The Best Minute to Win it Games for Kids

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Playing minute to win it games for kids is such a fun family activity. It’s such a  great way to spend time as a family or even the perfect way to entertain kids at a party!

There are so many different minute to win it games that can easily be played with objects you already have lying around your home. That is why these minute to win it games for kids are such a huge hit because you can set them up in no time.

We love keeping score too because we are a bit competitive in our home, but if you would rather not keep score I promise you these games are still so much fun to play.

Best Minute to Win it Games for Kids

What Are minute to Win It Games?

Minute to Win It games all started with a TV show on NBC! On the show, each contestant only had one minute to complete a task. The one that completed the most tasks out of 10 games won.

These games are silly and are fun to watch and you are guaranteed to laugh playing them. 

Minute to Win it Game for Kids

Each kid will get a cookie and place it on their forehead. 

They will not try to get the cookie from their forehead into their mouths without using their hands and it cannot drop! If they do they have to start over. The first one to successfully accomplish this wins!

Stack Attack!

Gather 36 plastic cups and have each kid stack them into a pyramid and then quickly unstack them. Time them from the time they start to the time they end. The kid with the fastest time is the winner!

Suck it Up!

Best Minute to Win it Games for Kids

This next minute to win it game for kids is called Suck it Up! In this game, each player will try to suck up an object with a straw and transfer it to a plate. 

You can use cheerios, smarties, or another that is larger than the end of the straw and lightweight. 

The first person to move all the food from one plate to the other plate wins. The best part at the end of each round they can eat the food!!

Human Ring Toss

This game is so fun and the best part is you likely have all the things needed around your home. 

So, grab some hula hoops or round pool floats for human ring toss. 

For this game, you will want to divide the kids into pairs of two. One partner will be the “post” and the other will toss the hula hoops or round pool floats around their teammate. When the team gets all their rings around their partner they win.

Straw Race

Establish a start and finish line for your straw race. You can use washi tape, masking tape or any object that can not be blown away. Do this for the start and finish line! 

Next,  line up 5 cotton balls, marshmallows, or something similar. Now have the kids take a straw and blow their objects across the finish line. The first one to get all their objects over the finish line wins.

One-handed Bracelet

Best Minute to Win it Games for Kids

This minute to win it game for kids requires pipe cleaners as well as objects that can be threaded such as beads or cereal with a hole in it like fruit loops, apple jacks, or cheerios. 

For this game, kids can only use one hand to thread the objects onto the pipe cleaner. The player that gets all the objects on their pipe cleaner first wins. 

This game can also be played with a one-minute time limit. At the end of the allotted time, the player with the most on their bracelets is declared the winner. 

Penny Towers

Best Minute to Win it Games for Kids

Set the timer for one minute. The players grab pennies from the middle of the table and start making their penny towers. At the end of the one minute, the player with the highest penny tower wins!

Balance the Balls

Balancing the balls sounds easy, right? 

The catch to this game is that players can only move the balls with a spoon in their mouths! Gather up some ping pong balls and put them in baskets. Each player will be handed a plastic spoon and they will place it in their mouths and transfer their ping pong balls from one basket to the other.

Best Minute to Win it Games for Kids
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The player who successfully moves their balls using the spoon in their mouth to the other basket the fastest wins. 

If you do not have ping pong balls you can use jelly beans or something small you have around the house that fits on a spoon!

Cereal Box Puzzle

Grab a cereal box you have in the pantry and cut up into small pieces. Then give each kid a minute to put it back together. Record each player’s time. The one that reassembles it the faster is the winner. 

A tip is to draw on the back of the part of the cereal box you are cutting up. This way before you start cutting you can see all the pieces.

Mummy Wrap

Mummy wrap can be played with toilet paper or colored party streamers. 

Best Minute to Win it Games for Kids

You will want to partner up with this game.

In this game, teams will compete against one another to see who can wrap their partner the fastest. The team that does wins! The only catch is their whole body has to be wrapped except for their eyes and mouth. 

Balloon Air

Give each player their own balloon and have them blow it up with air but do not tie it. Then line the balloons up on the edge of the table and place a ping pong ball in front of them. 

Once all the balloons are lined up have someone yell, “Go”.

Once you have told them to go they will release the air from the balloon. The ping pong ball that goes the furthest once all the air is out of the balloon is the winner. 

This game is one that the kids will ask to play over and over!

Now you have the perfect Minute to Win It games for kids to play at your next Kids party or family game night! 

What minute to win it games would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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