giving it till November before i call the OB. I feel different and look like i am 4 months pregnant, have nauseous, breast are tender and i am always tired. Is there anybody else feeling like this.

    • Heather November 8, 2015 at 11:08 pm - Reply

      Hi, Yes i also started my period a day after removal too and havnt been myself.
      Im always nausea, Headache, Always tired and very moody iv only had the one period so have to wait till end of month but it also last about 4 days.

  175. Brea October 29, 2015 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    I had mirena put in about a year ago. Almost immediately my sex drive completely dissappeared. My husband joked, “That’s not how it prevents pregnancy is it? If it is I’m going to be pissed!” but I didn’t really notice anything else right off the bat. Then a few weeks passed and my relationship with my husband began to suffer, things that never bothered me in the slightest before were suddenly driving me crazy and I felt irritable with everyone. I would tear up at every little thing. I was making a big deal over tiny problems, which was never like me. But it kind of came and went so I tried to forget about it. Now a year later I’m suffering from crippling depression and suicidal thoughts, everyday is extremly blah and I find it impossible to enjoy anything unless I’m drinking alcohol or eating junk food (neither of which I do very often, as a side note). A couple months ago I also began having cramping every few days. Now it’s nearly everyday. I’m having my mirena removed tomorrow and am really excited to see how things change in my life.

    Honestly, I’ve heard of A LOT more people having problems with Mirena than people it worked great for. For that reason alone I would consider it irresponsible of me to ever reccommend it to anyone, but on top of that I never want anyone to go through what I’ve been through over the past year. Yeah, condoms and being careful not to have intercourse during ovulation is harder and less fun, but to me being emotionally stable and having a healthy body that functions the way it’s supposed to is totally worth it.

  176. Sandra November 1, 2015 at 1:03 am - Reply

    I had that thing inside me for4 and a half yrs after suffering from endometriosis for many years, suffering excruciating pain day in day out, irregular periods, heavy bleeding and didn’t know what to do, my gyno recommended this to help, I felt always like life was not coping, anti depressants was given to me and still had no idea what the cause was, I had facial hair growing all the time, weight gain and still didn’t know the cause until around the 2 yr mark, I still kept this thing inside me due to not wanting to go through pain every day again, then 4 and a half year mark approached, I had those pains back and they were worse than ever before, throwing up and ended up in emergency, they said that the medicine from the mirena had probably ran out and I’d have to get another one, so I had a curett done and another inserted, the worse mistake ever in my whole life, pain everyday, still bleeding, after 2 yrs I ended up in hospital 2 times in 6 weeks, I knew it was the coil that was not working , after speaking to my sister whom is a registered nurse, she had that in her and one day she collapsed at a doctors seminar and rushed to hospital, that so called mirena nearly killed her, it had dislodged and was cutting through the tissue which caused major blood poisoning, she told me to get it out and don’t risk it, so I did, and in December 2014 I had a complete hysterectomy , everything out, it was such a complicated surgery, they couldn’t recognise my ovaries, they had to move my bowel,, I thought my nightmares would be over but noooo… I still get those pains and don’t know why after nearly 12 months of having it done… Ladies do not get that mirena put in, and if you have 1 in take it out straight away!!! …. Iv loved reading all the comments, it’s amazing how everyone has had similar experiences , so Thankyou xx

  177. Heather November 8, 2015 at 11:03 pm - Reply

    I got my Mirena out almost 4 weeks ago after having it in for 2 years and 9 months. I had to get it out because it had moved out of place. I thought id give my body a break for a little while and have my periods back ect. But these 4 weeks have been hell for me. I started my period a day after it was removed which lasted about 4 days and then stopped. Then my moods went crazy. I cry for no reason, i get irritated and frustrated. Its not me at all. My body feels so weird and iv had the worst headache, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath almost like i was pregnant but im defiantly not Pregnant. Iv never been like this before i have so must rage and confusion. Im going onto the pill to see if that helps. It would be nice to know what this is happening i don’t feel normal…

  178. J November 21, 2015 at 9:26 am - Reply

    I had the mirena just over 10 months. I gained almost 20lbs after having lost 27! I have a mood disorder and have had to double my antidepressant. I also began to have anxiety attacks. I also had constant fatigue, bloating, loss of libido, and cramping. I have arthritis in my knees, which has become increasingly worse to the point of waking me in my sleep. I had this POISON removed yesterday. The bloating is down and I hope I get back to my old self sooner than later.

    • J November 21, 2015 at 9:27 am - Reply

      Hang in there ladies. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. Sorry for the crappy grammar.

  179. Bobbie November 23, 2015 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    I just got my IUD removed on 11/19/15 after having it for 8 months. I had a spotty to moderately heavy period from day one. I suffered from head aches, severe mood swings, and mild hair loss, bloating, some achne has just started, cramping the whole time. When it would be my normal time of the month I would get so sick I couldn’t move for 3-5 days. The mirena also cause me to have to take medication for high blood pressure. I was very hopeful it would have worked for my heavy periods and it just made it all worse as well as adding some nasty extras. I was good until this morning when I started to bleed profusely and have clots between the size of a golf ball and a baseball every time I stand up. I have had my tubes tied for 11 yrs and had the our put in only to help my horrible periods. I haven’t had the crash yet but I now will understand if it should happen. I am going to opt to have an ablation after the first of the year because there is no way I am doing that craziness again.

  180. Thomas November 24, 2015 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    My wife is having complications with getting her IUD removed. 12,000.00 dollars with insurance is what we have been quoted to have the surgery done to remove the IUD because it has embedded itself. The doctors say “there is no guarantee that the surgery won’t affect her being able to have a child. We are having it removed because we are ready to start a family, obviously. I’m hoping someone will have some incite for us or has had a similar experience but with a positive outcome. I’ve read a lot of the postings on here and I’m sorry for all the pain and hardships you’ve had to go through. If anyone has any information about our situation please share your experience if you think it will help us. Thank you.

    • Sam February 21, 2016 at 8:42 pm - Reply

      I just had to have my Mirena surgically removed in Jan. The surgery for me was no problem. It was done at the hospital as an outpatient procedure. I am fortunate to work at the hospital I had it removed at so I didn’t have to pay anything. I was in and out in no time. I only bleed the a little bit the first day. My periods have not yet started back and it has been nearly 2 months. I am not sure if this helps give you any insight but I thought I would share my experience of having it surgically removed. Good luck!!!:)

  181. Megan November 25, 2015 at 9:29 pm - Reply

    After three years, I finally got the hunk of plastic removed after off and on complaining about it ever since I got it. I found out from my current OBGYN that he had no problem removing it as long as he could feel the strings to do so. He said that he was surprised that the clinic who administered it to me put it in knowing my past medical history of having an ectopic pregnancy along side the fact I had never actually given birth. So that being said, no wonder I had pain, and bleeding after sex. Then even after not having sex for two years, I still had much abdominal pain. After I got it removed, I also had symptoms much like a menopausal woman and I am only 26 years old. My hormones are still trying to get back to normal even after over 2 months of having it removed. I finally got my period back after the first month and had it twice since…Thus the only reason I liked having the Mirena. I read somewhere that it isn’t the matter of having problems with an Iud, it’s a matter of when. There is a reason why we aren’t meant to have a foreign object like that in our bodies. Our bodies always know that it’s not meant to be there, thus the side effects and in some worse than others especially if you’ve had any past uterine issues for whatever reason.

  182. Miranda November 26, 2015 at 12:52 am - Reply

    I removed my Morena IUD myself about a week ago. I’ve had some light spotting that turned into HEAVY discharge. Besides that, I’ve had no issues. I had more issues when I had it inserted. Terrible migraines, cramps and some bleeding for a few months.

    Removing it by myself was very easy and painless.

  183. Gail December 3, 2015 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    I had my Mirena placed in December of 2009. I am an older woman and have gone through menopause while using the Mirena. After having it placed I had a minor period and some spotting for a couple months (as indicated that I would) and have not had a period since. I know I went through menopause during this time but I’m not sure exactly when it was over based on my periods as I wasn’t having one. After the Mirena was placed I also noticed some hair loss/thinning and I have put on about 15-20 lbs. Not sure I can blame it on old age or the Mirena. I had it in longer than recommended but since I didn’t need a back up birth control it was ok. I had it removed today. I am curious to see how my body reacts to the removal.. Good luck ladies. All and all, so far it was a positive experience for me.

  184. Mrs. crash and burn December 11, 2015 at 9:54 pm - Reply

    I had my IUD removed on November 5, 2015, and I have the IUD crash. Once it was out I felt lighter not so much bloating. I been having slight bleeding. That may sound good but the worst part is, I had depression, anxiety, headaches, serve cramps and abdominal pain. I wanted nothing to do with family, friends, work or my husband or playing with my kids. It is now December 11th and I was feeling better today with slight cramping still. I thought about getting the IUD back to stop all this. Its madness going through this and not fair having to.

    • Ebony December 15, 2015 at 8:35 pm - Reply

      I would def think twice about getting back on it if it affecting you this bad now just think of how much worse it can get I hope things work out for you this is def not fair no one warns you of the dangers that come of getting birth control they blind you with all the so called benefits. I’ll be praying things change for the better for you.

  185. Grace White December 14, 2015 at 9:22 am - Reply

    I’m 20 and have had the mirena for a little under a year. I haven’t had a period for 8months but have persistent cramps and hormonal mood swings like I would if I were expecting a period. More recently I’ve had bad headaches and neck ache like I’ve never had before and have this underlying feeling it’s all down to the iud.
    I really want to have it taken out and let my body get back in synch but am scared to experience this crash many others have seemed to experience. Any advice would be kindly welcomed

  186. Jessica December 14, 2015 at 6:54 pm - Reply

    I just had mirena removed today I felt fine except slight cramping and a headache but now I feel so awful i started crying for no reason my headache has worsened and im having nausea. Is this part of Mirena crash???

  187. Tanya December 15, 2015 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    I am so grateful for all your comments…9 months ago I got the mirena with hopes that it would help my very strong periods. Bled non-stop for 5 months then my doctor put me on a birth control to try to lesson the affects of the iud! In the meantime if my husband and I actually tried to have sex a towel was always needed for the clean up… yep still bled! The birth control helped a bit then last month I started again bleeding non-stop.. and to clarify it was the black old blood that only needed a panty liner per day. Back to the doctor I went and she had me get blood work to see if there was anything that could be causing my body to react this way! Everything came back normal so I said get it out! Getting it put in HORRIBLE getting it out no big deal! I felt amazing ..weird feeling but loved it.. two days later emotional wreck..uncontrollable ugly crying! Next day extreme pain and cramps… today bleeding to the point I couldn’t get out of bed! Large blood clots every time I stand up…filling both a tampon and pad in one gush…horrible horrible pain! I hear that this iud is amazing for some people and for those awesome.. I had every single negative side and wish I had never done it!

  188. Ebony December 15, 2015 at 8:32 pm - Reply

    Ok so I had the mirena removed about a year ago due to sists on my ovaries and large amounts of pain. When I had it removed I bleed like all of you are saying the blood clots were so bad I had to go to the dr. She put me on the pill to stop the bleed so I did and it stopped about a week in. Then things started to go back to normal I thought. Since then and no during my cycle time I get these uncomfortable side effects. My face breaks out in these itchy fluid like boils that are painful as well as breast tenderness, itching and they get painfully uncomfortable as well. I’ve never had skin problems in all my life and it just seems funny I get the mirena out and my hormones are all crazy. I get mood swings, tiredness and bloating and abdominal pain only around my period. I think my hormones are imbalanced from the mirena. I’m in search of any information that can help me get my hormones balance restored if anyone has any info please message me at Thank you. Hope you all get your issues resolved as well.

  189. Jess December 16, 2015 at 8:33 am - Reply

    I had my mirena removed Monday of this week I fine now I’m ill my husband and kids pretty well avoid me I’ve had headaches and nausea/vomiting I went to dr about it she said its to be expected and she sent me home could I be going through mirena crash and how long does this usually last

  190. Marissa December 26, 2015 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    I had the Mirena removed about a week ago. I had it removed because I bled for almost 18 months straight nothing but problems I had to marinas before this no problems with them. But now that I’ve gotten it taken out because it was displaced I am having so much bleeding and clotting hopefully this doesn’t last forever

  191. Kathleen lowman December 30, 2015 at 6:16 am - Reply

    Please help I have just had my marina coil removed after 8 years. I feel dreadful, I have tummy pain also bloating, but worst is the horrible dragging feeling down below as though my insides are falling out. Been to gp he says I have an infection. Has anyone out there had this problem. I am 57 years old.

  192. Jayy December 30, 2015 at 10:52 am - Reply

    Hi, I am a 24 year old female. I got my Mirena in two and a half years ago. Since then, I noticed gradually that my panic attacks started happening when I got the marina in. Then, after a family trip to Disneyland, experienced my first severe anxiety and panic attack. I couldn’t breathe and I felt like someone was chasing me for the whole eight hour drive back home. Fast forward two years my anxiety and panic went from once a month to 5 – 7/6 times out of the day. I went to the ER at least 3 to 4 times out of a month. I thought that I was losing my mind and my sanity. It affected my school and my job my manager will send me home early which would make me even more depressed. I then seek help from a psychologist where they just wanted to put me on meds, antidepressants. I refuse to take them so I narrowed down possibilities of what was causing my panic depression anxiety. And that’s when I came up with the Mirena. Now in August I finally had the dreadful thing removed. My first period was like and my second. Felt normal. There were no blood clots I’m still waiting on my third. When I got it removed I felt an instant relief. However, every couple days before I get my period I go back to the spiral depression anxiety and panic and now I know for sure that the Mirena was the cause of all of my problems. Since then I started experiencing chest pains numbness lethargic and libido. I’ve had cats cans mri and blood test done and I’m hoping to move forward from this dreadful experience. Ladies take care of your body and don’t push something natural to be unnatural such as forcing hormones in your body. I hope it gets better and it has but I want to get back to normal. I used to be a fun loving caring partner and mother. And I just want that back. Thank you Jesus and God bless to all you women out there suffering from the terrible thing.

  193. Vanessa January 7, 2016 at 5:36 am - Reply

    I loved my Mirena… Had ZERO side effects! I never got my period but I still got mild PMS symptoms every month like clockwork… Maybe twice a year I would have a brownish discharge but that was it, I never gained weight, my skin was fine, moods normal. It was actually a huge relief after being on the pill for 10yrs (which made me feel crazy.) Well my 5yrs was up so I got it removed 3 weeks ago (24 days to be exact) and I just woke up with horrible cramps! My first period just came… And I bled through my first tampon in ONE HOUR! I guess that’s normal– it’s hard to remember what periods were like prior to being on birth control since its been 15yrs… But so far I’m not a fan. Also experienced this “crash” which led me to this page. 5 days ago I had the worst “blah” feeling ever it was indescribable– I spent my 2 days off work being completely anti-social.. I didn’t wanna talk to or see anybody. I literally did not leave my house for 2 days and this is extremely unlike me. I felt depressed and stressed but I don’t know why. I’ve also been waking up with headaches and grinding my teeth in my sleep it seems. Also, it seems I’ve GAINED 5lbs in the past month! ( This could be from the holidays though?) I’m hoping that all of this subsides… I think I’m one of the few women that loved the Mirena! I would have replaced it with another but thanks to Obamacare and all of the changes to health insurance, it isn’t covered anymore and I couldn’t afford it.

  194. T Harkins January 9, 2016 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    I had my mirena inserted end of September 2015 ( 15 weeks ago ) for severe heavy periods, I bled/ spotted until Christmas ( which was awful the spotting went on and on and on ) I noticed my hair shedding from around November, went to my GP and said it could be due to being hypothyroid. She lowered my dose of thyroxine as it appeared I was turning a bit hyperthyroid. I have just returned to see her 8th January. She agreed that I have lost 1/4 to 1/3 of my already thin/fine hair which is extremely upsetting and stressful.
    I have my check up this Wednesday 13th Jan at the gyno/hospital and will be having it removed. It did reduce my period a lot, about a 10th of my normal bleeding but the discomfort and pmt are a lot worse. The nausea and the anxious feeling started October/November. The side effects for me are not worth it, I wish I had an ablation instead as I won’t be having any more children. Now I am at a new job and will no doubt have to take a week or two off which is super inconvenient, hopefully there is no issue with my employer.
    I wouldn’t recommend the mirena….3 months bleeding loss of approx 1/3 my hair anxiety and now having to take it out anyway so I don’t go bald…… There are better options !

    • MadAtMirena August 12, 2016 at 6:14 am - Reply

      Hi T Harkins – would you provide an update? Has your hair stopped falling out or grown back? I am going through the same thing… I had the Mirena in for 40 days , after the 4th week I noticed major hair loss and shedding. I had it removed (it has been out for over 2 weeks not and i continue to shed an extreme amount of hair). Would you please give me an update? I had many other symptoms that have seemed to slow down a bit bit the hair loss is so depressing!

  195. Amy January 10, 2016 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    I’m freaking out reading all of this. In March, I will be at the 5 year, removal stage of my Mirena. As I’m 33 and never want kids, I was planning on just having another put in the same day (for as painful as it is). Overall, it was a good experience: stopped my periods which were GOD awful, but I have ZERO sex drive and I’m always tired. Hearing all of these bleeding stories leave me wondering: Does anyone know how long you have to wait to have Mirena put back in? Also, for about the last week and a half, I have had migraines DAILY. I’ve also been sleeping about 15 hours a day and can go back to sleep at any moment. I forget everything (and I’m trying to focus on a new job), feel more depressed than usual, anxiety attacks too, but really the headache and EXTREME exhaustion are what are freaking me out. Did anyone experience this as they were coming to the last couple months with Mirena in?

  196. D. January 20, 2016 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    Hmmm! I am a 62 year old who had a Mirena IUD inserted in May 2015 for Post menopausal bleeding which I am told is non-malignant. I had it removed on January 18, 2016 for a variety of side effects which included: depression, hair loss, extreme nausea, irritability and mood swings. Obviously I am disappointed in my experience with this medication because I was told that it has local effects only and should only protect my uterus and not effect me systemically. I am disappointed in the medical professionals who I reported these side effects to and who encouraged me to carry on and the problems would abate – they did not. I have now started bleeding (today) and am hoping that this will be short-lived. I am happy to say that my nausea (which while on Mirena was significant enough that it woke me from sleep at night) has begun to decrease since having the IUD removed.

    In view of the wide number of posts on this site over a period of several years and the variety of significant side effects, which appear to be the result of the MIrena I wonder what part Medical Professionals play in our stories? And in particular, I wonder about whether this information is being received by BAYER, the makers of Mirena? I don’t believe that we are either drama queens, or hypochondriacs.

    I have a 40 year Nursing background and if I was a Gyne/OB or Family Physician, I would have to think very, very seriously about whether this would be a drug I would recommend or use in my practice. Are our voices being listened to? Bayer are you listening? I think we all would appreciate a response and a re-thinking of not what the drug is supposed to do, but what it actually does. And where are our governments in all of this – aren’t they supposed to be reviewing these types of drugs?

  197. MaryAnn January 21, 2016 at 9:39 am - Reply

    I read a lot of the above comments before having my IUD removed, a month short of the 5 year mark. I prepared my husband for every possible bad thing listed above. The five years (almost) that I had it, it reduced my periods from about a 12-day period with unmanageable clotting, to what I would think is more of a “regular” period, lasting 7-8 days with manageable bleeding and no clots. I am 43 years old and have decided to reduce medications. I thought should things return to the way they were prior to Mirena that I would try other avenues. I have waited to comment here simply because I wanted to post an accurate account of things in the month following removal.
    I was on day 10 of my cycle (and still bleeding) the day I had it removed. I continued to bleed for another two weeks after that. No clotting. About a week after removal, I had about three days of raw emotion, crying for hours on end. Since then, my emotions are good. I have not had another cycle.
    As Amy noted above, in the months prior to the 5 year mark, I did have headaches, not migraines (I do suffer from migraines and know the difference). No exhaustion though. I also had about a 15lbs weight loss. So I assume the product was due to be removed or replaced.
    I cannot say much bad about the Mirena experience, it helped my cycles, which was what I needed. It did not stop them as my family doctor and my gynecologist had lead me to believe. In the first few months I did have a lot of abdominal discomfort. My biggest disappointment was the weight gain, 15-20 lbs is a lot of weight for most women.

  198. Beth February 5, 2016 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    I had the Mirena put in July 31 in hopes to control my menstrual symptoms. I just had it removed this Tuesday because it was not working for me. It did not ease up my symptoms at all. I felt bloated 24/7 and when it was time for my period the bloating was horrible. I never stopped having a period and my periods were actually longer with the Mirena in. I went from having one for 3 days to 8 days. I also gained weight. After having it removed on Tuesday, I started having some light spotting which I expected to get. By Wednesday evening it got heavier like a normal period. Yesterday it was super heavy with clotting that I bled through a super tampon and my pants and then again shorts in a couple of hours. I started wearing a pad with the tampon. Today my flow has been heavy still with bleeding through a tampon within 2 hours. I called my doctor’s office who asked if I was running a fever, feeling nauseous, vomiting, or having pelvic pain in which I said no because I have not. They said to keep an eye on it and if I am still bleeding heavy through the weekend to come in on Monday but if start exhibiting any of the other symptoms that I need to go straight to the ER.

  199. KERRY February 18, 2016 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    I’m sorry to hear all these terrible storys with the mirena but Im so happy I had mine removed a few weeks after I had it inserted. I’ve always had bad cramps with my period but nothing like this before and it went on for the entire time I had it in constant pain I was even given prescription antiinflamitory pain medication and it bearly did ANYTHING! I knew then it wasn’t right for me so I had it taken out regardless of ‘waiting it out’ I don’t want to live like that!

  200. Sam February 21, 2016 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    I had the Mirena in for the full length of time. It caused weight gain, acne, mood swings, and headaches. I would have not kept it in so long but, I didn’t have the $400 it would have cost me with my insurance to have it removed so I waited as long as possible. I went to have it removed in the office in Nov. but I ended up having to have it removed in the operating room. The doctor that removed it said he would have never given it to me bc I had so much scar tissue from my C-section. I bleed lightly the first day and that’s it. It has been 1 1/2 months now. I don’t know if that is normal. I am hoping by the time 2 months hit I will have started back my normal periods. Anyone else experience anything like this??

  201. Cari March 11, 2016 at 12:05 pm - Reply

    Well here is my Mirena story. I was on birth control pills since 17, and after finding the right pill.. Stayed on it happily until October 2015. I’ve had bad reactions to other pills and hormones (even different generics of the same brand), and when I talked to my doctor about Mirena, one of my concerns was a switch in the hormone.

    I was told the hormones were very similar and I’d be just fine. She told me insertion was a breeze and many women do it on their lunch break. She told me I’d stop having a period, and have a no fuss birth control in place for five years.

    I’ve never had children, and my husband and I have no desire to so this seemed like a fool proof method.

    The insertion was the single most painful experience of my life, and I’ve experienced pain. From that day on, my life was not my own. We called Mirena the Fist of Satan.

    I immediately gained 10 lbs. in two days I gained that much. I am a police officer who maintains a healthy and active lifestyle and this was shocking.

    I experienced contractions for about 2 weeks, and bled for 6 weeks. I had shooting pains that I thought were appendicitis. My periods went from 3 days to 9 days of heavy bleeding that were completely irregular.

    I became someone else. I was like an angry and distracted person who couldn’t keep my life sorted out. I was consuming 1000 calories or less a day, and STILL putting on weight. I developed acne that was on a whole other level, and I couldn’t get it to stop. I started to get scarring and it kept getting worse.

    Every time I had sex with my husband was an utter chore and it hurt like hell. He’d bump it and I would have nauseating pain. I’d bleed for two days after.

    At my 6 week check up my ob reassured me that things would level out, and she required her patients to commit to a year with it. I started to panic.. A year?? This is going to last a year?

    I was afraid to have it removed because of the utter horror I experienced having it inserted, and some of my friend’s horror stories.

    After 4.5 months I had enough I couldn’t deal with it anymore, and my husband was worried the woman he married was gone for good. The whole experience was so consuming, so exhausting. So depressing.

    I called to have it removed, and it was a fight to schedule after my doc’s requirement that her patients keep it in a year. I finally got scheduled, and the day before my appointment.. My doctor went on maternity leave. I was already a little upset at feeling so misled about the whole thing. They put me in with another doctor.

    I had three panic attacks before going in, and two glasses of wine. Lol. The removal was a breeze. A little pinch where I started to panic.. Then it was gone.

    It. Was. Gone.

    So far I’ve been surprised at the simplicity of the removal. I had very light bleeding initially, and for the past few days now I’ve had what I would consider to be a light period Type bleeding. The little bit of tiredness, some chills, but all in all… I’ve lost 2 pounds in the last four days and I feel like a fog is lifting.

    I no longer have the constant pinching and twisting feeling in my stomach. My skin is already clearing up. And even better… I feel like I have hope that I’ll start to feel better than I have for the last five months of my life. Well I start to experience some more significant symptoms in the next week? Maybe so. But I realize that if I didn’t have it removed, nothing would get better.

    I will give it about a month, and let you know how it goes. Also… I have started my previous birth control pill, and it’s possible that maintaining the hormone I did well on will help balance the hormones I came off of that were a nightmare.

    Trust your body. Trust your inner wisdom.

    • Cari March 14, 2016 at 10:26 pm - Reply

      One week after.. Light bleeding, but nothing unmanageable so far.
      Husband says I’m much more myself. No real “crash”, just a little hormonal moodiness here and there. 2 lbs lost so far.

      I’ll keep updating.

      • Cari Buckowich March 20, 2016 at 4:09 pm - Reply

        Two weeks post removal.. I’ve lost the spare tire, and I’m easily dropping a few ounces a day now. My mood is 100% better. Little things that threw me into a rage or a depression just roll off.
        I am still bleeding and it started to get heavier yesterday with some light clotting. I think I’m going to take my non hormone pills and let the cycle finish, then see if the new pack will end the bleeding. Fingers crossed. But even with the bleeding.. Life is better. No more heavy cramps, anxiety, etc.

        • Cari April 12, 2016 at 6:50 pm - Reply

          So here’s another update. My body wanted to have a period so I stopped the bcp cycle and let it happen. After that I started the new pack and life is totally back to normal. No irregular bleeding, no horrible mood, losing weight little by little. I totally have my life back. Anyone who argues it couldn’t have been the Mirena is wrong. Ever since the first of Satan was removed.. My life is back. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

  202. Lenny April 2, 2016 at 1:42 pm - Reply

    I had the morena for 5 years and I’m going through Hell I have had anxiety and I feel bad every day for 1 year already can some one tell me why.

  203. Chanelle April 7, 2016 at 10:18 am - Reply

    Reading all of these posts makes me feel a lot better! I have been trying to unsuccessfully convince my husband that something wasn’t right. I had the Mirena put in January 2016 after a surgery to help with endometriosis. I became an emotional roller coaster after that. At first I chocked it up to the surgery, anesthesia and painful recovery and then things seemed to get worse. Most days I didn’t know whether to cry or be a total b****. I became extremely depressed. I gained 20 pounds and even had to buy bigger pants—depressing! I couldn’t focus at work. I felt like the dog from the movie Up every time he saw a squirrel. I was extremely irritable. I had zero patience for my children and couldn’t even talk to my husband without getting into an argument. I remember reaching my breaking point one afternoon after I flipped out on an innocent driver. I was screaming at him and calling him expletives because I thought he cut me off—he heard every word and I can still remember the look on his face. 🙁 I felt so horrible. I went home and bawled my eyes out and thought that there was something seriously wrong with me because I knew that this was not me. That’s when I started doing research and found all of these negative side effects caused by Mirena, side effects that matched what I was experiencing as well. At that point I knew that I was going to have this thing removed. I had it taken out on April 4th….I only made it for 3 months on the little devil. Day one, overall I felt better mood wise, like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. For the last two days I have experienced the “crash” feelings mostly when I get home from work. Just kind of feel blase and don’t know why, but I’m more pleasant for my children and husband to be around. I have had cramping and pretty much have been bleeding since it was taken out. However, I had spotting or light bleeding the whole time I had the IUD. But the bleeding has gotten extremely heavy (gushing) and I have been passing clots like the size of eggs. I called my doctor and was told it was normal. I have an extremely difficult time believing that this is “normal.” I’m not sure how long it will last but it’s embarrassing and makes me worried to be at work or in public in case I have an “accident.” I haven’t lost any weight yet, but look forward to it. That, in itself, can make a person depressed. Aside from the heavy bleeding, I am so glad that I made the choice to have it removed.

    Thank you to all of the ladies who have shared their stories! This really gives women out there who think they are alone a glimpse of hope.

  204. Suzanne April 26, 2016 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Hello Ladies,
    I’m 56, post menopausal and just had my Mirena removed last week after five years. Do not get one if you are a migraine sufferer. It will only make them worse! At least that is what happened to me but took me five years to figure out! At a time in my life my migraines should of been tapering off, they increased. Obviously I don’t know for sure what made them worse and won’t for some time but I’m hoping by having the Mirena removed my migraines will lessen. I’m not sure I had other side effects from the IUD or not. We all suffer some depression, fatigue and weight flucuation just with the mere stressors of life itself. How much the IUD plays a role is hard to say when other factors are involved. Every woman’s body is different and may respond differently to medications. For me,I do believe the Mirena probably exasperated my migraines.Oh how could I forget!! Kind of a loss of interest in sex! Which was a bummer for me and my hubby cuz I was very sexual!! I didn’t stop though!:)
    Also, since I had the IUD in for the Progesterone, I was also using a Estrogen patch. Since I was getting my IUD removed I decided to stop everything. Maybe not a real wise decision on my part because I have been feeling awful for the past week. Depressed,extremely fatigued, loss of appetite, loss of interest, can’t even leave my house!!! This is so not normal for me. The ” CRASH”?:( Maybe go back on Hormones?:)

  205. Jennifer May 5, 2016 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    I got my Mirena about 3 years ago after experiencing horribly heavy irregular periods caused by fibroids. I was severely anemic from it. My doc told me the Mirena hormones would make the fibroids shrink, and regulate my periods better. The first 4 months after insertion, I basically had one solid period. Yes, I bled for like 4 months. Then boom, not one period again for the last 3 years. That was the only benefit.

    In the last 3 years, I have gained 50+ pounds (from 120 to 172 pounds, I am 5’8″). I have changed NOTHING, in fact I’ve tried to diet for the first time in my life, yet I continued to gain weight. Lots of weight in the stomach and my breasts swelled 3 cup sizes. At my last physical, I have high blood pressure for the first time in my life. I always feel cloudy and mildly numb. I have ZERO sex drive. Every single doc tells me the weight gain and other symptoms has nothing to do with the Mirena. I call bullshit.

    I decided to get it out. So I went in, and they couldn’t find the IUD! After digging around for 15 minutes with horrible pain, they said they could find it and sent me to get a sonogram. At the sonogram I learn my fibroids have doubled in size. Of course my insurance doesn’t cover this so $500 later they tell me I need to make an appointment with a different doctor to remove the IUD next week. I’ve read that this is quite common (Mirena migration), and there are lawsuits against the company for it.

    I am afraid it’s going to hurt when they remove it. I worry my periods will come back like they were before. But I am looking forward to feeling normal again.

  206. Jezelle May 10, 2016 at 11:54 am - Reply

    I had my mirena put in November 2014 and had it removed today – 1 1/2 years after. It was stressful My weight went up, acne appeared , migraines occurences went through the roof, over emotional, constantly tired, horrible cramps, constant heavy bleeding for weeks even for 6 weeks once, anaemia, loss of hair, numbing hands, painful legs, anxiety, chest pains, insomnia, depressed, etc. But it did do as it should I didn’t get pregnant. 4 Mondays ago I got a sharp cutting pain that made me double over which was followed by a gush. Went to the bathroom and there was so much blood. By the next morning nothing I took helped the pains or bleeding. I was admitted to hospital And the next day an ultrasound confirmed the mirena had moved and part lodged into the wall apparently. I was told i had an infection which is why i was shaking and had a fever. After being discharged Bleeding went on for 9 days , horrible pains/ cramps that felt like contractions . well it apparently came down more and the string became visible again. It was removed today a bit of discomfort due to my circumstance on where it was. I am preparing for the crash but funny for 2 weeks prior the spontaneous bleeding I was experiencing these symptoms you call the crash… Could it be due to it’s misplacement it was rendered not effective? Was that my crash?

  207. Ruth Valadez May 11, 2016 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    Hello everyone. I just got mine removed today. I only lasted 3 months with it and I felt like dying, literally. I bled until about 2 weeks ago, my hair was thinning, extreme mood swings that led to severe depression. I quit my political science class because of such extreme weakness that I couldn’t get out of bed. My most worry some side effect was my joints started to pop and become painfully stiff, oh and the dizzy spells that almost led to fainting. Let’s see what else, migraine headaches and acne issues that are definitely unwelcome at 35. I was so nervous to go through the removal but it went fast and was only slightly uncomfortable for me. I am bleeding quite a bit though. I initially got the Mirena to help with painful periods. I pray that this crash I hear about isn’t as bad as the side effects I suffered. Oh yah, my doctor ordered blood test because he was concerned that my symptoms could be from poisoning. I then researched and sure enough I could have silicone toxicity. I’m really scared. Now I’m in the process of researching what I can do to detoxify my body. Prayers appreciated.

  208. Simone May 26, 2016 at 10:52 am - Reply

    I removed my 5 year Mirena 25 days ago and so far so good. I would extremely suggest for those who will remove their Mirenas not to look for problems on google. The true is people leave comments when there are a problem, but have you thought about the majority of women who had their IUD removed and didn’t experience any of those horrifying symptoms?
    Each person is different. Each body is different. Don’t panic! If you think you will suffer, chances are…. you will.

  209. ellie June 1, 2016 at 1:39 am - Reply

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share my experience and comfort anyone who has/is in my shoes. So total years of on Mirena for me was 10 years, had it done 3 times (once replaced after surgery for removal of endometriosis)
    I have a history of Lupus and auto immune conditions and also coeliac disease. I am not sure if Mirena long term is good.
    Ten years ago I did experience a period of months before the Mirena worked, because I was/am always quite unwell with my health it was hard to separate certain side affects from Mirena plus the booklet they give you does not mention everything that can go wrong.
    However in my second Mirena I started to notice a different pattern in myself, but couldn’t quite work out where it was coming from, it was only last year when I started to seek medical help and no doctor could work out the problem causing so much pain and troubles, then alarm bells went off, it has to be the (MIRENA) I have a lot of allergies and not ruling out having some type of allergic reaction to the materials in coil etc.
    Apart from looking like I was pregnant all the time and having most of what other women complaints, I did have this rash on my face which will not go away, my doctor diagnosed me with rosacea and after using expensive treatments creams for months it would not clear up (no way it was that) then another said acne so it wasn’t not that too, kinda looked like it.
    I was getting very suspicious of this rash, and also pain, nausea, stroke like side affects, that was so bad I had to be hospitalised without a diagnosis (only came up with constipation) trust me it was not that! I did xrays, blood tests, ultrasound, test after test and nothing could answer my problems.
    So after jumping online and reading lots and lots of views others had, I urgently requested my Mirena to be removed, it had no strings visible but scan showed it was in the right position. I was so ready to get the F**** thing out of me, even if doctors never confirmed (yet) it could be the MIRENA.
    I went in as a day surgery patient in case there was an issue and I needed surgery to remove it.
    This is what the gyno did for those wanting to know:
    you lay in a position like for giving birth, then they disinfect the outside and inside with solution (does not hurt or sting)
    then they insert the device to open the canal to reach mirena iud, there is pressure but not worst than a pap smear, then because strings are not visible (in my case) they may ask you to cough hard a few times in order to help locate the IUD, a few attempts in my case were made to reach it, I did feel internal moving with some pain but not worst than the pains you get with it, trust me it only lasted a short time, However in my case when my MIRENA was found and taken out I did feel pain as it was being pulled (I would say ripped from flesh inside) I saw some flesh stuck to the top of the device when mine came out, I insisted to view it for my peace of mind. ( I was feeling brave) I just wanted to make sure everything had came out intact.
    It has been only a few days since my removal, and NO JOKE my rash has faded for the first time since last year. It had something to do with it, I am sure of it being linked now. I am spotting however so far so good overall all after only a few days. I will post more on my recovery to help others on here. Healthy blessings to you all x

  210. Stephanie June 9, 2016 at 5:52 am - Reply

    I had the Marena for 4 1/2 years. The only issue I had while on it was slight acne. I had it removed May 16. I bled for 2 days straight. Bright red blood and a lot of it! Then it was gone. But I have been emotional, depressed, angry, and crazy tired. All I want to do is go back to bed. All the time. 4 weeks later I got my period again. Changing tampons and pads every 2-3hours. Heavy period for 3 days then it just stopped. I took the Mirena out because we are contemplating baby #5.. So many women end up with Percreta if they get pregnant too soon after coming off the Mirena. Honestly, I’m scared. My body is not right. I’m hoping it won’t take too many months to get back to normal. This depression stuff really stinks.

  211. Angie June 9, 2016 at 10:39 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena IUD put in in August 2013. Insertion was more painful than expected with a few hours after of curled up on the couch with pain and cramps, which subsided with the help of Advil. I loved it an raved about it for the next 1.5 year. I almost never got my period, with the occasional 1-2 day spotting every 3-4 months. I would still have some monthly hormonal ups and downs, but nothing compared the the actual period hormonal spikes. After around the 1.5 year mark I started to bleed randomly when I had sex, and that progressed to EVERY time we were intimate. It was like a bloody crime scene after. Thinking about the mess that would most likely be there did not help the romantic mood, nor did having to prep the bed with towels each time. My boyfriend was so great about it, but it was always in my head and such a mood killer. I had an ultrasound so make sure it wasn’t embedded in my insides or tearing causing the bleeding, and placement was determined to be good. I decided after 2.5 year to have it removed. First, my regular Dr. could’t find the string so I was sent to a GYNO, who also struggled with finding it, but just as he was about to give up….he yanked it out. Did not hurt much at all, nothing even close to the pain of insertion. I felt great. As expected I had light spotting that and the next day, then about 1 week later my first period cycle. It wasn’t too bad, lasted 5 days medium bleeding, and I thought, “ok not so bad I can deal with this again”. YA then 10 days later I got the period from HELL!!!! Full on ultra heavy, (soaking through super tampons in 2 hrs) and extremely sore breasts and cramping was unbearable. Doubled over in pain even after popping 2 extra strength advil. Passed large clots as well. This lasted a hellish 9 days. I then called my Dr. to get back on a previous pill of Marvelon to help regulate my period. One week in to taking the pill and only 7 days after my last nightmare period ended, I am back at it again with the beginning of another bloody week of hell.I don’t know how I can keep doing this basically every 2 weeks. After reading up on Marvelon, I feel some of my symptoms are expounded on due to the new pill (shaky, depressed, restless legs, trouble sleeping, etc). My next move will be to get an abdominal ablation, but that is not really an option for the next few months and I don’t know what I will do if I keep bleeding like this every 2 weeks. I can’t count on my Dr to provide me with any useful advise. Can anyone shed any light on a future end or distance between this?

  212. Josie June 23, 2016 at 5:22 pm - Reply

    I had the mirena put in because I was so inconsistent with my pill. Had normal periods, no abnormalities at all. Two months after I had the mirena put in, I was having lower abdominal pain and the doctors thought I was having appendicitis. I actually had a 30cm diameter cyst that had to be surgically removed because it was twisting my Fallopian tube. I eventually had the mirena removed, but am continuing to have cysts. I’m on the Nuvaring which I like and helps with the cysts. But when I take out my Nuvaring (for the week of my period) I develop a cyst. I don’t know what to do at this point and am just frustrated. I’m also concerned about fertility, my doctor says I shouldn’t worry, but I can’t help it.

  213. Angie June 24, 2016 at 8:30 am - Reply

    So I got mine taken out in Wednesday. After I got it taken out I started peeing like crazy. Now, two days later, I am still peeing more than usually but not as much as the days before and I feel like I’m constantly discharging. I feel like it maybe abnormal but idk. I don’t drink a lot of water so my pee is really yellow so I can’t tell if my discharge is clear (because of my urine when I wipe) or bright yellow. There was a slight discomfort when I peed. But how come all of this is happening no sooner than I take my IUD out? Any ideas

  214. Bobbie July 1, 2016 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    Angie~ I just got mine removed today so I cant really give my story to the removal part but I can tell you it sounds like the water retention.. I have gained so much weight over the last 2 1/2 yrs. I’m a “house cleaner” (for my job) and I stay active and have been a runner for 17 yrs.. Nothing budges… Well about 3 weeks ago I got up instantly weighed myself.. I then felt the swelling hit me.. 50 min later I was UP 4.2 lbs! So my guess your peeing out the water. I too have had tons of hair loss, acne, mood swings, lack of libido, no patience, anxiety, pelvic discomfort. My husband would get poked by the wire… The only reason why I had it was to control my bleeding.. I’m going through menopause and the Dr suggested to do that.. Wellll the Dr I had didn’t even bother to check my estrogen levels…. Last yr I switched Drs – to a WOMAN dr and sure enough she took my blood.. You should be in the 50 range for estrogen and I was 9! a freakin 9 and I was only 45 yrs old… So this year she upped it another mg. (She is watching me carefully since cancer runs in the family)I was at 43. So I’m thinking the IUD and estrogen is not a good combo.. So I decided to let nature do its coarse.. see what happens.. Although I don’t want the 17 gushing bleeding days…. And spotting all month long when not gushing… But I too loved the IUD for about the first 1 1/2 yrs until I started getting more side effects and putting 2 and 2 together.. So We shall see what happens in the next few days.. Just spotting right now.. Been 5 hours since it was removed…

  215. Dana July 13, 2016 at 11:20 am - Reply

    I am really glad to read all of this. I feel like I should be committed or something. I am going crazy. I have an appointment in an hour to get the mirena taken out. I feel like am constantly under a fog, I cant remember anything, constant dull headache. I feel like I am on drugs, this thing cant be removed fast enough. I was so desperate I tried taking it out myself I hope I didn’t mess anything up.

  216. Leah July 23, 2016 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    What a relief to see I am not alone in this! The Mirena was meant to be the solution to my excessively heavy periods, not for birth control. Post menopausal, I am relatively fit and active, love socialising, been a stable weight for years and enjoyed work and family life. Out of 5 months with Mirena I have bled or spotted 4 months, gained 5 kg, skin breakouts, had extreme joint pain in hips, knees, lower back, cramping, fatigued so badly I can hardly get through shifts at work and totally lost all interest in sex or going out with friends. I have struggled through days in a brain fog, feeling drugged, unable to concentrate, even writing this now takes more effort. Friends and family have noticed that I am “not the same” and after an emotional meltdown at work unable to stop myself from crying, I have booked in to have the Mirena removed. Many friends had success with Mirena, but I know it is not for me. Bring back normality!

    • Tears Of A Clown October 29, 2016 at 8:45 pm - Reply

      I had an experience similar to yours. Had mirena for 7 years or so. I got it after my child was born. He is about to turn 8. My last mirena was almost a year overdue to come out. I had been feeling sick and having health complications. But my doctor told me when I got to his office to have it removed, that a new one was already out of the package. So I let him put a new one in to keep birth control. I voiced my concerns about things I had read. He assured me that everything would be fine. He’s the doctor, right? I figured he knew best. I don’t have a doctorate. The insertion was so painful that I have had recurring nightmares about it. Approximately 2 months after having the silicone iud inserted, I woke up with numb legs. I thought I slept wrong on them. I tried to move my legs to get circulation back. 3 days later, healthy eating, and adequate water intake, I still couldn’t feel my legs, and I couldn’t move my feet or toes. My knees and ankles hurt so bad when I try to walk. Like there is no cartilage in them. Nothing to stop them from grinding together. Went to the ER twice. No testing for silicone poisoning. Some fluids/nausea meds for the constant vomiting. Only sratches and poking with a safety pin at the first er visit, to see if I could feel it. I told them I can feel pain. Natural stimulation just feels like pins and needles though. Can’t tell if a blanket is touching me, or if it’s a dog brushing against me unless I see it. I have to use a cane, and wrap my other arm around someone just to not fall down. The pain from walking to the bathroom is so bad that I can hardly breathe by the time I get there, and I have to take breaks. Today, I had severe pain, exactly like labor without the contractions and tearing. This hurts so bad, and no one seems to care. I told them what to check at the er. But they talked about a spinal tap. I am not going to do that. Just check me for silicone toxicity. But apparently that is a hard test to get. My sex drive was gone the whole time I was on mirena, hair falling out, awful weight gain no matter what I ate, high cholestorol, and liver isn’t doing so well now. Not to mention the depression, anxiety, and panic attacks complete with projectile vomiting. Very scared and feeling alone. Doctors just treated me like I was crazy, and tried to commit me the first time I went in to the er. I removed my own device a few days ago. Praying this will pass, and I survive. But the pain still comes and goes as usual. More here than not, and still can’t walk by myself. With an added menstrual cycle. Absolutely terrifying. I feel like this is what hell is like.

  217. Sandy July 26, 2016 at 7:53 am - Reply

    The Mirena was wonderful for controlling heavy bleeding and very bad cramps. It worked great for that. No pain for me during insertion or removal. I had it for a year. About 2 months after having it inserted, I started having hair loss and extreme hair dryness. Due to this I had it removed. I am experiencing blah and depression now the first week after. No heavy bleeding yet. If it wasn’t for the hair loss/dryness, I would not have taken it out. I have many friends who have no side effects and love it.

  218. Dana August 4, 2016 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    Hello all,

    Lot of mixed stories in here, mostly some scary ones, so I thought I’d share mine. I got my IUD placed in October of 2013. I was annoyed with the pill and my mom and sister both persuaded me to get the IUD. The process to get it in was very uncomfortable but pretty quick. I experienced some pretty painful cramping the first two days and spotted the first week. I have loved my mirena since- rarely ever spot and when I do it lasts less than a day. However, some symptoms I’ve experienced was acne (yuck) and weight gain. It wasnt until last year that I read mirena could cause weight gain. I was at my healthiest, working out every day and eating right yet I gained 15 pounds the first heat with my mirena. Aside from that, I have really enjoyed having my mirena. I have an appointment tomorrow to have it removed so my husband and I can begin trying to expand our family. I’m hoping the removal process will be as smooth as getting it.

  219. Natasha August 31, 2016 at 12:04 am - Reply

    i had my Mirena removed and was told by my Gyno specialist to use a panty liner. The first day was spotting just like at the beginning of a period, by day 3 it was really heavy, no clots like other girls. however, i have never bled that much before, and i was feeling lethargic and low energy due to the hormone shock (that i wasn’t informed of) and loss of blood. Today is 8 days after removal and i have finally stopped bleeding. i read on this forum that daily exercise will help release the excess estrogen and herbal vitamins will also help get your body back on track. I’ve started both of these, not sure if they’re working or if its’ the natural endorphin after exercise, but i’m feeling a lot better. i will definitely not be getting the Mirena again, especially with the available, less invasive contraceptives on the marker. Hope my experience has helped someone.

  220. Daniela September 3, 2016 at 10:13 am - Reply

    I’ve had the Mirena since early 2014. I’ve had nothing but good experience with it so far besides bad acne twice. I’ll have breakouts on my face for a month maybe 2 and it goes away. I could say weight gain but I don’t eat very healthy either. I’ve also just discovered that discharge is a side effect also and I have had that since I’ve had the Mirena. But besides that I haven’t had any issues. Spotting every now and then but way better than having my period and cramps every month. I don’t have plans to take it out till I hit my 4th or 5th year to replace it and I must say I’m dreading that part after reading everyone’s horrible experiences. One of my co workers had hers fall out the 4th year during sex with her husband and after that she was experiencing mood change and being emotional cramping and bleeding (not sure how much bleeding) and she had been back and forth about 3 times to the ER for passing kidney stones within 3 months. I’ve never heard of that being a side effect after the Mirena removal. But she insists its from her iud coming out. She got pregnant about 3-4 months after her iud fell out and just had her baby a month ago. She has no plans to have the Mirena put back in. If anyone has experienced discharge please let me know what you did to get rid of it!!!

  221. Jessica September 23, 2016 at 7:35 am - Reply

    I’ve had mirena in for almost 10 years now. I’ve been thinking about having a baby and not sure I want to take it out anymore. Are there some that don’t have bad side effects when taking it out?? I’ve had zero problems with my mirena and haven’t had my period as long as I’ve had it. I’m worried. Somebody make me feel better please!!

  222. Denise October 5, 2016 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    I had mine for 6 years, had it put in and taken out surgically, putting it in was horrid with a very heavy period the first few days and heavy period the month after, then no period for 6 years following, I started looking into removal at 4 year mark but as I had it put in surgically no one wanted to do anything, it took me a few months when I started pushing for removal again as I was getting bouts of depression and chronic anxiety which I now can see had increased over the years of having it, I was booked in for surgery, some cramps and bleeding after but nothing major, since then mostly evened out but having very light periods (2-3 days) since and feeling angry/hormonal before and tearful and low after, its been 2 months since removal and not sure what to expect to be honest as I was on the pill for years before and haven’t had a normal period in around 10-15yrs!!

  223. Denise October 5, 2016 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    I also forgot to mention that with my anxiety came extreme irritability with mood swings and arguments were awful with my partner, I had some hair loss, loss of libido was also an issue during the time I had it, I also had weight gain in the last 2-3 years of it and now loosing that and most of the symptoms are resolving.

  224. no name October 13, 2016 at 8:42 pm - Reply

    I have had my mirena removed 10 days ago due to a personal experiment to find the source of my low energy. episodes of depression, and non existent libido. I had the Mirena in for 2.5 years. I have had a very light period (heavier than with the mirena) for one week. My Dr. said it would take up to 1-3 months for my period to return. Perhaps he intended for it to “Normalize”, I’m speculating…… I have felt very blah since day two after it’s removal. Gloomy I suppose. I recognize I removed it to eliminate depressive states but my blah feelings as of recent are different. I would rather sleep than anything else. I am still happy to have the mirena removed as I am skeptical the device can excrete equal hormones daily over a span of five years. That’s my stance. They list the side effects for a reason. I don’t doubt it’s only a matter of TIME for the excess progesterone to fully leave my system. Fingers crossed!

  225. Adriahna November 2, 2016 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    Holy cow. I was searching online for what happens if you DO NOT have your Mirena removed after 5 years and this forum (among others) popped up. I’ve read various responses from “nothing will happen” to “it can get imbedded, you could get cervical cancer and you could die”. Then after reading the responses here, I don’t know if I’m more terrified f having it taken out or of leaving it in. I have no idea what to do!!

  226. Anna Davis November 2, 2016 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    O.M.F. I have never in my life seen more comments and horror stories about something I’m about to go do in an hour and a half. I have had my Mirena in for a little over 6 years. (A year too long) I have yes, had some weight gain.. But probably from my own poor diet habits) but that’s it! Been awesome. Not pregnant, and no period for the last 3 and a half years!!! So…. Obviously not having a period for that long… Is NOT normal. So of course I’m expecting some side effects… But after reading all of that… I am completely FREAKING out right now. I have my appointment to have it taken out in about an hour and a half… And I don’t know if I can do it now! I am so super scared and thinking maybe I should wait until the Holidays are over!! That way I’m not bleeding to death and /or falling asleep at thanksgiving dinner… Or ready to slit my wrists at Christmas! Someone please tell me what I should do! Wait until January? Or just have it taken out now?? Or what do I do!!!???! Someone…anyone… I’m scared now and need advice.

  227. Devin November 4, 2016 at 8:17 pm - Reply

    So I’m 18(birthday: September 17th) and I had my IUD removed 5 days after my birthday, I had had the Mirena for a full year and 4 months and it gave me nothing but extreme pain, nausea, excessive bleeding in periods that lasted for days and just all over discomfort. The day I had it removed, I had just stopped bleeding from yet another extended period but since then I haven’t had another period and here we are in November(2 months!). I have no kids and I’m always safe about sex but my curiosity is heightening on this. Seriously?! I thought I was supposed to be period free WITH it in, not WITHOUT it. I’m thinking of taking a pregnancy test soon(though it’s impossible for me to be pregnant at this time). Please, can anyone email me and help? Any advice?

    • Devin November 4, 2016 at 8:19 pm - Reply

      Also I’m not sure if I’ve experienced the “Mirena Crash” because I’ve struggled with depression since I was 9.

  228. Cath November 11, 2016 at 10:55 pm - Reply

    I had the Mirena inserted in January 2016. Within a few weeks I noticed my hair starting to fall out much more than normal. I had the Mirena for about 6 months before spot bleeding finally stopped. At this point I thought I was happy with the Mirena but unfortunately this didn’t last very long. I started getting reoccurring thrush infections which I had never had before, I regularly got constipated, I got severe acne and my hair continued to fall out more than usual. On top of this I would get upset very easily and this affected my work and home life. I actually started to think I was having a mid life crisis at 35. I removed the Mirena about 4 weeks ago and it did not hurt much getting it out. 2 days after removal I had very heavy bleeding with clots for 7 days ended with a massive headache. Now I feel like me again, things aren’t upsetting me as much, I don’t have thrush and my skin is clearing. Mirena is definitely not for me I’m back to all natural and taking herbs to help get my hormones back to normal.

  229. cara November 14, 2016 at 11:28 am - Reply

    Mirena made me gain 70lbs in two years. I just got it removed a month ago and I’m a box-of-tissues-carrying-fool-who-can’t-stop-crying! I haven’t been this emotional since my father passed away years ago. The fatigue is still there, but I no longer want to eat every thing in sight.

  230. karen November 23, 2016 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    Had mine removed November 14, and I too didn’t experience a period pretty much for almost 5 1/2 years, the time I had the Mirena. I have been feeling off since the removal , figured it came with symptom’s of having my period but after reading most of these comments I have to belief the feeling of sadness is a little more full blow because mirena is gone. I do have to say for the entire time I did have it I didn’t experience what many others have. I was planning on getting another one but not sure after all the stories.

    • Kelsi December 1, 2016 at 7:03 pm - Reply

      Just had mine removed Nov 2 bc my husband and I are TTC. This was my second Mirena (got my first when I was 18 had it in for 5 yrs, immediately replaced – second one was in for 4 yrs) I had no issues at all. Since removal, I have noticed some mood swings, fatigue and slight nausea – however, nothing too extreme. I’m sure it’s just my body re-regulating. As many women have previously stated, everyone’s body is different however, I’ll add, both my sisters & sister in law have had the mirena and we have all had very positive experiences. I had what I thought was AF Nov 4-6 however, now I think it may have just been spotting. I have been testing for ovulation – thought today would have been day 28 but still just not totally sure what’s going on. Optimistic that my body will regulate over the next couple of months. Would love to read experiences from others who have gone through removal and their road to pregnancy. Thanks!

  231. Misty December 3, 2016 at 7:54 pm - Reply

    Let me start off by saying I loved the mirena, I had it for 4 years, no period, mild cramps randomly, and no baby lol but what I didn’t realize was how bad my depression and anxiety got until recently. But not every body is the same. If you’re interested in it, try it. But take a mental note about your body and mind so you can noticed negative side affects. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years and had the mirena for the last 4 years. He helped me realize in the beginning of our relationship I was happy, outgoing, energetic. But now I’m a moody ignorant miserable person. I had it removed 2 days ago and it was an instant relief. But not all stories are bad like mine, it just depends on your body. Good luck to all ladies !!!

  232. Mykyn December 25, 2016 at 8:43 am - Reply

    So my experience on the MIrena was fine, I did have a good amount to of weight gain while on it as well and acne but I’m not sure if that was just a coincidence or not but it seems like a lot of people also had the same thingr happen to them. So with that being said I decided to get it taken out cause I weigh even more then I did while I as pregnant with my last child. So I got it taken out a year early. I got it taken out in December 13 2016. It came out easy and nothing the painful just a little cramp feeling, felt the same as it did when the put it in. So I asked the doctor what to expect after it being out and she just said you should have a period in a month and it shouldnt be much different then it was before u had the mirena. Well I’d say about 3 maybe 4 days later my period startso. Normal flow for the first day, no biggie. The next day blood is kinda brown like it’s ending but it’s still like that right now hasn’t stopped at all! Every now and then I’ll get some clots coming out and some normal blood mixed with the brown blood. It’s been about 10 days now a for from the comments it might be going for awhile. I’m hoping that once it’s out of my system, which I’m thinking a couple months or so, I’ll be back to normal and hopefully lose some weight and my acne which I have never had a problem with before.

  233. Val January 14, 2017 at 3:07 am - Reply

    It nice that I am not alone. Read blurry vision is also a side effect which I experienced 4 months after its use. My problems were evident from the get go. Hair loss, weight gain, depression, mood swings, weird inconstant periods, vomiting almost every three months or so, nausea, sleep disturbances, numbing of hands and feet and extreme fatigue. I was confused as to what might be happening to me and I was tested for so many things and each test came back negative. The oversight that the Mirena may be causing the issues was frustrating. I started researching side effects and read a lot of material, but I know now that it is the Mirena. I finally scheduled an appointment yesterday to have it removed and they couldn’t take it out because the position of the Mirena most likely moved. Now I might be facing surgery to have it removed. I am living a nightmare and this product should be seriously removed as an option for birth control or regulating periods. I thought I was going crazy and its adverse effects have affected my work and family life. I truly don’t understand why doctor’s push this product as a good alternative to birth control. It is not a good product. I understand everyone is different, but at the very least doctor’s should consider everything if Mirena is being used and I hope that whatever my outcome, I get better soon because I want my life back. I truly do not recommend this product to anyone. Most of us know our body and mine has been telling me for almost 2 and half years that although Mirena was doing its job as a method of birth control, but the side effects are detrimental to over all my well-being

  234. Tiffany Thompson January 18, 2017 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    I just removed my mirena on 1-16-17 i did this myself i was tired of the constant pain and not being able to do things i enjoyed because of it i was fine for about two days now i feel depressed and in more pain all i want to do is sleep and close my self away from people this has hit me out of no where ive used bc pills and patches even did the shots before getting the tyrant iud so with my experience i will never use another form of bc ever again im 25 years old I’ve done more damage to my reproductive organs than should be done

  235. Jordan January 24, 2017 at 11:08 am - Reply

    I am 19 and had my Mirena for a full year. The beginning was a positive experience but in November I started randomly bleeding, cramps, headaches, the whole nine yards. It progressively got worse until my cramps would keep me up at night crying and was unable to go in to work some days. I got the Mirena removed in mid December and my doctor suggested I start taking the pill to regulate my period when it returns (my period completely vanished while I had my IUD which was amazing) I started taking the pills over three weeks ago and have been consistently bleeding since day 1. I mean heavy period bleeding: heavy pads and super tampons needed. It started as spotting and brown like old blood but since it’s gotten heavier it’s bright and often comes with clots. On the heaviest of days I feel very weak, I gained a little weight after I had the Mirena removed, and have been an emotional wreck. I cried at a diaper commercial and I don’t even know why. I have contemplated going to the doctor many times, I just hope this doesnt last much longer since it’s been almost a month. Helpful comments are appreciated!

  236. Lauren H. January 31, 2017 at 10:59 am - Reply

    I had my Mirena placed in August 2015 when my son was 10 weeks old. Mind you this was my 3rd try with Mirena and same thing every single time…(My own stupid fault.) Felt ok and seemed to be doing good with it. Periods were coming and going like normal, no change and I felt fine. Skip to November 2016–Periods stopped, face broke out to the point I have to take 200mg of Doxycycline everyday and a total mental snap. Ended up in the ER on 1/10/17 thinking I was having a heart attack when really just a bad panic attack. Trip to the doctor 1/14/17, put on Paxil & given Klonopin for extreme panic attacks. 1/18/17, the little devil removed b/c I could feel it when doing yoga & the anxiety/mental break all started when the periods stopped. According to my mother this is exactly how bad I got the other 2 times I gave Mirena a try. Husband is getting a vasectomy and no more hormones (that don’t belong) in my body for me. It’s truly not worth it. I regret this last time for sure b/c I became a very emotionally unstable person and was not the mother/wife that I needed to be. If anyone starts feeling anxious, hair starts falling out or (tale, tale sign for me) periods stop, GET THAT THING OUT ASAP. Still dealing with headaches but nothing like the bat crap crazy anxiety that I was dealing with when it was still placed. Oh, and as for the Paxil/Klonopin, Paxil made me psychotic and I’m terrified to know what the Klonopin may do to me. Paxil went down the toilet but hanging on to the Klonopin just incase I have a mega anxiety attack (hopefully that won’t happen).

    STAY HORMONE FREE LADIES! If you’re not looking to have anymore children, get the partners clipped. If you’re not in a serious relationship, I highly recommend condoms. =)

  237. Yvonne February 16, 2017 at 8:21 am - Reply

    I’m on day 4 of the Mirena crash. Bleeding & clotting, crying for no reason (and I can’t remember the last time I cried before removal), really persistent headache that won’t go with painkillers and feeling so tired and fed up. Haven’t been to work and just flopping around not doing much. Had Mirena for 9 years from age 41 and felt great mostly but did gain over 40lbs which I put down to age. It’s not that I piled the weight on, it’s just been a few lbs a year after Christmas or a holiday and I just couldn’t lose it again, even eating 800-1000 cals a day and walking 30 miles per week. I just want my body back now, I want to know if I’m still having periods and I want to lose weight. Hoping this crash is gone soon. Good luck all. I like having mine as it did it’s job regarding contraception but looking back, I’m not sure the side effects were worth it.

  238. Charmaine February 26, 2017 at 2:35 am - Reply

    I’m 48 and had copper iuds for 20 years, after having my daughter. 2 years ago I had a mirena inserted as I heard it stopped bleeding. Wonderful not to have your period but the side effects effects have been horrid. I only linked my severe body aching that has developed to the mirena as I read about ladies with similar experiences. I now have developed arthritis and the only thing that had changed over the two years was the iud. Pain in shoulders,arms, hands and feet. Draining me. I had it removed 2 days ago and replaced it with my old friend…the copper iud. Am waiting to see if pain in my body improves.

  239. Carolyn March 1, 2017 at 10:15 am - Reply

    Just got Mirena out in January. 14 days of spotting. Had for 16 picnic. Put in after uterine polyp removal. Wish I did not get. Hypothyroid, no kids and perimenopause. Nerve damage, cold, anxiety, pelvic pain, fear of falling and migraines all the time. Had taken out cause could not deal with anymore. Wanted my heavy period back. I at least know how that feels and can deal with. Good bye Mirena I won’t miss you.

  240. Janet March 10, 2017 at 10:44 am - Reply

    Had my Mirena taken out yesterday. After reading all these comments I was a bit antsy but since it was almost 2 years over due, I knew I had to get it out!! I am menopausal and after 24 hours, I feel fine. I had no problems the whole time I had it in. If anything changes, I will comment on it but right now, I haven’t had any problems at all!!

  241. Jane March 30, 2017 at 11:02 am - Reply

    Hi wow so nice to know I am not alone. I feel crazy. I had my mirena out on Friday 24th March. It was my second one, and I no longer require contraception and wanted my body to be hormone free for once. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 2012 (I often wonder at the conection, I read up lots at diagnosis where the mirena was blamed for thyroid malfunction)
    Anyway, Friday and Saturday I was fine. Sunday, it was like I had been dropped into a very deep well of blackness. I put myself to bed at 8pm and laid here thinking the darkest awful thoughts and crying. I felt like I was going mad. I woke up Monday morning to a scene from Carrie. Seriously?? I was day 14 of my cycle (yep I was one of the unlucky few who has always still bled) so Monday was a shock… and it hasnt stopped. It is constant. Clots, heavy gushing. The mood swings are horrendous. The anxiety is incredible. How I am getting through each day I dont know.
    I needed to find out what was happening so googled “symptoms after mirena removal” and wow noone warns you of this do they??
    how long will this continue for? im keeping a diary. Feeling really sorry for myself 🙁

    • Kortnie April 30, 2017 at 1:40 am - Reply

      I’m in the midst of a 3 month period. I had my Mirena removed this past July (It’s April 30th, 2017) I’m TTC and haven’t ovulated once. I am Anxious, tearful and agitated most of the time lately. My dr. isn’t concerned about my 3 month period that switched between spotting for a day to gushing blood. I’m so done with it all..

  242. Jennifer Rourke April 5, 2017 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    i had both types of IuDs for 5 yrs each…the copper one. Par a guard…first has no hormones and ID recommend that one!
    the mirena I do NOT advise anyone to get or try! Just read above comments ( very true) or study the hormones it releases first! I too was moody depressed had anxiety weight gain… Nothing Good!! Look into the copper IUD. par a guard! That was much better than Miirena! I just had Mirena removed and feel100% better. Like my old happy self again!

  243. Amye April 9, 2017 at 12:58 am - Reply

    I got my first Mirena when I was 16 at the suggestion of my gynaecologist. Im now nearing the end of my third Mirena (I just turned 30.). I was one of the lucky ones who enjoyed life without periods or cramps. I experienced minimal to no side effects, or so I thought. Since that first iud I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and unstable emotions. My parents and I passed it off as just being a normal teenager but I never grew out of it, in fact it got worse. Ive tried quite a few antidepressants and anxiety medicals through the years but nothing really works. The only thing it could be is the birth control. It’s the only thing that’s been consistent this whole time. I’m getting it removed on Monday and I hope to be successful in getting to know a better version of myself. I’m really hoping it has been the Mirena affecting me all this time and that I’m not just some demotivated, depressed girl who’s full of anxiety and, for the most part, an emotional wreck.. 🙁 Will update

  244. Moon April 10, 2017 at 7:42 pm - Reply

    I used to be a Happy, loving, active, & fun person to be around until i put this IUD. My life change completely. My body deteriorate, my mental, emotional and physical health went straight to the garbige. I list everything, my marriage, jobs, car. I lost myself completely. The depression and mood swings are so high and the suffering is unexplainable. Everything started weeks after I place that thing. I went to the Doctor but he told me it was normal and that the depression was all in my head. The pain that I went though is indescribable. And im still getting cramps so painful that it worst than stabbing. I bleed all the time. I’m depress 99.99 % of the time. I gain Weight which doesn’t go away with nothing. I cry with an overwhelming feeling that I can explain. Headaches, sensitive to light, i have so many stuff that is insane to think that something like that can do sammich harm. I develop many medical condition! I want to remove it but it was so painful to put it in that I’m afraid to go though the same pain again. Once I remove this IUD I will be very careful to what goes in my body.

  245. Kortnie April 30, 2017 at 1:24 am - Reply

    No “Crash” experienced, but a whole level of TTC hell that I never thought I’d be faced with has happened. I have Poly Cystic Ovaries and for those of you who don’t know what that is, trust me that it makes life a little more challenging a woman, especially when you’re trying to conceive. I’m no stranger to abnormal periods and the hormonal rage that comes with PCOS, but what I am a stranger to is 3 month periods. Yep, you read that correctly, 3 agonizing months!

    I got my Mirena placed in January 2013, 6 weeks after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl. We decided this past July that we wanted a second child and I had an appointment to remove my IUD within the following week. I didn’t get a period at first and there was no ovulation. I still haven’t ovulated since having the IUD removed (10 months), but what I have had is very LONG, heavy periods that have lasted anywhere from 3 weeks at a time to my now longest run of 3 months. I’m tired, frustrated and hormonal. Unfortunately my DR. doesn’t see a problem with this.. When the IUD went in I spotted a bit and then I didn’t get a period for the duration of having it in….

    I don’t ever recommend getting the Mirena.. it has made my life miserable.

  246. Victoria May 11, 2017 at 5:22 am - Reply

    Hi – its been a week since my coil was removed. I actually had it in for 10 years as my doctor said it was okay to keep it in. (this was at the 5yr appointment to have it removed) I must say, had a little spotting and a little cramping. however what is now concerning me is the frequent nosebleeds and headaches. I’ve not had a nose bleed for over 25yrs and its getting a little scary now as they are excessive and takes a while to stop. My last one was this morning in the car and I had to pull over at a garage for some assistance. Not 100% sure its related but my gut feel is that it is…
    Cant get an appointment with GP for over a week so I guess a waiting game now!

  247. Rachel G May 15, 2017 at 5:16 pm - Reply

    Well, I guess I am one of the lucky ones! I finally hit my 5 year mark and had mine removed today. (This was my second mirena. First was 2009-2011)anyway. I have a hard time losing weight, but I attribute that to me not being able to stick with a diet very long. And I do get headaches regularly. That is a side effect…. BUT… I have hair down to my knees, and its heavy. Other than those 2 things, I have absolutely no complaint whatsoever. Lst time I had it taken out, I got pregnant within 2 months (which is what we wanted) but I don’t remember a “crash”. Here’s to hoping non e of these “crash symptoms” happen this time around either!!

  248. Angie K. May 17, 2017 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    I had my Mirena inserted on April 27th and I wish I would of found this website before I had my Mirena inserted!!! I had it not even a full month and just could not take all of the side effects I had developed in short time I had it. I gained almost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, anxiety, panic attacks, cramping and lots of bleeding! I got it to help with my heavy monthly cycles, and it just made it worse! I just had it removed today and I am so very happy it is out of me!

  249. Michelle V June 3, 2017 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    I had a good 7 year experience with Mirena – I’m 52 and supposedly in menopause, Hormonal headaches seemed to be much less while I had it but now 8 days post removal I’ve got a wicked headache that’s been hanging in there for four days. I found these posts in my search to figure out if removal of the IUD could cause my headaches to return – guess so! And what is weird i(or maybe not) is that I used to suffer from anxiety which has been very under control but just today I got that old feeling, no reason, just driving down the road with my husband – that feeling like I was freaking out, wanting to just get away or crawl out of my skin… it’s better now 🙂
    Thanks for your posts.

  250. Tonya August 1, 2017 at 9:00 am - Reply

    I so relieved and yet so ticked off reading all of these comments. I went from the Paragard IUD (no hormones, just copper and plastic) to the Mirena in October of 2016. I am and always have been thin, athletic, high metabolism, high libito, super cheery and peppy with a great outlook on life. Since getting the Mirena, all these things have changed. I gained around 5-7 pounds (all in my stomach area which has ALWAYS been flat!), my face breaks out, my hair and skin has dried out, my libido is super low, and I have suffered depression like no other this year. I already made my appointment to have it taken out and am putting the Paragard back in. I will miss not having a period but for my sanity and my health, this is NOT worth it. I thought I was going crazy, trying to rationalize all these things happening to me. And you do rationalize it, until you stumble onto this conversation and see… it’s not in your head, it’s not age or bad habits. It’s the Mirena!
    Hope to be back next month with a happy update once this thing is gone from my body!

  251. Lia August 19, 2017 at 8:13 am - Reply

    Ive got the Mirena inserted March 30th. Its now August 19th. the Mirena has helped with my depression. However I’ve gained! Ive always been a thick and curvy girl but all the weight i gained is in my stomach. My stomach has never been flat but its never looked like i was 4months pregnant all the time either. My breasts got bigger and recently they hurt like i just got finished breast feeding. I had the acne for a short time probably a month in. My libido is still in tact in fact it maybe a little worse. I did experience the bleeding in the beginning which calmed down to the brown after period blood for about four months. It wasn’t enough for a pad but panty liners were doable. I am starting to work out again its almost been a month and i haven’t seen any progress with my workouts. I normally would see some changes in the way my clothes fit or something but Ive seen nothing thus far. I want to keep it because my depression is gone but then i don’t because of the weight. Ive even tried eating seafood and salads for 2 1/2 months and nothing happened with that. Reading the comments I’m sure its Mirena. Just don’t know what to do yet. I’m scared if i take it out the depression will come back full force.

  252. Angela August 20, 2017 at 8:42 am - Reply

    I had the mirena put in to help with periods. I was having pretty heavy and painful periods. I didn’t need it for birth control since I had a tubal ligation years ago when I had my daughter. The insertion was HORRIBLE! I thought I was going to pass out! Maybe it was worse for me because I’ve never had a vaginal birth…. but who knows. I didn’t bleed for 10 days then I bleed pretty much every day for the next year and a half when I had it removed. Not heavy bleeding like before, just constant. I’ve worn a pad for pretty much every day for a year and a half! I also LOST my sex drive. All of it, gone. I was pretty much a sexaholic before I had my IUD put in and then NOTHING. It was horrible since I love sex and went to don’t even touch me…. But I gave it time. I was hoping it would all straighten out…. it never did. I gained weight and had no energy, but I didn’t want to take it out because it hurt so much to have it put in. Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago. I went to see a hematoligist for unrelated issues and told her that I had a mirena. She immediately told me to have it removed. I told her that I thought that this was safe for me since I can’t take normal birth control pills for risk of clotting. (I have high platelet counts all the time because of my blood disorder and not having a spleen. ) She said it was not safe since the hormones still enter my body. She said even though there were less hormones, I still had hormones in my blood which increased my risk for clotting, along with the weight gain I had with it. So I finally had it scheduled to be removed on a Friday. Let me tell you I was a mess since I figured that it was going to hurt like hell….especially since I had a cervical polyp that formed. (I’m pretty sure that was mirena too.) So I saw the doctor at 3:30 and she said she didn’t see my polyp. Where it went, who knows? She said it could’ve gone up into the uterus…. anyways, the removal was nothing! Just a tug and it was gone! I mean, getting in the stirrups are never pleasant, but that certainly was the quickest and least painful thing I’ve ever had done to me while in the stirrups. Anyways I left the office at 4. I felt great that afternoon, I had finally gotten rid of the mirena and I want in horrible pain! I was good all of Saturday. Saturday night I saw a pink spot on my pad… This morning, Sunday morning, I woke up EXHAUSTED! My muscles feel weak like I’ve been doing heavy lifting for 10 hours straight. And the cramps have started…. I’ve gone ahead and taken a muscle relaxer, that’s what I had to take before with the cramps, before it gets unmanageable. I’m hoping that I go back to normal? No, hopefully something better than normal since my periods have been awful. I’m wondering how long until I have some energy again… I guess my next step is a hysterectomy… I don’t want to have another surgery, so please wish me good luck!

  253. Kelly August 27, 2017 at 5:14 pm - Reply

    Thank you for all the comments, I’ve been reading all day and I’m soooo relieved I had this thing removed 3 days ago. I had no idea my symptoms could be attributed to this. I have found myself in a situation I would have never imagined, still nursing my almost 2 and half year old beautiful daughter. I’ve been on Bc pill to depo shot to Nuva ring over the years. A few months after my daughter was born I got this mirena inserted at the age of 36. I had attributed my extreme mood swings, tiredness, irritability and complete lack of sex drive the last 2 years to the fact that I’m home all day with a toddler and must have hormones out of whack from still nursing. However, one symptom that had been very difficult to deal with is what I can only call severe eczema on mostly my hands and (at times, I now realize that were around my cycle, but didn’t know cause I no longer had any bleeding) spreading and becoming more inflamed on my hands, arms, face and legs. I eat very clean and have tried taking several different foods out of my diet Over the last years to figure out the culprit to no avail.
    When I went to have my iud removed a couple days ago and told my dr mostly because of my skin I wanted it out (I hadn’t realized yet all the other suffering I’ve gone through has been experienced by other mirena users), She told me it will make no difference because the hormones are so minuscule and don’t leave the uterus, but she would do it anyway so I could see.
    Well, 3 days in and my hand is healing more every day, I’m not feeling any itching or pain on my skin like I have the last 2 plus years. Just a little spotting and I have an unexplained lightness in my body after having that foreign object removed. I didnt realize for 2 years my iud could be the cause of so much emotional and physical discomfort. Like so many I was just (after the first year) enjoying no more periods. But, what my body was no longer shedding through the natural process was clearly reeking more and more havoc on my system in unexpected and what I thought was unrelated ways. I’m so thankful my husband encouraged me to remove it. I will never recommend or have something like that put in my body again.

  254. Lauren September 20, 2017 at 8:49 am - Reply

    I have had my Mirena in for eight months now. I have endometriosis and have tried 12 different kinds of birth control over the years and nothing seems to help. My doctor suggested Mirena because my periods would get so bad I would end up fainting in public on the first day of my period not every cycle but several times a year and really hurt myself. I have been faint free for the last eight months which is my longest ever but I have so many other terrible symptoms that I am having it removed in three weeks. I’ll be 30 in two weeks and have always had great glowing skin and now I suffer from acne. I am now on acne medication to try to help that. Always have been very fit, active and work out all the time and I’ve put on 20 pounds in the last eight months. I am always extremely tired, bloated, bleeding or spotting, cramps just about every day and more recently can’t sleep through the night and been suffering from extreme night sweats. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed but definitely unhappy with all these awful side effects and for no reason do seem to burst into tears on occasion. I can’t stand this anymore and can’t wait to have it removed. I worry a Mirena crash is inevitable based on everything I’ve read from other women but this is no way to live. There must be something else that can help me with my killer periods, and for me it is NOT Mirena.

  255. Erin September 25, 2017 at 9:20 am - Reply

    I got the mirena (IUD) inserted exactly 2 years ago…. no major problems at all just for the first few months kept spotting none stop. Now I don’t even get my period or do once every 3-6 months that last 2 days…. I have experienced weight gain but not positive if its due to the mirena or poor eating habits due to my brother being terminally ill…. I used to weight 105-108 now weighing 140 but haven’t gain anymore weight and have just continued to stay the same…. the weight gain doesn’t necessarily bother me since I do agree with others I look more of a “healthy” weight.. gaining 30 pounds in such a short amount of time is alittle scary at first and now have stretch marks but only on my thighs.. my doctor recommended the mirena since all birth control with estrogen made me miserable, gave me servre migraines, even at times vision loss for a few mintues to an hour, body numbness and tingles.. it was a nightmare trying to focus in college not being able to see the board and feeling as if I’m having a stoke! Overall I am so happy with the mirena no headache, no pain, nothing other than some weight gain which like I said is no big deal and I’m sure once it is removed the weight will drop off quick.. the only real problem was insertion… that was pretty rough I had one doctor try to put it in for half an hour to an hour and have no luck and just caused me lots of pain… had another appointment to get it inserted by another doctor and was unsuccessful and could tell how uncomfortable I was so the doctor and I both agree it would be better to put me under and do the insertion… woke up fine just a bit of bleeding… overall I would recommend the mirena to just about everyone, my mom recommended it to me as well as my doctor and she has had no issues. A few months ago recommended it to my friend and she got it inserted and is happy as well

  256. Amelia September 28, 2017 at 5:43 am - Reply

    So my story is a little different and I have no one to talk to so I figured I’d try here. I know the original post was made years ago, but just came across it now searching through google. So I had to first mirena put in November, 2013 a year after the birth of my 1st and only child. My periods stopped immediately and I have had none since. The IUD had slightly shifted up so they could not see it normally I had to get ultrasounds to make sure it was ok. So last Wednesday I went in a got the old one out and a new one immediately replaced. Mind you with the first one I had not one symptom it was smooth sailing. 3 days after the new one was put it I started experiencing major cramping and bloating, popping feelings all over my abdomen and the weirdest anxiety rush ever(which prevented me from sleeping). the symptoms have become so odd that I went in yesterday to get the mirena checked out to make sure these symptoms I was experiencing were indeed from the IUD. After 20 minutes of searching and unbareable pain they advise me “they can NOT find the Mirena”. and to top it off Saturday(3 days after the new one was put in) I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. so now not only am I in more pain than before, the are now making me wait til Tuesday to get an ultrasound it even see if the Mirena is still there. the whole situation is just so messed up and was wondering if the symptoms I am having sound firmiliar with anyone?????

  257. Nik November 3, 2017 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    I had my Mirena placed on September 29,2017 and I had it removed 1 month later on October 26,2017. The insertion was horrible and I bleed from the very day it was put in until just a couple of days ago when I had it removed. Besides the bleeding I had cramping,anxiety, mood swing, loss of libedo, insomnia, constant hunger, and foggy brain. I knew right after I left the clinic that I had made the wrong decision, but I kept telling myself it’s okay.
    I tried not to think about it, but every time I used the bathroom, I was reminded of the IUD and the possible side effects, so I decided that I didn’t want to risk having a foreign object inside of me anymore.
    The removal was pretty tricky. The NP who removed it couldn’t see the strings because I was still bleeding from the insertion and she noticed clots coming out while she was trying to remove the IUD. She had to use the big cotton swab to remove the small clots that had formed in my cervix, by wiping down my cervix. Luckily, she was able to grasp the string and removed the IUD. As soon as it was out, I felt relieved.
    I read about the Mirena crash and I was pretty scared. The first 2 days were pretty much spotting and than the 3rd day I had cramps and gushing blood. I couldn’t tell if it was just my period or if it was the crash. The first 3 days were heavy, with no clots. It’s now day 5 and i am no longer bleeding, I only have the brownish discharge like how it normally was towards the end of my period. I’m now on day 7 after removal with no more side effects and hoping that I don’t crash because I do not want to bleed anymore. I pray that my body has gotten rid of what the iud has done,
    I do not recommend the IUD and I pray for those of you who are going through withdraws.

  258. Wayne November 19, 2017 at 10:32 pm - Reply

    I am posting on behalf of my wife and her (our) experience following the recent removal of her Mirena IUD. She remains in hospital high care, and after 3 weeks of seizures continue, Neurologists are still trying to find the cause. We have no evidence at this stage that the Mirena or its removal have anything to do with her current condition but with no history of seizures or any other symptoms that give rise to seizures, attention is now moving toward the IUD removal, and the impact on her hormones and how these can influence seizures in women her age (41yrs). Almost all other underlying causes have already been ruled out after numerous blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, EEGs, and lumbar puncture tests.

    She had her Mirena removed on the 15th September 2017. This was her second, the first being removed after 18months (late 2011) and we fell pregnant with our second child soon after. The second Mirena was removed after almost 5 years. Her first period came a month later, and was a little heavier than normal. She started experiencing some fatigue but nothing you woudl call out of the ordinary, and about two weeks after that on Nov 1st, she started the day with bouts of nausea followed by intense headaches. She had her first seizure that day, one of six. What followed was hospitalisation in ICU since, with a further 40 seizures over the period. In this time she has had her period twice more (3 times in 5 weeks) and the headaches continue.

    We have been through about 4 different diagnoses, each becoming rarer than the last, and all of them a process of elimination of all other known causes, rather than the identification of a singular cause. Doctors initially dismissed the IUD removal as insignificant until our current neurologist (we moved hospitals after the first could not progress on a clinical diagnosis and therefore a treatment plan) began to consider her symptoms in the context of her hormonal state. My wife is a fit and healthy woman (has two young and healthy boys 5yrs and 7yrs) and without any medical history of relevant health issues, the Doc has found the timing of the seizures, her specific symptoms, and the removal of the IUD as “not coincidental”. While she is currently on anti-seizure meds, her hormone levels were tested this morning and we await the results on these and those of a CT scan of her cervix tomorrow.

    I am only posting this because I have not come across many instances of seizures post-removal of the mirena so if there are any others with similar experiences it may go a long way to helping us get to the bottom of this case. Of course, the Mirena removal may have absolutely nothing to do with her condition, but at this stage, we’re looking for any clues that are out of the ordinary.


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