How to Start Potty Training a Boy? Guide for Moms

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Sure, changing diapers may not be every mom’s favorite task. However, I think potty training can be much more daunting for most parents!

Yes, teaching a toddler, especially boys, how to go potty is no easy task. As parents, we doubt ourselves and often worry if we’re doing things the right way, too.

There’s no need to stress about potty training, though! You can totally make this process a success – just follow some simple steps! 

In this guide, I’ll discuss how to potty train a boy – easily and effectively. Before you know it, they’ll know what they’re doing, and you’ll be teaching courtesy flush, I promise!

When Should I Start Potty Training?

When Should I Start Potty Training

So, you want to know exactly when to start teaching him how to go to the toilet? Well, according to the experts, the truth is that there’s no specific age to start potty training. 

This is because when to start has more to do with their development than age. Some kids are ready at eighteen months, while others may not be until around three years old.

In order to start potty training, your son should be able to:

how to potty train
  • Walk to the toilet by themselves
  • Follow basic directions
  • Communicate to you that they want to go to the toilet

Be curious about going to the loo

potty training a boy
  • Pull their own pants up and down by themselves
  • Not go for up to two hours at a time
  • Control their own bladder

If your boy can do most of these, then he should be capable of starting to learn to go to the potty, too. If not, you can try, but it might be a good idea to wait until it’s easier to teach them.

Each child develops in their own time, and that’s perfectly ok. In the meantime, you can read through this guide to prepare yourself to potty train your boy. 

You’ve Got This – Ten Easy Steps to Potty Train Boys

Potty training your little boy effectively comes down to preparation, planning, and persistence. Take things one step at a time, and there will be no need to worry!

The most rewarding achievements in life are usually ones you have to work hard at, after all. Potty training is no different, but the rewards are great. 

No more pricey nappies, no more washing reusables – these are just a few things to look forward to. You’re not going through this alone, either – plus, there’s help out there! 

Instead, you’ll be focused on teaching him life lessons before you know it. With this in mind, here are some simple steps you can take to get potty training started.

1. Decide on Your Potty Training Method

Choosing and consistently sticking with a potty training method is important. The last thing you want to do during this process is to confuse your tot, after all.

Whether you want to go it alone and create your own potty training routine is up to you. If not, you might want to follow one of the expert’s methods I’ve touched on just below this section.

There are many programs for potty training a boy successfully. Each of these has its pros and cons. Some promise a quick turn-around, while others encourage a natural approach.

Selecting a method that suits your lifestyle and values is an important step on your journey. So, do take this into consideration when picking which method to apply, too.

2. Consult a Professional

It’s always a good idea to consult your pediatrician, nurse, or your other trusted child-care professional. They’ll be happy to guide you and give you tips on how best to proceed.

3. Prepare Yourself And Get Supplies

Potty training isn’t easy, so do take some time to get your ducks in a row. Choose your method, set a plan, and gather your supplies. Oh, and don’t forget to prepare yourself mentally, too!

4. Choose Your Potty

Plastic potty seats are a common choice; however, there are other potty options to select from these days. I’ve listed the most popular potty types later on in this post.

5. Get Everything Set Up

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Decide where the best place for the potty to go or on which toilet the potty seat will sit. Make sure you have the necessary cleaning supplies, spare clothing, and potty wipes on hand, too.

6. Prepare For Nighttime Potty Training, Too

In most cases, nighttime potty training guidelines will be quite different from daytime training. Though, this can depend on your chosen potty training method. 

Some parents choose to wait until much later to start night training. You see, some kids can take years to learn to not go at night or while they’re sleeping.

If they wake up dry most nights of the week, then they’re likely ready. Otherwise, you might want to keep the diapers on at night, or at least use a waterproof sheet or pad.

7. Acquaint Them With the New Toilet Arrangements

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Introduce your boy to his new gadget; I’m sure he’ll be both curious and delighted. You can also get him more familiar with its purpose by reading him potty books for boys like Potty Superhero.

8. Map Out Your Lingo

It’s a bad idea to associate feelings of guilt or naughtiness with going to the toilet. So, your language should reflect this and shouldn’t make him feel ashamed.

It’s not just our language, but also body language, tone, and mood that may affect him, as well. That’s why it’s equally important to keep a cool head when natural accidents occur, too.

9. Swap to More Suitable Attire

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During potty training, it’s a good idea to swap to loose clothes that they can easily remove themselves. A comfy, waterproof pair of training pants will help keep accidents controlled, too.

10. Teach Sitting Down First

Teaching boys to pee sitting down first is much easier than teaching them to do so standing up. Once they’ve got the basics, you can then let them practice going standing up.

Bonus Tip: Reward Them After They Potty

As with any other activity, rewards are key to motivating them. This cute potty training kit for boys comes with stickers and a chart that are perfect for encouraging them to go potty.

The Best Methods for Potty Training Boys

Will they learn how to go? What should or shouldn’t I say to encourage them? How long will this process take? Am I doing this right?

I know. Much like any other new milestone, teaching your toddler how to go to the toilet can be daunting. So, it’s only natural that you have plenty of worries, questions, and concerns. 

However, there’s no need to stress or even go this alone. You can seek expert advice from your pediatrician, nurse, or your other baby care practitioner.

You can also follow one of many child-care experts’ proven potty training methods. Each of these offers a unique approach to potty training.

1. Jamie Glowacki’s 6-Step Plan

Jamie Glowacki’s 6-Step Plan
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In her book, “Oh Crap! Potty Training”, Glowacki shares her 6-step plan to potty train quickly and easily. She outlines her method on how to potty train a boy or girl for modern parents.

2. Brandi Buck’s 3-Day Potty Training Method

Brandi Buck’s 3-Day Potty Training Method
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Brandi Buck has accrued plenty of experience teaching thousands of parents to potty train. In Potty Training in Three Days, she guides you with all the detailed instructions and tips you need.

3. Azrin-Foxx Less Than a Day Potty Training Method

Azrin-Foxx Less Than a Day Potty Training Method
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In Toilet Training in Less Than A Day, Nathan Azrin and Richard Foxx teach you their fast approach. Their unique method claims to teach the average child how to go in just a few hours.

4.Gina Ford’s 1 Week Potty Training

.Gina Ford’s 1 Week Potty Training
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Child-care expert Gina Ford has her own approach to potty training outlined in Potty Training in One Week. This book is packed full of tips to make the process not just easy but fun, too.

5. Amanda Jenner’s Playful Potty Training Method

Amanda Jenner’s Playful Potty Training Method
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Expert Amanda Jenner created a 5-step plan that doesn’t require you to change up your routine. In Potty Training Magic, she shows you how to successfully approach potty training in your time.

6. Christine Gross-Loh’s Progressive, Natural Toilet Training Method

Christine Gross-Loh’s Progressive, Natural Toilet Training Method
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Christine Gross-Loh believes that babies naturally know how to communicate their need to go. In The Diaper Free Baby, she shares how she got her children diaper-free at 15 and 18 months.

7. The Brazelton Way

The Brazelton Way potty training
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America’s favorite pediatrician, Terry Brazelton’s has a gentle and empathetic approach. In Toilet Training – The Brazelton Way, he shares his empowering way to get toddlers to go.

Types of Potties for Boys

There are a variety of potty types on the market – here are some of the most popular options.

1. Potty Training Chairs

Potty Training Chairs
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The basic potty chair is perfect for training. It usually features a removable, empty-able toilet bowl. This high-backed BabyBjörn potty chair is an excellent example of this type of potty.

2. Potty Training Seats

Potty Training Seats
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Potty training seats are another popular option. They fit onto your regular toilet seat and feature a ladder and smaller seat. The 711TEK potty seat fits a variety of toilet bowl shapes, too!

3. Realistic Potty Training Toilets

Realistic Potty Training Toilets
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If you really want to delight them, realistic mini toilet potties are the way to go. The Nuby toilet potty even has a flush button that makes realistic sounds.

4. Travel Potties

Travel Potties
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You can take most regular potties on the road. However, there are space-saving, portable options available, too – like the OXO 2-in1 Tot Go travel potty or ONEDONE emergency urinal.

5. Convertible Potty Seats

Convertible Potty Seats
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If your tot is a bit more advanced, you can install a custom potty seat onto your toilet. The Mayfair 188SLOW is just one such option with a seat for you and a smaller potty flap for him.

6. Potty Training Urinals

Potty Training Urinals
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When he’s ready to learn to stand and aim, a potty urinal with an aiming target like the Soraco frog urinal is perfect. Toilet targets are also available to place in a potty chair or toilet.


It’s not easy to teach boys how to go to the potty by themselves. However, I hope that following these how to potty train a boy steps will help you to make the process much easier. Good luck!

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