Two Truths and a Lie: How to Play and 100 Lies to Trick Others

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Do you fancy yourself good at lying or telling when someone is lying to you? If so, the two truths and a lie game may be the perfect ice-breaker game to play with your new or existing friends!

This fun yet devilish game encourages you to lie – which is not something that comes naturally to most of us! Naturally, the game can lead to some funny moments because of this.

The look on that honest friend’s face as they unconvincingly try to lie can be priceless! And, the ease with which a trusted friend cracks out a lie really can make you rethink your friendship!

No matter which side of the spectrum you sit on, this game can definitely teach you a lot about human interactions! But, how to play, and what are some convincing lies to make?

How to Play and 100 Lies to Trick Others

How to Play Two Truths and a Lie

There are a few ways you can play two truths and a lie. I will discuss one of the best ways to do so with a group of two or more friends.

However, you can also adapt these rules – or choose different rules with which to play! To start, sit in a circle on the floor or on chairs so everyone can see each other while also being comfy.

Then, decide who will go first. This player must then say three statements about themselves – two true statements and one lie.

On each turn, the rest of the players must discuss and decide which statement they think is the lie. Then, the player can tell them if they got it right or not before moving to the next player!

100 Two Truths and a Lie Lies to Trick Others

Are you looking for some fun yet believable lies to tell when playing two truths and a lie? If so, these convincing lies will have your friends scratching their heads!

Let’s see if they can figure out whether you’re fibbing or not! You’re free to change these statements to the negative or positive form if they are actually true statements for you, too!

Ultimately, the best lies are both believable and things the other players don’t know about you. The best part of playing, though, is surely finding out more about your friends!

1. I’m a twin.

2. I’m actually adopted!

3. My sister is actually my half-sister!

4. I’m leaving to live in another state next year.

5. I have a tattoo.

6. I have a piercing.

7. My favorite color is black.

8. I don’t like to eat broccoli!

9. My favorite cuisine is Mexican food!

10. I am one year behind at school.

11. I don’t want to get married when I’m older.

12. I want to have ten kids when I get older.

13. I can’t eat spicy food.

14. I’m allergic to cats.

15. I have a fear of heights.

16. I can eat five cheeseburgers in one go!

17. I don’t know how to play chess.

18. I am a vegetarian.

19. I like when the sun is shining more than when it snows.

20. I want to be famous when I get older.

21. I can’t eat dairy products.

22. I’m a vegan.

23. I prefer dogs to cats.

24. I speak two languages.

25. I went on holiday to Spain once.

26. I have a pet rat.

27. I like to sleep on my side, not on my back.

28. My favorite drink is Pepsi.

29. I like to read in my free time.

30. I can do a handstand.

31. I can’t tie my own shoelaces.

32. I don’t like to eat sweets.

33. My favorite food is pizza.

34. I know how to shoot a gun.

35. I do horse riding as an after-school activity.

36. I know how to make a campfire on my own.

37. I was a boy scout/girl scout.

38. I don’t like chocolate.

39. I prefer vanilla-flavored foods.

40. I would rather have an ice cream cake for my birthday than a cake.

41. My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry.

42. I have a special gold chain that my grandma passed down to me.

43. I am colorblind.

44. I usually go to sleep early in the evening.

45. I hate waking up early in the morning.

46. My favorite genre of music is pop.

47. I play a musical instrument.

48. I speak Spanish.

49. I went to school in a foreign country when I was younger.

50. I was born in Europe.

51. I have traveled to ten countries.

52. I have six pet dogs.

53. I adopted all my pets from an animal shelter.

54. I know how to grow my own fruit and vegetables.

55. I collect anime figurines.

56. I like to play online multiplayer games in my free time.

57. I have won a few chess tournaments.

58. I get straight A’s for math.

59. I have two brothers.

60. My Dad was a Marine.

61. I save my pocket money in a piggy bank.

62. I like to take hikes with my family every weekend.

63. My parents won’t let me get a smartphone yet.

64. I am deathly allergic to sesame seeds.

65. I know how to play the violin.

66. I have a fear of tight spaces.

67. I regularly have bad nightmares.

68. My favorite school subject is art.

69. I want to be a school teacher when I grow up.

70. I have an ant colony at home.

71. I can juggle three balls in one go.

72. I am related to a famous person.

73. I’ve broken a bone before.

74. I am very religious.

75. My favorite holiday is Christmas!

76. I believe in ghosts and spirits.

77. I can whistle.

78. I brush my teeth two times a day.

79. I am scared of using public restrooms.

80. I believe in fairies.

81. I know how to bake really delicious chocolate chip cookies.

82. My favorite animal is a polar bear.

83. I want to fly to the Moon when I’m older.

84. I can drive a four-wheeler.

85. I do chores around the house for extra pocket money.

86. I don’t know how to swim.

87. I can hold my breath for 1 minute.

88. My favorite US city is New York City.

89. I nearly choked on a fishbone one time.

90. I’ve done a bungee jump before.

91. I can play the piano.

92. I’m petrified of clowns.

93. I am the oldest sibling.

94. I can’t eat gluten.

95. I am intolerant to shellfish.

96. I am allergic to dust.

97. I had my tonsils removed.

98. I had my appendix removed.

99. My favorite color is green.

100. I like to spend my afternoons reading comic books.


Now you know how to play two truths and a lie – and have some convincing lies up your sleeve. So, why not enjoy a game with friends? You can even play this game online via video call!

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