10 Best Christmas Coloring Books For Kids And Families

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Winter is here, and with it comes the deep desire to snuggle with our comfortable blankets, sit in front of the fireplace, sip on hot chocolate, and curl up with a good book. Do you know what else winter brings along? The smell of Christmas was in the air, of course!

Christmas is truly a time most of us look forward to, is it not? There’s something about this time of the year that makes everything seem more magical. Regardless of whether you’re a child or an adult, no one can escape the excitement of Christmas.

After all, who doesn’t like to meet friends and family after a long time, devour cookies and eggnog, unwrap presents next to the Christmas tree, and just lose themselves in an atmosphere of joy and merriment, right?

There are so many traditions and customs we like to follow on the day of Christmas. While some have certain dishes they like to make and eat; others wait to sing Christmas carols, and so on.

Parents are always looking for creative ways to spend time with their kids on Christmas day. Among the numerous options to go for, a simple one you can turn to is to engage in a coloring activity with your child.

With multiple Christmas coloring books for kids available in the market, it can be tricky to take your pick. If you’re searching for the best Christmas coloring books for kids and families, we have just the ones lined up for you.

Best Christmas Coloring Books For Children And Families

Not able to decide which Christmas coloring books will be the best for your child or your family? Here are some you might like:

Dora the Explorer Christmas Colouring BookDora the Explorer Christmas Colouring Book• Encourages kids to have adventures
• Gets them intrigued about the wilderness
• Teaches them to be brave like Dora
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Christmas Stories Coloring BookChristmas Stories Coloring Book• Over 30 Christmas stories brought to life
• Teaches kids about classic Christmas tales
• Separately printed sheets
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The Ultimate Christmas Coloring Book for KidsThe Ultimate Christmas Coloring Book for Kids• 50 unique illustrations
• Suitable for toddlers
• Large coloring pages
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The Story of Christmas Colouring BookThe Story of Christmas Colouring Book• Contains stickers along with illustrations
• Teaches kids about the story of Christmas
• Created by a reputed children’s illustrator
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Giant Christmas Colouring BookGiant Christmas Colouring Book• Over 100 illustrations
• Great for preschoolers
• Massive and enjoyable format
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Scratch and Draw ChristmasScratch and Draw Christmas• Based on a Christmas Carol theme
• Crowded with the beauty of rainbow colors
• Enables you to try foil art
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Christmas Coloring Book: For Kids and Adults with a Collection of Christmas AnimalsChristmas Coloring Book: For Kids and Adults• Containing 40 stunning illustrations
• Serves as a wonderful Christmas gift
• Teaches kids about Christmas animals
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The Ultimate Coloring Book for GirlsThe Ultimate Coloring Book for Girls• Envelops you in the magic of fairies and unicorns
• Single-sided pages
• Engaging activity for young girls
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Fashion Coloring Book for GirlsFashion Coloring Book for Girls• Amazing for fashion-loving kids
• Instills creativity
• Suitable for kids between the ages of 4 to 8
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The Best Christmas Coloring Book for Adults| Peach PublicationThe Best Christmas Coloring Book for Adults• High-quality pictures
• Brimming with festive art
• Containing both simple and elaborate designs
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1. Dora The Explorer Christmas Colouring Book

Dora the Explorer Christmas Colouring Book
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Which kid doesn’t like Dora the Explorer, right? She’s an adorable little girl who goes around exploring the world and has interesting adventures in the wilderness. Get this Christmas coloring book that features Dora and her world.

2. Christmas Stories Coloring Book

Christmas Stories Coloring Book
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So many of us grew up listening to Christmas stories that are imprinted in our hearts forever. Imagine if you could color in scenes from these beloved stories with your little ones. Sounds fun, does it not?

With this coloring book, you can make the day of Christmas filled with colors and creativity. Containing scenes from Christmas tales like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, The Snow Queen, and more, this is the coloring book for you.

3. The Ultimate Christmas Coloring Book for Kids

The Ultimate Christmas Coloring Book for Kids
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The Ultimate Christmas Coloring Book for Kids is the best way to keep your kids away from the TV and other screens, not just during Christmas but also throughout the year. Made up of large pages, it contains 50 illustrations that kids will love to fill in with various hues.

4. The Story of Christmas Colouring Book

The Story of Christmas Colouring Book
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Not many are aware of the story of Christmas. Teach your child about it in an extremely fun manner through the Story of Christmas Colouring Book that will urge them to learn more about different customs and traditions associated with the holiday season.

5. Giant Christmas Colouring Book

Giant Christmas Colouring Book
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Filled with 100 cute Christmas illustrations that will get both kids and adults excited, the Giant Christmas Colouring Book is for those who like to have a wide canvas to fill while they’re coloring away.

As you’re coloring, you can teach your child all about reindeers, Santa Claus, the elves, and so much more.

6. Scratch and Draw Christmas

Scratch and Draw Christmas
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Why not have a Christmas coloring book with a twist? Presenting the Scratch and Draw Christmas piece populated with the gorgeous colors of the rainbow along with foil patterns underneath the black coating. Trust us when we say your kid is going to love revealing them using the wooden stylus.

7. Christmas Coloring Book: For Kids and Adults with a Collection of Christmas Animals

Christmas Coloring Book For Kids and Adults with a Collection of Christmas Animals
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While teaching kids about the traditions of Christmas is vital and fun, this coloring book teaches them about Christmas animals, which is super unique. Having 40 illustrations, this product has images printed on separate pages so as to prevent them from bleeding through to the next page.

8. The Ultimate Coloring Book for Girls

The Ultimate Coloring Book for Girls
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The Ultimate Coloring Book for Girls provides exactly what it promises, which is a fabulous coloring book that will be enjoyable for every kid out there, especially for girls who can’t get enough of fairies, mermaids, and unicorns. It just makes the activity 10 times better when the illustrations contain magical elements.

9. Fashion Coloring Book for Girls

Fashion Coloring Book for Girls
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Let’s pick a coloring book that focuses on a theme, yes? Fashion is always an interesting topic, and that’s why you can get the Fashion Coloring Book for Girls, which will be a bonding moment for you to resort to with your daughter on Christmas day.

10. The Best Christmas Coloring Book for Adults| Peach Publication

The Best Christmas Coloring Book for Adults Peach Publication
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Peach Publication created the Best Christmas Coloring Book for Adults with the aim of bringing families together during the holidays while also giving something for everyone to use as a stress buster.

With 50 different pages, this coloring book has eclectic designs for each of you, right from ornaments and gingerbread men to flowers and stockings.

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Benefits of Coloring Books For Kids

Did you know that coloring books go beyond being a fun hobby? Oh yes, coloring can be extremely beneficial for kids. Some of those benefits are as follows:

1. Improves Motor Skills

Improves Motor Skills

When a child is young, coloring can help in improving their motor skills. Through coloring activities and gripping a color pencil, the muscles in their fingers, wrists, and hands develop further.

As these motor skills develop, it helps kids in other areas as well, such as sports, typing, and so on.

2. Teaches Patience

Children can often be restless and have a short attention span. By coloring, they get better at being patient. Since it requires them to sit still, their attentiveness improves, and they also feel comfortable using the shapes, forms, and colors that they prefer.

3. Sharpens Focus And Creativity

Sharpens Focus And Creativity

Coloring is known to improve a child’s focus and concentration. It activates their frontal love, thereby helping their brains organize accordingly and also engage their problem-solving skills while they color.

Even if a child doesn’t use the right colors and goes beyond the boundaries while filling the various hues, coloring can spark plenty of creativity in a young mind. It encourages them to come up with their own ideas and perhaps cultivate a talent that they can keep sharpening.

4. Boosts Confidence

Every time a child successfully finishes a project, it makes them feel accomplished, and it is this very feeling they experience after coloring, too. It boosts their confidence and builds their self-esteem, which is immensely important for a young kid.

5. Contributes to Hand And Eye Coordination

Contributes to Hand And Eye Coordination

From a tender age, it’s crucial to make your children participate in activities that help with their hand and eye coordination, and coloring is surely one such activity.

Through it, they learn to hold crayons properly, be careful not to go beyond certain edges, and differentiate between which colors to use and which ones to avoid.

6. Increases Awareness

If a child enjoys coloring, they will eventually get exposed to more and more colors every day. This increases their awareness and helps them learn about the infinite hues that exist, and it even teaches them about the lesser-known colors out there.

7. Refines Handwriting

Refines Handwriting

Being dexterous and possessing proper hand strength are vital elements to refine a child’s handwriting. Through regular coloring, a child learns to grasp different writing tools, which leads to the improvement of their handwriting.

8. Serves as Therapy

While some might believe that children have nothing to be stressed about, that isn’t the truth at all. Much like adults, they require an outlet to relieve their stress, and coloring serves as this outlet, proving to be therapeutic for them.

Regardless of whether your child is an outgoing extrovert or a shy introvert, coloring enables them to express themselves and breathe out anxieties they may have been holding back.


Coloring is not only a soothing activity but can be a fun and interesting way to spend Christmas with your kid. Perhaps it can be something you can do with them even when they’re grown up.

Go through the ones listed above and let us know which ones you will be getting for yourself and your children.

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