45 Easy & Delicious Baby Shower Food Ideas

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So, you’ve decided on your baby shower theme, roped in a few friends and family to help out, and set a date. Now, what about those crucial baby shower snacks and refreshments?

If you’re anything like me, you want to entertain in style, but not spend hours slaving away in the kitchen! After all, if you’re a new mom or mom-to-be, the last thing you need is the extra slog.

No, you need some delicious, party-worthy, yet easy foods to serve to your guests! On top of this, I’m sure you’re aware that there are certain things you should avoid eating while pregnant.

Crossing out some of these typical party snacks may leave you wondering what to serve, though? Not to worry, here are some of the best easy and safe baby shower food ideas!

The Best Baby Shower Food Ideas

From savory to sweet, wholesome to sneaky treat, here are the best foods to serve on the day! Feel free to adapt these baby shower food ideas to your tastes, allergies, and food preferences.

Savory Nibbles

Usually, main meals aren’t served at baby showers. Much like kids’ parties, the focus is on plenty of finger foods and snacks, such as these delightful savory baby shower food ideas!

A Savory Meditteranean Platter

A delicious platter is an effortless way to please peckish guests! Instead of going the soft cheese and preserves route, though, opt for a cheese and meat-free Mediterranean spread.

Lay out tempting bruschetta, pita, sundried tomato and olive tapenades, hummus, and baba ganoush dips. Pasteurized cheeses, including feta, are fine, too – just make sure they are safe!

This type of nutritious snack platter is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and milk, fish, and egg allergy sufferers, too. You can also commonly find these spreads and pre-made bread at a deli!

Vegan Sushi

If you love your sushi, but can’t have unsafe raw fish, then vegan sushi is the perfect option! You can buy it pre-made or make it yourself with sushi ricenori seaweed, veggies, and avo!

Mini Quiches

Properly cooked meat and eggs, as well as pasteurized dairy, are on the menu for pregnant ladies. So, why not enjoy some rich, creamy well-cooked mini quiches in a variety of flavors?

Nacho Chips, Salsa & Guacamole

Mexican options, such as nachos, tacos, and quesadillas, also make wonderful party foods. Simply serve your nacho chips in bowls with store-bought guacamole and salsa on the side.

Chicken Wings & Ranch

Snack on some tasty chicken wings with your choice of a safe, pasteurized ranch dressing or another dip. Include some meat-free wings in your spread for the vegan and vegetarian guests.

Asian Appetizers

Mix things up with some interesting options such as gyoza, mooncakes, dim sum, or Vietnamese summer rolls. Just be sure to opt for safe meat fillings and avoid seafood.

Cheese Pinwheels

A party classic, the delightful cheese pinwheel is the perfect party treat. Fill them with pasteurized cheese, spinach, bacon, sundried tomato, or your favorite accompaniment!

Bacon-Wrapped Glace Cherries

Treat guests with this crunchy, sweet, and savory combo. Simply wrap whole glace cherries in bacon, pin in place with a toothpick, and bake until the bacon is well-cooked and crispy! 

Sweets Treats

A baby shower just wouldn’t be the same without a table full of some decadent sweet treats! Most of these baby shower food ideas are available pre-packaged, too!

A Chocolate Selection

Lay out some delightful filled chocolates that match your baby shower theme and colors. You could even custom order or make your own to match your theme.

Your Favorite Candy

Include some of your childhood candy favorites for a special, nostalgic feel. Circus PeanutsBertie Botts BeansRing PopsRock Candy, and Flying Saucers are all great choices!

Fancy Chocolate-Covered Fruit

Melt good quality chocolate in a double-boiler. Then, skewer and dip strawberries, cherries, pieces of banana, orange segments, or your fruit of choice in it, set aside to cool, and decorate. 

Chocolate Bark

Buy pre-made bark or try your hand at making some yourself. You can whip up any flavor you like, including peppermint, pretzel, nut, fruit, or mixed bark with white, milk, and dark chocolate.

Choc-Dipped Meringues

Buy pre-made meringues, dip them in melted chocolate, and then colored sprinkles to match your baby shower theme! You can even get cute, colored meringues to fit your party colors!


Make or buy cute macarons to serve to your guests. You can even purchase or make vegan-friendly ones with whipped aquafaba (chickpea water).

Cakes & Bakes

A baby shower snack table wouldn’t be complete without some baked goods. Make sure to lay out some of these easy to make or buy cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and cookies! 

Sugar Cookies

Iced sugar cookies are a lovely treat that your guests may not actually want to devour! Get some custom made for your baby shower, or make them yourself if you have the skills!

Gender-Reveal Cupcakes or A Showstopper Cake

Every baby shower needs a centerpiece! Perhaps a gender reveal cake is just the thing? If you’re not doing a gender reveal, you could still serve some pretty cupcakes or a stunning cake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most loved baked goods! They go down well for any occasion. Treat guests with home-made or store-bought cookies with fruit and nuts, too!

Brownies or Blondies

Another two chocolaty classics are the humble-yet-irresistible brownie and blondie. You can also add your own choice of nuts, fruit, and other yummy ingredients to yours!

Petit Fours

If you’re going for an upmarket, high-tea style baby shower, consider petit fours. These cute, mini, bite-sized French cakes will delight your guests, especially those with a sweet tooth!

Baked Mini Cheesecakes

Bite-sized cheesecakes are a tasty treat – simply top with a coulis made from berries or tropical fruit! Just make sure to use or get ones made from a pasteurized cream cheese.

Millionaires Shortbread

I love a good millionaire’s shortbread! The thick layer of chocolate, decadent creamy caramel middle, and crumbly shortbread bottom is a divine combination!

Danish Pastries

Danish pastries may be complicated to make. However, you can buy these pre-made and heat them on the day. Or, you can cheat and make them with puff pastry, jam, and an egg-wash!

No-Bake Snacks

No-bake snacks are some of the easiest to prepare! Despite this, they’re still equally (or even more) delicious than baked goods. Try some of these cute no-bake baby shower food ideas.

Date Balls

Date balls are one of my favorite no-bake recipes. Mix together melted butter, chopped dates, and crumbled Maria Cookies. Then, form into balls, roll in desiccated coconut, and cool. 

No-Bake Slices

No-bake slices are easy to make and packed full of flavor. There are many no-bake slices and bar recipes to make, including Nutella, lemon, Licorice Allsort, and Rocky Road options!

Mini Mousse Cups

Whip up your own white, dark, or milk chocolate mousse, pour into cups, and chill them in your fridge. You can also make other mousse flavors, such as lemon, strawberry, and Nutella!

Chocolate Clusters

Making chocolate clusters is so much fun! Choose the chocolate you like best, melt, mix in your choice of fruit and nuts, and spoon into greased cups or on a greased baking sheet to set.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a baby shower classic. Order them custom made or have fun making them yourself with lolly sticks, crumbled cake, colorful melted Candy Melts, and sprinkles or glitter!

For the Kids

If you have young kids attending your baby shower, you might need to cater to their palates, too. With little tikes in mind, here are some kid-friendly baby shower food ideas!


Pop open a few bags of chips, place them in bowls, and let the kids pick out their favorites. You can set out some dips, too. Baby shower snacks for kids and adults don’t get much easier!

Trail Mix

Trail mix is an easy way to ensure kids (and adults) don’t gorge themselves on too much sweet stuff. Buy some pre-made trail mix or create your own with pretzels, nuts, M&M’s, and other bits.

Ice Cream Cones

Ice-cream is the perfect cold treat for hot days. Buy a carton or two of favorite ice-cream flavors, like chocolate and strawberry, and some sugar cones, and serve on the day.

Candied Popcorn

Another easy treat for kids is candied popcorn. You can even get colored candy popcorn that matches your baby shower colors! There are also flavored savory popcorns available.

Mini Pizzas

Mini pizzas are easy to buy pre-made, cook, and eat! Simply pop some in the oven and serve. The adult guests might even want in on these!

Chicken Nuggets and Dips

All that sugar and carbs might leave kids lacking in vital protein. So, add some chicken nuggets & dips. These days, you can also find delicious vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free nuggets.

Candy Floss

Candy floss is a lovely way to pretty up your baby shower snack table – and kids are delighted by it! Get a candy floss machine or buy some in a shade that matches your baby shower colors. 

Healthy Bites

All that sugar, salt, carbs, and fat may leave you feeling a bit nauseous. Don’t worry; these healthy baby shower food ideas will keep the morning sickness and acid reflux at bay!

Crudites & Dip

Raw veggies are packed full of vitamins and delicious with a good dip! Match your favorites like carrots, celery, and cucumber with hummus, guacamole, or pasteurized cream cheese dips.

Fruit Cups

Cut up various ripe fruits and sprinkle with lemon juice to preserve. Then, place them in eco-friendly disposable paper cups for guests to snack on. 

Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs are a healthy snack to serve. Eggs are a source of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron. Just make sure to cook your eggs hard-boiled.


Whip up a salad or two to get your greens in. You don’t have to go for the standard garden salad, either. 

Try out a unique recipe, like pasta salad, chopped Thai salad, or bacon pea salad! Just make sure your salad and dressings are free from raw egg and unpasteurized dairy to be safe.

Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps are an easy, gluten-free snack to make. I mean, you don’t even need to make the wraps! Simply wash your lettuce leaves and fill them with chicken-mayo, slaw, or another filling.

Frozen Fruit Pops

Frozen fruit popsicles made from 100% fruit juice are a healthy alternative to ice-cream. Just make sure they are made with pure, pasteurized, unsweetened fruit juices.

Soft Nut Cheeses & Crackers

Nut cheeses are a tasty, healthy, omega, mineral, and vitamin-rich alternative to traditional unpasteurized soft cheeses. Pair with your go-to morning sickness snack – the humble cracker!

Refreshing Beverages

There’s no need to feel sad about a lack of wine, champagne, or cocktails. These non-alcoholic baby shower drink ideas are just as delightful and refreshing!

Baby Shower-Friendly Celebratory Drinks – Mocktails

Mocktails are simply cocktails without alcohol (which doesn’t always add to the taste, anyway). Simply whip up your favorite cocktail minus the tipple to create a yummy mocktail – and enjoy!

Non-Alcoholic Champers – Sparkling Apple Juice

My go-to celebratory drink for kids and tipple-free guests is delicious sparkling apple juice served in a champagne glass. It even comes in glass bottles and flavors like pear or cranberry

Hot Day Refreshments – Iced Teas

A tall, cool glass of iced tea is a sight for sore eyes, especially on hot days. You can choose what type of tea, as well as the flavor you want to make. Or, just serve pre-made iced tea!

Easy Coolers – Soft Drinks

The easiest and simplest drinks to serve at any occasion are undoubtedly soft drinks. Choose your favorites, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Mountain Dew. 

Healthy Hydrators – Flavored Waters

Fill a big glass jar or jug with cold water, ice cubes, and sliced produce of your choice. You can put in lemon, cucumber, or strawberries slices, mint sprigs, or even a sliced vanilla pod!

Hot Drinks – Tea, Coffee, & Chai Self-Serve

If you live in a chilly climate, you might want to opt for hot drinks, including coffee, hot cocoa, tea, or even chai tea. Lay out all the fixings and cups next to an electric water-heating urn.

Guide to Buying Safe Pre-Made Baby Shower Foods

The best baby shower food ideas are options that are safe for you to consume while pregnant. Follow these tips to ensure you lay out a suitable spread for yourself and your guests.

  • Check that any dairy or egg-containing foods, such as dips, sauces, desserts, and cheeses are made with pasteurized eggs or dairy.
  • Opt for pasteurized fruit and veggie juice to protect yourself from listeria, too.
  • Don’t purchase any desserts, meals, or snacks made with raw eggs or egg yolks, such as carbonara, tiramisu, or cheesecake.
  • Avoid foods containing hidden alcohol, including filled or soaked chocolates, desserts, and cakes.
  • Avoid large mercury-containing fish such as tuna, swordfish, and mackerel.
  • Don’t serve cold deli meats, smoked fish & pates as these get stored at cold temperatures where listeria can easily grow.
  • Avoid raw meats or seafood for the same reason (listeria) – and to ensure you’re not exposed to other harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Avoid locally caught game, fish, and seafood (unless you know it was caught somewhere safe and uncontaminated).
  • Avoid consuming high levels of caffeine (above 200mg per day) from coffee, Coca-Cola, and chocolate.


Planning for a baby shower can be stressful and tiring. Make sure you get friends and family to help and take advantage of some of these easy baby shower food ideas!

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