8 Best Board Games That Keep Teenagers Hooked For Hours

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Teenagers these days keep themselves busy with many things, such as studies, social media, entertaining content on different OTT platforms, and so on. Among those many things, looking at gadgets is a major part of their day.

As a parent, do you often look at your teenage child and think about how you were as a teen? Or how would you spend your days while you were that age?

Back in the day, teenagers would gather around with their friends and spend hours on board games. They are fond memories, are they not?

Do you wish your child would keep their mobile phone or laptop away for a while and indulge in games that don’t require gadgets? Well, if that’s the case, it’s the perfect time to bring them back to the world of board games.

Once these young minds learn how exhilarating it is to play board games, they will surely thank you for life. Gone are the days when Ludo, Monopoly, or Snakes and Ladders were among the few board games for teenagers.

Fortunately, the market has so much more to offer in the current era; games that suit different tastes and personalities. If you’re on the hunt for quality board games for teenagers, we have some wonderful ones picked out for you to look into.

Fun And Exciting Board Games For Teenagers

The world of board games offers multiple options to people of all ages. Here are some of the board games for teenagers that will keep them engaged for hours:

Exploding KittensExploding Kittens• Extremely strategic
• Reputed for having won multiple awards
• Suitable for individuals across all age groups
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Cards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity• Initiates discussions on important topics
• Prepares teenagers about crucial subjects before entering adulthood
• Encourages healthy debates
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CatanCatan• Polishes one’s understanding of doing business
• Teaches young minds how to develop a community
• Introduces teenagers to proper planning and business strategies
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CodenamesCodenames• Won the Spiel des Jahres award in 2016
• Motivates to use analytical and investigative skills
• Challenges the mind in a fun way
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What Do You Meme?What Do You Meme?• Employs one’s creativity
• Relaxing and stress-free
• Refines sense of humor
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SequenceSequence• Enhances multitasking abilities
• Introduces about the basics of card games
• Builds on the prowess of decision-making
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ScrabbleScrabble• Improves vocabulary
• Boosts patience
• Polishes syntax skills
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Escape Room: The GameEscape Room: The Game• Thrilling and gives an adrenaline rush
• Puts problem-solving skills to test
• Inspires to be patient and think with a calm mind
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1. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens
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The game of Exploding Kittens is known as the kitty version of Russian roulette. The game aims to avoid coming face-to-face with the exploding kitten, and the one who does encounter it loses the game.

The game is suitable for young kids, teenagers, as well as adults. It has won numerous awards and sold millions of copies worldwide.

2. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity
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In Cards Against Humanity, a player has to draw a question from the black cards while the other players have to answer using the white cards. A pack contains 500 white cards and 100 black ones, providing multiple options and enough for the game to last for a long time.

The cards contain different subjects, primarily serious ones, and help teenagers learn about specific important issues as they prepare to adulthood.

3. Catan

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The game of Catan is designed for kids aged 10 and above and can be played with three to four players. It’s about business and trade and lets kids play in a corporate-like environment in a fun manner.

The game’s goal is to build a strong community and collect the maximum resources and property. It requires players to plan carefully and make smart decisions because even one wrong strategy could make you lose it all in one bit.

4. Codenames

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Codenames were given the Spiel des Jahres award in 2016 for the best board game of the year. During the game, two players get to be the spymasters and are the only players aware of the agents’ identity.

This fun and challenging game sharpen a child’s investigative and analytical skills. The rest of the players try to detect the one-word clues they have in order to identify who their agents are. The game also has an assassin who needs to be avoided.

5. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme
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The ‘What Do You Meme?’ game is for all the individuals who love memes. Every set contains 75 photo cards and 360 caption cards. The one who creates the funniest memes gets to win.

6. Sequence

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Sequence is a combination of a card game and a board game. The players place the chips on the board while playing cards with the other hand. The cards are related to the chips, with the aim being to create a five-card sequence before the other players do so.

7. Scrabble

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Scrabble is best played with two or four players. Each player gets to draw tiles, and everyone plays a word when their turn comes. Calculate the scores, draw new tiles, continue building on the existing words, and keep playing till someone scores the maximum points.

8. Escape Room: The Game

Escape Room The Game
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You have probably visited escape rooms and participated in them with your friends. Now, you can play it as a board game, too! The game contains three rooms that put the players’ problem-solving skills to the test, and they get 60 minutes to make their way out of the rooms.

Benefits of Playing Board Games For Teenagers And Kids

Board games are a great way to spend time with your loved ones. They lead to conversations and positive debates. However, they are more beneficial than just serving as a means of entertainment. Some of the benefits of playing board games for teenagers and kids are as follows:

1. Reduces Screen Time

Reduces Screen Time

While it’s true that electronic devices help kids academically, studies have shown that prolonged exposure to these devices is harmful for children and can cause anxiety, depression, obesity, irregular sleep cycles, and also lead them to perform poorly in their studies.

Playing board games allows them to move away from their devices and focus on being more present. When parents limit and monitor the amount of time their child spends with a device, it enables them to improve physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally.

2. Nourishes Bonds With Family And Friends

Board games are usually played with friends, cousins, and family members you genuinely adore, and while you’re busy playing, you also get to nourish the bond you share with different people.

These games have a substantial social component, leading you to engage with and cooperate with your team members. This allows you to have fun and positive interactions and cherish the lovely relationship you share with them.

3. Creates Wonderful Memories

Creates Wonderful Memories

Have you ever heard someone develop fond memories by looking at their phones all day? Nope, not at all. Memories are created when people come together, have fun, and engage in conversations.

Through board games, kids and teenagers get to build memories that will stay dear to them throughout their lives, allowing them to come back to something warm and comforting during their rough days.

4. Lowers Stress Levels

Kids these days deal with a lot of academic and social pressure. In addition to facing immense competition at school, social media also leads to a lot of stress and anxiety.

In order to help them forget all those stress factors for a while, bring out a board game and encourage them to play.

Not only will they destress for a while and laugh at silly things with the people they love, but it also offers them a fresh perspective, aiding them to not focus on the negative aspects of life.

5. Acts as a Teaching Tool

Acts as a Teaching Tool

Outdoor games aren’t the only way to teach your children valuable lessons because board games are just as helpful in this department. Playing these games teaches your kids to be patient, honest, and accommodating. They learn to play as a team, think outside the box, and be gracious whether they win or lose.

6. Improves Cognitive Skills

Games are a great way to get your child to engage in brain exercises, and their cognitive skills end up improving in the process. It polishes their memory, boosts their problem-solving abilities, and pushes them to employ critical thinking skills.

7. Makes it Easy to Socialize

Makes it Easy to Socialize

Not every child is outgoing and extroverted. Some are more introverted and find it difficult to interact with others. Certain kids also deal with anxiety regarding social interactions.

With board games, however, it becomes much simpler for kids to socialize. When they are playing a game, all their worries disappear, even for a while. They meet kids their age with similar interests, helping them make new friends and refining their social skills.

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While it’s true that kids these days need technology for their education, it will indeed work for them to take some time away from the bright screens and participate in the real world. This can happen in the form of board games they can enjoy with friends and family.

Which of the ones from our list have you heard of or played with your kids? Tell us about your favorite board games in the comments below.

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