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Putting on a puppet show can be great fun. I even wrote a post on the Melissa & Doug blog on how families can use puppets for creative storytelling fun. You can buy some elaborate puppet designs for play or why not let the kids get a little creative and make your own puppets.

Making Puppets 51 Craft Ideas

Below is a collection of 51 puppet craft ideas, from sock puppets, finger puppets and a marionette or two that will keep you busy. Then the real fun begins as you host a family puppet show.

  1. Snake Finger Puppet Printables, Mr Printable
  2. Cat in the Hat Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppet, Woo!
  3. Tin Can Marionette, Home Adventurer
  4. Wooden Spoon Puppets, A Bird and a Bean
  5. Printable Animal Finger Puppets, Handmade Charlotte
  6. Pirate Finger Puppet template, Kid Spot
  7. Bunny Finger Puppet, The Purl Bee
  8. Kermit the Frog Felt Finger Puppet, Wild Olive
  9. Bicycling Paper Finger Puppet, Crankbunny
  10. No Sew Dragon Sock Puppet, Kids Craft Room
  11. Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets, Danya Banya
  12. Twirling Indian Puppets, A Little Yum
  13. DIY Monster Sock Puppet, Cincy Shopper
  14. Eyeball Puppet, Joy of Kindergarten
  15. Lady Bug Finger Puppet, Making Learning Fun
  16. Cardboard Tube Bunny Puppet, Reading Confetti
  17. Paper Owl Puppet Craft, Learn Create Love
  18. Toilet Paper Tube Marionette Birds, Red Ted Art
  19. Mouse Finger Puppet, Crafts Kids Quilling
  20. Mini Sock Muppet Puppets, Make It Handmade
  21. Tooth Fairy Finger Puppet, Lalymom
  22. Turtle Finger Puppet, Paper Crafts for Children
  23. Butterfly Finger Puppet, Crayola
  24. Hungry Caterpillar Finger Puppet, Damson Lane
  25. Monster Clothes Pin Puppet, Small Fry Blog
  26. Itsy Bitsy Finger Hand Puppet, Lalymom
  27. Recycled Egg Marionette, Dollar Store Mom
  28. Popsicle Stick Accordion Puppets, edit 423
  29. Plastic Spoon Puppets, Creative Jewish Mom
  30. Paper Plate Burd Puppets, Ordinary Life Magic
  31. Monster Stick Puppets, Simply Shellie
  32. Popsicle Princess Puppets, Toddler Approved
  33. Bunny Paper Plate Puppet, Coffee Cups and Crayons
  34. Pop-Up Princess Puppet, ikatbag
  35. No Sew Horse Sock Puppet, Red Ted Art
  36. Making Shadow Puppets, Artist Helping Children
  37. Marionette Toy Hack, Kido Info
  38. Stick Man Puppets, Red Ted Art
  39. Crocodile Paper Accordion Puppet, Activity Village
  40. Cardboard Finger Puppets, The Pink Doormat
  41. Pop-Up Flower Puppet, Kids Craft Room
  42. Paper Pterodactyl Puppet, The Craft Train
  43. Peacock Puppet Paper Bag Puppet, Pacon
  44. Paper Mache Puppets, K-8 Art
  45. Shadow Puppet Play Set, Jen Goode’s 100 Directions
  46. No Sew Felt Puppet Craft, Creative Jewish Mom
  47. Origami Animated Paper Bird, I.D. Mommy
  48. Donkey Puppet Craft, Activity Bucket
  49. Painted Soccer Player Puppet, Handmade Charlotte
  50. Rod Puppets, We Bloom Here
  51. Personalized Photo Finger Puppets, Still Playing School

51 Puppet Craft Ideas Toilet Paper Puppets

Sharing is Caring!