How to Play Solitaire Card Game Accordion

Solitaire is one of those cottage staples, whether you’re sitting on the back deck enjoying the afternoon sun looking to occupy your time on a rainy afternoon. The great thing about solitaire games is that they’re easy for kids to play on their own especially the version known as Accordion.


All you need is one person and one full deck of cards.


With this version of solitaire all you’re doing is matching either the same suit (hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades) or numbers and face cards (ace, king, queen, jack). This makes it an ideal game for even younger kids.


Starting with a full deck of cards facedown and the top card turned over face up on the table in front of you. Then turn over the next top card in your deck and place it face-up beside the card already on the table. If that card matches the card directly to the left, either the same suit or number) move the card and place it on top of the matching card. Then turn over the next card in the deck.

Family Game Time How to Play Solitaire Accordion 1

In this hand the two Ace’s match therefore you would move the one on the right on top of the one just to its left.

If the card doesn’t match just turn over the next card within the deck.

Family Game Time How to Play Solitaire Accordion 2

In this turn the four of hearts can move left on top of the two of hearts and then to the left again on top of the five of hearts. The turn ends.

Keep repeating this process, turning the next card over from your pile and placing it beside your previously played cards. As your played row of cards grows you can also look to find a match the third card from the left as well as the one directly to the left.

Family Game Time How to Play Solitaire Accordion 3

In this hand, the King of hearts moves to the left on top of the King of spades. Then the King of Hearts can move left on top of the eight of hearts. Finally the King of hearts can move left on top of the King of clubs. The turn ends.


Ultimately you’re trying to have as few piles of played cards on the table, getting down to just one pile if you can.

This is a great single player game but we like to add in a little family-friendly competition by taking turns and seeing who can end up with the least amount of piles.  As the game relies more on luck of the cards versus skill, it’s also a great sibling game.

I put together a little video to better illustrate the game play:

Are you a fan of solitaire? Do you know other versions that families may enjoy? Be sure to share them in the comments below.

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