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Owning your own home always comes with maintenance. Failing to keep up with regular home maintenance, your home can start to look worn and drabby. Like mine.

A few months ago, we decided to pick up the pieces of our house and really make it into a home. Plus, we thought we might move (which we’ve since decided against) and needed to start checking off our cosmetic home maintenance items.

First stop was painting. Both our interior walls and our exterior window trim were in rough shape. Nothing like peeling paint and scratched up walls that leaves your house screaming for some TLC.

Life is always busy for everyone. Our family has two working parents with both kids in activities. We run. Our home has felt the brunt of our busyness for the past 7 years. We just have not had the time to put into painting inside or out. Simply keeping up with the daily cleaning was a challenge!

Enter: 1-888-WOW1DAY! Painting.

What a class act this company brings to the painting scene. Not only do they get the job done fast and with beautiful results, but their customer service and their attention to the little details (like wiping the baseboards at completion) made me say WOW! on a number of occasions.

How it Works

After you set up a no-obligation quote, you’ll schedule a day for your painting to begin. In the meantime, you need to get busy choosing colours.

Oy. Coulours. I think I drove Andrew (my point of contact) crazy. Ok, here’s my choice. No, wait this one. ACK – WAIT, this one! So there’s three.

Before your day of painting arrives, they come out to slap on a test. Andrew brought two of my choices with him. Both were way different than I thought they’d be and were absolute NO’s. This is one of the WOW factors. Ok, let’s try another one. And another. The WOW folks really want to make sure you are happy with your colour choice before they start painting. Our living room had different colours of paint in all different corners.

I gave up asking Andrew to run around after my indecisive choices, so I just kept slapping on samples, myself. I don’t know, maybe EIGHT colours later? Bingo. We found that Historic Tan looks perfect with our oak trim and honey hardwood floors, in my (final) opinion. We made sure to test in all different lights and rooms, too.

Bright and early on painting day, in comes the Calgary crew ready to get rolling. Not a moment is wasted, as you can see in the video. Everything is taken care of — moving furniture, covering, protection and clean up. The plan is that they match the space with the number of painters needed to complete your job within one day. They assign painters to each room or section and dig in. My crew was in and out in FOUR hours. We had our living room, vaulted ceilings, entry way, 2 hallways and a staircase/landing done. Again, FOUR hours.

If this was us? Well, we’d still have the walls patched just waiting for us to think about colours.

Speaking of patching, that was one of my questions. How can they let the wall repair patching dry properly before they paint over it? Well, they have a special material that dries quickly, indicated by a colour change. And believe me, our walls were rough especially our corners. Now, they look good as new.

It’s one thing to get things done quickly, but quality matters. Both the paint and the painters were outstanding.

A new coat of paint truly makes your home look brand new again. What a breath of fresh air!

Want to watch how they did it? Take a peek at this video…

Music (with permission) by the incredibly talented, Andrea Vadrucci (Vadrum): “William Tell” from the 2011 album “Classical Drumming”  http://www.vadrum.com 

Make sure to take a peek at him drumming along to this song in his official YouTube video.  Absolutely brilliant!



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1-888-WOW-1DAY! Painting is brand new painting service unlike any other painting company out there. The concept? Your home or business painted in ONE day guaranteed without sacrificing on quality. Not only do we provide a one day guarantee, we also make sure the job is completed by professional uniformed painters who leave behind no mess when they’re done. To learn more, visit www.wow1daypainters.com

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