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Greece. Paris. Barcelona. Who wouldn’t want to escape to Europe right now? What if I told you a way to get a great deal while helping the charity SOS Children’s Villages? The not-so-secret secret is the #TransatAuction happening on Thursday, April 23 2015.

Whether you’re in Halifax or Vancouver or places in between (flights depart from 7 major city centers in Canada) you and a friend could enjoy round trip flights to a fabulous holiday in Europe. Want to enjoy Parisian macarons in Paris or take a gondola ride in Venice? Be sure to visit transaction.ca on April 23 for a chance to bid on these European destinations and more. The winning one of these auctions would be an amazing way to kick off your holiday plans (some opening bids start as low as $1) but the best part is that the funds raised go toward SOS Children’s Villages, helping orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

“Since 2009, all of Transat’s business units have supported SOS Children’s Villages, thereby helping to ensure the welfare of orphaned and abandoned children in many of our destination countries,” Ms. Guérard continues. “Since the start of our partnership, we’ve changed the lives of more than 25,000 vulnerable children. With Web users’ help, the Transat Auctions contribute to our objective, which is to provide these kids with safe, loving homes, food, education, health care and a future filled with hope. So we hope to have a great turnout on April 23 on Twitter.”

To participate you need to have a twitter account and follow @AirTransat. Details on the various lots and times they will go up for auction will be posted on the TransatAction.ca site starting April 23, 2015. Each auction will last 30 minutes and all bids will happen on twitter (though tweeting your bid through the auction microsite is the best strategy as every second will count). For more details on how the auction will work visit the FAQ section.

The opening bids for the lots have already been set, some as low as $1, but you can lower the other opening amounts by answer questions on the site.

This is the second #TransatAuction for Transat Tours Canada. The first version, tagged #SunAuction, occurred last December attracting more than 82,000 visitors and generated some 47,300 bids during the 12-hour live auction. In total, close to $30,000 was raised in support of SOS Children’s Villages.

“We are delighted to be offering Canadian travellers this second edition of our #TransatAuction,” says Annick Guérard, General Manager, Transat Tours Canada. “There is no other online event like this one, and it’s the perfect opportunity to mix practicality and pleasure, by getting a great deal on one of Transat’s 26 European destinations and supporting a worthy cause at the same time.”

I’ll be marking my calendar for a little frenzied vacation bidding on Thursday. Lot#9 for four to Rome has caught my eye for a fun family getaway. What European destination would you want to bid on?

Sharing is Caring!

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