The Best Icebreaker Games for Kids

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If you have ever been around a group of kids that have never met before you know how awkward the first hour can be, thank goodness for icebreaker games for kids to help make the awkwardness go away sooner!. 

Having Icebreaker Games for kids is a great way for a new group of kids to get to know one another with fewer tears and more laughing and conversation. With these games, you will not have to worry one bit about a kid feeling like they just want to go back home or that they are alone. 

Best Icebreaker Games For Kids

Candy Grab Game
  • Easy to learn
  • Family friendly
Conversation Cubes
  • Ideal for ages 6 and up
  • -
Let’s Mingle Card Game
  • Family friendly
  • -
Tallest Tower
  • Material: Wood
  • Perfect for teachers,students, and crafters
Kids TableTopics Game
  • Ideal for ages 4 years and up
  • -

#1 Candy Grab Game

Best Icebreaker Games for Kids
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All you need for this icebreaker game is a bowl filled with candy that is individually wrapped.  You will ask the kids to grab 1-5 pieces of candy. They can choose as many as they want, they just need to stay within the range you set. 

Once everyone has selected their candy you now tell them to take turns sharing something about themselves depending on the amount of candy they selected. If they chose one piece they share one thing. If they picked 5 then everyone learns five things about them! 

The kids get a tasty treat and learn about their peers. It’s a win for everyone. 

#2 Conversation Cubes 

Best Icebreaker Games for Kids
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Conversation Cubes are a great icebreaker game for kids. Conversation Cubes comes with 6 soft colorful dice that have a total of 36 conversation starters that are great for kids ages 6-10. You can play this game around a table or on the floor if you have a larger number of kids. 

Once the kids start rolling the dice you will see how fast the conversations start and the connections between them start happening.

#3 Beach Ball Toss

Grab a beach ball that will fit in the hands of smaller children and take a sharpie and write questions on the ball. 

Best Icebreaker Games for Kids

Examples of questions that would work great for this game would be 

  • “Do you have any pets?” 
  • “What is your favorite place to eat?”  
  • “Can you whistle?” 

Go ahead and fill the beach ball with as many questions you can fit!  

To play the game, form a circle. Once your circle is formed start by tossing the ball around the circle. The person who catches it will read and answer the question where their thumb lands.

Keep the game going by tossing the ball over and over at a fast pace. 

#4 Let’s Mingle Card Game

A great game to help kids start conversations and get talking is Let’s Mingle Card Game

Best Icebreaker Games for Kids
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To play you simply place the cards face down in a pile and everyone takes turns selecting a card from the pile and answering the question that is written on the card. 

This is a great way to help those kids who are on the shy side gain confidence and start conversations they typically wouldn’t have with their peers. 

#5 Tallest Tower

For this ice breaker game, you will start by splitting the kids into even teams. 

Provide each team with building supplies to construct the tallest tower out of supplies they were given. 

Best Icebreaker Games for Kids
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Try having them build their tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows or constructing a bridge out of tape and popsicle sticks

As the kids work together to build their creation you will see how quickly they start connecting and getting to know each other while building! 

#6 Where Do You Stand 

This game is quick to set up and very quick to play. 

For this game, take some tape and make two long lines quite a few feet apart and label them Line A and Line B. Instruct the kids to assemble on Line A or Line B according to their answer.

For example: If you have a pet stand on Line A if you have no pets stand on Line B. 

Keep asking questions over and over and as the kids see others they have things in common with they will be more apt to start a conversation later on that day with the possibility of a new best friend. 

#7 Kids TableTopics Game

A great way to keep kids entertained and even get to know each other a little bit more is TableTopics. Table Topics is perfect for kids in large or small groups. 

Best Icebreaker Games for Kids
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It is filled with some cool questions that will allow kids to get to know each other better and may possibly have them answer questions they may not normally share with a new friend. 

#8 Name Chase 

This game will help the kids get to know other kids’ names really fast. You can explain this like the same rules as Duck, Duck, Goose. Have everyone sit in a circle and allow one person to be “it” at a time. 

The person who is “it” will walk around the circle that the kids formed and tap each person’s head saying their name out loud. 

When the person who is “it” gets a name wrong the person stands up and chases them. If they are not caught they can sit in the circle and the person that was chasing is now “it”. If they are caught they are stuck in the middle until the next person gets caught! 

This will be a fast, fun, simple way for each person to learn everyone’s names. 

#9 Shoe Talk

This icebreaker game for kids is a great one that does not require too much mingling at first. It will allow them to get comfortable with each other in a more relaxed way. 

Best Icebreaker Games for Kids

To play, split the kids in half. Make two lines on opposite sides of the room. 

On one side of the room, have all the kids take off one shoe and leave it on that side of the room. 

Now tell everyone to come to the center of the room. Next, ask the kids with both their shoes on to go and select a shoe from the other side of the room and find their match. 

Once they have found their match they then get to ask that person a simple question that will help them know them a little better. 

The best part about this game is that you can play it over and over as it allows the kids to mingle with different people.

The Best Icebreaker Games for Kids

There you have it! Icebreaker games for kids to try at your next summer camp or kid gathering. These are sure to help the kids feel comfortable and easier for them to make new friends easier.

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