58 Rare Boy Names With Meanings

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Are you searching for the most unusual and unique baby names for boys? Look no further – here are some of the most unknown, rare boy names around!

John, Steven, Joseph, James, Lucas, Benjamin – we’ve all heard of these typical English baby boy names before. Or, maybe even own or know someone with one of these names ourselves?

You might want to name your little one something a little less ordinary, though. If you’re looking for a more unusual name option, look no further than these rare boy names!

50 Rare Boy Names for Babies

Rare Boy Names for Babies

Here are some of the best rare boy names to call your little man!

  • Akio

Meaning: “Bright man”

Origin: Japanese

If you want your little prince to grow up as a wise man, you can name him Akio. It sounds super cute and seems like the name of a happy man.

The Japanese people make use of kanji symbols in various combinations to create phrases or a number of words that sound the same. While one combination can mean a bright man, another can mean something different.

  • Altair

Meaning: “Bird”

Origin: Arabic

Did you know that the brightest star in the Aquila constellation is named Altair? And in the night sky, it stands at the twelfth place as one of the most luminous stars.

It is a classy name that comes with a cool vibe. Go for it if you want your baby boy to shine bright like a star when he grows up.

  • Alvis

Meaning: “All-wise”

Origin: Old Norse

According to Norse mythology, Alvis was a dwarf who wished to marry the daughter of Thor. But Thor didn’t want him to be his son-in-law. So, he kept Alvis awake all night by asking him questions. When the sun rose and struck Alvis with its light, he turned into a stone.

Alvis can be a good name for your son if you want him to be brilliant with great knowledge about everything.

  • Amol

Meaning: “priceless,” “invaluable,” “precious,” “dearest one.”

Origin: Indian, Sanskrit

Amol is a classy Indian boy’s name meaning one who is precious, rare, or invaluable, like diamonds and gold.

  • Anders

Meaning: “Manly”

Origin: Scandinavian

Scandinavian names have a certain pure vibe to them. And the name Anders is no exception to it. It sounds soothing to the ears and holds the meaning of manly.

The first person ever recorded to have this name was in Denmark in the 12th century. Did you know that Donald Duck is called Anders And in Denmark?

  • Arjun

Meaning: “Clear,” “White.”

Origin: Indian

According to Hindu mythology, Arjun was a hero. He was the son of God Indra and Princess Kunti. It is the modern version of the name Arjuna.

Arjun can be a good name option for parents looking for names with at least some mythological connection.

  • Arman

Meaning: “wish,” hope,” “man of God,” “honorable one,” “willful,” army man.”

Origin: Persian, Armenian, Turkish, Germanic

Arman is a popular Middle-Eastern name for boys, meaning one who is honorable, of God, willful, and full of hope.

  • Asher

Meaning: “Blessed,” “Happy.”

Origin: Hebrew

The name Asher sounds dashing. With its roots in the Hebrew language, it holds the meaning of blessed and happy.

This name came to people’s notice in the USA in the 1990s, after which it became hugely popular. In 2019, Asher made it to the list of the most used boy names in the USA, with its place at number 43.

  • Atticus

Meaning: “From Attica”

Origin: Greek

Are you into literature? Have you read “To Kill a Mockingbird?” If so, then you might be aware of the name Atticus Finch. It is the name of the main character, a lawyer in that novel.

Atticus came from the name Attikos, which has Greek roots and holds the meaning of “from Attica.”

  • Azaire

Meaning: “God has helped.”

Origin: French

Azariah is a Hebrew name, and Azaire is a French version of that name. It mostly became popular after people started using it in the “new world’s” French-speaking areas. Later, the name Azaire was given to people in Louisiana and Quebec.

If you want your baby boy to always be protected by God, go for this name, as it translates to God has helped.

  • Balthazar

Meaning: “protect the King,” “Ba’al protect the King.”

Origin: Babylonian, Akkadian

Balthazar is an ancient boy’s name of Akkadian and Babylonian origin, meaning Ba’al will protect the King.

Ba’al was one of the main Gods worshipped in Ancient Syria, Babylon, Canaan, Africa, and Egypt.

  • Bemin

Meaning: “prosperous protector,” “prosperity,” “protection.”

Origin: English, German, Norman, Welsh

The name Bemin is a variation of the surname Beamin, which is an anglicization of the French name Beaumont.

Bemin is also possibly derived from the Welsh surname Ab Edmond, meaning prosperity and protection.

  • Cassius

Meaning: “helmet,” “castle,” “hollow.”

Origin: Latin

The name Cassius is of Latin origin, meaning helmet, castle, and hollow.

  • Cudo

Meaning: “wonderful,” “marvelous.”

Origin: Poland, Ukraine, The Philippines

Cudo is a popular Polish and Ukrainian surname and also a unique name for a baby boy. The name Cudo means wonderful or marvelous.

  • Darne

Meaning: “a piece,” “a slab,” “a thick cut of.”

Origin: French, English

Darne is a very rare boy name of French origin, meaning a piece, cut, or slab of fish.

  • Denny

Meaning: “from Denny,” “island,” “from the island.”

Origin: Old English, Irish, Gaelic, Scottish

Denny is an unusual habitational name of English and Scottish origin given to those from Dane Island or Denny in Stirlingshire.

The name Denny is also thought to be an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó Duibhne, meaning a descendant of Duibhne.

  • Eddis

Meaning: “son of Edward,” “Edward’s son.”

Origin: Old English

The name Eddis is a unique diminutive of the English name Edward and also means son of Edward.

  • Elias

Meaning: “the Lord is God,” “Yahweh is God.”

Origin: Hebrew

Elias is a graceful Hebrew name for boy’s meaning the Lord is God or Yahweh is God.

  • Farkan

Meaning: “to be happy,” “recall,” “revoke.”

Origin: Arabic, Persian, Iranian, English, Slovakian

Farkan or Farkhan is a Middle-Eastern name thought to mean, be happy or to recall or revoke.

  • Farris

Meaning: “iron-strong,” “mighty.”

Origin: English, Scottish

Farris is a less commonly known Scottish and English boy’s name meaning one who is as strong as iron.

  • Gelt

Meaning: “gold,” “currency,” “money,” “coin.”

Origin: Germanic, Hebrew

Gelt is a unique masculine name of German and Hebrew origin, meaning gold, currency, or coins.

  • Goodman

Meaning: “master of the house,” “landlord,” “good man,” “merchant.”

Origin: English

Goodman is an interesting name choice for a boy. Goodman is an English occupational name given to those who were goods men or merchants.

  • Hendrix

Meaning: “home-ruler,” “head of the house.”

Origin: Germanic

Hendrix is a striking rare boy name popularised by Jimi Hendrix, the famous rock n’ roll musician.

The name Hendrix is of German origin, deriving from the name Heinrick, meaning home or house ruler.

  • Hodin

Meaning: “time,” “hour,” “o’clock.”

Origin: English, Ukrainian, Czech

Hodin is a very unusual name of Ukrainian and Czech origin, meaning hour or time.

  • Idris

Meaning: “prophet,” “studious,” “interpreter,” “lord,” “ardent lord.”

Origin: Arabic, Welsh

Idris is an elegant boy’s name of Arabic origin, meaning one who is a prophet, interpreter, or studious.

In Welsh, the name Idris derives from the root words udd, meaning lord or prince, and ris, meaning ardent, enthusiastic, or impulsive.

  • Icke

Meaning: “son of Richard,” “Richard’s son.”

Origin: Old English

The name Icke is an unusual nickname or diminutive of the popular English name Richard, derived from the French name Rickard.

The names Icke is thought to mean son of Richard.

  • Jed

Meaning: “beloved of God,” “God’s beloved.”

Origin: Hebrew

Jed is a rare boy name of Hebrew origin and diminutive of the name Jedediah. The name Jedediah means one who is the beloved of God.

  • Jimminy

Meaning: “may God protect,” “God’s protection.”

Origin: English, Hebrew, Latin

The name Jimminy is an unusual variation of the more common name James. James is derived from the Latin name Jacomus, meaning may God protect us.

  • Kama

Meaning: “love,” “ripe,” “ready.”

Origin: Sanskrit, Indian

Kama is a rare Indian and Sanskrit name meaning love or something that is ripe and ready.

  • Karkus

Meaning: –

Origin: Hungarian, Russian, Poland, Romania, Turkey

Karkus is a distinctive Hungarian, Polish, and Romanian name with an unknown meaning.

  • Ledan

Meaning: “cold,” “frigid,” “icy,” “cold-hearted.”

Origin: Croatian, Russian, Czech, Polish

The name Ledan is of Croatian, Russian, Czech, and Polish origin.

Ledan derives from the Proto-Slavic term ledьnъ, Russian ледный/lednyj, Czech lední, and Polish lodny, meaning cold, icy, or frigid.

  • Loris

Meaning: “cheese seller,” “sweet bay/laurel tree,” “victory.”

Origin: Swiss, Latin, Italian, Greek, Turkish

Loris is an unusual boy’s name of Latin origin, meaning laurel or bay tree, which symbolizes victory.

It is also thought to be a Greek occupational name for a seller of goat’s cheese. The name Loris could be derived from the Turkish word lor, meaning goat’s cheese.

  • Marin

Meaning: “mariner,” “sea,” “sailor.”

Origin: French, Latin

Marin is a unique name of French and Latin origin, deriving from the words marinus and mare, meaning sea, sailor, or mariner.

  • Meka

Meaning: “like God,” “benevolence.”

Origin: Hindi, Hebrew

Meka is a rare boy name of Hebrew and Hindi origin, meaning one who is God-like or possesses the benevolence of God.

  • Nils

Meaning: “people of victory,” “victory of the people.”

Origin: Norwegian, Greek

Nils is an unusual boy’s name of Norwegian and Greek origin, meaning people of victory or the victory of the people.

  • Nomo

Meaning: “fish-like,” “to make one drink,” “masters of the water.”

Origin: African, Mali

Nomo is a unique name of African origin, meaning fish-like or master of the water. The Nommo or Nummo are ancestral Dogon spirits or deities worshipped by the Dogon people of Mali.

  • Olbed

Meaning: “servant of God.”

Origin: Hebrew

Olbed is an interesting name related to the Hebrew name Obed, meaning servant of God.

  • Olmec

Meaning: “rubber people,”

Origin: Aztec

Olmec is a very unusual name to give a boy. The name Olmec derives from the Aztec Nahuatl words ōlli, meaning natural rubber, and mēcatl, meaning people.

The Olmecs, or rubber people, were given this name by the Aztecs because they traded rubber.

  • Parid

Meaning: “prince,” “little prince,” “princely.”

Origin: Greek, Albanian

Parid is a unique Albanian and Greek name given to boys, meaning little prince.

  • Paris

Meaning: “city of Paris.”

Origin: Greek, French

Paris is the capital city of France and an unusual name to give a little boy. The city was named after the Celtic tribe that first settled in the area – the Parisii.

  • Qarman

Meaning: “warm man,” “faithful protector,” “merchant.”

Origin: Hebrew, Old English, Germanic

The name Qarman is related to the Old English name Waermund, derived from the words waru, meaning goods, and mann, meaning man. As such, Qarman means wares man or merchant.

  • Qesi

Meaning: “born on Sunday.”

Origin: Ghana

The name Qesi is a rare variant of the Ghanaian name Kwesi, meaning born on a Sunday.

  • Rize

Meaning: “lovely world,” “beautiful world,” “mountain slopes.”

Origin: Greek, Georgian, Ottoman, Turkish, Japanese

Rize is a unique Georgian, Ottoman, Greek, and Turkish name, meaning mountain slopes.

In Japan, the name Rize means “lovely world” as it is derived from the characters 麗 ri, meaning lovely or beautiful, and 世 ze, meaning world.

  • Stamrick

Meaning: “tree,” “trunk,” “powerful ruler.”

Origin: English, Dutch, Germanic

Stamrick is a rare name for a boy of English, Dutch, and German origin.

The name Stamrick is derived from the Dutch and German words stam and stamme, meaning trunk, and the English name Rick, short for Richard, meaning powerful ruler.

  • Stoney

Meaning: “stone,” “stone island,” “from Stanney.”

Origin: Old English

Stoney is a habitational English name given to people from Stanney in Cheshire. The name Stoney is derived from the Old English word stan, meaning stone or rock.

  • Tibor

Meaning: “sacred place,” “holy place.”

Origin: Latin, Slavic, Roman

Tibor is a Slavic and Roman name. It is a diminutive of the Latin names Tiberius and Tiburtius and Old Slavic name Tiborc, meaning holy place.

  • Turk

Meaning: “from Turkey,” “Turkish person.”

Origin: Hebrew, English

Turk is an Americanized form of the Greek ethnic name Tourkos, meaning Turk or Turkish person. Ozturk is another variation of the name Turk.

  • Umo

Meaning: “bark like a seal,” “a seal’s bark.”

Origin: Hawaiian

Umo is a rare Hawaiin name, meaning one who barks like a seal.

  • Verison

Meaning: “truth,” “bringer of truth,” “horizon.”

Origin: Latin

Verison is a rare boy name deriving from the Latin word veritas, meaning truth or one who is a bringer of truth.

  • Vidrise

Meaning: “life,” “laughter.”

Origin: Slavic, Latin

The name Vidrise is very rare. The name Vidrise derives from the Slavic name Vid, meaning life, and Latin Rise and Risa, meaning laughter.

  • Wembley

Meaning: “meadow,” “belly,” “belly of the meadow,” “middle of the clearing.”

Origin: Old English

Wembley is a unique English name related to the name Wemba, meaning the middle of the clearing.

The names Wamba and Wembley are derived from the Old English words wamb, meaning belly, and lea, meaning meadow or clearing.

  • Wigen

Meaning: “high,” “mighty,” “noble,” “noble-born,” “fight,” “warrior,” “son of Wigand.”

Origin: Old English, Norman

Wigen is an unusual Old Norse name meaning one who is the son of Wigand, a warrior, or noble-born.

  • Xavier

Meaning: “castle,” “new house,” “new home.”

Origin: Hebrew, Spanish, Latin, Basque, Arabic

First given to Francis Xavier, a Jesuit missionary saint, the name Xavier is thought to derive from his hometown, Javier.

In the Basque language, Javier is spelled Xabier, and in Old Spanish, it is spelled, Xavier.

The name Xavier is also thought to derive from the Basque place name “etxe berri,” meaning castle or house.

  • Xed

Meaning: “Yahweh’s justice,” “justice of God.”

Origin: Hebrew

Xed is an unusual variation of the Hebrew name Zed, short for Zedekiah. In Hebrew, Zedekiah means the justice of God or God’s justice.

  • Yaris

Meaning: “friend,” “Henri.”

Origin: Arabic, Persian, Germanic, Dutch

Yaris is a rare name for a boy. The name Yaris derives from the Arabic name Yar, meaning friend, and the Dutch and German name Ris, short for Henri.

  • Ydris

Meaning: “prophet,” “studious,” “interpreter,” “lord,” “ardent lord.”

Origin: Arabic, Welsh

The name Ydris is of Arabic origin and similar to Idris in pronunciation and meaning. The names Ydirs and Idris mean one who is a prophet, scholar, or interpreter.

In Welsh, the name Ydris means ardent lord. Idris derives from the Welsh root words udd, meaning lord or prince, and ris, meaning ardent, enthusiastic, or impulsive.

  • Zee

Meaning: “wolf,” “cunning one,” “little wolf.”

Origin: Hebrew

Zee is an unusual Hebrew boy’s name meaning wolf or little wolf.

  • Ziggy

Meaning: “victor,” “victorious,” “victorious protector.”

Origin: Germanic

Ziggy is a unique nickname or diminutive of the traditional German names Zigmund, Sigmund, and Siegmund.

David Bowie popularized the name with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, whom he performed as in 1972 and 1973.

The name Sigmund derives from the Germanic root words segaz, meaning victorious, and mundō, meaning hand, guardianship, and protection.


Naming your baby son is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, don’t waste it on an ordinary name – opt for one of these rare boy names instead!

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