10 Best Crib Mobile Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Nesting is a fun stage of life, prepping for your little one to arrive. There’s so much baby decor on the market at which to look. I especially love the crib mobiles. But how do you know which one to get? We are sharing the best crib mobiles in this review to find the perfect one for you and your baby!

Add a Crib Mobile to Registry

Perhaps you’ve looked at the lot – cribs, duvets, nursing chairs, stuffed toys, and so much more. Now, what else is missing from your baby registry checklist

Why, a crib mobile, of course! Not only will it complete the nursery look, but it’s also necessary to enthrall, stimulate, and soothe your baby. 

I mean, what better reason do you need to get a cute, new mobile than the added benefits? So, you’re here to find the best crib mobile for your baby, and I promise not to disappoint!

What to Expect in This Buyer’s Guide:

  • Why do I Need to Buy a Crib Mobile?
  • The Different Types of Crib Mobiles
  • Age Suitability of Crib Mobiles
  • How to Safely Use a Crib Mobile
  • The Best Crib Mobile Features
  • Our Top Ten Best Crib Mobiles

In this guide, I’ve reviewed some of the best crib mobiles as voted by existing customers. Plus, I’ve included a useful buyer’s guide to help you find the best one for your needs.

So, let’s get to it! 

Why do I Need to Buy a Crib Mobile?

Given, crib mobiles are cute, but, much like a baby bathtub, they also serve a purpose beyond looking pretty. 

Yes, you might not need one as much as you need diapers or a car seat, but mobiles are important, too.

Here are a few reasons why I think baby crib mobiles are a valuable baby item to purchase.

Perfect for Cribs

If you’re planning to put your baby to sleep or nap in a crib, they’re the finishing touch! In my opinion, every crib needs one.

Plus, there are many non-aesthetic reasons to buy one!

Best Crib Mobile

Motivates Your Baby to Move

As babies develop, going after interesting items becomes one of their favorite activities. This is where a baby mobile comes into the picture.

Babies require motivation to start rolling, reaching, crawling and walking. A baby mobile will act as their first target. Your baby will want to lift their arms and turn their head to look at it.

This is great because encouraging your child in this way is so important for their early childhood development.

Encourages Learning

Babies are constantly learning and developing, even when they’re quietly sitting and studying things around them. 

Development isn’t all about learning to move in the physical world; it’s also about expanding the mind. As such, they need something to look at to stimulate and interest them. 

This stimulation comes from the age-appropriate developmental toys you provide them to study and explore. So, be sure to look for the best crib mobile to stimulate them.

Crib mobiles offer plenty of this, especially if they are brightly-colored, high-contrast, or play sounds and music. Plus, your child can learn while you enjoy a bit of rest or relaxation nearby.

Calms and Distracts

Babies can be fussy, especially when you put them down to sleep or nap. For them, separation anxiety is on a whole other level.

It’s not guaranteed, but quite probable that a crib mobile will distract them. Once they become interested in studying the mobile, it’s likely that they’ll forget about their worries, and calm down.

 A calm baby is a happy one; plus, you might get a moment of calm, too.

Mobiles Buy Mom a Little Time

One of the great things about crib mobiles is that they help distract babies once they wake up from their nap. This helps moms (and dads) finish the task they are in the middle of before their baby needs you to come to pick them up. 

The Different Types of Crib Mobiles

Not all crib mobiles offer the same benefits. In fact, there are many types on the market. Not only do they vary in their looks, but in their features too.

Here’s a handy guide on the different types of crib mobiles. It should help you to choose which crib mobile suits your family. 

Best Crib Mobile

Wind-Up Musical Mobiles

Musical mobiles play music, of course – most likely lullabies. But, the music may vary from this genre, and the number of songs the mobile plays can, too.

Some crib mobiles only play one lullaby, whereas others may play more than a handful. Plus, some may play sounds and phrases, too.

Usually, a musical mobile will come with either a wind-up mechanism or an electronic box. Wind-up boxes require you to wind them up yourself and may not play as long.

Additionally, wind-up boxes will switch themselves off automatically.

Electronic Mobiles

On the other hand, electronic ones require batteries. This means no wind-up is necessary. 

Additionally, they play for longer and may come with auto-off, timers, and volume control. These added features are great if you don’t want to have to creep into the room to switch it off.

Some mobiles don’t have an auto-off function or timer. If you’re looking for one with this feature, then be sure to check the product description.

Stimulating Mobiles

Stimulating mobiles are designed to catch your baby’s eye. As such, they come in bright, contrasting colors, and may have added developmental features built-in.

You see, babies can’t see colors, or even see that far from them to begin with. After birth, they see grey, white, and black only, which is then followed by their first color – red.

That’s why a high-contrast, brightly-colored mobile is the best for stimulation, even if it doesn’t match the decor.

A good way to fit a stimulating mobile into your decor is to leave the room in neutrals. Then, you can place a stimulating, eye-catching mobile as the centerpiece of the room.

Calming Mobiles

Not all crib mobiles are stimulating ones; some are calming. The design of these mobiles is optimal for sleep, relaxation, and nap time.

Stimulating mobiles might play sounds or songs that teach your baby. On the other hand, calming ones play soothing lullabies to put them to sleep.

Decorative Mobiles

Decorative mobiles lean towards adding to the room’s aesthetics more than anything else. These mobiles will usually showcase a decor trend, and come in delightful color-palettes.

These gorgeous mobiles are usually built to please the eye. But, that’s not to say that they can’t stimulate or soothe, as well.  

It’s merely to say that the look of the mobile is foremost in its design. Decorative mobiles can have a music box and feature stimulating colors and parts, too.

All-In-One Mobiles

An all-in-one mobile comes with a crib arm and sometimes a crib arm cover, as well. Musical, decorative, calming, and stimulating mobiles can be all-in-ones.

These mobiles are great and save money because you don’t have to buy a separate crib arm. Just be sure that the arm fits your crib size.

The downside of these sets is that you often can’t buy the mobile separately. So, if the crib arm doesn’ fit, you’ll have to buy another arm or mobile.


You don’t always have to buy a crib arm in the set; some mobiles are sold by themselves. These are perfect if you already have a crib arm, or you have an alternate solution.

Some are even designed to hang from the ceiling. These types will likely come with a long string from which to hang them.

Or, perhaps you want to buy two mobiles? If so, then you can buy a second mobile on its own without having to purchase the crib arm. 

That way, you can get two mobiles – the best crib mobile for stimulation, the best for soothing, or another.

Age Suitability of Crib Mobiles

Most baby crib mobiles are recommended for use from birth up to up to 5 months old. This is because they pose a safety threat as your little one gets older.

Little pieces are easily dragged down into the crib, and you don’t want them to fall and bang their head trying to grab the mobile, either.

By this age, you’ll likely be giving them tummy time, and other age-appropriate toys to grasp, anyways. Mobiles are only intended for visual and auditory stimulation, not tactile.

If you’ve bought a musical mobile, there’s a good chance that the music box is detachable. So, you can use it to play sounds, songs, or lullabies to soothe or stimulate your baby until much later.

How to Safely Use a Crib Mobile

As with all baby items, there are precautions to use a mobile safely. 

Read The Manual

Reading the crib mobile manual is vital to use it safely. Each product will come with its own instructions for use and installation.

So, be sure to follow these when you set-up, install and use the crib mobile.

Choose a Crib Arm That Fits

When buying a mobile with a crib arm, or buying a separate crib arm, ensure that it fits. It’s not safe if it doesn’t fit properly. 

Secure The Crib Arm Tightly

The last thing you want is for the mobile and crib arm to fall down on your baby. This is especially true if you’re planning on leaving your baby alone in the crib.

So, be sure to install it securely.

Hang the Mobile Safely Out of Reach

The mobile shouldn’t be within reach of your baby. If it is, you’ll need to adjust the crib arm or string or get a mobile and crib arm that isn’t within reach.

Ensure That The Mobile Cannot Fall

Once the crib arm is secure, hang the mobile safely on it. Check that it isn’t easily blown off, as well; you don’t want it to fall on your baby.

Remove The Mobile at 5 Months

As mentioned before, mobiles are suitable for use up to five months old. Some babies develop faster than others, so if you feel like you need to remove it sooner, do so.

Ideally, you don’t want your child to grab it and pull it down on themselves. Even if your baby develops a bit slower, still follow the guidelines.

Baby’s can easily do something new out of the blue. So, try not to keep the mobile up after five months old.

The Best Crib Mobile Features

So, mobiles are pretty, eye-catching, and perfect to complete the nursery. But, this baby product can come with added features, as well!

These are the top ones to look out for purchasing the best crib mobile, in my opinion.

Best Crib Mobile

A Musical Box

A musical box will add extra auditory stimulation. If it plays lullabies, it will assist with sending them off peacefully to sleep, too.

An Auto-Off & Timer

Auto-off musical boxes allow you to leave the musical box on while your baby goes to sleep. Plus, you don’t need to sneak back into the nursery to switch it off and risk waking them.

A Crib Arm

If your mobile comes with a crib arm, you won’t have to buy a separate one yourself. This will save money. Additionally, you won’t have to stress about finding one that fits your mobile correctly. 

A Crib Arm Cover

A crib arm isn’t always the most attractive thing at which to look. This is especially true if it’s made of plastic, which most are.

Luckily, there is a solution – a matching crib arm cover. This cover should feature a similar fabric, color palette, or pattern as the mobile.

A Mirror

Though not common on many mobiles, mirrors can add extra stimulation. A downward-facing mirror or little ones that catch the light will fascinate your baby.

A Photo Pocket

Though babies’ eyesight is still developing, a photo of you may help to soothe them. Though not common, some mobiles may come with a pocket in which to put photos.

It’s a nice idea to put a photo of you for them to view, so they get to “see” you even when you’re not there. It might even soothe them, too.

High-Contrast Colors

As I mentioned before, babies start off seeing in black and white and then see other bright colors afterward. As such, a mobile with high-contrast parts is more likely to catch their eye at a young age.

A Lightweight Design

Choosing a lightweight mobile is a safe choice. It moves better and makes for a less bulky design. 

Our Top Ten Best Crib Mobiles

Now that we’ve covered all aspects of crib mobiles let’s get into the top ten reviews. All of these mobiles are favorites among existing customer, so you can find the best crib mobiles that suits all your needs. 

#1 Disney Dream Big Dumbo Musical Mobile

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon


  • Official Disney mobile
  • Musical mobile that plays one lullaby – Brahms Lullaby
  • Many other Disney designs available
  • Comes with a crib arm and cover

Things We Love!

If Disney is your thing, look no further than this official Disney Dumbo mobile. It comes with all the extra mobile accessories and features you need, plus cute Dumbo figures and decals.

Additionally, it coordinates with other Disney Dumbo nursery decor. So, it’s the perfect mobile to complete a Disney Dumbo nursery look.

This is one of the best crib mobiles for Disney fans. 

If Dumbo isn’t your favorite character, there are many other Disney designs from which to choose. These other mobile designs feature characters from The Lion King, as well as Winnie The Pooh, and Mickey Mouse.


  • Perfect for Disney lovers
  • Coordinates with official Disney Dumbo bedding and decor


  • Small mobile canopy

Overall Thoughts

Though this mobile comes in at a higher price range, it’s an official Disney product and comes with extras. These include a crib arm, crib arm cover, and a musical box.

Overall, I think that this is one of the best crib mobiles for Disney moms. With this mobile, you get to share the Disney classics with your kids from birth!

#2 Wendy Bellissimo Elephant Musical Baby Crib Mobile

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon


  • Cute grey elephant design
  • Unisex mobile that is available in a pink version, as well
  • Musical mobile with a big canopy

Things We Love!

This cute elephant design is both upmarket and stylish. It features a big mobile canopy with a muted grey color palette suitable for boys or girls.

Plus, it also comes with a wind-up music box. This mobile is part of a collection, so you can buy matching decor, as well.

If you’re looking for something a bit girlier, it is also available in a pink elephant design.


  • Matches other Wendy Bellissimo nursery decor
  • Comes with crib arm and matching cover


  • Music only plays for a few minutes
  • Features, neutral, low-contrast colors

Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quality product that’ll last beyond baby number one, put this on your first baby registry. The quality is superior to many other mobiles, as is its look.

As the color-pallette and design of this mobile are soothing, it’s ideal for relaxing your baby. Plus, its modern design is sure to complement a stylish nursery or bedroom.

#3 Nautica Kids Musical Set Sail Nautical/Anchor Crib Mobile

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon


  • Trendy nautical theme
  • Musical mobile plays Brahms’ Lullaby
  • Big mobile canopy
  • Comes with a crib arm and cover

Things We Love!

If your nursery is a nautical-themed one, this is one of the perfect mobile for you. The design and colors are right on the nautical trend.

The ship, lighthouse, and anchor pieces also feature bold, high-contrast patterns that are very eye-catching. 

It coordinates with other Nautica nursery items. There are two other nautical mobile designs available from which to choose, too.


  • Matches other Nautica nursery decor
  • Two other mobile design options available


  • Music is a little loud

Overall Thoughts

This is one of the cutest nautical mobiles I’ve seen around. Additionally, it comes with a crib arm, matching cover, and a musical box.

So, it’s got everything you need to install it and entertain and soothe your infant. 

#3 Nurture Smart – Baby Crib Mobile for Brain Development

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon


  • Smart mobile plays sounds and music
  • Adjustable height
  • Designed by child specialists
  • Comes with a crib arm to fit rail size below 2.25″
  • Portable version available, as well

Things We Love!

This crib mobile is unlike any other I’ve seen. That’s because this smart mobile has been designed by child specialists specifically to stimulate your child.

It features a downward-facing mirror, a photo-pocket, a star nightlight, and unique sounds. These sounds include heartbeat, womb sounds, white noise, ocean waves, and lullabies.

Apart from these added features, it also has six rotating images to assist your child’s visual development. 

The design is also quite different. Though not as aesthetically pleasing as some mobiles, it’s made of BPA-free plastic, is easy to clean, and it’s height-adjustable.


  • Safe BPA-free plastic mobile with no loose parts
  • Easy to clean design
  • Bonus features – a star night light projector, mirror, and photo pocket
  • Adjustable height


  • Premium price tag

Overall Thoughts

For those who want to invest in child specialists’ know-how, this tech-savvy mobile is the perfect option.

It may come in at a higher price-point, but its added features more than make up for this. The star projector is so lovely, and the unique sounds are sure to soothe.

#5 Woodland Trail Forest Animal Theme Digital Musical Crib Mobile

Best Crib Mobile
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  • Electronic music box with twelve different songs
  • Unisex woodland animal design
  • Comes with a crib arm and cover

Things We Love!

This cute mobile features a bison, a deer, a bear, and a fox, as well as whimsical arrow shapes. The color palette is lovely, too, and consists of aesthetically pleasing blues and greys.

One of it’s best features, though, is its non-wind-up music box which plays twelve songs. 

Plus, this mobile is part of a collection of nursery decor by The Peanut Shell. So, you can purchase other items from the collection to create a stunning nursery.


  • Matches other nursery decor from The Peanut Shell Store
  • Battery-run music box requires no winding up


  • Music plays a bit loud
  • No timer or auto-off

Overall Thoughts

This is one of the best crib mobiles if you don’t want to wind up a music box all the time. Additionally, the design is very pleasing and would suit a boy’s room well.

It also comes with a crib arm and matching cover, so you don’t need to buy anything else. Unless perhaps you want to buy some matching decor from the same designer to go with it, of course.

#6 Short Evergreen Crib Mobile with Garland by Sorrel & Fern (Woodland Night Small)

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon


  • Gorgeous mountain, tree, and stars design
  • Made of natural materials
  • Features high contrast colors

Things We Love!

This is one of the mobiles that caught my eye. Though it’s a free-standing mobile without a crib arm, its design is very visually appealing.

Evergreen pines float next to a snow-capped mountain, which is crowned with bright-yellow stars, clouds, and a crescent moon. Plus, it comes with a matching garland!

This mobile offers high-contrast shapes with bright colors, while still remaining visually appealing.


  • Comes with a matching garland for your baby’s nursery
  • Gorgeous and simple design


  • Not a musical mobile
  • Doesn’t come with a crib arm

Overall Thoughts

Though this design doesn’t come with a crib arm, arm cover, or a music box, this mobile is beautiful.

In fact, it’s one of the top-rated mobiles because of this. Plus, it’s high-contrast colors are stimulating at the same time.

#7 Tik Tak Design Co. Felt Balls & Stars Baby Crib Mobile

Best Crib Mobile
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  • Modern, felt ball  and star design in a soft color palette
  • Available in a variety of color combinations to suit any nursery
  • Unisex design

Things We Love!

This Tik Tak design is a great crib mobile for nurseries featuring a soft, neutral palette. That’s because this mobile is made from pastel-hued felt balls and stars.

This hand-crafted mobile brings a touch of understated elegance to a room. The felt balls and stars are hand-rolled in Nepal from 100% New Zealand wool.

Additionally, the mobile itself is hand-made in New Zealand and features natural wooden beams. It comes in a variety of color options, including blues, beiges, and greys, too.

So, you’re sure to find a design to suit your nursery. This design isn’t gender-specific either. It would fit well in a girls or boys’ nursery or your bedroom.

Best Crib Mobile


  • Hand-made in New Zealand
  • Felt balls made using New Zealand Wool
  • Comes with a long string suitable for hanging from the ceiling


  • Features muted, low-contrast colors
  • Doesn’t come with crib arm or cover
  • Not a musical mobile

Overall Thoughts

Though this design doesn’t come with a music box or crib arm, it’s quality and design is very appealing. It does come with 5 ft of string so that you can hang it from the ceiling instead. 

It’s ideal for mom and dad’s room because it features a stylish, neutral color palette. It’s also a nice option to buy as a soothing option if you already have a stimulating mobile.

#8 Lambs & Ivy Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Musical Baby Crib Mobile

Best Crib Mobile
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  • Cute starry-night baby Mickey Mouse design
  • Musical mobile that comes with crib arm

Things We Love!

For those who love Mickey, the only thing cuter than him is his baby version – Baby Mickey. As such, this Baby Mickey mobile is extra cute and will definitely fit in a Disney nursery.

The mobile matches with the other lovely Lambs & Ivy nursery decor from the Baby Mickey set. There’s even a pastel-pink hued Baby Minnie Mouse mobile design available, too.

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon

This is a musical mobile that features an electronic music box that plays for 20 minutes. What’s great about this mobile is that you can adjust the volume, too.


  • Coordinates with Lamb & Ivy nursery decor
  • Music box features three lullabies, volume control, and 20 min timer
  • Comes with crib arm and cover


  • Polyester material

Overall Thoughts

This is another cute option for Disney fans, especially those who want a Disney theme that is a bit softer. 

It features a softer color palette, which is prevalent throughout the whole range of matching nursery decor. 

Plus, it comes with everything else you need – a music box, crib arm, and arm cover.

#9 Rose Flower Baby Mobile with Music Box & Crib Arm

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon


  • Girly floral design with roses and leaves
  • Musical mobile with 34 melodies
  • The designer offers other unisex and boys mobile designs

Things We Love!

This cute floral mobile is so pretty and right on the floral trend. There aren’t too many mobiles of this type around, especially ones that play so many melodies!

If you’re looking for a boy’s design, this designer also creates other attractive boys and gender-neutral designs.


  • Comes with crib arm
  • Unique floral design


  • Suits girls nursery

Overall Thoughts

As far as floral options go, this is one of the best crib mobiles I’ve seen. It features beautifully draped leaves, blush roses, and dangling rose-buds.

Additionally, it comes with a music box that plays 34 melodies! If you’re looking for a pretty mobile to complete a floral girls’ room, this is definitely one to consider.

#10 Lambs & Ivy Oceania Musical Nursery Crib Mobile – Ocean, Whale, Underwater Theme

Best Crib Mobile
View Latest Price on Amazon


  • Cute underwater animals design with an octopus, whales, and fish
  • Coordinates with other Lambs & Ivy nursery decor

Things We Love!

This cute, little underwater mobile features an octopus as the actual mobile beams. He wears a little sailor’s cap, and pastel-blue whales and scaly fish dangle from his arms.

I love that this mobile features a non-wind-up music box that plays three popular lullabies. As with other Lambs & Ivy items, it matches its own set of nursery decor, too.


  • Music box features three lullabies, volume control, and 20 min timer
  • Comes with crib arm and matching cover


  • Polyester and plastic materials

Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking for a mobile that is part of a decor set, then this one is a good option. You can add additional items from this set to your baby registry and not worry about them matching.

This is a great underwater themed mobile. Plus, the music box is electronic, requires no wind-up, plays for twenty minutes, and features volume control.

There you have it! Our favorite mobiles that are also customer favorites as well! What are you looking for in a mobile? Share in the comments! 

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