Two Truths and a Lie: How to Play and Lies to Trick Others?

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Do you fancy yourself good at lying or telling when someone is lying to you? If so, the two truths and a lie game may be the perfect ice-breaker game to play with your new or existing friends!

This fun yet devilish game encourages you to lie, which is not something that comes naturally to most of us! Naturally, the game can lead to some funny moments because of this.

The look on that honest friend’s face as they unconvincingly try to lie can be priceless! And the ease with which a trusted friend cracks out a lie really can make you rethink your friendship!

No matter which side of the spectrum you sit on, this game can definitely teach you a lot about human interactions! But how do you play, and what are some convincing lies to make?

How to Play Two Truths and a Lie?

There are a few ways you can play two truths and a lie. I will discuss one of the best ways to do so with a group of two or more friends.

However, you can also adapt these rules – or choose different rules with which to play! To start, sit in a circle on the floor or on chairs so everyone can see each other while also being comfy.

Then, decide who will go first. This player must then make three statements about themselves: two true statements and one lie.

On each turn, the rest of the players must discuss and decide which statement they think is a lie. Then, the player can tell them if they got it right or not before moving on to the next player!

Tips for Playing Two Truths and a Lie

Tips for Playing Two Truths and a Lie

It’s important to know the basic strategies you can use to ace the game. Your truth and lie list must be tricky to make the game fun and interesting. Below are some tips for playing two truths and a lie; you can use these while playing the game!

  • It is essential to keep your lie short and simple. Overexaggerating your lies can be easily detected by the players.
  • Change your order of truths and lie every time so it doesn’t get predictable.
  • Speak all the statements in the same believable tone without any fluctuations to avoid getting caught. Or you can play with tones once or twice to fool others.
  • Have a neutral or same facial expression while making the statements. Don’t let your expression give your lie away. 
  • Do not say your lie at last every time.

Two Truths and a Lie to Trick Others

Two Truths and a Lie to Trick Others

Are you looking for some fun yet believable lies to tell when playing two truths and a lie? If so, these convincing lies will have your friends scratching their heads!

Let’s see if they can figure out whether you’re fibbing or not! You’re free to change these statements to the negative or positive form if they are actually true statements for you, too!

Ultimately, the best lies are both believable and things the other players don’t know about you. The best part of playing, though, is surely finding out more about your friends!

  • I’m a twin.
  • I’m actually adopted!
  • My sister is actually my half-sister!
  • I’m leaving to live in another state next year.
  • I have a tattoo.
  • I have a piercing.
  • My favorite color is black.
  • I don’t like to eat broccoli!
  • My favorite cuisine is Mexican food!
  • I am one year behind at school.
  • I don’t want to get married when I’m older.
  • I want to have ten kids when I get older.
  • I can’t eat spicy food.
  • I’m allergic to cats.
  • I have a fear of heights.
  • I can eat five cheeseburgers in one go!
  • I don’t know how to play chess.
  • I am a vegetarian.
  • I like when the sun is shining more than when it snows.
  • I want to be famous when I get older.
  • I can’t eat dairy products.
  • I’m a vegan.
  • I prefer dogs to cats.
  • I speak two languages.
  • I went on holiday to Spain once.
  • I have a pet rat.
  • I like to sleep on my side, not on my back.
  • My favorite drink is Pepsi.
  • I like to read in my free time.
  • I can do a handstand.
  • I can’t tie my own shoelaces.
  • I don’t like to eat sweets.
  • My favorite food is pizza.
  • I know how to shoot a gun.
  • I do horse riding as an after-school activity.
  • I know how to make a campfire on my own.
  • I was a boy scout/girl scout.
  • I don’t like chocolate.
  • I prefer vanilla-flavored foods.
  • I would rather have an ice cream cake for my birthday than a cake.
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry.
  • I have a special gold chain that my grandma passed down to me.
  • I am colorblind.
  • I usually go to sleep early in the evening.
  • I hate waking up early in the morning.
  • My favorite genre of music is pop.
  • I play a musical instrument.
  • I speak Spanish.
  • I went to school in a foreign country when I was younger.
  • I was born in Europe.
  • I have traveled to ten countries.
  • I have six pet dogs.
  • I adopted all my pets from an animal shelter.
  • I know how to grow my own fruit and vegetables.
  • I collect anime figurines.
  • I like to play online multiplayer games in my free time.
  • I have won a few chess tournaments.
  • I get straight A’s for math.
  • I have two brothers.
  • My Dad was a Marine.
  • I save my pocket money in a piggy bank.
  • I like to take hikes with my family every weekend.
  • My parents won’t let me get a smartphone yet.
  • I am deathly allergic to sesame seeds.
  • I know how to play the violin.
  • I have a fear of tight spaces.
  • I regularly have bad nightmares.
  • My favorite school subject is art.
  • I want to be a school teacher when I grow up.
  • I have an ant colony at home.
  • I can juggle three balls in one go.
  • I am related to a famous person.
  • I’ve broken a bone before.
  • I am very religious.
  • My favorite holiday is Christmas!
  • I believe in ghosts and spirits.
  • I can whistle.
  • I brush my teeth two times a day.
  • I am scared of using public restrooms.
  • I believe in fairies.
  • I know how to bake really delicious chocolate chip cookies.
  • My favorite animal is a polar bear.
  • I want to fly to the Moon when I’m older.
  • I can drive a four-wheeler.
  • I do chores around the house for extra pocket money.
  • I don’t know how to swim.
  • I can hold my breath for 1 minute.
  • My favorite US city is New York City.
  • I nearly choked on a fishbone one time.
  • I’ve done a bungee jump before.
  • I can play the piano.
  • I’m petrified of clowns.
  • I am the oldest sibling.
  • I can’t eat gluten.
  • I am intolerant of shellfish.
  • I am allergic to dust.
  • I had my tonsils removed.
  • I had my appendix removed.
  • My favorite color is green.
  • I like to spend my afternoons reading comic books.

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Your Childhood/Family

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Your ChildhoodFamily

The most common topic you can use in the game of two truths and a lie is about your childhood and family. There are a plethora of things you can include about this particular topic in your list to make it difficult for other players to answer correctly.

Some of the examples are given below for you to check out.

  • I have three siblings, all of them are older than me.
  • I used to live in a different country when I was a child.
  • I once won a spelling bee competition in elementary school.
  • My family has a tradition of going camping every summer.
  • I broke my arm when I was five years old.
  • My parents are both doctors.
  • I had a pet dog named Max when I was a child.
  • I used to be a child actor and appeared in a TV commercial.
  • I was born in the same city as my grandparents.
  • My family has a cabin in the woods that we visit every winter.
  • I once got lost in a theme park when I was seven.
  • My parents are both musicians.
  • I have a scar from falling off my bike as a kid.
  • I used to be in a dance group when I was younger.
  • My family used to own a small farm.
  • I once won a storytelling contest in school.
  • I had a pet rabbit named Whiskers.
  • My family has a yearly tradition of making homemade ice cream.
  • I was once on a children’s TV show as an audience member.
  • My grandparents used to live in a different country.
  • I was a member of the school choir during my childhood.
  • My family had a tradition of going on road trips every summer.
  • I used to collect stamps as a hobby.
  • I had a treehouse in my backyard as a child.
  • My parents are both teachers.
  • I won a science fair competition in elementary school.
  • I was once featured in a local newspaper for a school project.
  • My family had a pet parrot named Polly.
  • I had a childhood pen pal from another country.
  • My parents used to own a bakery.

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Food

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Food

It’s normal for your friends and family to know which food you like. But sometimes they can be baffled if given similar kinds of options, or maybe they have accidentally forgotten.

So, you can use the topic of food in your truth and lie list. Test your close ones if they remember your favs or not!

  • I once ate a whole pizza by myself in one sitting.
  • I’ve never tried sushi in my life.
  • I can cook a perfect five-course meal.
  • I’m allergic to peanuts and can’t eat anything containing them.
  • I once tried deep-fried cricket as a snack.
  • I’ve never tasted chocolate.
  • I’ve cooked a traditional Indian curry from scratch.
  • I can’t stand the taste of olives.
  • I’ve eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • I can bake the best apple pie you’ve ever had.
  • I’ve never had a hamburger.
  • I love spicy foods and can handle the hottest chili peppers.
  • I’ve tried durian, the famously smelly fruit.
  • I’ve participated in a food eating contest.
  • I can make the best homemade ice cream.
  • I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life.
  • I’ve eaten at least one type of exotic meat.
  • I’m a vegetarian and haven’t eaten meat in years.
  • I’ve tried every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
  • I can’t resist a good plate of nachos.
  • I’ve never tasted a mango.
  • I once ate an entire cake by myself on my birthday.
  • I’ve had a live octopus dish in Japan.
  • I’m a master at making homemade pasta.
  • I can’t handle the taste of anchovies.
  • I’ve never had a slice of watermelon.
  • I’ve tried fried chicken from the famous KFC.
  • I’ve cooked a dish using a secret family recipe.
  • I’ve never tried a pineapple.

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Achievements

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Achievements

How about a little bit of show-off about your achievements and awards? It’s fun to boast sometimes with a big smirk on your face!

You can use your achievements in this game and let people guess the truths and lies. Have a look at the list of examples given below.

  • I once won a national spelling bee competition.
  • I received a prestigious scholarship for my academic achievements.
  • I climbed Mount Everest in my early twenties.
  • I was the valedictorian of my high school graduating class.
  • I published a bestselling novel by the age of 30.
  • I founded a successful tech startup that was acquired by a major corporation.
  • I competed in the Olympics and won a gold medal in swimming.
  • I earned a Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop dance marathon.
  • I was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for my groundbreaking research.
  • I completed a solo expedition to the North Pole.
  • I hold the record for the most marathons run in a single year.
  • I was recognized as “Employee of the Year” at my workplace five times in a row.
  • I performed at Carnegie Hall as a classical pianist.
  • I received a lifetime achievement award for my contributions to the film industry.
  • I ran a marathon on every continent, including Antarctica.
  • I invented a revolutionary medical device that saved countless lives.
  • I won a national chess championship.
  • I set a world record for the most free throws made in a row in basketball.
  • I was the youngest person to ever graduate from Harvard University.
  • I successfully completed a solo sailing trip around the world.
  • I earned a black belt in three different martial arts disciplines.
  • I discovered a new species of marine life in the depths of the ocean.
  • I competed in a famous cooking competition and won the title of “MasterChef.”
  • I received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for my humanitarian work.
  • I founded a nonprofit organization that has positively impacted millions of lives.
  • I won a national debate championship.
  • I served as a United Nations ambassador for world peace.
  • I composed a symphony that was performed by a renowned orchestra.
  • I completed the Triple Crown of Hiking, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail.
  • I built a self-sustaining eco-village in a remote location.

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas that Make You Sound Fun/Interesting

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas that Make You Sound Fun/Interesting

You can also include fun facts about yourself! Each of us has a lot of interesting incidents to remember in our lives, so why not use them in the truth and lie game?

This way, people can know you better, and maybe you can find someone with similar interests. Have a look at the list below!

  • I once met a celebrity in a coffee shop.
  • I can play three musical instruments.
  • I’ve completed a marathon.
  • I once swam with dolphins in the Caribbean.
  • I’ve hiked to the top of a volcano.
  • I’ve bungee jumped off a bridge.
  • I’ve written a book.
  • I’ve skydived from 15,000 feet.
  • I’ve lived in three different states.
  • I’ve gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • I can juggle five objects at once.
  • I’ve volunteered in an orphanage in a foreign country.
  • I’ve performed on stage in a play.
  • I’ve ridden a hot air balloon.
  • I’ve won a dance-off competition.
  • I’ve completed a cross-country road trip.
  • I’ve appeared on a TV game show.
  • I’ve gone whitewater rafting in Class V rapids.
  • I’ve had dinner with a famous author.
  • I’ve dined in an underwater restaurant.
  • I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute.
  • I’ve done a stand-up comedy performance.
  • I’ve hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
  • I’ve ridden in a helicopter.
  • I’ve attended the Olympics.

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Your Skills and Hidden Talents

Two Truths and a Lie Examples and Ideas About Your Skills and Hidden Talents

We all have some extra skills and hidden talents, right? How about using these in your truth and lie game to make it more fun and engaging?

This way, you can talk freely about your hidden talents without any judgment from others. Check out the list provided below!

  • I can mimic the voices of 10 famous celebrities, I’m a certified yoga instructor, and I can solve complex mathematical problems in my head.
  • I can knit intricate patterns; I’ve participated in a hot dog eating contest; and I’ve won a dance-off against a professional dancer.
  • I can identify constellations in the night sky; I’ve bungee jumped off a cliff; and I can recite the works of Shakespeare from memory.
  • I’ve crafted a life-sized sculpture from wood, I’ve swum with sharks, and I can speak fluent Klingon.
  • I’ve painted murals in public spaces, I can identify different dog breeds just by looking at them, and I can mimic animal sounds perfectly.
  • I can play the guitar like a pro, I’ve climbed the Matterhorn, and I can identify different types of wine blindfolded.
  • I’ve written a collection of poetry, I’ve competed in a professional eating competition, and I can name all U.S. state capitals.
  • I’m a certified pilot, I’ve sailed around the world, and I can perform magic tricks that leave people baffled.
  • I’ve won a cooking competition, I’m a black belt in martial arts, and I can identify various car models by their engine sounds.
  • I’ve hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, I can do parkour, and I’ve performed on stage with a famous band.
  • I can perform acrobatic stunts, and I can identify plants and their medicinal uses.
  • I can name all the world’s capitals, I can cook gourmet dishes, and I can identify 100 different species of birds by their calls.
  • I can play the violin masterfully, I’ve climbed the highest peaks in the world, and I can juggle flaming torches.
  • I can knit intricate patterns, I’m a certified skydiver, and I jumped from an airplane.
  • I can recite historical events from different centuries; I’ve created intricate origami designs and I can speak in reverse fluently.


Now you know how to play two truths and a lie – and have some convincing lies up your sleeve. So, why not enjoy a game with friends? You can even play this game online via video call!

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