51 Remembrance Day Poppy Craft Ideas

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Remembrance Day isn’t one of those big holidays that the kids get excited about but that doesn’t mean it’s not important and worth drawing attention to the day. Our visit to Pearl Harbor a few years ago brought a better understanding to my kids why remembering is important. I know I shared a few poppy crafts before but I felt this was a holiday worthy of a longer 51 Craft Ideas list. Plus I even share a two crafts we did at home.

This past Halloween my youngest daughter collected pumpkin seeds while we carved our Jack-o-Lanterns. The hope was to make roasted pumpkin seeds but events from Halloween had me a little preoccupied. Still we had these seeds so we incorporated them into our own poppy craft.

1. Pumpkin Seed Poppies

51 Poppy Craft Ideas Pumpkin Seeds

After washing and drying the seeds, we used the Melissa & Doug poster paint from our Painting with Kids post I did for their blog earlier this year. This craft is easy and covers my kids’ favourite activity, painting. Simply paint one side of the seeds, no worry about being neat. Once dry just draw the poppy’s center on a piece of paper with a black marker and place four glue dots around the marker center to adhere the pumpkin seeds. Sure poppy petals are not as long at the pumpkin seeds but you get the general idea. With enough seeds you can make a whole field of poppies.

2. Freeform Poppies

51 Poppy Craft Ideas Pumpkin Seeds Painting1

While we were working on this project, my daughter pointed out how the paper we painted on looked like flowers too. Using a black marker we grouped four circles together for the petals and coloured a black center. This is another great task for kids to do. The freeform style means the poppies can look rough and that’s just fine. So two poppy crafts from one project and not wasted material. Not bad.

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You can also find a few other Remembrance Day ideas shared on our site.

Sharing is Caring!

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