30 Mixed-Race Names for Boys & Girls with Meanings

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Finding a mixed-race name that represents your beautiful family heritage is no mean feat! It may seem like a mammoth task, but rest assured, we have got you covered.

Your family’s rich blend of cultures, be it English, Asian, African, American, Middle-Eastern, or European, is exceptional – so should your baby’s name be!

Delve into our treasure trove of lovely mixed-race names in this post to find the perfect name for your little one!

The Most Popular Mixed-Race Names for Boys

Here are some tremendous mixed-race names for you to breeze through at your leisure.

  • Abel

Meaning: A solid biblical mixed-race name derived from the Hebrew word, hevel, which means “breath,” “smoke,” or “vapor.”

Is your little one a breath of fresh air? If so, why not consider picking this name?

Origin: Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve in the Christian Bible and featured in the story of Cain and Abel.

The famous singer and songwriter, The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, also sports this name.

  • Ansel

Meaning: Ansel is a popular mixed-race name and one that will stand you both in good stead! Pronounced An-sul, this name has become a firm favorite in many homes.

The meaning of the name Ansul is “follower of a nobleman” or “with divine protection.”

Origin: Ansel is a medieval Germanic name that sounds gentle and earthy. I am sure it will be well suited to your little pumpkin.

  • Carlos

Meaning: If you love football, you may have heard of this dashing name? The meaning of the name Carlos is “free man.”

Does your little man have a free spirit with a strong will? Then, Carlos is a wonderful choice for him! It is a favorite for energetic little boys.

Origin: Carlos is the Portuguese and Spanish variant of the English name Charles. The name is fairly common in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal, as well as other European countries.

  • Carter

Meaning: If you are looking for a stylish mixed-race name for your handsome son, then Carter is a great pick. This name means “a carter,” or someone who “transports goods by cart.”

Origin: The name Carter is most common in the UK, particularly in England, Ireland, and Scotland. It is derived from the Gaelic word cairt, meaning cart.

As the saying goes, “don’t upset the apple cart” – choose a great name like Carter!

  • Crofton

Meaning: Crofton is a common English and Scottish surname, meaning “a croft” or “town/house with a small enclosed field or farmland.”

Origin: This mixed-race name has its roots in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

  • Diego

Meaning: Diego is a trendy boy’s name I have overheard being used at my kid’s school many times. It’s a generic name for a Spaniard and is also the shortened form of the name Santiago.

The name Diego was made famous by the Argentinian midfielder Diego Maradona.

Origin: Diego is the Latin version of the Greek name Didacus.

  • Dwayne

Meaning: The name Dwayne can also be spelled Duane and means “dark” or “of dark complexion.” It certainly is a unique and unusual name for your new bouncy baby boy.

Famous wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sports this name. Did you know that Dwayne’s father was a Black Nova Scotian with Irish heritage and his mum, Samoan?

If your little boy is set to be “The Rock” in your life, then stop right here as this is the name for him!

Sported by the greatest wrestler of all time, any parent would be proud to give their son this trendy mixed-race name!

Origin: The name Dwayne is of Irish and Gaelic in origin, deriving from the name Dubhán, an Irish saint.

  • Dylan

Meaning: Dylan is a gentle, mixed-race name that means “son of the sea” or “son of the wave.”

This name was popularised by the famous musician Bob Dylan, an American singer-songwriter, author, and visual artist. Dylan certainly is a name that many parents would be proud of!

Origin: The name Dylan is of Welsh origin, Dylan ail Don being a character in Welsh mythology.

Dylan ail Don was a sea god, second-born son of Arianrhod, and the dark to his brother, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, the light.

  • Eddie

Meaning: Also spelled Eddy, this modern boy’s name is a top choice for you if your little one is going to bring you prosperity and riches!

Eddie is the short version of the name Edward, which means “riches,” “prosperous,” or “fortune.” The name is also thought to mean “guardian” or “protector.”

A noble name for any little boy with a rich mix of cultures to call his own! Will he be your lucky charm?

Origin: This name Eddie is of Indo-European origin. It appears in Latin and Greek history, too, and also means “tip of the dart.”

  • Elias

Meaning: Elias is a rather unusual mixed-race name. It is the shortened version of the famous names, Elijah and Elijah.”

It means, “my God is Yahweh,” Yahweh being the Hebrew name for God in the Jewish religion.

Origin: Elias is a very spiritual name with Middle-Eastern roots and one which many are expecting parents love to choose for its exotic sound.

  • Fabio

Meaning: Fabio is a firm favorite as far as mixed-race names go, with popularity in France, Italy, and Spain. Similar to Fabien and Fabian, it is a prestigious name meaning “noble.”

This charming name is pronounced Fah-bee-oh. Is your son set to be center stage? If your answer is yes, then this attractive name is the one for your shining star!

Origin: A striking name, Fabio, is of Latin origin deriving from the words fabis, meaning “noble” and faba, meaning “bean.”.

  • Gabriel

Meaning: A biblical boy’s name meaning “God is my strength” or “God is my strong man.”

This classic mixed-race name is one of my favorites and has all the traits of strength, wisdom, and heroism.

How exciting, waiting for your little bundle of joy to present himself to the world! Consider this pure and pleasant name for your little munchkin.

Origin: The name is of Hebrew and Middle-Eastern origin and was popularised by the archangel Gabriel in Christianity.

  • Jamal

Meaning: The 21st century has brought to the fore many unique names, such as Jamal, meaning “beauty.”

Your son will thank you for this incredible and trendy mixed-race name one day. This handsome name is climbing the ranks on the names of top names for baby boys!

Origin: Jamal is an Arabic name but is also commonly given to African American baby boys in the United States and many other parts of the world.

  • Levi

Meaning: The meaning of the name Levi is “attached” or “joining.”

This cute and catchy name is sure to be the perfect name for your little bundle of energy! Pick this name to inspire him and represent your rich mix of cultures.

Origin: Of Hebrew origin, Levi or Lévi is a Jewish surname and can also be spelled Levy or Lévy.

Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah and the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Levi, according to the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

  • Xavier

Meaning: Xavier is a refined yet unusual and futuristic name and is pronounced Zay-vi-er. It can also be spelled Zavier and means “castle” or “new house.”

The spelling of this mixed-race name certainly is unusual. However, you need not be cautious about choosing it – it’s a fabulous choice!

Why not be different and pick this unusual name which is sure to set your son apart from the crowd?

Origin: The name Xavier is first recorded as being used by the Jesuit missionary, Saint Francis Xavier.

The name is an alternative spelling of Javier or the Kingdom of Navarre, modern-day Spain, and France, where the saint was born.

The Most Popular Mixed-Race Names for Girls

Baby girls are angels sent from above, and as a parent, your days will be full of delight with yours in them. Please keep reading for our list of unique mixed-race names to suit your beautiful girl!

  • Ariana

Meaning: A bright and pretty mixed-race name, Ariana, means a girl from “The Land of Aryans,” or modern-day Iran as this land is now known.

The name Ariana is the Latin version of the Greek name Ariadne and means “holy” or “most holy.” You may recognize the name – famous singer Ariana Grande sports it?

If you are already humming along to some of her famous songs, then this might be the right pick for your little angel!

Origin: In Greek mythology, Ariadne was the daughter of Minos, King of Crete, and lover of Theseus, the Greek hero.

Minos’s queen and Ariana’s mother, Pasiphaë, was the daughter of Helios, the Sun-Titan.

  • Daniella

Meaning: Daniella is a popular mixed-race name that means, “God is my judge.”

Origin: The name Daniella is of Italian origin. However, this elegant baby girl’s name is also the feminine version of the name Daniel, who appears in the Bible.

  • Farrah

Meaning: Farrah is a unique mixed-race name that is gaining in popularity all over the world. The name Farrah derives from the Arabic root word faraḥ, meaning “happiness” and “joy.”

What better name for your little precious baby girl with English and Middle-Eastern heritage? A named representative of her cheery personality and happy nature would be the perfect pick!

Origin: The name Farrah has two origins, both Arabic and Old English. This unusual girl’s name is also thought to derive from the English word Farrer, meaning ironworker.

  • Gianna

Meaning: Are you looking for a gorgeous name for your little princess to be? If so, the name Gianna comes highly recommended! “Gianna” means “God is gracious” or “the Lord is gracious.” It can be shortened to “Gia.”

I can’t think of a perfect name for you to pick for your little daughter! This name will stand her in good stead reflect your beautiful culture.

Origin: Gianna is an Italian name perfect for dainty little girls.

  • Jasmine

Meaning: Do you love the smell of Jasmine as it wafts past your nose on a sunny spring day? Why not pick this perfect name for your little one?

“Meaning, “God’s gift” and “coming from the flower” is a lovely choice of name for any parent.

Origin: “Jasmine, a mixed-race name, is said to be of English and Persian origin.

  • Kayla

Meaning: “Kayla” is a stunning name for your little girl and one of my favorites! It can be shortened to “Kay” and means “pure.”

Origin: Kayla is of Hebrew and Latin origin.

  • Keisha

Meaning: This modern name for little girls is gaining popularity. It has a unique sound and spelling, loved by many parents of newborn baby girls.

This beautiful name is from the name “Keziah” or “Kezia.” It is synonymous with the spice tree, “ Cassia.”

Origin: It is Hebrew in origin and is a popular name choice in the United States.

  • Kiara

Meaning: Kiara is an attractive name for your little blessing – it can also be spelled Chiara.

This quaint name means many things, including “light,” “clear,” in Japan. Did you know that in Japan, this name is also commonly given to boys?

Kiara is also the feminine variation of the Irish name Ciar or Ciarán, ironically meaning “dark-haired” or “cinder.”

In the Persian culture, it is also said to mean “a queen who is keen on beautifying her territory.” If this rings true for your little queen-to-be, then Kiara is a splendid name for her!

Origin: Kiara is a mixed-race name with Italian, Persian, Irish, and Japanese roots, perfect for a little girl with a mixed heritage.

  • Layla

Meaning: Layla is a beautiful choice of name for a little girl who is graceful, kind, and loving.

The name can be spelled in a number of ways, including Laylah, Leila, and Lyla. The name means “dusk” or “nighttime” and is often given to girls born at night in Arabic culture.

Surely a treasured name for any little girl who is proud of her mixed heritage!

Origin: The name Layla has its roots in the Middle East, particularly in Arab countries.

  • Nadine

Meaning: If there ever was a fitting name for a girl, it is Nadine.

This distinctive name means “a showering of blessings,” perfect for a little girl who will bring an abundance of these into your life!

This pleasant mixed-race name is also said to mean “hope” and is a variant of the French name Nadia.

Origin: Nadine is a girl’s name with many roots, mainly of Persian, Latin, and Greek origin.

  • Olivia

Meaning: The name Olivia means “olive” or “olive tree,” as the name suggests. It is an enchanting name that is trendy and features many of the top lists of girl-baby names worldwide.

Popularized by the female cartoon character Olive in the Popeye cartoons, it’s a delightful choice! Common nicknames or diminutives of the name include Liv, Livi, and Livvy.

Origin: A girl’s name which inspires beauty and grace, the name Olive is a modern name of English origin.

  • Shanice

Meaning: If you are on the hunt for a biblical mixed-race name, then do consider Shanice, which means, “God is gracious.”

It was popularised by the singer Shanice Lorraine Wilson-Knox, an American singer-songwriter.

Does your little queen enjoy singing beautiful songs? Does she love dancing to the rhythm of upbeat music? If your answer is yes, this could be the perfect name for her!

Origin: The name Shanice is of Hebrew origin.

  • Shekena

Meaning: This trendy girl’s name is well-known in South Africa and means “dwelling” or “settling.” It also means “God’s manifestation on Earth” and “God’s glory.”

It can also be spelled Shekhinah, a variation of the name popularised by the South African singer Shekhinah Thandi Donnell.

In keeping with the musical theme, it is surely an original choice of name for a little starlet!

Origin: Shekinah is a girl’s name deriving from the Hebrew word shekhinah.

  • Talia

Meaning: Talia is a first-class name for any little girl who is on her way to meet her excited parents!

This lovely feminine name means “to recite,” “devoted,” “dew of God,” “lamb,” and “to bloom.”

Origin: Talia is a classic name of Arabic origin.

  • Zoya

Meaning: Zoya may be an unusual mixed-race name that you may not have come across before. It is known to be a variant of the more common name Zoe, which means “life.”

One thing is for sure – your life will never be the same after your little gift arrives! Celebrate her arrival with this precious name to fit the occasion.

Origin: Zoya is a Russian and Ukrainian name deriving from the Greek name Zoe.

If you and your partner share ancestors from these countries, the name is sure to represent your values and culture!


Your newborn baby boy or girl is sure to bring you loads of memories and laughter on this road called life! When you lay eyes on your gorgeous baby, your heart will smile, and your spirit soar.

We hope we have inspired you with a fitting mixed-race name for your little one! Rest assured, when the time comes to meet your little cherub, you will have the perfect name for them.

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