51 Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas

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When a child loses a baby tooth, whether it’s the first one or the last one, it’s a sign that our baby is no longer a baby; they are growing up.

Both kids and parents treasure this stage, following traditions to mark the loss of a baby tooth.

After recently writing about Mighty Twenty’s fabulous book Where Do Baby Teeth Go? I thought about the different ways we can remember losing those baby teeth.

51 tooth fairy craft ideas to inspire

51 Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas
  1. Tooth Fairy Door, She’s Making Cards
  2. Tooth Fairy Tote, Elf on the Shelf
  3. Tooth Bento Lunch, Lian Mama Obento
  4. Tooth Fairy Magic Note Holding Wand, Heartmade Blog
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  7. Tooth Fairy Receipt, A Typical English Home
  8. Tooth Fairy Starry Headband, Happiness is Homemade
  9. Tooth Tally Chart, Mrs Williamson’s Kinders (great for siblings and tallies)
  10. Tooth Fairy Basket, Cul-de-Sac Cool
  11. Tooth Fairy Castle with Drawbridge Pocket, Sleeping or Sewing
  12. Tooth Cupcakes, Sweet Tooth
  13. DIY Easy Tooth Fairy Bank, Lil’ Luna
  14. Tooth Fairy Printable Door Knocker, Moms and Munchkins
  15. First Lost Tooth Certificate, Tip Junkie
  16. Standing Tooth Fairy Colouring Craft, Fairy Coloring Pages
  17. Tooth Fairy Finger Puppet, Lalymom
  18. Embroidered Felt Tooth Night Light, We Say It In Stitches
  19. Upcycled Tooth Container, Occasionally Crafty
  20. Tooth Fairy “Fairy Dust” Pendant, Make It. Love It
  21. Tooth Fairy Treasure Box, Crayola
  22. Kinder Surprise Egg Tooth Fair Box, Red Brolly
  23. Toilet Paper Roll Tooth Fairy, DLTK’s Educational Activities
  24. Emergency Tooth Fairy Kit, Hello Bee
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  27. Documenting Baby Teeth Lost, Reaves Party of Three
  28. Tooth Fairy Pillow Doll, Riley Blake Designs
  29. Tooth Fairy Wing Garland, The Southern Institute
  30. Sparkly Tooth Fairy Money, Kids Activities Blog
  31. Sweet Tooth Party, Sweet Designs
  32. Egg Carton Tooth Fairy Garden, Art Crafty Kids
  33. Tooth Fairy Dust Trail, Arizona Foothills Magazine
  34. DIY Rhinestone Toothbrush, the Pinning Mama
  35. Tooth Fairy Lunch, Bent On Better Lunches
  36. Tooth Cupcake Topper Fondant Tutorial, Craftsy
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  38. Twirling Tooth Fairy, How Does She?
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  45. DIY Carved Tooth Fairy Stamp, Craft Test Dummies
  46. Tooth Fairy Name Generator, Original Fairy Name Generator
  47. DIY Tooth Fairy Note and Envelop, Madison Family Dental
  48. Instant Download Lost Tooth Photo Props, Chalking It Up Boards
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  50. Toilet Paper Roll Fairy House, Netmums
  51. Tooth Fairy Printable Stationary, The Crafting Chicks

Getting Kids Excited About Loose Teeth!

Growing up with a little magic is just what kids need to spread their creative wings and explore their imaginations.

Yes, we all know how easy it is for kids to believe in Santa, but can they ever be just as excited about the Tooth Fairy and all those loose teeth?

With so many Tooth Fairy craft ideas that we have listed above, you are sure to find something your child will love to do. It is just one way you can get them pumped up and excited about the impending arrival of the Tooth Fairy.

Here are a few more Tooth Fairy ideas you can implement.

Glitter Money

Instead of your little one just receiving plain old money for their teeth, what about adding a bit of magic and fantasy by giving them glitter money?

All you need is a little hairspray and a little glitter, and you can completely transform those dollar bills into something your child will remember.

The Tooth Fairy’s Wand

Uh oh, it looks like the Tooth Fairy might have left her wand behind! Let your child discover the tiny wand the next morning.

You can purchase your own tiny Tooth Fairy wand online, or you can even make your own however you want. Tell your child to keep the wand safe until they lose their next tooth!

Tiny Footprints

What’s that? Tiny footsteps on the windowsill? Many children often ask where the Tooth Fairy lives, how she gets into their rooms, and what do they do with the teeth.

Well, you can answer the question of how she gets in by placing a small bit of fairy dust (glitter) on the windowsill of your child’s room and then make tiny footprints in the glitter with your hand.

Light Sleepers

If your child is a light sleeper and you are afraid they will wake up if they leave the tooth under their pillow, you can convince them to leave it somewhere else just as exciting. Before they go to bed, have them drop their tooth at the bottom of a glass of water.

When they wake up in the morning, they can run to the glass to see if the Tooth Fairy had been there, and they will find that the water is now colored (easily done with a little food dye).

You can say when the Tooth Fairy dove in to grab the tooth, her dress colored the water.

51 Tooth Fairy Craft Idea Iist

Has the tooth fairy visited your home yet? How do you celebrate when your child loses a baby tooth?

If you have any other fun craft ideas or other ideas for the Tooth Fairy and loose teeth, make sure to let us know!

Sharing is Caring!