83 Names Meaning Soul, Spirit, or Essence for Boys and Girls

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So, finally, the time has come to choose the best name for your little one, isn’t it?

Well, this whole process is going to be a little time-consuming and full of adventure!

Have you ever come across a wonderful name and later on wished that you had noted it down because now you can’t seem to remember it? Or perhaps you have been researching and just can’t find the perfect name for your little one?

Did I tell you how I spent days and nights zeroing on the perfect name for my baby girl?

And at times, my partner and I used to have arguments regarding the name. There were some names that he liked, and then there were others that I liked. Hence the disagreements!

Luckily, we both liked this one name, and we gave that name to our little princess – our Zara.

This can be the case with you, too, so be mentally prepared!

Are you one of those parents who are different in their approach and looking for names that mean soul, spirit, or ghost?

Yes, there are many superstitions related to paranormal names, but this kind of name can be fun and make your baby stand out from the crowd. Also, it can be poetic and help your baby have positive qualities.

So, if you can control your panic and fear and be creative with your choices for your baby’s name, this post is for you. Here, I have come up with some of the best names, and they mean soul or spirit.

Girl Names That Mean Soul

Girl Names That Mean Soul

Check out this list of some pretty and unique supernatural names for your baby girl that can represent her mystical quality!

  • Anima

Isn’t the name pretty?

I like it. It sounds somewhat like anime, and I’m a big fan of anime series. So now you know why it sounded so graceful to me!

It is an English name for girls that means soul and spirit in the Latin language.

According to Jungian psychology, did I tell you that the anima is a person’s true inner self or soul?

  • Alma

This name has a feminine vibe to it. 

It has many origins –from Spanish, Italian, and English to Dutch, Croatian and Slovene.

Alma came from the Latin word almus, and in Latin, the meaning of this name is nourishing. But in the Spanish language, the name means the soul.

  • Aruzhan

Do you want to give your baby girl a name that not only means soul but also signifies loveliness and beauty? How about Aruzhan?

This name originated from the Kazakh language, and people believe that it means a beautiful soul.

  • Cansu

If you want to name your baby something uncommon, Cansu can be the one.

This name originated from the Turkish language. And it is a combination of two terms: Can and Su. While the former word means soul and life, the latter part means water. So, the meaning that this name has is unusual too.

  • Diblin

Doesn’t the name sound gorgeous and captivating at the same time?

The meaning is also quite intoxicating. The name Diblin means the soul’s fragrance. Isn’t it lovely?

  • Enid

Do you want to give your little princess a name that has a classic tone to it?

How about Enid?

This name originated from the Welsh culture. You can find its mention in the Arthurian Romance and Welsh mythology.

It is derived from the word enaid, which is a Welsh word. It translates to life and soul.

  • Elani

I like names that have some kind of uplifting energy in them – names that can make people feel happy just by pronouncing them. And I found Elani to be just that!

And did I tell you that the meaning of Elani is somewhat inspirational too?

This beautiful name is said to carry the meaning of light coming into the soul.

  • Eeli

Do you prefer names that are short and don’t require much effort to pronounce?

Eeli is the one. This name of four letters has a poetic meaning, which is uplifted spirit and soul. Also, some say that it means to ascend.

  • Gronw

Now, this name is especially for moms and dads who want to give their girls a unique name.

So, here comes the name Gronw! Isn’t it very uncommon?

At least I have never met someone with this name. Do you know what the best part of giving your baby this name is?

If someone hears this name, they will never forget it. Gronw translates to the one with a reserved nature and a passionate soul.

  • Janan

The name Janan has a modern tone to it. However, it has its roots in the Arabic language.

I am very fond of Arabic names and so I gave my baby the name Zara, as I mentioned before. So, if you are like me, who likes Arabic names, Janan can be a good choice of name for your baby.

It carries with it the meaning of heart and soul.

Don’t you like it already?

  • Konul

The name Konul has a different level of elegance in it. Don’t you think so?

It is a short name – perfect for you if you are looking for short names for your daughter. It originated in the Azerbaijani language, and it translates to desire, heart, and soul.

  • Kokoro

This graceful name has a charm that you cannot deny!

This name has its roots in Japan. People say that this name came from – kororo – a Japanese word that means heart, mind, and soul.

  • Lavada

The name Lavada has an undeniable appeal to it. Don’t you agree?

This name comes with a powerful meaning: a person cleansed and purified. Also, others say that Lavada means of our soul.

Now, are you interested in some variation of this mysterious name?

How about Lavelle?

  • Maanasa

Don’t you find this name to be somewhat melodious?

I have a friend who has this beautiful name. Her personality is as charming as the name sounds. This name holds the meaning of the unity of soul and mind.

  • Nurcan

This name is unique and has the power to develop people’s interests.

It has its roots in the Turkish language, and it means bright soul.

Also, some say that Nurcan is derived from the Arabic word Nur and the Persian word Jan. The former means light, and the latter means life and soul.

  • Psyche

The name Psyche has its roots in Greek mythology. It came from psycho – a Greek word. The meaning of this word is to breathe.

Psyche carries the pure and beautiful meaning of the soul.

Did you know that according to Greek mythology, Psyche was a gorgeous lady with whom Eros fell in love with?

Now, in Roman mythology, this Eros is called Cupid.

  • Ruhee

This name has a mysterious tone to it. And the meaning that it has is captivating too.

Ruhee means a female who can touch your heart with her soul. Did you like the name but looking for some variations?

How about Ruhia and Ruhi?

  • Soon-Ok

Doesn’t this name sound graceful?

There is a disagreement among people regarding its meaning. While some say that this sweet name means blessed and gentle, there are others who say that Soon-Ok means an individual with a gentle soul.

  • Ariel

Ariel, as a name, has a Hebrew and Biblical origin. The name means ‘lion of God.’ Famous people with this name include Ariel Behar, Ariel Bloomer, Ariel Borysiuk, Ariel Pink, and Ariel Serena Hedges Bowen.

  • Aza

Aza is a name of Arabic origin, meaning ‘comfort,’ ‘reflect,’ and ‘think.’ Some popular people with this name are Aza Gazgireyeva, Aza Habalova, Aza Petrović, Aza Rakhmanova, Aza Raskin, and Aza of Mannea.

  • Bhuta

Bhuta is a name of Indian origin. It possesses historical roots, and the meaning is ‘divine’ and ‘sentient.’ It reminds me of the Hindi word ‘bhoot,’ which also has spiritual connotations. The name can also mean ‘past.’

  • Dusa

Dusa has Czech roots associated with itself. The meaning of this name is ‘spirit.’ A couple of the famous people who have this name or surname include David Dusa, Ferdiš Duša, Dusa McDuff, Cosmina Dușa, and Duša Počkaj.

  • Antara

Antara is a name that has Hindu roots and an Indian origin. The name means soul, heart, the beauty within, and everything related to the heart. Some famous people have this name, such as Antara Mitra, Antara Mali, Antara Chowdhury, and Antara Biswas.

  • Athmika

Athmika is a name of Indian origin. It is said to be a name that means precious, closest, and friend, strengthening its connection with the meaning of soul and essence. If you’re looking for a super pretty name for your daughter, go for this one.

  • Bella

Bella is a name of Latin and Italian origin, and it means ‘beautiful.’ If you want your daughter’s name to have a soul-like connection, this is a lovely choice. It reminds one of the characters Bella Swan, from the Twilight series, and the famous supermodel Bella Hadid.

  • Alana

Alana is an Aramaic name that means exalted, elevated, and high. It is also a preferred name in the Hawaiian community that entails beauty, harmony, and offers. An alternate spelling of this name is Alanna.

  • Masina

Masina, as a name, has Samoan roots. The meaning of this very beautiful name is ‘moon’ or ‘God’s beauty.’ It is one of the variations of the name, Salamasina, which reminds us of the name of a Samoan queen.

  • Nirvana

The name, Nirvana, comes from Sanskrit. The meanings of it are ‘bliss’ and ‘a transcendent state that is free from suffering.’ It is also the name of a very famous rock band from America that’s beloved by many people.

Boy Names That Mean Soul

Boy Names That Mean Soul

Check out these elegant and charming names for boys that mean soul and spirit!

  • Atmik

The name Atmik has a sense of cool tone to it.

It has two meanings. Some people believe that it means an individual who can find a relation with his inner heart, and some say that it means relating to the soul. Both the meanings have the word “soul” in them.

  • Amalesh

The name Amalesh has a certain calmness to it. So, if you are looking for some name for your little boy that is sweet and lovely, Amalesh can be the one.

Amalesh has different meanings. According to some people, it means a soul that is unblemished. Another group of people says that it means the pure one. And then others say that it means a person who is pure and free from guilt.

If you ask me, I found all three meanings to be equally good.

  • Chetan

Did you know that the name Chetan has different origins?

It includes Kannada, Gujrati, and Hindi. In the Sanskrit language, Chetan carries the meaning of visible, conscious, and soul.

  • Can

Are you into short and cool names?

The name Can fits your choice perfectly! This name originated from the Turkish language.

Yes, this three-letter word carries the meaning of life and soul. Also, some say that it means darling and sweetheart.

Lovely, isn’t it?

  • Dusan

Did you know that the name Dusan has more than one origin?

It has its roots in the Macedonian, Slovene, Serbian, Czech, and Slovak regions. There is a Slavic word – dusha and Dusan is taken from that.

The name holds the meaning of spirit and soul.

  • Euthymius

Do you want to give your baby boy a name that is not too short but on the complex and intricate side?

How about naming him Euthymius?

Euthymios is an ancient Greek word. It means generous and in good spirits.

And Euthymius is the Latin version of it. It is made up of two words: eu and thymos. While the former part means good, the latter part means spirit and soul.

Did I tell you that this name was held by many saints?

  • Ercan

The name Ercan signifies strength and courage.

If you want to give your baby a name with such significance, Ercan can be the one.

It originated from the Turkish language. It is said that this name is made up of words in the Turkish language. They are Er and Can. The first part of the name means a brave man, and the last part means life and soul.

Are you going to keep this name for your boy?

  • Frohar

This name of two syllables has a positive vibe to it. And you can tell from the name how unique it is, isn’t it?

It has an angelic, lovely meaning that is a spirit that protects the soul as a guardian angel. Also, some say that it means angel, spirit, and protector.

  • Hanspala

The name Hanspala has such a majestic vibe to it!

And did I say how powerful of a meaning it has?

It means the king of swans, lord of the swans, and the protector of a great soul.

  • Jagadatma

This name carries with it a certain sense of responsibility and great power. Jagadatma is a name that we generally don’t get to hear, isn’t it?

It translates to one who has the souls of the whole world.

  • Livaatam

This name has a powerful tone to it. It is uncommon and mysterious.

Livaatam means to be absorbed in the soul.

  • Mahatma

Are you into Indian history?

There was a famous Indian freedom fighter named Mohandas Karamchand. He was given the title “Mahatma.

This name of Indian origin carries the meaning of great soul. Also, it is a word in Sanskrit that is a combination of Maha and Atman. The former means a great, and the latter means spirit, life, and soul.

  • Najid

Apart from names that mean soul, are you also interested in names that have a courageous, strong, and brave vibe to them?

The name Najid would be a great fit for that!

It means a brave soul. And some even say that it means the bravest soul of all.

  • Paramatam

Again, this is another name that exerts power!

Paramatam translates to an ultimate being, an absolute soul, and a supreme soul.

Do you want to know about some variations of this name too?

How about Paramatman and Paramatma?

  • Zhansultan

This name has such a glorious vibe to it that you cannot ignore it!

This intricate name holds the meaning of a leader. Also, it is said to mean soul sultan.

  • Pavan

Pavan is a name that has an Indian origin. The meaning of this name is breeze, sacred, wind, and purifying. Some of the famous people who have this name are Pavan Duggal, Pavan Malhotra, Pavan Ramdya, and Andrea Pavan.

  • Kiyo

Kiyo is a name of Japanese origin. The meaning of Kiyo is purity, clear, and clean. If a short and sweet baby name is what you are looking for, then this is the perfect option for you.

  • Jival

The name, Jival, has an Indian background. It has multiple meanings, including being full of life, inspiring, and causing victory. Jival is connected to the Indian word, ‘jivan’, which means ‘life’. If you want your boy to have a name that means ‘the spirit of life,’ this is a great choice.

  • Anshil

Anshil is a name that has Hebrew and Israeli roots. The meaning of this Israeli name is ‘a soul that is blessed and happy’. Some of the names that sound similar to this one are Anshul and Anshal, which are quite common names in the Hindi language.

  • Tahir

Tahir is a popular name for boys that comes from Arabic origin. The meaning of this name is pure, virtuous, clean, and chaste. It is also a common surname, and those with it are Faran Tahir, Imran Tahir, and Kemal Tahir.

  • Abir

Abir is a name that has Arabic and Hebrew roots. The meaning of Abir is aroma, brave, strong, and fragrance. The popular names that come to mind about this one are Abir Chatterjee, Abir Muhaisen, and Abir Abrar.

  • Asa

Isn’t Asa such an adorable name? It comes from Hebrew, with the meaning healer, physician, doctor, and someone who is born in the morning. Popular people who share this name are Asa Butterfield and Asa Baber.

  • Marcus

Originating from Latin, Marcus means polite, shining, and hammer. It is also a reference to the God named Mars. Famous people with this name include Marcus Garvey, Marcus Scribner, Marcus Mumford, and Marcus Mariota.

  • Senan

Senan is a name of Irish origin. The meaning of it is ‘old’ and ‘wise.’ It refers to an Irish monk who lived during the 6th Century CE. The famous people named Senan are Senan van der Merwe and Senan Molony.

  • Shudh

The beautiful name, Shudh, is of Hindu origin. The meaning of Shudh is holy, clean, and pure. This word is a part of many Indian songs and movies, such as Shuddh Desi Romance, which starred Parineeti Chopra and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Soul, Spirit, or Essence

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Soul, Spirit, or Essence

Are you looking for unisex names for your child that mean spirit, soul, or essence in any manner? If yes, then we have got the perfect selection for you:

  • Pavitra

Pavitra is a name possessing Indian roots. The meaning is that it is a pure, holy flower and the ‘daughter of God.’ As a word, it is used in the Hindi language to denote purity. Pavitra Lokesh and Pavitra Punia are examples of famous people with this name.

  • Zakiah

Zakiah is a name with Hebrew roots. Some of the variations of this name are Zakia, Zakiya, Zakiyah, and Zakayah. Famous people to recall this name include Zakiya Bywaters, Zakiah Hanum, Zakia Khattabi, and Zakia Mrisho Mohamed.

  • Iffah

The name Iffah comes from the stunning Urdu language. The meaning of Iffah is modesty, purity, and someone who is chaste. Some other meanings often linked to this name are ‘moral excellence’ and ‘someone who abstains from all the bad things.’

  • Rei

A name that comes from Japanese roots, Rei is a perfect short name. It means graceful, lovely, beautiful, companion, and friend. Popular people with this name are Rei Dan, Rei Gesing, Rei Hiroe, Rei Igarashi, and Rei Kawakubo.

  • Kumiko

Kumiko is a wonderful Japanese name. It means beautiful, forever, child, and companion. Some famous individuals who share this name are Kumiko Asō, Kumiko Akiyoshi, Kumiko Ogura, Kumiko Nakano, Kumiko Goto, and Kumiko Takeda.

  • Achak

Achak is a name whose roots can be traced back to Native America. A name that can be used for both girls and boys, this unique name means ‘spirit.’ A famous person who comes to mind upon hearing this name is Maryam Achak.

  • Ingrid

Ingrid is a name of Scandinavian origin. The meanings of this name include beautiful, fair, and loved. The popular people who share this name are Ingrid Bruckert, Ingrid Burley, Ingrid Burman, Ingrid Janbell, and Ingrid Michaelson.

  • Memphis

Memphis is a name known to have multiple points of origin, including American, Greek, and Egyptian. The meaning of this name is beautiful, enduring, established, and abode of the good. Some famous people with this name are Memphis Depay, Memphis Kirke Mosberg, and Memphis Bleek.

  • Rooh

Possessing Islamic and Urdu roots, the meaning of the name Rooh is soul, spirit, purity, and someone full of soul and spirit. It is also a common word that appears in songs and movies belonging to the Hindi language.

  • Aqsa

Aqsa is a name derived from the Arabic language. It refers to the name of a mosque, and its meaning is ‘farthest.’ The mosque is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, located at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

  • Omna

Omna is a name that has Indian roots. The meaning associated with it is holy, divine, sacred, pure, and pious. It almost reminds us of Oman, the name of a country in the Middle East.

  • Ambrosio

Ambrosio is a name that has Latin and Greek roots. It means divine and immortal. It also serves as a surname. Some popular people with this name or surname include Arturo Ambrosio, Giovanni Ambrosio, and Thomas Ambrosio.

  • Seijun

Seijun is a unisex name that has a Japanese origin. The meaning of this pretty name is pure. If you’re looking to give the kind of name to your child that will make people wonder what it means, then this is a good one to pick.

  • Asao

Asao is a name that has Japanese roots. The meaning of this short and adorable name is spirit, heart, essence, soul, and the core of life. The famous people with this name include Eliran Asao, Keiichiro Asao, and Miwa Asao.

  • Shanen

Shanen is a name that comes from a Gaelic background. The meaning of it is old or wise. It is also known to have Indian roots, in which case the meanings it possesses are river and wise.

  • Misbah

Misbah is a name that has Arabic and Muslim roots. The meaning of it is light or lamp. Some of the variations of this name are Misba, Mizba, and Mizbah. A famous person with this name is the cricketer, Misbah-ul-Haq.

  • Ulima

Ulima is a very adorable name that comes from Arabic origin. The meaning of Ulima is wise and astute. A name that sounds similar to Ulima is Alma, which is quite a common preference for a baby’s name.

  • Rei

Rei is a unisex name that has Japanese roots. If a short and easy-to-remember name is what you’re searching for, then go for this one. The meaning of the name is someone whose soul is beautiful, lovely, and graceful.

  • Cetas

Cetas is a name that has an Indian or Hindu origin. The meanings associated with this name are soul, mind, heart, and intelligence. Who wouldn’t want such a beautiful and unique name for their kid, right?

  • Brady

Brady is quite a common name from Irish roots and means broad and spirited. It also means ‘the descendant of Bradach.’ Some famous people who carry this name are Brady Ackerman, Brady Aiken, and Brady Anderson.

  • Huet

Huet is a name that has a French background. Some of the other names associated with this one are Hue and Hugh, with the latter being quite a famous name, as we know with celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant, and Hugh Laurie.

  • Roho

Roho is a name of African origin and is known to have come from the Kiswahili or Swahili language. The meaning of Roho is soul. It sounds very similar to the Hindi term, Rooh, whose meaning is also soul or spirit.

  • Wren

Wren is a name of English origin. It means ‘a small bird’. The name is also a popular one in the category of surnames. A couple of the celebrities who have this name or surname are Alan Wren, Bob Wren, and Christopher Wren.

  • Tormey

Tormey is a name that has an Irish origin. Possessing solid historical roots, the meaning of this unique name is thunder spirit. If you have been on the hunt for a name that has a fantastic meaning, then Tormey is the one to choose.

  • Yeuri

Yeuri is a unisex name that has a Russian origin. The meaning of this name is ‘a farmer’. The most common variation of this name is Yuri, and the popular people with this name are Yuri Andropov, Yuri Bezmenov, and Yuri Gagarin.

  • Hue

Hue is a name possessing German roots. The meaning of Hue is spirit or heart. It is also a Vietnamese name that means lilies. It is also a common last name, seen with celebrities like Jermaine Hue and Georges Hüe.

  • Hudde

Hudde is a Christian name with Old Low Franconian and Ancient German roots. The meaning of this historically rich name is spirit, mind, and heart. The name also has Norman connections and is similar to the names Hue and Hugh.

  • Shug

Shug, as a name, has its roots in Old German, Old French, and the Scottish language. The meaning of Shug is soul, intellect, and mind. The name forms a part of other names and surnames, with examples being that of Rachel Nicole Shugar and Shugo Oshinari.

  • Banafrit

Banafrit is a name that has Egyptian roots. The meaning of this unique name is ‘someone who has a beautiful soul.’ It has the qualities of calmness, honesty, and ingenuity. So, what’s not to love, right?

  • Muhja

Muhja is a unisex name that comes from the Arabic language. The meanings connected to this name are soul and blood of the heart. The combination of a unique name and a wonderful meaning is truly present in this one.


A human’s soul is the most important element, for it is known to transcend their physical existence on earth. So, naming your kid something that means soul or essence is a wise decision indeed.

Did you find the names to be just what you were looking for? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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