126 Amazing Baseball Trivia Questions With Answers For All Ages

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Whenever “America’s favorite pastime” is uttered, one thing springs to mind: Baseball. It’s a sport that is beloved all across the country. There are many people passionate about baseball – whether it be as someone who plays, is a fan, or just loves the sport in general.

If you think about it, the game is very simple: People take turns hitting the ball with a bat or trying their best to catch the ball with a glove. It’s very basic, and yet at the same time, one of the most exciting and engaging sports around! And it holds a spell all over the United States and many other corners of the globe.

Baseball is the national sport of America. It’s a national passion and one of the country’s most played sports. People of all ages are very into the sport — including the young ones! Kids go gaga over baseball; chances are, your child, too, has been bitten by the baseball bug!

They may already be starting to play the sport. They may eagerly await the games on TV, OR you watch them live as a family. They may already be starting to build their arsenal of knowledge about baseball too, and are becoming utterly fascinated with all facts and tidbits about it.

Or maybe baseball is something YOU share with your parents or siblings. It may be something you and your childhood friends still bond over or something you and your peers watch together. You may even play it yourself!

If baseball is a shared passion between you and your loved ones, or if you and your kids/family/friends are hungry to know more about it, what better way to learn about it than by tossing some trivia around? Trivia is a great way to enrich minds while having fun!

With our amazing baseball trivia questions with answers for all ages, you will all have a blast together as you try to stump and challenge each other. And you won’t even notice that you’re already fattening up your knowledge about baseball while you’re having a good time together!

From fun facts about the sport, the rules of the game, the history of teams, significant moments in the leagues, player trivia, and more, all rolled into one comprehensive list of baseball trivia questions with answers! Do you already know a ton about the game? Test your knowledge about all things baseball with these trivia questions!

Will you hit a home run? Let’s find out!

Baseball: Where It All Began

Baseball Where It All Began

Baseball as a sport was developed in the eastern United States back in the mid-1800s. From there on out, the sport spread to many small towns and big cities all over the country. By the time the turn of the century rolled around, baseball had already become known as America’s national pastime.

The sport holds a more profound significance to some people, who also think of it as a symbol of America’s character. American historian and author Jacques Barzun stated: “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules, and realities of the game.”

Baseball has had an enormous impact not just in America but in various other places. It has likewise become a national passion in countries like Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. The sport has also thrived in Korea, Japan, and Mexico since the early 1900s.

Baseball: The Basics of The Game

Baseball The Basics of The Game

If you are not yet very familiar with the sport but would like to know how it goes, or if you want to beef up your knowledge of the game, we’ve got just the thing for you! We’re running through the basics of the game so that you’ll be able to understand it better — and play too!

  • Two teams play the sport.
  • Each team consists of nine players.
  • On the inner part of the field, you’ll see four white bases in a diamond formation.
  • Essential equipment for the sport: Bat, ball, gloves
  • When playing, the two competing teams switch between being batters (playing offense) and fielders (playing defense)
  • The goal of the game is to be able to score more runs as compared to your opponent.
  • The team playing offensive scores a run every time one of their players is able to run to and also touch all four bases in the diamond
  • A period of play in the game is called an inning; it is completed once both teams have a turn to bat.
  • After nine innings, the team that has the most runs scored wins!

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Baseball Trivia Questions With Answers

Is a home run in your future when it comes to baseball knowledge? Take a swing at our 126 amazing baseball trivia questions with answers for all ages — and see who can score the most trivia runs!

Trivia Questions About Baseball

Trivia Questions About Baseball

Baseball is said to be the oldest professional sport on the globe. But when was major league baseball founded? What is the sport similar to? What are the basic rules? Test your knowledge with these trivia questions about baseball!

Baseball is very much similar to what game?


What is the total number of players in 1 baseball team? 

9 players in each team

MLB (Major League Baseball) was founded in what year?


In total, how many teams are thereafter combining NL (National League) and AL (American League)?

30 teams in total

“Captain Clutch” and “Mr. November” are the nicknames of which famous player?

Derek Jeter

On August 16, 1920, which player died by the pitch of Carl Mays?

Ray Chapman

The MLB Comeback Player Of The Year is sponsored by which product?


A professional baseball match consists of how many innings?

9 innings in total

A baseball field is also known as what?

Sandlot or Baseball diamond.

Who was the first Major League player to pitch a ball over 100 mph?

Tom Seaver

Which and who designed the initial baseball rules?

In 1845, Alexander Cartwright

In which year was the American League founded?

In 1901

Boston American team first won the baseball world series in which year?

In 1903

Which player holds the record of maximum hits in a season?

Lchiro Suzuki had 262 hits in the 2004 season.

Which two cities have the oldest baseball stadiums?

Boston and Detroit

The game baseball originated from which country?


Which is the most common type of pitch that pitchers have thrown?


Impossible Baseball Trivia Questions

Impossible Baseball Trivia Questions

Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first black baseball player to play in the major league – true or false?


Which team first introduced salaries for players?

 Cincinnati Red Stockings

The famous baseball player Yogi Bera’s real name was?

Lawrence Peter Berra

Who holds the maximum home run in major league baseball?

Barry Bonds with 762 home runs.”

The only player who played in a super bowl and a world series?

Deion Sanders

In 1998, who broke the single-season home run?

Mark McGwire

What is Atlanta’s Major League Baseball team? 

Atlanta Braves

Which player played the most World Series games?

Yogi Berra

The maximum home run hit by one player in a. Single major league game was?


Designated hitter rule created in which year?


The approximate size of the baseball ground?

2 acres

In the 1980s, which player had more hits?

Robin Yount

Who was the first player to win the triple crown in major league baseball?

Tommy Bond

Which player had the nickname “The Little Professor”?

Dominic DiMaggio

What was the first name of the Texas Rangers?

Washinton Senators

Who quoted this famous line, “I ain’t ever had a job, I just always played baseball”?

Satchel Paige

Which player had the nickname of “The Wizard”?

Ozzie Smith

In baseball, which player is known as “1”?

The Pitcher

Is the Pitcher Southpaw left-handed or right-handed?


In which year were the Texas Rangers founded?


In baseball, OPS stands for what?

On-base Plus Slugging

The famous baseball quote “You don’t save a pitcher for tomorrow; tomorrow it may rain” was said by?

Leo Durocher

Who said this line: “What does George know about Yankee pride? When did he ever play for the Yankees?”?

Billy Martin

How many maximum outs in an inning?

Total six outs in an inning.

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More Baseball Trivia Questions

More Baseball Trivia Questions

So, you’re all warmed up, huh? Do you want another chance to bat with all those tidbits and facts about baseball stored in your head? Do you know all the nitty-gritty details about the game?

Are you familiar with the nicknames of some of the renowned pro baseball players? Challenge yourself and your loved ones with more baseball trivia questions!

“Keystone sack” is located on which base?

Second base.

The total number of empires in the baseball game?


AB in baseball stands for what?

At Bat

Which player holds the record for the highest career on-base percentage (OBP)?

Ted Williams

WHIP stands for what in baseball? 

Walk and Hits Per Inning Pitched

Which player got the nickname “The Big Unit”?

Randall David Johnson

After he hits the pitcher’s ball, the batter must drop the bat before he runs. Is this true?


If a player safely reaches second base, what is that called in baseball terms?


In which states is the player considered to be dismissed?

Four types of dismissing in baseball are — 1. Strike out, 2. Force out, 3. Fly out, 4. Tag out

What does this mean if a ball hits the FOULD pole?

Home run.

“Hot corner” belongs to what base?

Third base.

The batter must stand in the batter box with a bat. Do you know where the batter box is?

Next to the home plate.

In what US city is the baseball team the White Sox based?


What team lost a record 113 games in 2003?

The Detroit Tigers

How many times have the Baltimore Orioles won the baseball world series title?


At what stadium do the Boston Red Sox play baseball?

Fenway Park

How many 50 home run seasons did Barry Bonds have in his career?


Baseball player Mike Lowell began his career with which team?

New York Yankees

How many world series have the baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, won?


What division is the major league baseball team the Chicago Cubs in?


What is the nickname of the baseball team that is based in the US city of Seattle?


Cincinnati Reds play in which major league baseball league division?


What baseball team won 114 games in 1998?

New York Yankees

How many baseball world series’ have the Boston Red Sox won?


Against which team did Babe Ruth hit his first major league home run?

New York Yankees

In 1972, which baseball pitcher was the all-time leader in home runs?

Babe Ruth

Cincinnati Reds moved to the Great American ballpark in which year?


What is the name of the Baseball team based in San Francisco?


How many baseball world series have the Milwaukee Brewers won?


What are the primary colors of the baseball team, the Orioles?

Orange & Black

How many world series have the Cincinnati Reds won?


What position did Babe Ruth begin his career playing?


What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of Boston?

Red Sox

In what year was the baseball team Atlanta Braves formed?


In 2008, the Chicago Cubs recorded their 10000 th win against which team?

Colorado Rockies

Which actor starred in the baseball-inspired film ‘Field of Dreams?

Kevin Costner

Baseball legend Barry Bonds made his baseball debut for which team?

Pittsburgh Pirates

What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of Colorado?


In what city was baseball legend Babe Ruth born?


What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of Minnesota?


What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of Toronto?

Blue Jays

What hide was first used to cover baseballs in 1975?


Even More Trivia Questions About Baseball

Even More Trivia Questions About Baseball

Baseball inspires a lot of passion. And if you and your loved ones are true fans, then we’re sure you can’t get enough of baseball trivia that feeds your love for the sport. But how true of a fan are you? 

You’ve come this far, but are you ready to take on more trivia questions about baseball? Take a swing and see if you can take it all the way!

In what year did the Atlanta Brave baseball team start playing at Turner Field?


The Chicago Cubs baseball team was formed in which year?


In what year did the Chicago Cubs move to Wrigley Park?


What is the name of the stadium at which the baseball team, The Arizona Diamondbacks, plays?

Chase Field

In what year did the Chicago Cubs last win a world series?


In what year was the Boston baseball team the Red Sox formed?


The LA dodgers were previously known as?

Brooklyn Dodgers

When formed in 1962, where did the Houston-based baseball team play?

Colt Stadium

Liverpool football club owner John Henry also owns which US baseball team?

Red Sox

The baseball team, the Miami Marlins, was formed in which year?


In what year did Joe DiMaggio die?


What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of Milwaukee?


The Detroit Tigers baseball team was formed in which year?


In what year did the Cincinnati Reds last win a baseball world series?


What is the circumference of a baseball?

9 inches

In what year did the baseball franchise, the Orioles, move to Baltimore?


The Houston Astros lost their only ever appearance in the world series final in 2005 to which team?

Chicago White Sox

The baseball team, The Detroit Tigers, played their home games at which stadium?

Comerica Park

The Kansas City Royals was formed in what year?


In 2017, the Atlanta Braves are due to move to a new complex in which district?

Cobb County

What are the names of the two major league baseball teams in Chicago?

Cubs & White Sox

What is the name of the baseball team’s Cleveland Indians mascot?


What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of Washington?


What baseball announcer said Pope Paul VI’s death ‘puts a damper on even a Yankees win’?

Phil Rizzuto

What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of St. Louis?


What division does the major league baseball team, the Miami Marlins play in?


Who is the current manager (2014) of The Arizona Diamondbacks?

Kirk Gibson

Who is the current owner of the baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers?

Mark Attanasio

Who is the first player to win the All-Star MVP and World Series MVP in the same season?

Derek Jeter

What is the nickname of the baseball team based in the US city of Tampa Bay?


In what year did the Chicago White Sox last win the world series?


In 1906, the Chicago Cubs won a record-breaking number of wins – how many?


Which Chicago Cub player won the Rookie of the year award in 2008?

Geovany Soto

What country’s first US Major League Baseball player was Chan Ho Park?

South Korea

Which Baseball pitcher was born with a right arm and went on to play for New York Yankees?

Jim Abbott

Who was the first wild card team to win a baseball playoff series?

Baltimore Orioles

Between the years of 1898-1906, what was the Chicago-based baseball team known as?


Who was the first player to win the MVP Award on a last-place team?

Andre Dawson

Which baseball team won the most games in 1994?

Montreal Expos

What was the former name of the Boston Red Sox?

Boston American

Which baseball player holds the record for most home runs hit in their rookie season?

Mark McGwire

Which team did the Kansas City Royals defeat to win the 1985 baseball world series?

St. Louis Cardinals

Which baseball pitcher has struck out the most batters in his career?

Nolan Ryan

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Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, bringing families and friends closer together with a shared passion for the sport. So gather your loved ones and fellow baseball aficionados, and have a fantastic time testing each other’s knowledge about baseball and learning more about the sport together! Take it all the way home!

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