5 Cool DIY Water Balloon Launcher Ideas

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Summer is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Soon we will be outside swimming in the pool and playing with water balloons. Every year it seems like the kids set out to make the best DIY water balloon launcher to see just how far their water balloon can travel. 

Water Baloon Launchers

Like building catapults at home, water balloon launchers allow the kids to expand their knowledge while having fun. As they design and plan out these launchers, they will use basic physics to determine where their balloon will launch. 

What Supplies are needed to build a water balloon launcher?

When building your water balloon launcher, you will want to have basic supplies on hand. Some of these include:

  • Wood
  • Holder for your water balloon (can be made or even a recycled container)
  • Screws
  • Tape
  • Strong tubing that is stretchy. 

5 Water Baloon Launchers that are a Must Build

DIY Water Balloon Launcher Ideas

1. Solo Water balloon launcher

Image: frugalfun4boys.com

If you want to make a solo man launcher, this is the one for you! We have been known to build one or two of these during the summer to launch them at the same time!

For this, you will want to get some taller lumber pieces that are 6 feet tall and two 2×6 boards that are 3 feet each. 

Once you have your materials, you will want to take your longer boards and screw or nail them together to create legs so that they will stand up. Then you will take your 3 footboards and attach one to the bottom of the boards (to connect the two front legs), and then about 18 inches from the top, attach the other.

At the top of the launcher, you will tie on tightly (ensure it doesn’t snap off) the surgical tubing to each side. In the middle, you will want to create a holder out of tape with something that you can pull back on. 

Once this is all put together, stand up your launcher and see how far and fast your ballon will go!

2. Tag Team Water Balloon Launcher

Tag Team Water Balloon Launcher

If you have friends you want to play with and are short on time or creative capacity, this is the launcher for you! Grab a long stretch tube together, so it creates a circle. Then in the middle, attach a washcloth with tape. 

Once this is added, you can take turns launching it. Have one friend on one side holding the tubing, a friend on the other side, and a friend in the back that will pull back on the launcher. 

Together you will be able to launch balloons all day long. 

The best thing about this one is that it is portable and stores easily. 

3. Catapult Launcher

Catapult Launcher
Image: hative.com

Use those catapult-building skills to create one of the best water balloon launchers out there! For this, you will need to create a base for building it. Rember, you are going to want to follow those 6 steps for building a catapult. 

First, you will want to create a plan as to what you are trying to do. 

Next, you will imagine how to build it? How will the catapult work? Will you create forward motion for your balloon launcher by attaching a bungee cord in the front and create some sort of dowel that moves with the launcher? All these are great questions to consider before you start the actual building process. 

The third step is planning it on paper and drawing out what each function will do. 

Once you envision it on paper, it is time to gather supplies and begin the building process. 

Begin building a test model to see how well it works and then make adjusts as needed to create your very own DIY water balloon launcher that will make those balloons soar across the sky, or at least across the yard. 

4. Plastic Funnel Water Balloon Launcher

Plastic Funnel Water Balloon Launcher
Image: hative.com

We have always had good luck using a funnel to create a fun balloon launcher. 

First, you will want to locate a place in the yard that you can attach the stretchy tubing. You need two points that you can use that are about 3 feet apart, give or take. 

Once you locate this, you will want to take your funnel and drill holes in each side about 3 inches down. These holes need to be big enough that you can lace the tubing through them. When your holes are made, you will take one piece of the tubing and lace it through the hole and secure it into place. You will do this on the other side with the other piece of tubing.

After you have attached the tubing, you will secure one side of the tubing to one of the spots you located in the yard, and you will take the other piece and attach it to the other side. 

Once secure, Add your water balloon into the funnel, pull back, and see how far you can make your water balloon travel! 

5. Simple Wood Catapult

Simple Wood Catapult
Image: stormthecastle.com

If you are looking for a simple wood catapult that is small and easy to make, you want to make this with the kids. 

You will want to get a 1×4 that is at least 4 feet long. You will also want to get some scrap 2×4 as well. Go ahead and take your scrap 2x4s and cut them the width of your board. Nail or screw them to the bottom of your 2×4 about 12 to 18 inches from the bottom. (This will create a structure similar to a teeter toter, but with a lot more board on one side. On the opposite side, you will connect a launcher bin. This is great to use a container from the kitchen that food was in. (Think the used food containers that your grandma stores her leftovers in, like Cool Whip bins). You will want to screw this into place. Once screwed into place, place your balloon in the holder and stomp down on the other side. Your water balloon will skyrocket into the sky! 

Do you have a DIY Baloon launcher that you love? Please share with us in the comments how to make it! 

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