22 Good Hobbies for Kids to Pick Up

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One of the most common questions asked to get to know someone is, what are your hobbies. For most kids, they can probably name a sport or playing video games, but it might take them a minute to think of some other hobbies they have. This summer, introduce your kids to some of these fun and unique hobbies for kids that they might love! 

What is a hobby?

A hobby is an activity that you do in your spare time. This can be fun, relaxing, or just something that they love to do. Usually, through hobbies, your kids will take part in physical, social, or emotional growth as they pursue something they love. 

The importance of hobbies

Hobbies are fun and enjoyable to kids. 

  1. When kids have hobbies, it helps eliminate boredom because they always have something to do. 
  2. When kids are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, they are able to turn to something they love quickly to relieve the stress. 
  3. It helps teach them new skills that can be beneficial later in life.
  4. It helps them express creativity. 
  5. It helps them try new ideas.

How to help your kids choose a hobby?

How to help your kids choose a hobby?

With so many things to do, when you tell your kids to learn a new hobby, they might not know where to even begin. Please help them by directing them to different things that they might like. When helping your child choose a hobby, think of these things. 

  • Create a list with your child of things that they like or that they think they might like. 
  • Suggest things that are similar to interests they currently have that they can expand on. 
  • Talk about your kid’s strengths and use these to suggest some hobbies. 
  • Be sure you are not overly pushy to get your child to try things. Let them direct what they choose. 

22 Great Hobbies for Kids That Don’t Cost An Arm and A Leg

# Arts and Crafts Hobbies for Kids

1. Photography

Photography hobby for kids

Photography is a hobby that your child can learn that they can do forever. As a child, they can start by taking pictures of friends, family, animals, and nature to perfect their skills. They can even take a simple beginner photography course. 

This is a skill that can turn into so many different jobs later on like a professional photographer, a food photographer, or they can even sell their artwork to others. 

2. Painting

Arts and Crafts Hobbies for Kids

When kids are little, they have a love for painting. This can be water coloring, fingerpainting, or even painting on canvases. Whatever form of painting they choose, they can use this to relieve all kinds of stress. There are usually lots of fun art classes at local craft stores throughout the summer that the kids can go and do to get better. 

3. Scrapbooking


Kids love to create memories and take pictures of them. So why not let them document all the fun memories by creating a fun scrapbook. Nowadays, you can do this with paper or even digitally. 

4. Sewing

Sewing hobby

When I was 8 my grandma taught me to sew. I made my very first blanket which I gave to her, which she had until the day she died. Since then, I have made baby gifts, blankets, and all kinds of things with my sewing machine. Teaching kids to sew is a skill they will never regret having. It is also an inexpensive hobby for kids because someone is always giving away scraps of fabric for you to practice on. 

5. Crocheting


If your child is looking for a hobby that they can do to just pass the time, have them learn crocheting. They can create blankets, hats, clothes, or even kitchen dishcloths. This is one of those hobbies that it seems less and fewer people are learning, which makes it even more valuable to learn. 

6. Origami


Origami is a fun hobby for kids, and it only requires some paper. With so many beginner origami lessons online, they can be creating all kinds of creations in no time. 

7. Sketching


Sketching can be very relaxing for kids. This allows kids to be super creative with some paper and some nice pencils. As kids sketch, they will be developing their fine motor skills, all while developing their imagination. 

8. Soapmaking


Another fun hobby for kids is soapmaking. With so many fun kits out there, this is an easy skill that will help encourage them to want to shower even more to use their soap they made! 

9. Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making

There are so many different jewelry activities that your kids can make. The sky is the limit with this hobby, and once they make their creations, they can turn around and sell them! 

# Outdoor Hobbies for Kids

10. Gardening

Outdoor Hobbies for Kids

Gardening is a lifelong hobby that is perfect for teaching your kids. Start by allowing your kids to help determine where and what you will plant in the garden. Will they choose flowers or vegetables? Once you prep the soil, allow them to plant the seeds or plants in the ground. Teach them to tend to the ground by pulling the weeds as well as keeping the plants watered. 

Over time your child will get to see the fruits of their labor as the flowers bloom and as they pick the vegetables. 

This is one of those skills that, when taught at a young age it will be useful forever. 

11. Woodworking

Woodworking hobbies

I am so grateful my husband learned woodworking when he was young. This has helped us save so much money on things because he was able to build them rather than pay someone else to build them. 

To begin teaching your child woodworking, first, teach them how to hammer a nail and then go on from there. Start with simple projects like bookends and birdhouses, and who knows, one day they might be able to frame you a shed in the yard for all your yard equipment. 

12. Stargazing

Stargazing Hobby

Grab a telescope and stargaze. This is the perfect hobby to do during the summer as the summer skies are usually pretty clear. As your kids develop this hobby, they can learn and find all the different constellations throughout the sky. 

# Indoor Hobbies for Kids

13. Baking


Baking is a skill that, when learned early, can really benefit kids! Let your kids experiment in the kitchen by following recipes and practicing measuring ingredients. As they bake, they are practicing basic math and seeing science happen in real life. 

This hobby will serve them well for their whole life as they cook for their family as well as other fun things they can do like have their own cooking show or start a baking blog!

14. Writing


Kids have some of the best imaginations, so why not encourage them to write. They can write in a journal, write short stories, or whatever they come up with! 

Turn some of their writing into fun short storybooks. 

Writing will not only help them in school but can also turn into a great career! 

15. Magic


What kid wouldn’t love to do magic? Grab a simple magic kit or watch some fun magi videos, and your kids can create their very own magic show. 

16. Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument

No adult ever looks back and regrets learning how to play a musical instrument. Whether it is the piano or a violin or some other instrument, it is a great hobby for kids that they can easily do their entire life. With free music lessons online, they can start learning very beginner skills without it costing a dime after getting an instrument. 

17. Collecting


Perhaps your child wants to start a collection. Perhaps they love baseball cards or football cards or want to collect old coins or really cool rocks. Starting a collection is a fun way to collect memories from places you have been. 

# Hobbies that Get you Moving

18. Yoga

I love that they have come out with so many fun, free kids Yoga videos online. Yoga is a great way to help with mindfulness and help your child relax when feeling anxious.

19. Dancing


Dancing is a great hobby that not only they will love but will help them get all kinds of energy out! Introduce them to some fun dance games for kids for even more fun!

20. Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

If you have a horseriding facility nearby, maybe they will enjoy horseback riding.  

21. Soccer


Soccer is a hobby for kids that is a must. It helps develop hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and so many more valuable life lessons. While they are not practicing with their team, they can still go outside with a soccer ball and kick it around practice scoring and dribbling. 

22. Swimming


If you have a pool or a local community pool, maybe your child would like to develop a hobby in swimming. This is not only perfect for helping them cool off all summer long, but it is really great exercise. 

What other hobbies for kids would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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