30 Fun Rhyming Riddles With Answers

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Rhyming words is hard enough, but add in a riddle, and things get very tough! These rhyming riddles may not be easy to complete, but finding out the answer will surely be sweet.

Once you’ve thought long and hard, looking a bit further down for the answers will be your reward!

30 of the Best Rhyming Riddles

These riddles rhyme, so they weren’t easy to make. But they’re definitely harder nuts to crack!

1. My children are many.

Our hair is yellow.

Tomorrow, we will be turned into daily sustenance for a fellow.

2. The sound of my voice can bring you to tears without a single word touching your ears.

3. When it’s time for me to come,

all the kids will run along,

back home to rest their heads, 

on their pillows, in their soft beds.

4. I provide you with the air in your lungs.

But despite this fact, I have none.

5. You can find me where the day breaks.

No matter where you are, I’m pretty straight.

6. In the heat, you see me wrong.

I bring you hope but am soon gone.

7. I only go in one direction.

Winding, and winding, at least, 

until I reach the ocean.

8. I am sharp, yet cannot cut you.

In fact, you’re more likely to do this to me.

9. I am new; I am old.

I am shy; I am bold.

10. I am as happy as can be sitting under a Christmas tree!

11. You can find me in your heart.

However, that’s just the start!

12. I have a tongue but cannot talk.

I regularly go for walks.

Yet, despite all this, I have no legs.

No, not even a peg.

13. Stare at me, and you may go blind.

Yet, you cannot see if I don’t shine.

14. If you follow my lead,

I’ll deliver you safely home,

wherever that may be.

15. If you seek me, you will find me.

But, when you find me, I’ll be gone.

16. I am sometimes round, but not so often.

I’m here every night, so I’m easily forgotten.

17. A little of me is quite relaxing.

But too much trigger a different reaction.

18. You can keep me for many years.

But as soon as you’re gone, I’m no longer yours.

19. I can make you sad, happy, or mad.

In fact, I can make you feel any emotion you already have. 

20. You can see through me, or not.

I can come in ripples, waves, or even a glut.

21. I’m in many places, gems, berries, and flowers.

You can see me in the sky for many an hour.

22. I’ve seen many things, but there’s more to come.

In fact, my time here has just begun.

23. I have no corners, but I’m not round.

You can find me in nature or under the ground

24. I tremble in the slightest breeze.

But, unleash me on anything and chaos you will see.

25. I can make you comfortable or uncomfortable.

But, making you cool is something I cannot do.

26. I can make your life heaven or make it hell.

But, unfortunately, and fortunately, you’ll never get stuck.

27. Some buy me to remember others to forget.

What’s important to know is that I’m usually expensive.

28. I cling to rocks all day and don’t say much.

But, I hold a precious, lustrous secret in my clutch.

29. I have eyes that cannot see.

Despite this, they’re designed so others can see me.

30. By any other name, I’m still as sweet.

I still have a prickly side that’s not so discrete.

Bonus – 10 of the Best Rhyming Word Riddles

Find the word that rhymes with the one mentioned in these rhyming riddles. It’s easier said than done, so this is no time to sit and give those thumbs a twiddle!

1. Bunions are a sore sight to any eyes. But, something else that rhymes with “bunion” will make you cry!

2. I’m neither a foe nor a friend, and you likely met me by chance. This just so happens to be the work I rhyme with perchance!

3. I go where I feel like and stay where I want. I rhyme with the five-letter word dance!

4. Eat me for dinner, and you won’t be happy, but have me with breakfast, and that’s a different cup of …

5. Somewhere, over a rainbow, you’ll find me. I stay up in the sky so happily, and I rhyme with the word proud!

6. I’m every budding artist’s go-to, but most would call me amateur. Besides this, other people love to make me disfigured, which just happens to be the word I rhyme with!

7. I’ve been around a long time, but that doesn’t mean I’m hard of hearing. In fact, you can hear me make a sound whenever electricity is near, and I rhyme with asunder.

8. Have me, and you won’t worry, except maybe worrying about not having me. I rhyme with funny.

9. I have weapons and cunning, but I don’t really need them. Ignoring me is a feat, and I rhyme with the word “eat.”

10. I protect you from a hard “hit,” just remember this word is also one I rhyme with!

Rhyming Riddle Answers

1. Wheat

2. A violin

3. The night

4. A tree

5. The horizon

6. A mirage

7. A river

8. A blade of grass

9. The rain

10. A Christmas present

11. Love

12. A shoe

13. The sun

14. A path

15. A secret

16. The moon

17. Silence

18. Personal possessions

19. Music

20. Water

21. The color blue

22. Years

23. An oval

24. A candle

25. Heat

26. Feelings

27. Jewelry

28. An oyster

29. A peacock

30. A rose

Rhyming Word Riddle Answers

1. Onion

2. Acquaintance

3. Glance

4. Tea

5. Cloud

6. Stick figure

7. Thunder

8. Money

9. Cat

10. Helmet

How to Create Your Own Mind-Bending Rhyming Riddles

Have your kids cracked every riddle in the book? If so, maybe it’s time to make some of your own up! 

You can use these tips to make riddles and rhymes. With them, creating rhyming riddles is easy and sublime!

Pick a Subject

First off, you’ll want to choose a topic, like a flame, an onion, or a goose. Once you’ve made your choice, continue to make your rhyme, you’ve got no time to lose!

Make Your First Riddle Verse

This part is easy; at this point, you’re free. Just make up a cryptic sentence that describes the object to be!

Pick Words That Rhyme

Now you’ve come to the complicated part. If you get stuck, though, don’t lose heart! 

Searching for rhyming words online will get you off to a good start! Once you have them, you know how to write the next rhyming part!

Place Those Rhyming Words

When you put two and two together, your rhyme should make sense. Hence why it’s so important to dispense those words without them sounding like nonsense.


Solving rhyming riddles is really fun. If you want some more, try some of these Disney, Christmas, science, math, logic, and teen riddles on!

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