32 Hebrew Baby Names: Ancient Roots for a Meaningful Name

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A name is something very important as your little one is going to carry it for their entire life. It is what people are going to know them by. So it makes it imperative for you to choose a name for your little bundle of joy that matches them the best.

Now, Hebrew names have been a favorite among parents for ages. Most of them have connections to the Bible and have a religious side to them. This is what makes them a favorite among religious parents.

If you are one of those parents and want a name that has its origin in the Hebrew language, then you’re at the right place! I have exactly what you need.

Here are some of the most talked-about Hebrew baby names that you may like to give to your baby girl or boy.

The Best Hebrew Baby Names of All Time

Choosing the right name for your little sunshine is never easy.

There are many things you need to look at while selecting that one name. The spelling, meaning, origin, back story, overall vibe, the first and the last letter, and the list can go on and on.

And from my own experience, I know how confusing it can get sometimes.

So, I felt the need to come up with a collection of the most gorgeous Hebrew baby names for your beloved baby.

Here, you can get your hands on some beautiful names for boys and girls and gender-neutral ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

Hebrew Baby Names for Girls

Hebrew Baby Names for Girls

If you are blessed with the most amazing gift of a baby girl and are looking for a name that will match your princess perfectly, this section is for you!

Here, I have listed the most sought-after Hebrew baby names for her.

Read on.

  • Abigail

Abigail is a beautiful name that sounds like the name of an intelligent and strong girl. And did I tell you that it has religious roots, too?

According to the Old Testament, Abigail stops David and his people from harassing or committing violence against her husband, Nabal. The latter is arrogant and dies eventually, after which Abigail becomes the wife of David.

The other version of this name is Avigayil, which means “my father is joy.”

  • Beracha

I had a complicated pregnancy, and during the nine months of carrying my baby in my belly, there were multiple times when my doctor said that I might lose my baby.

But she was born against all odds, making me believe she is a warrior and a blessing from the Almighty.

If you regard your baby girl the same, one of the best things you can do is give her a name that means the same. And Beracha is one such name.

This unique name holds the meaning of blessing.

  • Chava

Chava is an elegant name originating in the Hebrew language. It has an earthy vibe to it that makes it stand out.

It came from the word Chawwah and is the Hebrew variant of Eve. Go for it if you like the vibe of this pretty name.

  • Dalia

Dalia has a feminine vibe to it, which makes it sound super enchanting. When it comes to its meaning, there are three explanations.

According to its Hebrew roots, the name Dalia means a hanging branch.

In the Baltic mythology of the Baltic tribes, the word Dalia is derived from the word Dalis. It carries the meaning of “share or divide into portions.”

It can also be traced back to the Arabic language, where Dalia means flower.

  • Eliana

Have you faced a lot of difficulties conceiving? Did you give birth to your child after a long time?

Then the name Eliana would be perfect for your little one.

This name has a feminine vibe to it. It sounds like the name of a youthful girl who is full of happiness.

It has its origin in the Hebrew language and means “my God has answered.” Also, some say that Eliana has its roots in the Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish languages.

  • Gilah

If you like classic Hebrew names, the chances are that you will like the name Gilah.

This name has its roots in the Hebrew language. Although it’s popular in Israel, it is not that common in the US.

We parents want our kids to be always happy and contented in life, right?

If you want your little princess to be the same, you can name her Gilah. It carries the meaning of happiness.

  • Hagit

Most parents like names that are modern and that can fit their modern kids well. If you want the same for your child, you can give your pretty girl the name Hagit.

It sounds super stylish, and you need to pronounce it as ha-geet.

Hagit can be a good name for your kiddo if she is born during one of the festivities since the word means festive.

  • Ilana

Many creative people carry the name Ilana. Some of the most well-known are Ilana Yahav, an artist who is famous for her sand art performance, and Ilana Glazer, who is a producer, director, comedian, and writer.

Ilana sounds like the name of a pretty girl who is intelligent and gorgeous.

This Hebrew-originated name holds the meaning of a tree.

  • Keren

Keren is a popular name in Israel. It sounds super stylish, and you would get to hear this name in many series and T.V. shows.

While some say it holds the meaning of horn, others believe it means the ray of light.

Have you read the Book of Job in the Hebrew Bible? In it, the name of the youngest daughter of Job is Keren-Happuch. They are three sisters who are known for their beauty.

  • Libi

Whenever I look at my toddler, I feel she is the heart and soul of my life. Do you think the same? Then how about you giving her a name that resembles the same? Then you can you can give your little baby girl the name Libi since the word Libi means heart.

This cute name has its roots in the Yiddish and Hebrew languages. It sounds like the name of some young and happy-go-lucky girl.

  • Malka

Your baby girl is your little princess. But do you want her to be the queen of someone’s heart when she grows up?

You can choose the name Malka for her.

This name has a regal vibe and sounds like some strong girl’s name, as the word means the Queen.

  • Nessa

Is the birth of your baby girl nothing short of a miracle? Then how about you choosing the name Nessa for your little angel? After all, Nessa means a miracle.

You can choose between Vanessa, Neasa, and Assa as well.

  • Ora

Parents always prefer short names because of the fact that they are easy to pronounce and remember.

One such name is Ora. This name has its roots in the Hebrew language and holds the meaning of light.

It was during the 19th and 20th centuries that this name reached the peak of its popularity.

  • Rina

Do you like singing and want your baby girl to have a similar kind of love for songs? Then you can give her the name Rina.

This short name has a lyrical tone, making it sound enchanting. Originating in the Hebrew language, Rina means joy and singing.

Some say that the word Rina has its origin in Japanese and Irish languages.

Hebrew Baby Names for Boys

Hebrew Baby Names for Boys

If you have become parents of a baby boy, then this section is for you!

Here, I have listed some of the most enchanting names for your little prince. I have included their meanings and origins to make the selection of a name easy for you.

  • Adin

If you are looking for a unique name with some religious connection, then you will like the name Adin.

It’s a cute name that sounds like its bearer is someone polite and kind.

Adin finds mention in the Bible. He was one of the Jews who was held captive in Babylon and then returned to Israel after many years.

The word Adin means gentle or delicate.

  • Barak

Names that sound strong and masculine have always been a favorite among parents of boy babies. One such name is Barak.

It’s a trendy name with a religious connection. According to the Bible, Barak was the name of a warrior with the strength and power to win against his oppressor, the Canaanites.

Although the name Barak is not used much in the USA, it is common in Israel and other countries with Jewish communities.

Barak holds the meaning of lightning or “to shine.”

You can choose the spelling Barack as well. A famous personality with this name is Barack Obama, the 44th President of the U.S.

  • Canaan

Modern names are something that new parents look for. And if you are into names that signify good traits, you can go for the name Canaan.

Canaan is a unique name of Hebrew origin that holds the meaning of “humble.”

According to Genesis, an ancient region lay in the middle of the Mediterranean and Jordan. That region was promised to Abraham by God and was known as Canaan.

  • David

David is one of the most popular names in the USA. This vintage name has an undeniable charm that is hard to ignore. It has a certain sexiness to it and sounds like the name of someone good-looking and hot.

If you have read the Bible, you may already know about David. He became Israel’s ruler despite belonging to a lowly shepherd family. He was also the one who killed Goliath with a slingshot.

There are many famous personalities with this name. One such personality is David Beckham, the former English footballer.

David holds the meaning of Beloved.

  • Eitan

No list of popular Hebrew names is complete without mentioning Eitan.

It’s a catchy name that is super popular not only in Israel but other Hebrew-speaking countries, including the US.

You might have already heard the name Ethan. And Eitan is its Jewish version. It became popular in the 90s and continues to be so.

Eitan carries the meaning of long-lived and strong.

  • Gad

One-syllable names are something that is always preferred by parents – all thanks to their trendiness and quirkiness. One such name is Gad.

This name with Hebrew origin can be a great name for your baby boy if you want him to acquire a lot of wealth when he grows up. After all, it holds the meaning of fortune.

According to the Bible, the name of Jacob’s son was Gad. Also, there is the mention of another Gad who prophesied for David, the king.

  • Hiram

If you are into traditional Hebrew names, you will definitely like the name Hiram.

According to the Bible, King Hiram was the one to help King David in the making of the temple in Jerusalem.

This name has a regal vibe that makes it the best fit for high-class boys. It comes with the meaning of “high-born” and “benevolent brother.”

  • Isaac

My heart fills with joy whenever I hear my toddler giggling. That is the best sound in the world to me. And I can do anything to see her laugh.

If you feel the same for your baby boy and want to see him happy forever, how about giving him a name that means laughter?

Isaac is a popular name with Hebrew roots. According to the Bible, he was the only son of Sarah and Abraham. They conceived him while the age of Sarah was ninety years!

It’s a common name among Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities.

  • Jadon

Don’t you feel good when someone appreciates your effort, no matter how easy it is? Do you want your baby boy to carry the trait of appreciating and thanking people for their efforts?

In that case, the name Jadon would be a good one.

Jadon is a stylish name that sounds like the name of someone with abs! You can choose between Jaden and Jayden as well.

According to the Bible, Jadon was the one to help in the building of the Wall of Jerusalem.

Jadon translated to the thankful one.

  • Kenan

Vintage names have a different kind of charm that makes them all the more alluring to new parents.

If you like old-school names, you can choose the name Kenan for your little bundle of joy. It carries the meaning of “to possess.”

This name finds a mention in the Old Testament, although it doesn’t belong to any prominent character in the book.

  • Malik

Do you want your son to be the ruler of the people?

Then you can go for the name Malik.

This name has a royal vibe and means the king. It is derived from the word Melech in the Hebrew language.

Some other variants of this name are Malek, Maliq, Malyk, and Maleek.

It’s a name that is popular in the USA.

Gender-Neutral Hebrew Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Hebrew Baby Names

These days, many parents are opting for names that are beyond the boundaries of gender – names that are unisex and can fit your boy and girl.

And that is what this section is for.

Read on to learn about the most trending gender-neutral Hebrew baby names!

  • Ariel

Are you a fan of Disney movies?

There is not a single movie from the House of Disney that I haven’t watched! And “The Little Mermaid” is one of my favorite ones.

If you have watched that movie, you already know that Ariel was the main female character’s name.

Now, this name can be used by both boys and girls. Some other female variants of this name are Ella, Elle, and Arie. Other male variants of this name are Arik and Ari.

Ariel holds the strong meaning of the lion of God.

  • Chesed

If you want your baby boy or girl to be an epitome of kindness and goodwill, you can name them Chesed.

It’s a unique name that finds mention in the Book of Psalms. This word signifies God’s love towards the entire humanity.

This name has multiple meanings. While some say that Chesed holds the meaning of kindness and goodness, others believe that it means mercy and grace.

  • Diklah

If you like names with a serious vibe, the chances are that you will like the name Diklah.

It’s a traditional name with Hebrew roots. Also, some say that it has Aramaic roots. If you like this name, you can give it to your son or daughter – all thanks to its unisex nature.

Although this name started as a name for boys, these days, parents are using it more for their daughters.

It is a rare name that you get to hear, mostly in Israel. It holds the meaning of a palm grove.

  • Eden

Eden is a beautiful name that comes with a soothing vibe. I find it to be delicate and stylish at the same time.

While some say that it has Hebrew roots and means pleasure or delight, others believe that it is taken from the word Edin in the Sumerian language. In the Sumerian language,  the words mean plain. 

No matter which meaning you choose to go with, it can be a great name for your baby.

And yes, the word finds mention in the Bible as “the garden of God.”

  • Gili

Once we become parents, our kids become our greatest joy.

If you want to convey the same essence through your baby’s name, you can name them Gili.

It is a cute name that has a mysterious vibe to it. Its roots are in multiple languages, including Hebrew, Kannada, and Theravada Buddhism.

According to its Hebrew language, it holds the meaning of “my joy.” On the other hand, in the Kannada language word Gili means “to be obsessed, consumed with an idea.”  In Theravada Buddhism, it means “eating up, swallowing.”

  • Hallel

Do you want your baby boy or girl to be praised by people for doing good when they grow up?

Then, a name of a perfect fit would be Hallel. This name has a youthful vibe that makes it sound like the name of a joyous person.

You can choose the spelling Hillel or Hallel as well. It holds the meaning of praise.

  • Keshet

If you like creative names that sound super sweet, choose the gender-neutral name Keshet for your little one.

It has an adorable tone to it and is mostly used in Israel. Of course, there are people with this name in the USA, England, and Canada.

This name of Hebrew roots holds the meaning of rainbow.


I hope you liked my list of the best Hebrew baby names for your little sunshine.

Which names did you like the most? How many of these did you shortlist? And do you want me to add more names to this list? Please let me know in the comments!

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