How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant

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How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant

Premom Ovulation Tracker – Free Fertility App

Trying to get pregnant with my first daughter was way too easy. One cycle of trying and there she was, growing away. It came as a bit of a surprise to me when after months and months of trying to get pregnant with our second baby, nothing seemed to work. 

If you’ve ever dealt with any type of fertility problem, you know how frustrating this can be. My husband and I wanted another baby so badly and couldn’t understand why it was so much more difficult this time around. After about 7 or 8 months of feeling lost and confused, I almost gave up.

Then I found Premom. 

How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant

How Premom Ovulation Tracker Saved Me

Premom is an ovulation tracking app that can help you accurately measure your fertility through ovulation tests, basal body temperature, and other methods. 

When I started using the Premom app, I was amazed at how simple it was. A weight was instantly lifted from my shoulders as I started tracking my results and seeing everything more clearly. I was surprised to see how accurate the app was giving me my exact period and ovulation days! It gave me the answers I needed and got me excited about trying again!

Premom prides itself on being able to help most moms conceive within 3 cycles. I couldn’t believe that after just a cycle of tracking I looked down at what felt like my hundredth test that year and finally saw the word “pregnant”.

How it Works

So how do they do it? 

How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant

First of all, they are the first company to be able to quantitatively read test results from their LH tests and track them for you. All you need to do is take their ovulation (LH) tests once a day which takes only a few minutes. After Premom automatically takes a picture of the test, the app will analyze your results with low, high, or peak fertility time and the data will be added to your chart next to other indicators of your fertility. 

How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant
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With how accurate they are, they can predict your ovulation 5 days before it happens, which is a huge help! 

How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant

They also have options like a basal body temperature tracker. Using their awesome Bluetooth thermometer, you can take your temperature in the morning from bed, and when you wake up the temperature will automatically be added into your Premom app. It’s amazing not having to remember my temp and have to chart it by hand every morning.

How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant
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You can also use the app to track the rest of your fertility-related symptoms like your period cycle. With all this information, you’re sure to get an accurate ovulation prediction.

How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant
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What Makes Premom different? 

How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant

Premom prides itself on being top-of-the-line in ovulation tracking with its unique advantages. Here are the things most moms love about Premom: 

  • Quantitative. This isn’t an app that is based on your feelings or other subjective answers. You’re going to get detailed and accurate data that directly links to your ability to get pregnant.
  • Dynamic. Charting with their app gives you a dynamic LH level tracking system that is full of good information. 
  • Accurate Ovulation and Period Prediction. It’s the most accurate ovulation test system on the market! Without any trips to the doctor’s office, you can get all the information you need about your body to help you get pregnant easily and fast.
  • Real-Time. No waiting necessary! The test strips take only a few minutes to use, and after a quick snap of a picture, the results are loaded right into the app and analyzed. 
  • Pregnancy Guarantee. Did you know Premom has a 9-cycle guarantee? That’s right! They will completely refund all your test materials if you aren’t able to conceive within 9 cycles. That’s how sure they are that Premom is going to help you become a mama!
  • Virtual Healthcare. Along with the guarantee, they offer free consultations for moms who have been trying to conceive more than 6 cycles, as well as VIP care consultations upon request.
  • Smart. It can be hard to read test results on your own, which is why their smart tracking on their app is such a game-changer for ovulation tracking. 
  • Dual Charting. This app charts everything that you will need to understand your body better while trying to conceive. With their inexpensive tests and basal thermometer linked straight to the app, their charting is accurate and easy. 
How Premom Helps You Get Pregnant

Other Things I love about Premom Ovulation Tracker

If that somehow isn’t enough to convince you, Premom has some other great perks that set them apart.

First, they have a Facebook group “Get Pregnant Fast with Premom”. It’s a closed group for those using their products, and it offers so much support for moms as they try to get pregnant. 

These tests are the best seller on Amazon and have been for quite some time. I promise you, no other ovulation tracking system is going to beat Premom.

I have to mention their 9-cycle pregnancy guarantee again as well in case you missed it! It’s a free program and all you have to do is sign up in their app. In the off-chance that you aren’t able to get pregnant with Premom’s help, they will refund all your testing materials. For full details check out the program in their app!

There’s no doubt that I’ll be using the Premom Ovulation Tracker again next time I’m trying to get pregnant. It’s the best choice I ever made for my motherhood journey. 

Premom Ovulation Tracker Free Download

Download this amazing app here for android or apple!

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For more information, you can check out their website here, or you can watch these helpful videos: 

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