The Best Moving Checklist to Make Your Move Easier

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Any move can be challenging but moving with kids can add to the stress. To help with the stress we have created this moving checklist to help you make your move a little easier!

Creating a moving binder will help you with organizing your move. You will want to be sure when moving with kids you have these 12 must-have items to add to your moving binder to help you stay on top of everything related to your move. 

Best Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist To Make Your Life Easier

Talk to Your Kids About the Move

Moving is difficult for kids that is why it is important to be upfront and honest with them about the move and the timeline. 

Children need to be allowed time to process the information about the move and that is why you should share the news with them about the move.

Start by giving your children the positive news about the move first. 

Find fun things in the area where you are moving and tell them how fun it will be! 

Best Moving Checklist

After you have told your kids about the move, allow them time to process it, and let them be sad or upset. Be sure to acknowledge their feelings and listen when they talk. 

Be sure to involve them in the move and show them photos of their new home and town. As you include them in these conversations you will see that their moods will start to change and their excitement will kick in about moving. 

Let current schools know of Move

You will want to go to your kids’ current school and let them know you are moving. 

Best Moving Checklist

The school will need some time to gather all records necessary to transfer to their new school district. You may want to make copies of important documents just in case they do not make them in time and your child needs special accommodations. 

Plan a Farewell Party

If you have older kids sometimes moving can be difficult and they will be sad about leaving their friends. 

Best Moving Checklist

Try getting a little farewell party together the week before the move that way they have a chance to say goodbye and have fun with their friends. 

Find Childcare for Moving Day

Having your kids out of the way during moving day will be a lifesaver. 

Best Moving Checklist

This way you can focus on moving and not feeding the kids lunch and making sure they don’t get in the way of the movers. This will be the best money spent. Trust me on this!

Gather Medical Records

You will want to be sure you gather medical records before your big move. This is such an important part of your moving checklist because you can’t register your kids at their new school or daycare without shot records and other important documents. 

Best Moving Checklist

Be sure you keep these from being packed on packing day just in case your boxes do not make it in time to register the kids..  

Pack Must-Have Items in a Bin

Having a must-have bin will be the best thing you will ever do! In this bin, you will throw in household items. These items are trash bags, Clorox wipes, soap, toilet paper, paper towels. Pretty much anything else that can help you survive the first two or three days in your new home while waiting for everything to get unpacked. 

Best Moving Checklist

I also suggest adding a few items that can help entertain your kids until their rooms are unpacked. 


Go through every room of the house and decide if you want to keep it, donate, or throw away any unwanted items. Getting rid of unwanted things before the move saves you space in boxes, the moving van, and prevents you from stashing it away in the new house. 

Plan a Garage Sale

Moving is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted items or toys that the kids no longer play with. 

Best Moving Checklist

Give yourself a few weeks to go through each room and make your garage sale pile and then start planning a date and advertise your garage sale. 

You will love having a little extra cash in your hand and fewer items to pack!

Notify Businesses of Your New Address

It’s important to notify businesses of your new address. Luckily this can be done easily online now which is a huge help. Just make sure you make a list of everyone you need to contact and change your address with.

Check off each business once you have changed your address with them. It can be hard to remember them all so here is a list to help you remember:

  • Magazines
  • Insurance Company (Life, Car, Home, Health)
  • Banks/Credit Cards

Set up Cable / Internet

Set up your cable prior to move day. Not only will you be ecstatic that your cable is scheduled to be set up on move-in day, but the kids will be too.

Best Moving Checklist

Try to shoot for the early morning time slots and be sure you are there for the technician to get you up and running so that your entertainment for the kids is not on hold! 

Arrange a Move-Out Cleaning

Arrange for move out cleaning. This will be a lifesaver if you are renting. You will have a long list of things required to be done before you can turn your keys and get your deposit back. 

Best Moving Checklist

Finding a cleaning service to help you with this will save you so much time and will be money well spent. 

Arrange Travel Plans

If you are moving out of state you will need to arrange travel accommodations for your trip to your new home. You will need to consider hotels and stops for food, rest, and breaks. 

Best Moving Checklist

This moving checklist will be a great start on a successful move with the kids. What have you found to be helpful when you move that you would add to your moving checklist?

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