8 Best Baby Standing Toys For Your Little One

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As a parent, there are many milestones that you look forward to. Whether it’s the first time your baby smiles, the first word they say, or even the first time you bathe them, these instances get cemented in a parent’s memory forever.

One such milestone that parents always remember is the first step their child takes or the first time they pull themselves up and stand.

Babies usually begin to pull themselves up into a standing position between 7 to 12 months and between 12 to 18 months when they typically start walking.

Parents love to pamper their babies with toys. While some toys are purely for entertainment, others benefit your little one more significantly. Certain tools and objects can help your child stand up and walk, such as a baby-standing toy.

With so many baby-standing toys in the market, it can take time to narrow your options and pick something that best suits your child’s needs. If you have been facing a similar dilemma, fret not, for we’re here to help you.

In this article, we will discuss the best baby-standing toys, the benefits of a baby-standing toy, and what you should be looking for while choosing one.

Best Baby Standing Toys To Explore

The stores these days are filled with an abundance of products. It’s normal for parents to feel overwhelmed by the sheer presence of many items and categories.

When you walk to the kids’ section, do you wonder which baby-standing toy will be perfect for your child? Well, we have done the homework for you.

Listed below are some of the best baby-standing toys that you can look into:

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center
Skip Hop Baby Activity Center• Three stages of use
• A 360-degree rotating seat
• Comes with clip-on toys
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Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 WalkerBaby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Walker• Four modes present
• Adjustable seat
• The seat cover is machine-washable
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Learning Advantage Crocodile Activity Wall PanelsLearning Advantage Crocodile Activity Wall Panels• Panels that can be mixed and matched
• Serves as a pretty wall décor as well
• Durable and versatile
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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerVTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker• Contains 70 sing-along songs
• Packaging is easy to open
• Comes with five piano keys
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Bright Starts Having-a-Ball Get Rollin’ Activity TableBright Starts Having-a-Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table• Four languages available
• Equipped with more than 60 songs
• The volume can be adjusted
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Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity TableBaby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table• Three available languages
• Features different instruments
• Encourages a child’s musical talents
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Kiddery Wooden Push And Pull Learning WalkerKiddery Wooden Push And Pull Learning Walker• Designed with gender-neutral colors
• Utilization of high-quality materials
• Made using non-toxic paint
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LeapFrog Scout’s 3-in-1 Get Up and Go WalkerLeapFrog Scout’s 3-in-1 Get Up and Go Walker• Built with interactive elements
• Comes with three modes of activities
• Has a color-changing dome
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1. Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center
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One element that makes the Skip Hop Baby Activity Center unique is that it can be converted into different things as your baby grows, such as a sturdy table that a child can use for coloring, playtime, and so on.

The design was implemented after the brand collaborated with a pediatrician, and the structure is easy to assemble.

Pros & Cons


  • Allows kids to see their feet
  • Created using sturdy polyester material


  • Might not bounce as much
  • Could be unsuitable for children weighing over 25 lb

2. Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Walker

Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Walker
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The Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Walker offers the perfect mix for your child to explore. It includes removable floor toys, a discovery table, an art table, and a walk-around discovery center.

The height-adjustable seat is designed to go 360 degrees around the table.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides a combination of sensory and physical experiences


  • The seat is slightly high
  • Could wobble a little

3. Learning Advantage Crocodile Activity Wall Panels

Learning Advantage Crocodile Activity Wall Panels
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The Learning Advantage Crocodile Activity Wall Panels have a multi-sensory busy board that allows your child to indulge in various activities. Mazes, interlocking cogs, percussive instruments, and rotational pieces are a few of the elements included in the five panels.

The attachment screws help you build this sturdy structure, and the Montessori busy board is to aid in building your child’s curiosity and developing their motor and reasoning skills.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to assemble
  • Contains numerous activities


  • Might have sharp edges
  • A couple of the pieces might be fragile

4. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
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The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is an interactive baby-standing toy that can be a musical treat for your baby. It comes with 70 sing-along songs, various fun phrases, and intriguing sound effects, all of which contribute to your child’s development in some manner or another.

The product has an early learning center with five piano keys and a telephone handset that kids can play with.

Pros & Cons


  • Boosts creativity
  • Aids with sensory development


  • The music may not be pleasant for everyone
  • Might be slightly wobbly

5. Bright Starts Having-a-Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table

Bright Starts Having-a-Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table
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The Bright Starts Having-a-Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table occupies your child with numerous activities, more than 60 songs, a book with both a learning mode and a play mode, and a toucan piano.

A feature that sets this baby-standing toy apart is that you can choose from four languages: English, French, Spanish, and German.

Pros & Cons


  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Comes with a toucan piano


  • Some could find the piano light to be a bit too much
  • Not as heavy as one would like it to be

6. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table
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The Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is just the toy you need to introduce your child to the magical world of music. In addition to helping them stand up, it teaches them about numbers and colors by using piano keys.

The product is extremely easy to clean, and the settings allow you to switch between three languages, namely English, French, and Spanish.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to clean
  • Competent packaging


  • There are chances of the product sliding
  • The sound can be a bit too loud

7. Kiddery Wooden Push And Pull Learning Walker

Kiddery Wooden Push And Pull Learning Walker
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The Kiddery Wooden Push And Pull Learning Walker is designed using sturdy and high-quality materials that prevent it from sliding. Made from non-toxic paint, the safety level of this product is quite high.

The activity center of the toy is made in a manner such that it boosts a child’s creativity and imagination, improves their social and motor skills, and provides an adequate amount of support.

Pros & Cons


  • Aids in developing motor skills
  • Doesn’t damage your floor


  • The brakes may not function properly
  • Could have sharp edges

8. LeapFrog Scout’s 3-in-1 Get Up and Go Walker

LeapFrog Scout’s 3-in-1 Get Up and Go Walker
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The LeapFrog Scout’s 3-in-1 Get Up and Go Walker is an eclectic product with multiple roles. Not only is it a standing toy, but it’s also a walker, a baby gym, and an activity panel.

This product has three modes that entertain your child with various sound effects and melodies. This toy also teaches them about numbers, shapes, colors, and letters.

Pros & Cons


  • Presence of customizable wheels
  • Comes with the feature of speed control


  • There’s a possibility of the battery sliding out
  • The wheels could be tough to lock

Benefits Of Baby-Standing Toys

 Benefits Of Baby-Standing Toys

A parent always wishes to protect their child no matter what. It’s especially evident during their initial stages of growing up when they are still learning to function properly with their bodies.

You could be tempted to give your hand to your child when they are learning to stand up; while that’s necessary at times, it’s also good for them to learn independently. It’s one of the many reasons why baby-standing toys exist.

Here are some of the benefits a child can derive from a baby-standing toy:

  • A baby-standing toy keeps your child occupied, during which you can get some work done, knowing they’re busy with the toy. These products have varied features and sounds, exposing your child to new sensations and holding their interest for a long time.
  • Such toys strengthen your child’s muscles by working on their arms, chest, and shoulders and boosting the strength of their core and leg muscles. It enables them to start walking sooner.
  • While monitoring a child is supremely important, teaching them independence from a young age is vital. Through these toys, they learn to play on their own for a bit and explore by themselves.
  • A toy such as this one aids in the holistic development of your child. They boost their motor skills and work on their cognitive skills and help them with their hand-eye coordination, reasoning, and recognition.

How to Choose a Baby-Standing Toy?

How to Choose a Baby-Standing Toy?

Perhaps you have decided to buy a baby-standing toy for your child, and now you’re thinking to yourself what to know to determine which will suit the needs and requirements of your kid.

New parents can have many questions about the kind of products they buy for their child, and one of those questions could be the factors to keep in mind while purchasing a tool that will help their kid stand up and walk.

The following are some of the things to know that will help you choose an efficient baby-standing toy:

1. Your child’s age

Read the age range mentioned on the product and pick something appropriate for your child’s age. The quality and grip should be sturdy, so your baby doesn’t slip and fall.

2. Safety

Be sure to buy a sturdy toy that won’t slip as your child pushes it around. It must be made using kid-friendly and non-toxic material. The accessories that come along should not present any choking hazards.

3. Versatility

The toys available nowadays are pretty versatile and serve multiple functions. So, try to go for something your baby can use as a walker later.

4. Adjustable Size

Ensure the toy is adjustable so you can alter its height per your child’s comfort and needs.

5. Manual or Battery-Operated

Manual toys are usually better for your child, as you do not always have to keep charging them. However, if you opt for a battery-charged one, keep it charged so your child can use it whenever they want. Remember to check that the battery cover always remains secure.


What is a baby-standing toy good for?

A baby-standing toy is suitable for kids who are just starting to pull themselves up on their own. It strengthens their core and leg muscles, keeps them occupied, and makes them independent.

When should a kid start using a baby-standing toy?

Parents can help their kids use a baby-standing toy when they are six months old.

What should I remember while buying a baby-standing toy?

The factors to look into while picking a baby-standing toy include its size, versatility, safety, and whether it’s age-appropriate.

Do baby-standing toys work?

Yes, baby-standing toys help a child tremendously in standing up. Some can also be utilized as walkers later on.

Can I find baby-standing toys on Amazon?

Yes, one can easily find baby-standing toys on Amazon.


Parents are constantly looking for new products that can help in the development of their baby, whether it’s for the development of their body, mind, motor skills, etc.

Among the toys that are tremendously useful for little ones, a baby-standing toy is among the top ones. Go through this article carefully to see which are the competent ones in the market today and why you should get one for your kid.

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