14 Fun Baby Shower Games to Play at Your Next Baby Shower

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Looking for new and fresh baby shower games can be challenging. Especially if all your friends happen to all be pregnant at the same time and you have a shower scheduled every weekend over the next several weeks! 

Finding new fun baby shower games is a must that way each shower is a little different. 

If you are on the search for unique games for a baby shower you are in luck! Here are some fun baby shower games that everyone will have a blast playing. 

Fun Baby Shower Games to Play at Your Next Baby Shower

Games to Play At a Baby Shower

Baby Shower Diaper Game

No one likes to change a dirty diaper, but what if the diapers are actually gooey centers of candy bars? It is still gross but still a fun baby shower game to play. 

Purchase some newborn size diapers and 5 to 6 different flavored candy bars. Then you will melt one candy bar in each diaper. Once melted, smear the candy bar in the diaper. Be sure to keep a mental note or a written note with what candy bar is in what diaper.

Pass the diapers around and have each person sniff the dirty diaper in order to guess the type of candy bar that is in each diaper. The person who correctly guesses the most amount of dirty diapers whins!

What’s In Your Purse Baby Shower Game

Prior to the Baby Shower make game cards of items that could be in a purse. Go ahead and give each item a point amount on the card. 

Fun Baby Shower Games to Play at Your Next Baby Shower
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When it is time to play “What’s in your purse” baby shower game at the shower pass out a card to everyone as well as a pen. Have everyone mark the items off that they have in their purses that are on the card. 

Once everyone has gone searching in their purse, have everyone tally up their total points. The person with the most points wins!

Baby Price Is Right Baby Shower Game

Buy 10 to 12 baby items to play the Baby Price is Right Baby shower game. Take some blank note cards and write the price of each item on one side and the item itself on the other side. 

Fun Baby Shower Games to Play at Your Next Baby Shower
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Have your guests gather together to play just like they were on the TV show The Price is Right. Everyone takes a guess on the price of each item. The person who is the nearest to the correct price without going over wins. The best part is the mom-to-be gets to keep all the items used for this game! 

Celebrity Babies 

Print out a selection of celebrities’ babies and tape them up on a wall. Have your guests see who can correctly guess who’s the parents of the celebrity baby!

Baby Shower Charades 

This baby shower game you would play just like a regular charades game you would play with your family at family game night however you would just choose baby-related words and phrases. 

Fun Baby Shower Games to Play at Your Next Baby Shower

Some examples would be “breastfeeding”, “changing a diaper”, “Crying baby” to just give you a heads start on your thoughts! 

Divide up in teams and let the fun begin!

Big Belly Twister

Big belly twister is on of the best baby shower games. Blow up some balloons for everyone to place under their shirts on their tummies. Then you begin playing Twister. When your balloon pops or comes out of your shitr, you are out. The last one with their balloon that has not popped is the winner of Big Belly Twister. 

Fun Baby Shower Games to Play at Your Next Baby Shower
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Playing the game of Twister just got way more fun! 

Baby Drawings

Each guest will need a sturdy paper plate and a marker. You will direct them on how to draw a baby but there is a catch! They will be drawing with the paper plate on top of their heads! 

This gets very interesting and is so fun to play. The guest with the drawing that looks the best wins!

Ice Baby Breaker

The night before the shower you will want to place tiny plastic babies into your ice tray and fill with water and freeze overnight. 

Baby Shower Games
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Then at the shower, you will want to give each guest an ice cube with a baby in it. Once their ice has completely melted they shout out “I Have A Baby!” 

Whoever has their baby first wins the game!

Baby Shower Guessing Game

This game is super simple and will be a great laugh. Pass around a spool of yarn and scissors and have each guest guess how much yarn will be needed to perfectly fit around mom to be’s belly! The person with the most accurate guess is of course the winner. 

Baby Bottle Chugging Game

Get a few people to play this game. Make it a competition to see who can drink one full baby bottle of juice or water the fastest. When the first person empties their bottle they are the winner! 

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“Baby” Songs

This Baby shower game is best played in teams. 

You can make them as large or as small as you need depending on the amount of guests you have at your baby shower. 

Give everyone three minutes to list as many songs with the word “baby” or “babe” in the title. The team with the most songs at the end of the given time wins! 

Note To The Baby

It is always a great idea to have a box and some blank cards where your guests can leave a note for the baby to read later in life. These are always fun for the mom and child to read and see who was at their baby shower. 

Guess How Old Mom Was

Ask the mom to be before the shower for a number of photos of her at different ages in her life. 

Baby Shower Games

Arrange the pictures of the mom-to-be on a board or a table, and place a number next to each picture. 

Then have the guests guess how old the mom-to-be is in each photo by writing it down on a piece of paper.  The card with the most correct answers wins! 

Make Teething Rings

This is not necessarily a game but a fun activity that everyone enjoys. Throughout the shower, guests can do over and make a teething ring for the new baby. 

Baby Shower Games
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They will take a wooden teething toy a wooden teething toy, nylon, and teething beads and string on the nylon and tie to the wooden teething toy. 

Baby Shower Games
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These do it yourself teething rings turn out super cute. Not only that, but it will be the perfect thing for new moms to have when their baby starts teething. 

Baby Shower Games
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Now you have a great list of fun baby shower games to play at the next Baby Shower you host!

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