40 Classic Baby Names: Timeless and Enduring Names for Your Precious Bundle

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As parents, we have a lot of responsibilities toward our kids, isn’t it? And choosing the perfect name for them is one of those responsibilities.

Now, when it comes to names, different parents have different criteria.

Some want names with a specific meaning, letter, or vibe, and some want names from a particular origin, and the list goes on.

If you are someone who is looking for names that are classic and have stood the test of time, this post is for you.

Classic names have a different kind of charm. They were first used in the old days, and some even date back to the BC period. But those names were such that they have their charm intact even to this day.

I know many parents who love that kind of name for their kids. They want to give their babies a name that will always be evergreen, no matter their age, just as their love for their kids.

Also, few parents like vintage names because there is a rare possibility of other kids in your kid’s class carrying the same name.

So, I have come up with a list of the best classic baby names for your boys and girls. Go through it, and I know you will be able to find the most suitable name for your little bundle of joy.

The Best Classic Baby Names of All Time

Classic names are such that they never go out of fashion. In fact, those are the names where the line “old is gold” fits perfectly.

And as they say, old wine tastes better; the same goes for classic names.

I like vintage names myself. I think there is a kind of mysteriousness and history attached to those names. This makes them all the more attractive.

Now, I know how time-consuming the task of selecting a name is from my own experience. And so, to make things easy for you, I have listed down the best names in history.

Also, I have made different sections for girl, boy, and unisex names. I hope this will help you.

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Classic Baby Names for Boys

Classic Baby Names for Boys

Did I tell you how girls love to date guys who have charming names apart from their other characteristics?

That is where classic names win the race. And I must add charm is the other word for classic names. And can anyone ignore the vintage vibe they have?

Keeping that in mind, I have dedicated this section to classic names meant for boys.

  • Arthur

Arthur is a name you have heard or read in novels for ages. And not to mention how famous of a king he was in England. It has its roots in the Celtic language. People say that is taken from the word bear.

This name got its highest popularity during the 1950s, after which it was not much used. But again, these days, parents are opting for this classic boy name.

  • George

If you are into politics, you may know how frequently the name George has been carried by famous politicians, including George W. Bush. Also, it’s the name of England’s patron saint.

If you ask me, I first came across this name in my childhood while watching George of the Jungle. The translation of George is a farmer.

  • Oliver

Oliver is a name that has stood the test of time and continues to be on the list of the most demanding names. This name is taken from an olive tree and holds the meaning of an ancestor. This makes it a great choice if you want to honor someone in your family.

Many famous personalities carry this name, including the English Statesman Oliver Cromwell. Also, there is a popular novel named Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens.

  • Harry

This name reminds me of Harry Potter. And I will not be wrong if I say that the popularity of this name reached its peak since the release of Harry Potter books and movies. It is a variation of the name Henry.

No matter how old-school this name is, it has managed to keep its charm intact through all these years.

  • Jacob

I’m a huge fan of the Twilight movie series, and I have watched them so many times that I have lost count. In that very popular movie series, Jacob is the name of one of the lead male characters who play the role of a werewolf.

All girls who are fans of this movie series are gaga over this name, all thanks to their obsession with the character. Jacob translates to supplanter.

  • Charlie

The name Charlie has a vintage charm to it. It has a regal vibe to it and sounds like the name of someone from a royal and rich family. It holds the meaning of a free man.

I remember this name from the movie series Charlie’s Angels.

  • Archie

This name reminds me of my childhood days when I used to spend hours reading the Archies comics. You can give this name to your son if you are an Archies fan or want him to be brave. It holds the meaning of very bold.

And did I tell you that Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle have named their son Archie?

  • Jago

This is an uncommon name with a classic vibe to it. Originating in the Cornish language, Jago translates to supplanter. This name is a variation of the name Jacob. If you like the meaning, you can choose any one between the two.

This dashing name will fit your handsome baby boy well.

  • Edward

Edward Cullen is a name that is known to almost all girls today, especially the ones who are a fan of the Twilight movie series. This is the name of the lead vampire character in the movie, played by the oh-so-hot Robert Pattinson.

Edward holds the meaning of a rich guard.

  • Ned

If you are into short classic names, you can go for Ned. This three-letter word sounds super trendy, no matter how old-fashion it actually is.

It holds the meaning of guardian of the riches. This can be a great name for your baby boy if you want him to become rich when he grows up.

  • Frank

This is a common name that people used back in the day. And so, it’s common for us to have at least one uncle with this name. Well, I have two! Frank sounds like the name of someone jolly and easy to approach. It holds the meaning of a free man.

A common nickname that goes well with this name is Frankie.

  • Stanley

This name oozes charm! Stanley has a posh vibe that makes it a favorite among parents who love vintage names.

It was a sought-after name in the old times, but today, although it has become slightly less used, parents are still opting for it. Stanley holds the meaning of a rocky meadow.

  • Brian

Brian is a name of Celtic origin. It has a certain attractiveness to it that makes you fall for it. Yes, it is an old name, but it is still used in the USA and other parts of the world by many.

Did you know that a high king of Ireland carried the name Brian?

  • Derek

If you want your little prince to be a people person who thinks about the good of others, Derek would be a good name for him. This name has its roots in the German language and is taken from the name Theodoric.

It holds the meaning of “people’s ruler.”

  • Ian

Ian Somerhalder is one of my favorite actors. I fell for him after watching him play the role of Damon Salvatore in the series The Vampire Diaries. It has its roots in the Scottish language and is a variation of the very common name John.

Ian holds the meaning of favored by God.

  • Kenneth

Is your baby boy already so good-looking that he has received tons of compliments for it? Then Kenneth would be a perfect name for him.

This name has a sexy vibe that makes it all the more attractive. Originating in the Gaelic language, Kenny or Ken could be a good nickname. It means handsome.

Classic Baby Names for Girls

Classic Baby Names for Girls

When it comes to names for girls, classic names that ooze elegance and charm are always in demand. Those names have a certain kind of feminity that is liked by all.

So, the following are the name of some of the most elegant and classy names for girls.

  • Amelia

Such melodious this name is!

Amelia has a beautiful feminine vibe to it. It sounds like the name of a girl who is calm and elegant.

Have you read Othello by Shakespeare? Amelia is the name of an important character in it.

If you want your baby girl to work hard and achieve all her dreams, Amelia would be a great fit for her. It holds the meaning of “hard-working.”

  • Rose

Are you a religious person and want your baby girl’s name to have at least some connection to religion? How about the name Rose?

23rd August is the Saint Day for Saint Rose Lima.

This name was highly popular during the 20th century, and today, although it is not much use, it still has its charm intact. Rose stands for the flower rose.

  • Olivia

Have you read Twelfth Night by Shakespeare? There Olivia is one of the main characters.

Since then, this name has been in the heart and minds of parents. Even today, parents are obsessed with this gorgeous name. It has got all the awesomeness it needs and holds the meaning of an olive tree.

  • Lili

Are you into flower names?

Then the chances are that you will like the name Lili for your baby girl. It is feminine and has got the elegance and attractiveness that are characteristics of flowery names.

Another spelling of this name is Lily.

  • Grace

This is such a graceful name! I like the vibe of this name a lot. It sounds like the name of some elegant and graceful girl, just as the name itself says.

In the early days of the 20th century, Grace was a hugely popular name. If you want your baby girl to have a pure heart, you can name her Grace. It holds the meaning of beauty and goodness.

  • Isabel

Some names are such that no matter the time and age, they will never fail to mesmerize people with its charm.

Isabel is one such name. It sounds super sweet and has its roots in the Spanish language. If you like the name Elizabeth but would like to go for a variation of it, Isabel is the name for you.

This name came to light in the 18th century and is still liked by many parents looking for classic names.

  • Mabel

Your baby girl is the dearest to you, right? Why not choose a name that stands for something similar?

Mabel is a traditional name that has its roots in the Latin language. The popularity of this name was at its peak during the Victorian era. It holds the meaning of dear or lovable.

  • Blanche

If you want your little sunshine to carry a name that will only be hers in her classroom, the very elegant name Blanche is the one for you.

It has that edge in it that makes it a perfect combination of modern and vintage. Originating in the French language, Blanche holds the meaning of white.

  • Dorothy

No list of classic names is complete without the name Dorothy in it. Such is its charm even today. This used to be a common girl name in the old days.

I consider myself blessed to have given birth to my little angel. And as a mother, I think you pretty much feel the same for your girl, isn’t it? Dorothy is the right name to give your daughter if you want to put a stamp of approval on that special feeling, as it translates to a gift from God.

  • Clementine

Do you want your baby girl to be polite and compassionate?

Clementine is the name to go for. This name has a lyrical vibe to it with a girly tone. It sounds like the name of an educated and royal girl.

Clementine holds the meaning of mild and merciful.

  • Edith

Edith sounds quite similar to another classic name Judith. If you want your girl to always be in the good book of God, go for this name.

It sounds super classy and posh and holds the meaning of blessed and rich. A great nickname that will go with this name is Edi.

  • Audrey

This name reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, the very famous actress greatly known for her charm and good looks.

If you want your daughter to grow up brave, who can fight for what is right, Audrey would be a good choice. It holds the meaning of strong.

  • Stella

My daughter is the star of my life. She is the one because of whom there is never a dull moment in my life.

If you feel the same for your little angel, how about you choose a name that could mean that? Stella is one such name. It sounds like the name of a pretty girl. This classic name holds the meaning of a star.

  • Jean

Jean is a vintage name that is only becoming more popular every year, especially among parents who are into traditional names.

It has that old-school vibe that makes it all the more irresistible. Jean holds the meaning that God is gracious.

  • Daisy

Daisy is a name that will always be on my list of favorite names. I like flowery names as they bring happiness to your soul. And Daisy is one such flower name.

If you are also a fan of flower names, you can choose Daisy for your little sunshine. There are so many famous personalities carrying this name. Indian actress Daisy Shah is one of them.

  • Jacqueline

This is a name that will never become old. It is the feminine form of the male name Jacob.

Henry V had a French sister-in-law. She is the one to bring this gorgeous name to England. It was at its peak popularity in the USA and other parts of the world during the 1920s.

It holds the meaning of the disciple of Jesus. A famous personality with this name is Jacqueline Fernandez, an actress from Sri Lanka.

Gender Neutral Classic Baby Names

Gender Neutral Classic Baby Names

Gender neutrality is what people are looking for these days. And so, a list of names is never complete without some gender-neutral names. What do you think?

The best thing about these names is that you don’t have to worry about what gender they will fit, as both boys and girls can use them. Also, I like how trendy these names sound despite being old-school.

  • Blake

This name reminds me of one of my favorite actresses Blake Lively. True to her name, I actually find her very lively and approachable. Although an actress carries the name, you can give it to your son, too, thanks to its unisex vibe.

This old but gold name holds the meaning of dark and handsome.

  • Tristan

The name Tristan is the hero in the book Tristan and Iseult. Also, it has its mention in Arthurian legends. It sounds like the name of a stylish man or woman. It has a romantic vibe, which can make girls and guys fall for the person carrying this name.

Tristan holds the meaning of noise.

  • Ashley

Ashley is a vintage name that can be carried by both girls and boys. It has a dashing vibe that makes it all the more attractive to parents looking for vintage names.

It is popular not only in USA and Canada but also in other countries. Ashley holds the meaning of the Ash tree meadow.

  • Ashton

Now, who doesn’t know about Ashton Kutcher?

This American actor and heartthrob of many is popular for his roles in movies such as What Happens in Vegas, Just Married, and No Strings Attached.

Ashton is a unisex name; thus, it can be given to both boys and girls. You can choose the name Ash as a nickname with this first name.

  • Finn

Are you into Irish mythology?

Then the chances are that you have come across the name Finn. According to Irish mythology, Finn MacCool was the greatest hero of all time. But you can give this name to your girl, too, as it is a gender-neutral name.

  • Ray

If you are into short names, the chances are that you will like the name Ray.

This three-letter name has multiple origins. While some say that it has its roots in the French language, others are of the belief that it is taken from the English language.

While its English meaning is Roe deer, it means king in French.

  • Glen

Glen is such a name that oozes happiness. It sounds like the name of some happy-go-lucky kind of guy or girl. It can work as a nickname, too, for girls whose names are Glenda and Glenys.

It holds the meaning of “from the valley.”

  • Noel

Is your baby born during Christmas? Do you want to give them a festive name to match their time of birth? Noel would be a good option in that case. It sounds like the name of a classy and posh guy or girl.

Noel holds the beautiful meaning of Christmas, and it has its roots in the French language.


I hope you liked my list of the best classic baby names for all genders. These names are timeless, as I said earlier. And so you don’t have to worry about them getting outdated.

Which names did you shortlist? Do you want me to add more names to this list?

Tell me in the comments!

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