84 Wicked, Evil, And Scary Boy Names

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Have you become a parent to your newborn baby boy?


Babies bring love and happiness to our lives. Don’t you agree? They are sweet little munchkins that come to our lives as blessings. But that doesn’t mean you cannot choose scary, wicked, and evil boy names for them!

Perhaps you’re someone who is a fan of all things unconventional, eccentric, and slight offbeat. If that’s how you are, then you would surely want to choose a name for your child that is quirky and makes everyone do a double-check.

For example, maybe you read Paradise Lost and found the name ‘Lucifer’ to be enchanting, and let’s face it, it’s not wrong that the name is indeed beautiful despite what transpired with him later on.

Well, unconventional names may raise an eyebrow or two. But it’s your baby, and you can give him whatever name you like! And did I tell you that evil names are in trend these days?

Girls are drawn toward bad boys for ages. And now evil characters are becoming their crush – all thanks to the series and movies that glorify these dark characters! Even I had a huge crush on Damon Salvatore – the evil brother – from “The Vampire Diaries.”

And I always wished to have a boyfriend who is a Vampire, who has got speed, who is strong enough to carry me on his shoulders and take me wherever I want and who can protect me – all thanks to the effects of watching “The Twilight” movie time and again!

When it comes to naming your little prince, I have good news for you! There are tons of evil names for boys that are unique, interesting, and have the kind of meanings that you are looking for.

Scary and Evil Boy Names

Scary and Evil Boy Names

Here, I have come up with a list of some of the scariest, evil, and vampire names for your baby boy. All you need is to choose the one that matches your requirement. Read on.


If you have much knowledge about alcohol, you may already know about the highly alcoholic beverage absinthe, which is an addictive hallucinogenic. It was liked by many famous names in the world of art and literature, including Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemingway.

But did you know that it is used as a name too?

Well, yes. Absinthe is a unique name for your little one. Abby is one of the best nicknames that will go with this name.


The name Azazel originated in Hebrew. The meaning of the name is a scapegoat.

Have you read the Bible?

Then you may have come across this word. According to the Bible, a sin-bearing was sent to Azazel, a lonely place.

According to Islam, Azazel is an angel with physical desires. As a result, he was sent to Earth so that he could have a look at all the difficulties and trials of human life.


This name came from Hindu mythology.

According to it, Asura is a clan that is always on the lookout for power. This power-hungry clan is always in a battle with the gods. They are actually superhuman demigods.


Now, there is a difference of opinions regarding the source of this name.

According to a group of people, Armoni is a name that has Ancient Hebrew origin, and it means palatial. And the name Armaros is the Greek form of that name.

Then there are others who believe that Armaros is the name of one of the fallen angels. It translates to a cursed one.

They also believe that he was among the leaders of the Watchers. The Watchers used to have a watch over the humans on Earth. But, after a time, they lost their morals and took mortal wives. And they are the ones to give knowledge that was forbidden to the mortals.


Did you know that Arioch is the name of a fallen angel?

Later he became a demon. He was full of revenge.

People believe that if you listen to this demon, you will have a life full of sorrow and bitterness. That’s not it. You will be destined to spend your days planning, plotting, and taking revenge on people who you think have caused you pain in some way or the other.


This name has its origin in the Welsh. The meaning of this name is one who lies or is a liar.

Have you played the game “Dungeons and Dragons?”

Then you may be familiar with the name Anwir. In that, there is an ancient blue dragon who is also the head of the state. He is known as Anwir Dupretiskava.


This name is rooted in the Welsh.

It translates to masculine and manly. If you look at the “Dictionary of Demons,” you will find the name Andras there. In that book, it is said that he was the one with the title the “Author of Discord.” He had a body of an angel and the head of a raven. And he rode a black, fierce wolf.


This name has its roots in Hebrew. It holds the meaning of destruction.

Abaddon has its mentions in the Bible.

Did you know that Abaddon was the Angel of the Abyss?

He rules the army of horse-sizes huge locusts. These gigantic locusts have the teeth of a lion, the face of a human, and the tails with scorpion stingers.

Sounds scary?


Are you into demonology?

Then you may have come across the name Aamon. The Marquis of Hell is known as Aamon. Also, he is one of the spirits of Goetia, a demon.

Demonology says Aamon was also known by the title Prince.

So, if you are up for a demonic name that has a meaning with a bit of prestige, Aamon could be the one!


Did you know that there is a legend in Bolivia that says Abchancu is a vampire who can shapeshift?

What he does is take the form of an old and helpless traveler. And if someone stops to help him, he attacks them and drinks their blood.

Scary, isn’t it?


Did I tell you that the name Ahriman is the modern Persian version of “Angra Mainyu?”

The meaning of this name is an evil spirit.

According to an early religion in Iran, the name of the Lord of Darkness and Chaos is Ahriman. He was the reason for all the strife, human disappointment, and confusion.


This Hebrew name translates to grieved by God.

Adab is a Hebrew word, and the name Adbeel is derived from it.

Did I tell you that this name has a mention in the Bible only once? It is the time during the description of Eli’s soul grieving over the death of his family.


This Ancient Egyptian name translates to a prince or a royal child.

According to the “Book of the Dead,” the Guardian of the Scales and the God of Death was Anubis. He was the one to decide if the dead were worthy enough to enter the Underworld.


Did you know that according to the legend of Welsh, a lake monster was named Addanc?

King Arthur killed him. There are many descriptions of his appearance. Some say he was a dwarf. Some say he was a demon. Some say he was a beaver, and then there are others who say he was a crocodile.

He would eat up just anyone who ended up swimming in his lake.

There is no exact location of his dwelling. Some say he used to live in Llyn yr Afanc, while others say that he lived in Llyn Llion.


In Hebrew mythology, Asmodeus was the devil of sensuality and luxury. There were seven princes of hell, and he was one of them.

Have you read the Deuterocanonical Books of Tobit?

In that, he is the main character.

Also, there is a mention of Asmodeus in the legends of Talmudic. The name is taken from the language of Avestan. Aesma translates to wrath, and daeva translates to a demon.

  • BUER

The name Buer is rooted in Germany. The name means temporary dwelling.

Did I tell you how rich of a history this name has?

Buer appeared during the Sagittarius period. It was in the 16th century that Buer became the Great President of Hell.

He was the commander and leader of demons – fifty legions in total. In addition, he had the power to heal all diseases.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


Are you into Slavic mythology?

Then you may know about the name Boruta.

According to it, Boruta, the demon, was in charge of the flora and fauna in the forest. People used to believe that this spirit ruled the forests.

Now, according to Christianity, Boruta is pure evil. He used to kill people who lost their way in the forests. And he did so by tickling them.

Sounds interesting?

You can give this name to your son.


Now, this is a unique name for sure!

The name Bolverkr has its origin in the Old Norse language, and it comes with a wicked meaning. Therefore, the meaning of this name is malefactor or evildoer.

According to mythology, Odin used this name for a summer when he worked for Baugi.

And did I tell you that he did the work of nine men single-handedly in that summer?


Have you watched the movie “Blade?”

I quite liked this superhero horror movie. The name of the main character in that movie is Blade.

It is a unique and cool name for boys.

Coming to its wicked side, it means to boot. It is rooted in the English language. And it means exactly what the name says – Blade.

Also, people say that this is an occupational name for someone who deals with knives.


With Hebrew roots, the name Birsha has an evil meaning. It translates to the son of wickedness.

According to the Bible, Birsha was the king of Gomorrah. Sodom and Gomorrah were the name of the cities that were destroyed by God, as they were full of sins.


As you are searching for evil boy names, Beelzebub would be a great choice for that!

After all, it is an infamous name. As you know, Satan or the devil was known as Beelzebub too. Now, according to the Abrahamic religion, the name of a demon was Beelzebub.


The name Balam has its roots in Semitic culture. It translates to the possessor.

Did you know that Balam is the Prince of Hell?

He is so powerful that he can even start a rebellion! And this demon has three heads –one of a ram, one of a man, and one of a bull. And with these three heads, he can see what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present, and what is going to happen in the future.


In the Hebrew language, the name Belial translates to worthless.

Initially, the term Belial was used as an adjective. But then, it moved on to become a name for the devil.

According to Christianity, when Michael was showing Hell to Jesus’ followers, Belial, along with other six hundred and sixty-six fallen angels, was seen.


Do you want to give your baby a name with a wicked meaning but that sounds trendy? How about Cobra?

This name is common in pop culture. However, this devilish name has its roots in Latin culture, and it has the meaning of snake.

Want to know its meaning in Portuguese?

Well, it is the serpent of the hood. And who doesn’t know about the extremely venomous snake cobra!


This name is taken from Greek culture. The meaning that it has is fierce brightness.

According to Ancient Greek mythology, the ferryman who helped the dead to go towards the Underworld by crossing the River Styx was Charon.

This is the reason why people of Ancient Greek used to put a coin in the dead’s mouths while burring them. This is how they pay Charon for helping to cross the river.


Rooted in the Greek language, the name Cerberus means spotted.

It is the name of the god that guards the gates of the Underworld in Ancient Greek mythology. He doesn’t let the dead escape. So it is often that this dog is called the Hound of Hell.


Did you know that the name Doyle was initially used as a surname in Iran?

The mysterious meaning that it has is the dark stranger. The meaning doesn’t have any mention of something that is plain evil. But you cannot ignore the dark and uncertain vibe, right?


Don’t you think that the name Damien has a certain coolness to it, despite having an evil meaning?

And because of that, I find this name to be pretty appealing! With its Greek origin, it holds the meaning of to subdue and to tame.

Have you watched the movie series “The Omen?”

In that, the name of the Antichrist child was Damien. And it was very scary to watch!


Did you know that in Philistine mythology, Dagon was a devil – a devil of the sea?

People have no clear or definite idea about the exact meaning of this name. However, some say that it means fish or cloudy.

If some evidence is to be believed, Dagon was half man and half fish. Or, you can call him a merman!


The name Dainn has its origin in the Old Norse culture.

The meaning of this name is deceased or dead.

According to Norse mythology, there was a king named Hogni who used to have a sword which was known as Dainn’s legacy.

But, unfortunately, it was a cursed sword. Every time he drew it, it used to kill a person before being sheathed again.


In the Hebrew language, Abigor is a name. And a variation of that name is Eligor. So the meaning that this name has is unwilling.

According to the Christian demonic legend, the name of a demon is Eligor. He was one of the Great Dukes of Hell.

Did I tell you what he sells?

It is the secret that he sells to warriors so that they can win.

And did you know what he gets in return?

It is their souls!

Eligor, the demon, rides a skeletal horse.


The name Furfur sounds cute and fluffy, isn’t it?

But the meaning that it has is just the opposite! It means powerfully evil.

According to Christian demonology, the Earl of Hell is Furfur. He is extremely powerful, and he commands tons of demons.


The name Forneus has its origin in Latin culture. It came from the word “fronts.” And it translates to oven.

Also, it is the name of a sea monster. And did I tell you that this demon Forneus can take the shape of a person?

He gives knowledge of understanding and language.


This name of French origins has a meaning that is unknown to most people.

But let me tell you a story. A French Inquisitor named Sebastien Michaelis once did an exorcism on a nun in order to learn about demonic hierarchies. There he talked to Berith – a demon who gave him some information about Gresill.

According to the demon Berith, Gresill was a demon who was responsible for temptations of impurities in man.


This Hebrew name for boys translates to the wall of God.

There were five leaders among the Watchers, right? The archangel Gadreel was one of them. He was the one to teach humans about weapons and murders.


Rooted in the Hebrew language, Helel translates to bright and shiny.

According to mythology, morning’s son is Helel. Once he flew very high, and as a result, he was thrown into the Underworld. Now, have you read king James’ Bible version?

In that, Helel is known as Lucifer.

  • IPOS

Are you into wicked names that are short? How about Ipos?

This four-letter name belongs to a prince of hell. He is so powerful that he rules above thirty demons. And did I tell you that Ipos has the power to turn people into a more courageous and witty ones?


There is a disagreement regarding the meaning of this name. Some say that this name is rooted in Arabic culture and that the meaning that this name holds is to remain in grief.

According to the Quran, once God ordered all his angels to bow to Adam – his new creation.

But Iblis is the one who refused to do so, as he thought that he was above all humans. This made God furious, and he cast him out of heaven and sent him to Hell.


The name Katla doesn’t sound anything like evil, isn’t it? But it does have some evil associations. It holds the meaning of the cauldron.

There is an Old Norse name, which is Ketill. And Katla is a variant of that name. Now, did I tell you that Ketill was the name of a cauldron that people used in the past to keep the blood of sacrificial animals?

That’s quite creepy, isn’t it?


If you really have a fascination for evil boy names and want to name your baby with one, Lucifer is that one name you cannot miss!

After all, in the Bible, Satan is named Lucifer.

But the story behind this name is different from this in the religious texts of the Middle East.

According to that, the morning star was named Lucifer. And because of this star’s movement, Satan fell from heaven. That is exactly when Lucifer the angel became Lucifer, the devil.

In the Latin language, Lucifer translates to bringing light.


 When you say the name Leviathan, all that comes to mind is fear, power, and all things dark. So this makes it a perfect choice when it comes to evil names for boys.

According to early Christian symbolism, there is a connection between Leviathan and Hellmouth. Also, some say that the image of Leviathan is often used to portray Satan.

Did you know that there were seven Princes of Hell?

Leviathan was one of them.


This name has its roots in literature.

Have you read the famous series of novels “The Vampire Chronicles?”

In that book, Lestat de Lioncourt is a vampire. He is called “The Brat Prince” by his seniors –all thanks to his behavior!


I like names that have at least some connection to mythological stories. If you are someone like me, you might choose the name Morrigan for your baby boy.

According to Irish mythology, Morrigan is a figure that stands for death, victory, and doom in battle. She is said to take the form of a crow, strike fear into the opponents, and encourage warriors to fight bravely.

Morrigan holds the meaning of phantom queen.


The name Morfran is rooted in Welsh culture. It translates to sea crow.

According to Welsh Arthurian legend, an extremely ugly warrior was named Morfran.

The story further says that in the battle, his opponents were afraid to hit him. Why? Because they used to think that he was the devil – all thanks to his extreme ugliness!

And they used to call him Afagddu, which translates to utter darkness.


The name Mammon has its roots in the Bible.

He was a greedy demon. And in Hebrew, the name Mammon holds the meaning of money. But, of course, this is also connected to selfish gains and greediness.


This name has its origins in the Italian language.

Did I tell you how unique of a meaning it has?

Evil tail!

You can find this name in the literature too. For example, have you read the famous novel “Inferno” written by Dante?

In that, Malacoda is the Malebranche leader. They were the evil demons that were in charge of the Eighth Circle of Hell. Their main job was to stop the corrupt politicians from running away from the boiling pot.


 The name Naberius is derived from the name Cerebrus. The meaning that this name holds is spotted.

Also, Naberius is a demon who is very cunning. He has the shape of a dog with three heads and ruled nineteen demonic legions. People first got to know about him in the literary works of the 16th century.


Narfi has its roots in Iceland. It translates to narrow.

According to the legends of the Norse, Narfi was Sigyn and Loki’s son. He was a demon of the dead.

Some say that the Na element in the name Narfi came from “nar” – an Old Norse word that translates to a corpse.

  • NALI

This name originates from an Old Norse word. It translates to a dead person.

An Old Norse poem is Voluspa. In that, it describes the world’s creation. There you get to know about a dwarf Nali – an actual demon of the dead.


Have you watched the classic horror movie Psycho, released in the year 1960? Then you are probably already familiar with the name Norman.

Norman Bates was the seemingly normal man in that movie, who later on turned out to be a psycho killer. He enjoyed killing young and beautiful women in the shower.

This name might not be directly associated with wickedness. But, then, the way the character of Norman is portrayed in that movie, it does make a good choice for an evil name.


Are you into demonology?

Then you may have already come across this name, Orobas. He is a Hell Prince.

Have you watched the movie “Lovely Molly?”

In that, Orobas is a demonic being whose main job is to encourage as well as influence the evil doings of the lead character.


Now, you may think that why the hell is Peter on the list of evil boy names, right?

We all know how common this name is. But, of course, there is a reason why this name has made it to the list of wicked boy names.

Peter has its roots in Greece, and it translates to stone.

According to a story, there was a peasant in Serbia whose name was Peter Plogojowitz. He died in the year 1725.

After his death, he used to visit the villagers. So they unearthed him. When they looked at his body, they saw that his hair and nails had grown. It was after that that they announced him to be a vampire.

And for their safety, the villagers took a stake and drove into him.


Do you like watching horror movies? Have you watched the very popular movie The Exorcist?

Then, the chances are that you are already familiar with the name Regan. It was the name of the demonic image of the principal character Regan MacNeil who was possessed by a demon.

Although this name sounds more like a female name, it can be given to guys too.


This name is rooted in the literature.

Did you know that Lord Ruthven was the first vampire that we get to know of in English literature?

In the novel “Vampyre,” he was the main character.


This name is rooted in the Sanskrit language. The meaning of this name is screamer and roaring.

According to mythology in Sri Lanka, Ravana was a great leader or ruler. But when it comes to Hindu mythology, Ravana is an evil symbol.


Did you know that Radna was a demon in the medieval age?

And he was considered the King of Demons. He is responsible for all the feelings of envy and greediness people have in their hearts.

The more the hearts became corrupted by the desire for power and evil thoughts, the more powerful Randa became.


Isn’t the name Samael attractive?

With roots in Hebrew, this name translates to God’s venom or God’s poison.

Have you heard about this Talmudic lore where you get to know about Samael – a demon. He is an angel of death.

Also, he is the head of Satans. He is the main source of evil, as he is the one because of the downfall of Adam and Eve.

  • SETH

The name Seth has both Hebrew and Greek origins.

Seth translates to dazzle in Hebrew. It is another form of the word Set in Greek. Now, did you know who this Set is?

He is the Egyptian god of violence, storms, and disorder.


This name is derived from the Wintun mythology.

According to it, the name of the creator is Obelbis. He doesn’t want humans to have birth and death. But Sedit is the one to bring death to the race of humans.

And while trying to run away from his fate, he becomes the first one to experience death.


If you are looking for a mysterious name, Shadow is the name for you. There is something about Shadow that makes it sound wicked. After all, there is nothing “light” about a shadow.

You have never heard a horror story where there is nothing mentioned about shadows, right?

This unsettling name has an edge to it, which makes it appealing to parents looking for creepy names.


This name has multiple meanings. Some of them are an abyss, smoke, and whirlwind.

In “Infernal Names,” – a document that contains a list of names used in Satanic rituals, Typhon is the name of the Devil.

Some say that Typhon is the Egyptian god Set.


This name is rooted in Yiddish culture. It has the meaning of the devil.

People use Teivel mostly as a last name, but it is also used as a first name.

Want a name that means devil for your baby boy?

Teivel is the one!

  • UBEL

The name Ubel has its roots in Germany. This German word has the meaning of evil.

Now, this name doesn’t have much of a complex and devilish story behind it. It is a name just the way you see it – with no such intricate history or mythological connection.

So, if you are up for a short name without much drama, go for this name!


Did I tell you that the evil name Zagan made it to the list of the most popular boys’ names in the year 2019?

Well, yes!

According to demonology, Zagan was a fallen angel. And he was one of the many servants of Lucifer.


Aiden is the variation of the name Aidan. It’s an Irish name whose meaning is ‘born of fire’ or ‘the fiery one.’ Hence possessing Gaelic roots, the name comes from Aodh, the God of the Underworld in Irish mythology.


Remember Albus Dumbledore from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series? The warm and wise headmaster of Hogwarts who was almost like a parental figure to Harry?

If you delve into the books carefully, you will notice that this sweet character also has some grey shades.

So, for the lovers of fiction, Albus can be quite a wicked name for your child.

  • ASH

When we hear the term ‘ashes,’ it automatically gives us goosebumps, does it not? From this word comes the name Ash, which refers to sinister qualities and something that just jumps out of a horror novel.

This is what makes it a perfect choice for your baby boy.


Baron is a name of English origin. The name means ‘someone noble.’ The reason this is a great evil name is that it reminds one of the romance novels where the man is a broody, grumpy character.

  • BRAM

Bram Stoker is the name of the Irish author who wrote the very popular and beloved novel Dracula, on whom several other movies and pieces of literature have been created.

As someone who created one of the most memorable villains of all time, it’s only fair that his name is considered evil for a little boy.

  • CAIN

Cain is the name of one of the first two sons of Adam and Eve, as is seen in the biblical Book of Genesis. Cain was a farmer who ended up murdering his brother, Abel since God favored his sacrifice over Cain’s.

If you know Biblical stories, you know exactly why Cain is a perfectly evil name for anyone.


Corbin is a name that has British roots. It comes from the Anglo-Norman word corb, which means ‘crow.’ Crows have almost always had a bad reputation, and their association with this name makes it doubly evil and scary.

  • KAZ

Who doesn’t love a bad boy and a grey character, right?

Kaz Brekker happens to be the name of the main man in the Six of Crows duology written by Leigh Bardugo, and the fun part is that he isn’t a normal protagonist who always does the right thing.

Instead, he is clever, wicked, cunning, and deliciously dark, so he is the perfect character to borrow for your little boy.


Julian tends to remind us of the name Julius Caesar, which is also the name of a Shakespearean play that is filled with drama, mystery, murder, and all things evil. This is what adds further mystique to the name Julian.

Possessing Greek roots, it’s indeed a fabulous name in the modern era as well.


Almost all of us remember obsessing over The Vampire Diaries. However, who is the one character whom everyone loves? It was Damon Salvatore, of course, who was so brilliantly portrayed by the actor Ian Somerhalder.

Damon was the one who wasn’t afraid of doing the bad thing, and it’s this bad boy image that helps him become a part of this list.

  • DEAN

Dean Winchester is the name of one of the Winchester brothers in the famous and loved series, Supernatural.

He is the one who saves his family, fights for them, and isn’t afraid to head to the bad side if that’s what it takes to save the world.

Who wouldn’t want to name their son after this handsome man, after all?


If you grew up reading Harry Potter, chances are you vividly remember Draco Malfoy, the wicked boy from Slytherin who was always after Harry’s life.

However, thanks to Tom Felton’s handsome appearance, we all grew a soft spot for him, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t evil.

It’s that evil Slytherin side that enables him to become a part of this list.


When Draco is mentioned, his father can not be far behind, and we’re talking about none other than Lucius Malfoy. Even the thought of that silver blonde hair and evil grin makes chills run down anyone’s spine.

Why not give your child this evil and weirdly sexy name, then?

  • POE

Edgar Allan Poe was the writer and poet who wrote scary, mystical, and super intriguing stories and poems that are famous for being memorable due to their horror element. His association with the name, Poe, makes it evil.


Speaking of Poe, The Raven is the name of one of his most popular poems that creates such a spooky ambiance that the readers can’t help but feel slightly scared.

So, why not name your boy after this majestic creature, which is also an ode to Poe’s poem, right?


Remus Lupin was the sweet character in Harry Potter who turned into a werewolf whenever there was a full moon. If you, too, want to give a name to your boy, that means they possess eclectic qualities with a side of evil, then Remus is a perfect choice.


Salem might be a city in Massachusetts, but it’s famous for another thing as far as history or mythology is concerned. We’re talking about the witch trials, of course.

Keeping this eerie background in mind, it is a wicked name for a little fella.


Anyone who has read Harry Potter or watched the movies could cry at the mention of Sirius Black, who was Harry’s godfather. However, before he knew he was a good man, everyone was misled to believe he was a villain.

This delightful little confusion is what makes Sirius a perfectly evil name.


If you’re a fan of the Marvel movies and have watched all the films in the Avengers series, you are aware of the main villain, Thanos, and the havoc he wreaks on multiple planets.

We’re pretty sure there is no other explanation needed as to why Thanos is a terrifying name.

  • LOKI

Anyone following the actor Tom Hiddleston’s career for years knows that the one character he will always be remembered for is Loki, the brother of Thor and the God of Mischief.

Do you even need more reasons why you must name your child Loki?


Why go for something dull and common when you can choose something that’s unique and will stand out, right? Hold the same thought while picking a name for your little boy.

Most of these evil boy names have a rich and powerful history behind them. So choose one of these unconventional names to make your baby boy stand out from the crowd.

So, which wicked name did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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