81 Funny And Witty Christmas Math Jokes

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When you ask someone what their favorite subject was back in school, most people would say literature, biology, or perhaps history. However, when the question is about what their least favorite subject was, chances are that the majority of the individuals would say mathematics.

While it’s true that some individuals do enjoy math and proceed to take on jobs in fields that involve math in daily life, most people have a hard time dealing with that particular subject in school.

It’s the reason why kids roll their eyes and seem to be close to tears every time they do their math homework.

Although it cannot be disregarded that numbers, equations, and calculus do not form a breezy combination, and math doesn’t always have to be a painful and tricky subject. There are certain ways in which you can make it fun, especially for your kids.

One of the ways to do so is through math jokes and puns. For example, if it’s the morning of Christmas and you wish to sit with your child and solve certain math problems, feel free to crack some Christmas math jokes to make the journey easier for them.

Whether you’re a parent attempting to make your child like math more or a teacher hoping to make the subject easier for them while getting them in the holiday mood, Christmas math jokes are indeed fun for people of all ages.

If you’re looking for some quality jokes in this unique category, we’ve got you covered.

Funny Math Christmas Jokes

Funny Math Christmas Jokes

If you ask me, what my favorite subject was in school, my answer would be nowhere near math, as that was the subject I dreaded the most!

But, honey, math can be funny too. And that is what this section is all about.

Here you can get your hands on some hilarious math jokes that are sure to make you roll on the floor laughing!

At Christmas, how will you perform the inverse operation to exponentiation?

Yule log.

What’s Santa Claus’s favourite graph with no loops?

The Christmas Tree.

What do algebraic geometers study at Christmas?


What’s purple and won’t get much for Christmas?

A finitely presented grape.

Where do all of Santa’s maps go to?

The Ho-Ho-Hodomain.

What do group theorists buy to hang on their doors at Christmas?

Wreath products.

Why does Father Christmas equal minus Christmas Father?


How does Santa solve systems of simultaneous congruences?

Using the Chinese Reindeer Theorem.

Why doesn’t Gödel’s constructible universe exist at Christmas?

Because there’s Nöel.

Why isn’t every man in a red suit with a beard Father Christmas?

Because correlation doesn’t imply Claus-ality.

You can’t mix Maths with Christmas! Maths is yuck whilst Christmas isn’t?

Boo! Humbug!

Which season does a math teacher love the most?


Why didn’t sin and tan go to the party?

Just cos.

Why should you never say the number 288 out loud?

It’s two gross.

Why do plants not like math?

Because it gives them square roots.

What did the doctor hear from the witch after she lifted the curse?


What is the title given to the number seven and the number three who got married?

The odd couple.

Why did the equal sign have so much humility?

Because it knew it wasn’t greater than or less than anyone else.

Why was the fraction worried about getting married to a decimal?

Because she would have to convert.

Why did the student get upset when the professor called her average?

Because it was a mean thing to say.

What is the common point between a dollar and the moon?

They both have four quarters.

Which subject does a butterfly enjoy the most at school?


Why does a mathematician enjoy parks?

Because of all the natural logs.

What is the name given to a person who spent the summer at the beach?

A tan-gent.

Creative Christmas Math Puns

Creative Christmas Math Puns

Puns are not for everyone. That is because, in order to understand puns, you need to have a certain sense of humor. And that’s what makes puns all the more “punnier” – if you know what I mean!

So, I have reserved this section for Christmas puns on math. Are you ready to laugh at the wittiest jokes in the lot?

Read on.

Why was the math book cold at Christmas?

It had too many problems to “sum” up!

Santa’s favorite spot in Mathland?

The North “Polar” Coordinates!

What’s a math tree’s favorite part?

The “root” of all its joy!

Why did the math snowman like school?

He was cool with numbers!

Why did the math elf love triangles?

They were tree-mendous!

Why did the math ornament feel special?

It was “circle”-ed out for praise!

What’s a math lover’s favorite carol?

“Deck the Halls with Data”!

Why did the math reindeer love December?

It had the right “angle” of fun!

Santa’s favorite math tool?

The “elf”-gebra set!

Why did the math star shine so bright?

It aced the “light” equations!

What’s a math snowflake’s favorite theorem?

The one that’s ice-olated!

Why did the math bell love Christmas?

It rang out the “sum”-shine!

What did the math candy cane represent?

A “stripe”-ing pattern on the graph!

Why did the math fireplace feel warm?

It had burning “log”-arithms!

At Santa’s workshop, which math tool measures joy?

The “ruler” of happiness!

Why did the math caroler sing about squares?

He loved the “boxy” tunes!

What did the math calendar gift on December 25th?

A memorable equation!

Why did the math snowball love school?

It was on a “roll” with numbers!

How did the math wreath greet guests?

With a “round” of applause!

Why did the math gift feel unique?

It was a one-in-a-“million” find!

What’s a math snowman’s favorite figure?

The frosty fractal!

Why did the math elf love pie?

It was a slice of “pi”!

Santa’s favorite math topic?


Why did the math star feel special?

It was the “point” of attention!

What’s a math tree’s favorite decoration?


Why did the math caroler love circles?

He was “rounding” off the year!

What did the math snowflake say to the star?

“I’m a unique pattern, just like you!”

Best Christmas Math Jokes

Best Christmas Math Jokes

Christmas is all about fun and merriment. And math is that one subject most of us didn’t like in school! So, when these two are combined, it gives rise to jokes that are sure to amuse you.

In this section, you can find some of the most humorous Christmas jokes about math that are going to remind you of your school days and bring back those happy, cherishing memories.

 Why did the math book look sad at Christmas? Too many problems to solve before the holidays!

What do you call Santa’s little helpers?

Subordinate Clauses!

Why did the math tree love December?

It was the root of all holiday spirit!

What’s a mathematician’s favorite Christmas gift?


Algebra during Christmas?

X must equal tree!

Why was the geometry class so festive?

Angles were everywhere!

What did zero say to eight at the Christmas party?

Nice belt!

Why did the math elf need a calculator?

To add extra holiday cheer!

How does a mathematician pluck a turkey?

With polygon pliers!

Why was the fraction so excited for December 25th?

Because it’s Christmas over 1!

How does a math lover spread holiday cheer?

By singing “Alge-bra-la-la-la!”

Why did the math snowman want a scarf?

He heard about the cold numbers!

What’s a math teacher’s favorite reindeer?


Why did the equation feel warm on Christmas?

It was wrapped in parentheses!

What did one math ornament say to the other?

“I like your angle!”

Why did the math cookie go to the doctor?

It had a splitting fraction!

How does Santa solve math problems?

With North Pole-ar coordinates!

Why did the math present use wrapping paper?

To cover its X-terior!

What’s a math lover’s favorite Christmas carol?

“Deck the Halls with Algebra!”

Why was the math gingerbread house so sturdy?

Solid foundations!

How do math nerds greet each other during the holidays?

“Merry Ax-mas!”

Why did the math snowflake stand out?

Unique patterns!

What’s a math tree’s favorite holiday decoration?

Square roots!

Why did the math reindeer join the team?

He was great at multiplication!

How do math lovers enjoy their Christmas dinner?

They “divide” and conquer!

Why was the math star on top of the tree?

It aced all the angles!

What did the math candy cane say?

“Stripe up a conversation!”

Why did the math bell ring?

Time for festive functions!

How do math lovers light up their homes?

With a sine wave of lights!

Why did the math candle feel proud?

It was on a higher degree!

What’s a math snowball’s favorite game?

Multiplication fights!


Christmas is that holiday of the year when we meet with our loved ones, have food and drinks together, and have some wonderful times.

And to make this occasion all the more enjoyable and memorable, one of the best things you can do is arrange for a jokes-sharing session, with Christmas math as your theme.

This will keep not only the kids but also the adults entertained throughout the Christmas party.

So, did you enjoy my list of jokes? Which ones cracked you up the most?

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

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