30+ Names That Mean Storm for Boys & Girls

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A wonderful, exciting journey full of surprises and memories awaits you as a parent-to-be. The world is your oyster as you search for the perfect name for your new little bundle of joy.

Storms sure are magical, fascinating, powerful, and captivating phenomena. So, what better inspiration could you ask for when choosing a name for your little one?

If you love storms as much as I do, you’ve come to the right place to find unique and trendy baby names that mean “storm.”

Have a look through this list of tempestuous of exciting baby name options that we have put together for you!

Boys Names That Mean Storm

Boys Names That Mean Storm

Here are the best boys’ names that mean storm, squall, lightning, thunder, and rain.

  • Adad

Meaning: Adad is a strong, commanding name meaning thunder. This short, bold name is perfect for a little warrior.

Origin: The name Adad originates from Babylonian times. In Assyrian mythology, Adad is the God of weather, storms, and thunder.

  • Baran

Meaning: A striking name meaning thunderstorm. In Gaelic, the meaning of the name Baran is “noble warrior.”

Origin: Baran is a Kurdish and Turkish boys’ name often given by families who speak Persian.

  • Corentin

Meaning: Corentin is an unusual baby name that means storm, hurricane, or tempest.

Origin: A popular name in France, the name Corentin is of British and French origin. Corentin is also a popular name for girls.

  • Gale

Meaning: A pleasant name meaning sea storm. What a great name for a strong little boy! Gail is a popular option for a girl’s name.

Origin: Gale is a Hebrew and Old English name.

  • Guntur

Meaning: A distinct name that means thunderstorm and inspires greatness. Gunter also means “battle” or “warrior.”

Origin: The name Guntur is of German origin.

  • Guthrie

Meaning: This delightful boy’s name means “windy spot” and conjures up images of a brewing storm.

Origin: The name Guthrie is of Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic origin and is and is also fairly common as a surname.

  • Hadad

Meaning: The direct translation of the name Hadad is “thunder.” It is a steady, fierce, attractive name that also means noise and calm, portents of an impending storm. Why not choose this bold and bright name for your little boy?

Origin: The name Hadad is said to have Hebrew origins, although it is also a popular Arabic name. Hadad is also the Akkadian God of rain and storms.

  • Hanish

Meaning: A unique and trendy boy’s name, Hanish, is said to mean “a storm is coming” or “one who warns you of impending dangers.” If your little one is kicking up a storm in your belly, this may just be the perfect name for him!

Origin: This distinctive name has Hindu and Indian roots.

  • Mellan

Meaning: Mellan is a gentle-sounding, unassuming name which means “little lightning bolt.” A little storm in a teacup, Mellan is a unique name that is gaining popularity.

It is generally used as a boy’s name; however, you can also give it to a girl.

Origin: The name Mellan is said to be the anglicized variation of the name Meallan, which has Irish and Gaelic roots.

  • Perun

Meaning: Perun means thunder and is a popular choice for a baby boy, though it can also be given to girls.

Origin: In Slavic mythology, Perun is the God of thunder, sky, storms, and lightning.

  • Raiden

Meaning: Raiden is said to mean “God spirit,” as well as being among the names that mean “thunder.” In Japan, the name Raiden also means “superior being.” Raiden is a unique, willful name inspiring leadership. A top choice for boys, it is very trendy.

Origin: The name Raiden is of Japanese origin. Raiden is also a fictional character in the Mortal Combat fighting game series, which is probably the reason why this name has become so popular for boys!

  • Ranto

Meaning: Ranto is a popular Japanese boy’s name that means “storm” or “tempest.”

Origin: The name Ranto is an unusual choice and has its roots in Japan.

  • Styrmir

Meaning: Storm is a popular name for both boys and girls.

However, if you are looking for a more memorable and unique name that also means storm, why not go for the longer and more unusual boy’s name Styrmir?

Deriving from the word sturmijaz, it means “someone who causes storms.” Does this sound like your little boy?

Origin: The name Stormur is of Icelandic and Old Norse origin.

  • Thor

Meaning: The name Thor is well known, popularized by Norse mythology, and the recently released Thor movies bases on the Marvel comic books. The name Thor means “thunder” and “lightning.”

Origin: Popular in Scandinavia, the name Thor has Old Norse roots. In mythology, Thor is the Norse God of strength, thunder, war, and storms and son of Odin, King of the Gods.

  • Tufani

Meaning: Tufani is an unusual African name that means “storm.”

Origin: The name Tufani is of Swahili origin. This is one of the few African-inspired names meaning storm in comparison with the many names derived from colder or wetter climates.

Tufani is an excellent choice for your baby boy if you have African roots deeply embedded in Africa.

  • Zryan

Meaning: Zryan is a distinctive boy’s name meaning “storm,” which is both rare and unusual. Why not give your son a name which is different and makes him stand out from the crowd?

Origin: Zryan is one of the few African names meaning storm excellent for baby boys with African roots.

Girls Names That Mean Storm

Girls Names That Mean Storm

Now let’s look at some trendy, unusual, and stormy names for your little princess. Here are the best girls’ names that mean storm, squall, lightning, thunder, and rain.

  • Aella

Meaning: A pretty but unusual name meaning “whirlwind,” the name Aella is associated with thunderstorms. A dash of speed, energy, and joy may just describe your little newcomer!

Origin: The name Aella is of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Aella is an Amazon warrior who bravely fought the hero Hercules with her weapon of choice, a double-sided ax.

  • Amaya

Meaning: Amaya is a magical, enchanting name meaning “night rain” that has a calming ring to it. The Spanish form of Amaya is both a given habitational name and surname, originating from the village of Amaya and the Spanish mountains.

Origin: Amaya is a girl’s name that is of both Spanish and Japanese origin.

  • Audra

Meaning: Audra is a rather sophisticated, posh, beautiful name meaning “storm” that also invokes grace and elegance. It is a popular girl’s name that also means “noble strength.”

Origin: The name Audra has its roots in Lithuania, becoming more popular in recent times.

  • Bronte

Meaning: Bronte is a sweet and gentle-sounding name. So, it may come as a surprise that the name Bronte means “the sound of the thunder!” The name is pronounced Bron-tay.

Origin: The name Bronte is of Greek origin and is unusual and mysterious. If you are on the hunt for the best girly name, meaning storm, this pretty pick for you.

The Bronte sister, Emily, Anne, and Charlotte, famous for their novels and poetry, popularized this surname. This lovely given name has now become a popular first name for little girls.

  • Inanna

Meaning: Inanna means “lady of the heavens,” thus being associated with the sky, clouds, storms, and the weather.

Origin: The name Inanna has its roots in Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology.

In Sumeria, she was known to be the Queen of the heavens, worshiped by many, and associated with Venus.

In ancient Mesopotamia, Inanna was the Goddess of love, war, and justice. Inanna is a perfect name for a strong, willful, fair, and just little girl in today’s modern society.

  • Daamini

Meaning: Uncommon yet pretty with a gentle ring, the name Daamini, meaning “lightning,” rolls off your tongue.

This unusual name certainly is a memorable and unique choice for your little girl or even a boy.

Origin: This delicate name has its origins in the Hindi culture.

  • Dima

Meaning: The name Dima means “downpour.”

A fitting name for a girl, almost every storm brings a downpour, as I am sure your little princess will bring out an equal outpouring of love and emotion.

Origin: Dima is a girl’s name of Arabic roots. It can also be used as a boy’s name – in Greece, Dima is a diminutive of the names Dimitri or Demetrius.

  • Elektra

Meaning: Elektra is certainly an electrifying and captivating name that means “storm,” “lightning,” “shining,” and “electricity!”

It is a stunning name associated with stormy weather, lightning flashes, and beauty. If your little girl is set to capture the world’s attention, then you have found the perfect name for her!

Origin: The name Elektra is related to the name Electra, which originates from Greece.

  • Lyn

Meaning: Surprisingly simple and gentle-sounding, the name Lyn actually means “lighting” in Norwegian. Why not give your little firecracker this pretty yet powerful name that means storm?

Origin: The name Lyn is of Norwegian origin. However, it also has Spanish, Welsh, and Germanic roots, meaning “pretty,” “lake,” and “tender.”

  • Rain

Meaning: Rain is a trendy name for little girls, associated with stormy weather and squalls. Rain clears the air, nourishes the soil, and leads to a new and fresh start after the storm has passed.

The name Rain has a beautiful, peaceful ring to it, reminiscent of droplets gently falling from the sky on a cloudy day. It could just be the perfect name for your little dewdrop!

Origin: The name Rain is of English origin, deriving from the English word rain.

  • Saar

Meaning: Saar is a very uncommon and unusual gender-neutral name meaning “storm,” which can be used for both girls and boys.

Origin: The name Saar is of Hebrew origin.

  • Storm

Meaning: Storm is a gender-neutral name that literally means storm, tempest, and squall. It is trendy, popular, and seen as a cool, modern name to possess or give to your baby.

Origin: The name Storm is of English origin, deriving from the English word storm.

  • Talia

Meaning: A beautiful, strong option, the name Talia, meaning “rain from heaven” and “dew from heaven,” is associated with stormy weather.

If this name tugs at your heartstrings, then your search for the perfect name for your baby girl is over.

Origin: Talia is a popular girl’s name of Hebrew origin.

  • Thora

Meaning: Thora is a popular feminine name meaning “Goddess of thunder.”

Origin: This strong Scandinavian girl’s name is of Old Norse origin. It is the feminine version of the boy’s name Thor.

  • Vetra

Meaning: If you are looking for a stylish and exquisite name inferring elegance, then you should consider the name Vetra. The unique and unusual girl’s name means “storm.”

Origin: The name Vertra is of Lithuanian origin and is the perfect fit for your little Queen.

  • Ziazan

Meaning: After the storm, there is always a rainbow. The name Ziazan means just that – “rainbow.” Choose this name for your little beam of sunshine, your rainbow after the storm.

Origin: Ziazan is a girl’s name of Armenian origin and truly is an intriguing and interesting option.


Congratulations! Your baby is one of a kind, a little piece of both you and your partner, and they deserve a name to be proud of!

Whether you are still waiting patiently for the stork to deliver your precious bundle, or they’ve already arrived, I hope this list has helped you find the perfect names that mean storm for them!

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