15 Random Facts about Disneyland

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Disneyland is one of the most magical places on Earth. Kids from around the world know about Disneyland, but do they know these 15 Random Facts about Disneyland?

15 Random Facts about Disneyland

If you are Disney fans like we are then you probably know a thing or two about Disneyland, like the best rides for the whole family at Disneyland, some pretty good Disney riddles, and some awesome Disney crafts that you can make! 

15 Random Facts about Disneyland

But how many random facts about Disneyland do you know? 

You probably know that it’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle that greets you when you enter Disneyland but how many of these fun facts about Disneyland did you know?

1. Mickey Mouse’s Name

Random Facts about Disneyland

Did you know that Mickey Mouse was not the original choice for a name? Originally he was to be named Mortimer, later it was changed to Mickey Mouse! 

2. Disney’s California Adventure Land

We all love the newest addition to Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Land, right? But did you know that it was built on an old parking lot for Disneyland? It’s true! 

When I was a kid I used to park right where Disney’s California Adventure now sits. 

3. Walt Disney Statue

Random Facts about Disneyland

The Walt Disney statue on Main street is 7 inches taller than Walt himself was. The original design was supposed to have him with an ice cream in his hand, but this was rejected. Rumor has it that his hand is in the air in a celebratory, “Look Mickey at what we created!”

4. Main Street

The buildings along Main Street USA are built to create the effect of a longer street when entering the park and a shorter street when going back to your car.

5. Hot Day on Opening Day

Hot Day on Opening Day

Ready for more random facts about Disneyland?

Well, opening day was so hot that women’s high heels were sinking into the newly paved Main Street USA. Talk about hot? 

Also, on a side note, could you imagine wearing heels to Disneyland? No, thank you, I will take my tennis shoes any day. 

6. Plumbing Strike

During the construction of Disneyland there was a plumbing strike that forced Walt Disney to decide between water to drink or water to flush toilets. He was accused of trying to make money by not having water to drink.


7. 1,000,000 Guests

Disneyland has always been pretty popular? Did you know that Disneyland welcomed its 1,000,000th guest into the park within a month of the park opening?

8. The Light in the Window

While at Disneyland, have you ever noticed the light on in the apartment over the fire station?

This is an apartment that Walt Disney would stay in and that light in the apartment represented him working hard. 

He always wanted his employees to know he was working just as hard as them. 

Since his death, it is kept on 24/7 as a reminder of Walt Disney‘s dedication and hard work.

9. Mustaches

Walt Disney did not allow his male employees to have mustaches.

10. Where Does the Wishing Well Money Go at Disneyland?

Did you know about this random Disney fact? 

With all the money that is thrown into ponds and wishing wells, Walt decided very early on to always donate it to charity. Could you imagine how much money they donated?

Rumor has it every time “It’s a Small World” shuts down for refurbishment they clean it all out and it totals over $100,000 each time. 

Random Facts about Disneyland

11. Famous Speech

Richard Nixon’s famous “I am not a crook” speech was given at Disneyland. He and Walt Disney were good friends.

12. Club 33

This random fact about Disneyland you might want to know about! 

Did you know there is a secret club inside of Disneyland? It is called Club 33. Walt Disney had it built so he could entertain guests. The members-only club has over a 3-year waitlist and boasts membership fees from $9,000 – $25,000 with yearly dues of $3,000 – $6,000.

13. ABC and Disney

ABC once owned shares in Disneyland very early on, now Disney owns ABC.

14. Snow White Funds Burbank Studios

Random Facts about Disneyland

The Burbank Studio is held up on the hands of statues of the seven dwarfs. The studio was built with the proceeds from Snow White.

15. Matterhorn Mountain

We couldn’t share 15 random facts about Dinseyland without sharing one about the famous Matterhorn Mountain! 

Did you know that Matterhorn Mountain is exactly 100 times shorter than the real thing at 147 feet? It’s true. 

There you have it! 15 random facts about Disneyland! Do you know a random Disney fact? Share them in the comments! 

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