9 Chores for Teenagers to Help Learn Responsibility

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There are many things that you will find you need help with around the house. Making a list of chores for teenagers is a great way to help get those things done and also teach your teenagers responsibility. 

Having your teenagers help out with things that need to be done around the house also teaches them how to understand how to manage their time and value work. Not only that, but it prepares them to learn to work for when they get jobs.  

Chores for Teenagers

Creating Chores For Teenagers

When it comes to creating chores for your teenager you will need to consider their age as well as their school and work schedule. A chore list is great for teenagers because it shows them what is expected of them, as well as what should be done.

Not only are teens busy with school, sports, and possibly work they are also distracted by the world of technology. 

Finding a chore list that fits your needs as well as their schedule is key. Below are some suggested chores for teenagers you can start letting your teenager ld take on. 

Chores for Teenagers

Take out the trash

There is more to this chore than just taking the garage from inside the house to the outside bin but also emptying each trash can inside the house. Also do not forget to add to the chore of taking out the trash also means taking the bins to the street on trash day and pulling them back in. 

Chores for Teenagers

Sweep and Vacuum

I find that being assigned two days a week for this chore is a better way of making sure it gets done instead of just saying sweep and vacuum. Be sure to specify where to sweep and vacuum because trust me they try to be sneaky. 

Chores for Teenagers
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Do Their Own Laundry

Having your teens do their own laundry is a great idea. This puts them in charge of making sure they remember to clean out their pockets, and pull out the clothes that don’t go in the dryer. 

Chores for Teenagers

This means they are in charge of washing, folding, and putting away their own laundry. Also, remind them that their sheets need to be washed weekly as well! 

Load and Unload the Dishwasher

Loading and unloading the dishwasher is a chore that your teenager can do everyday. If they are focused and not distracted they can really do both in less than 10 minutes. 

Chores for Teenagers
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So often teenagers are the reason why so many dirty dishes are left in the sink. Now they get to see just how many dishes they make! 

Clean their Room

Since they are already doing their own laundry, adding cleaning their room to your teenager’s chore list is a good one for them to do. They should already be vacuuming so add dusting shelves and keeping their floor picked up as part of their job when it comes to cleaning their room. 

Chores for Teenagers

Of course you might get kick back saying “my room is clean.” Be sure to have a checklist that indicates the room is actually clean the way you want it. 

Clean the Bathroom

When giving a teenager the chore of cleaning the bathroom you may want to give them a checklist. This checklist should include cleaning the inside and outside of the toilet, sanitizing the sink, washing to mirror, scrubbing the tub. and sweeping the floor. A checklist can help them better manage their time and know their expectations. 

Chores for Teenagers

I love giving messy teenage boys this job… It seems to work like magic to actually start aiming when they use the bathroom so they have less mess to clean up on bathroom cleaning day! 

Yard Work

Yard work for teens is a great idea. You can have them help with weeding, mowing, or even gardening. Do not put limitations on your teenager. The more they do now the faster they appreciate you and also understand the importance of hard work. 

Chores for Teenagers

Pet Care

Feeding, walking, and cleaning up after your pet is a chore for teenagers for sure. Pets are a huge responsibility. Have your teens walk, feed, clean up after, and play with them. This teaches them to take care of someone else’s needs which is a priceless skill to learn. 

Chores for Teenagers

Help with Meals

Helping with meals is a great way to teach your teens responsibility and to one day live on their own! 

You can have them make their own breakfast and lunches (at home and lunch for school) and even help with dinner. 

Chores for Teenagers

When we started helping with dinner my teenagers were in the kitchen helping prep, now they are both assigned a day to make dinner for the family. (Yes, I let them pick whatever they want to make. We ate a lot of frozen pizza and mac and cheese for awhile. 

How Do I Motivate My Teenagers to do their chores? 

Let’s be honest no teenager is jumping up and down to do chores so finding a way to motivate them is important. I suggest making their chores a responsibility that has to be done if they want to participate in a sport or hang out with their friends. When they see it as something they have to do instead of need in order to keep doing what they love then it will help motivate them. 

Some other ways you can help your teenager stay motivated are: 

  • Give them options
  • Have set consequences if they do not do their chores
  • Teach them how to stay organized and on task
  • Reward them for doing chores
  • Do the chore alongside them

Just remember when it comes to chores for teenagers it is a learning curve for you and them. Don’t punish them harshly when something is not done right or on time. Assigning your teenager chores is a time to help your teenager learn how to work not only for themselves but to your expectations as well. 

Should I pay my teenager to do chores?

Paying your teenager to do chores is a great way to help them understand the value of work. Another reason to pay teenagers to do chores is to teach them that things cost money. As well as the importance of saving too. 

Chores for Teenagers

If you decide to pay your teenager to do chores make it a fair price. but also let them know that they are now responsible for buying the new video game they may want or a new piece of clothing or even gas for their car. It may take them a while to earn the money, but they will also learn a great life lesson which is the value of a dollar!

Making a list of chores for teenagers is a great way to teach them important life skills. Not only that, but it helps them be more involved around the house.

What chores do you have your teenagers do? Do you pay them? Share in the comments!

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